How to find a person by the geolocation of an iPhone phone

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We use special software

Specialized programs mainly work on the basis of data received from GPS trackers, which are equipped with most smartphones. These products include:

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  • X-GPS Monitor;
  • Find My Device;
  • Family locator ZoeMob;
  • Life360.

The first product works on the basis of data from GPS beacons and tracks in real time the movement of people and devices that are equipped with such trackers. This program can be installed both on mobile equipment and on a computer.

Find My Device was created to search for portable equipment: smartphones, smart watches, tablets, and so on, but it can be used to determine the geolocation of people. This product allows you to:

  • locate the device on a Google map;
  • plan a route to the desired device;
  • remotely block mobile equipment;
  • start a sound signal on the device.

ZoeMob is an analogue of “Parental Control” from “Beeline”. But this application is also capable of displaying the history of a person’s movement and transmitting messages about when the searched people have reached a certain place (for example, a child went to school). You can also communicate through this application thanks to the built-in messenger.

The Life 360 ​​application has a similar functionality as ZoeMob. The difference in these programs boils down to the fact that the latter allows you to track several people at once, determining the time of arrival at the destination of a whole group of people.

Mobile operators

Cellular operators provide services for a surcharge, thanks to which subscribers can track people. For MTS, this is MTS Search, which is more focused on business owners and allows, for example, determining the current location of truck drivers. This service has the following features:

  • allows you to track the routes of movement for a certain period;
  • configures movement patterns;
  • shows the places that the person has visited;
  • stores movement data for 12 months.

Megafon offers 2 services that allow you to determine your location. The first, or “Radar”, works on the basis of geolocation data provided by cell towers. To manage the service, you need to go to the Megafon website or install the application of the same name. Also, this data is delivered in the form of SMS.

The second service, “Beacon”, is an analogue of the “Call me back” option. That is, in this case, the user sends a request to the desired person so that he calls back.

The Beeline company also offers 2 options for people search. The first service, Beeline Coordinates, allows you to track 5 people registered with the operator. But for this it is necessary to obtain consent for the search from the connected people. To use this service, you need:

  • Launch this service on the official website of “Beeline”.
  • Enter phone number.
  • Send the word “Password” to number 4770 and enter the received code on the same page of the site.

The company “Beeline” also offers the service “Parental Control”, which allows you to track the location of children. This service is also connected through the official website.

Tele2 subscribers have access to the Geopoisk service, which works according to the same principles. You can connect this service:

  • through the official website of the company;
  • by downloading a special application;
  • by sending the command 119 #.

For this service, Tele2 charges 3 rubles per day. Every request for a person‘s geolocation is free.

Using Google

Google builds various programs into the Android operating system, including geolocation maps. Each such service is tied to a specific account, which can be transferred from one smartphone to another. This functionality allows you to determine the current location of a person.

To search for people using Google geolocation, you need to know your username and password. Without this, it is impossible to enter the program.

To find a person through Google, you need:

  • Through the “Settings” menu, go to your Google account and select the desired.
  • In the same menu, go to the Google section and open the “Data and Personalization” tab.
  • Select the “Chronology” section in the new tab.

By default, the specified section shows the route of a person’s movement for the current date. The last point marked on the map indicates the location of the searched user.

When choosing this option, remember that Google’s service does not always work correctly. In particular, this happens due to the failure or disconnection of mobile communication or Wi-Fi. In such cases, the maps do not have time to update.

ways to find out the location of a person by his phone number

Despite the fact that to spy on people you need to have special permission from the relevant authorities, there are at least 4 ways how you can find out the location of a person by his phone number. This is necessary when you need to find a lost child. Search for people by phone number is possible through specialized programs. You can also use iPhone or Google functions to find a person.

IPhone Features

Apple has developed the Find My Friends application for users of its technology, which also determines the current location of a person based on data from a GPS tracker. This information is displayed on the built-in map.

As with other similar programs, Find My Friends works only if the person you are looking for has agreed to spy on themselves.

Find friends

Another “native” application from Apple that allows you to see the location of other people on the map.

  • On the iPhone you want to track, open the Find Friends app.
  • Select “Add”.
  • Enable AirDrop on your iPhone.
  • An icon of your phone appears on the “foreign” iPhone.
  • Click on it and select “Share indefinitely”.
  • On the tracked iPhone, a notification will appear once “You have started to share your location with the user”.
  • In the “Find Friends” application you. will see the location of another iPhone. Person being tracked. will see your account labeled “watcher”.

Through messages

  • First, check. is the desired function enabled? Open “Settings. Privacy. Geolocation services. Share location” and activate this option.
  • On the iPhone that you want to track, open a message-dialogue with you, click on your name and select “Information”.
  • Click “Share location”.
  • On the tracked iPhone, the message “You have started to share your location with the user” will appear in dialog messages with you.
  • You, in your messages, will see the location of the tracked iPhone.

Track iPhone by Phone Number or IMEI

Believe me, this does not happen. All programs that offer such a service (most often for money) are engaged in the fact that this same money is taken, but they do not give information.

The only case when it can work is a statement to law enforcement agencies when the iPhone is lost. It is precisely the police who will search for your iPhone by IMEI. The only way. website

You can find the location of any iPhone using the official Apple website.

  • Find iPhone must be enabled on iPhone.
  • You must know the same Apple ID and password used on this iPhone.
  • Go to
  • Enter Apple ID and password.
  • Click on the “Find iPhone” icon.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location For Free 2021!

Important! The full version of the iCloud website only works on a computer. However, from another phone (Android. not supported) you can also perform a similar operation. when you open the site, you will be immediately offered a choice of three positions. Select “Find iPhone” and enter the Apple ID of the device you want to track.

  • You will see the iPhone’s location on the map.
  • The mail that is registered as an Apple ID will receive a message. “Your Apple ID was used to sign in”.
  • There will be no notifications on the tracked iPhone.
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Is it possible to track a person using an iPhone?

Can. But only with his approval. He must know and agree with what you are watching.

Just in case, if anyone does not know, I am giving you especially important information. illegal surveillance is prohibited in Russia. It makes no difference what is used for this procedure. iPhone, spyware, some other gadgets. The very fact of surveillance is prohibited and punishable.

Therefore, all procedures must be carried out with the full consent of the person you want to monitor the iPhone. Remember this and do not break the law!

Well, now let’s move on to the monitoring options

Family access

A special service from Apple that (as the name implies) is intended for use within the family. Thanks to him, you can not only share purchases (subscriptions, storage space), but also track the location of family members on the map.

  • On your iPhone, open “Settings. Your Account. Family Sharing”.
  • Click “Get Started” and select “Transfer Location”.
  • Then we “invite” the iPhone that we want to follow. This is done through the “Messages”.
  • Join Family Sharing on another iPhone.
  • The iPhone you are tracking will receive a one-time email (Apple ID) like “Congratulations on starting family sharing”
  • Go to
  • Enter your (.) Apple ID.
  • In “Find iPhone” we see all phones that are in your “family”.

How to find someone else’s iPhone

To find the location of another subscriber, for example, a wife or a child, you should add their iPhones to your application, organize the so-called family access.

To do this, you need to know the username and password from the Apple ID account of your relative or friend, because without his consent to tracking, you will not be able to find the lost iPhone on your own.

Find iPhone

For the convenience of users, Apple has equipped its mobile devices with the useful Find iPhone feature. It works on devices equipped with iOS 5.0 and higher. This feature was introduced back in 2001, and today the program is part of the iCloud cloud service.

Thanks to this application, access to information about the location of the device can be obtained from different gadgets:

  • from another iPhone;
  • from a computer running Apple or Windows;
  • via Android.

It will be easier to track the location of a lost iPhone if, in addition to the Internet, geolocation mode is enabled on it. If the search function is turned off, you can only find out the point where the device was when the gadget was last connected to the network.

Tip 1

Be sure to use the “Find iPhone” function, and connect it immediately after purchasing the device.

Setting up in the geolocation service

An important setting is the inclusion of the “Find iPhone” function in the geolocation menu. To do this, you need to take the following steps:

Go to “Settings”, then select “Privacy”. “Geolocation Services”.

In the item “Location Services” select the subsection “Find iPhone”.

Within the desired item, check the position of the switch.


With the Find My iPhone application, you can follow the steps in the following table:

Function Description
Tracking capability Track the exact coordinates of your Apple device online.
Lost Mode It is impossible to use such a gadget without unlocking via iCloud. Kidnappers or people who accidentally find it will only be able to sell it for spare parts and then for a pittance.
Erase iPhone This feature will help the owner to remotely delete the information in the lost device.
Play sound You can turn on a loud sound when the monitored device is near you.


In order not to have problems in the future, experienced users and experts advise you to enable the “Find iPhone” function when setting up your smartphone for the first time. This is done very simply:

  • We enter the settings mode by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Then go to the iCloud item.
  • We log in if this was not done in advance.
  • We agree to combine data stored in the cloud and the gadget. This is optional, if you do not want to sync, please refuse this option.
  • Allow iCloud to use the gadget’s location.
  • Move the “Find iPhone” slider to the active position.

After that, you should see a message that the function is activated.

If stolen

If there is reason to believe that the phone was not lost, but it was stolen, if it is known who committed such an act and there is certain evidence, you will need to contact the police. It is undesirable to try to find the device yourself or your friend. If the switched on phone was stolen, the thief is unlikely to get in touch. Therefore, contacting the site will be the best option and the faster you do it, the more chances you will have to find your lost iPhone using geodata.

To search for a smartphone using specific geodata, you can use the Avast Anti-Theft application. After the first launch, the system will prompt the user to protect their telephone settings by using a special PIN code. You can also receive messages regarding the geolocation of the lost device.

If there is no hope of a refund, you can clean the phone by resetting all personal information from it. After performing this operation, all necessary settings will be reset from the smartphone, the existing information data will be deleted.

How to find a friend’s Android phone by geolocation?

To quickly find a friend’s Android device. You will need to use an accessibility feature to enable remote effective management. To use it, you will not need to download and install anything. Through the web interface, it is allowed to access the gadget through a special icon with a gear.

While performing the search function, you can simultaneously use various additional options:

  • Renaming the device;
  • Determination of its location;
  • Start a call if there is a suspicion that a smartphone is present nearby;
  • Change the settings for the default lock position screen. It can be completely closed with an individual code, a message can be added, which, if necessary, will be fully reflected on the locked display;
  • It is allowed to indicate a mobile number, through which those who have found will be able to contact the owner of the device.

You can solve the question of how to find an Android phone by geolocation using this method in relation to the phone and smartphone of a friend or loved one. To do this, you just need to enter certain settings and perform all operations related to the search.

If you need to find a friend’s phone, you can use Android Device Manager. This is an analogue of a program from Russian developers with functionality in English. You can easily search for Android devices of your own and loved ones, previously registered to a specific account.

How to find a phone by geolocation Android Google Play?

To gain access to the numerous options offered, you will need to set up a personal account in Avast and specify a specific additional number, which will then be required to recover the PIN. If you enable the rights of an official administrator, you can get the following preferential options and capabilities:

  • Smartphone reset functions;
  • Activation of the option to send notifications;
  • Dispatch and locations via geolocation;
  • Information about the state of charging on the smartphone;
  • Register the text displayed on the locked;
  • The most important function is to turn on GPS after sending a request for a location to your phone. The corresponding icon is completely hidden from the person in whose hands the gadget turned out to be.

For its own protection, this application uses the Anti-Theft Protection option. As soon as it starts, the software immediately goes into a special stealth mode. In this position, a person does not give out the level of his activity and is protected in a special way from illegal uninstallation. Finding out how to find a person by the geolocation of an Android phone is impossible in this case.

How to find a phone by Android geolocation: all the ways

Forgetfulness is a natural and quite often common property inherent in humans. Everyone loses their smartphones from time to time. When a similar situation arises, the user will automatically be asked how to find a phone by Android geolocation.

There are many options for solving this problem. Experts advise using one of the many special programs for searching. Such tools do not provide guarantees for the return of the smartphone, but they can help to remove personal information, which must be hidden from fraudsters.

If it’s off

It is clear that if the lost and stolen phone is not disabled, you can easily contact the finder and resolve the issue of returning. If the smartphone is turned off, the situation will be a little more complicated. You will need to download and run the dedicated Wheres My Droid app. With its help, you can effectively manage a lost phone from another device by configuring the ability to execute special commands.

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If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

Through this application and opening an account in it, you can perform such useful search options as:

  • Camera behavior;
  • Track when stolen;
  • Making an emergency call;
  • Password protection.

How To Find Someone ‘s Location By Their Phone Number On Your Android/iPhone Devices!

It is advisable to use this application in advance, to install it to prevent possible problems associated with the loss of a person and a phone. Having a modern phone and an application in hand, you can activate automatic sending of notifications with geolocation information.

It is automatically sent when the phone battery is low. If the gadget has not been found for a long time, this function on Android will be very useful.

Here it is allowed to set a function that will notify the owner that the SIM card and the official phone number have been changed, which is very useful if it is turned off.

Summing up

There are many options for solving the problem of how to find Android by geolocation. You can choose the best option based on the time and functionality available. The developers of Android OS and google play constantly present more and more advanced features to the attention of subscribers.


Allows you to keep parents informed about where the child is. Soft is equipped with functions that determine the position of an object on the territory, and informs when the observed enters or leaves the geofence and helps to solve the issue of how to find a person by geolocation.

How to track anyone’s phone location without them knowing! This was used on me��

The following chips have also been added: checking the charge level and notification, eavesdropping on conversations, viewing the history of visits to different places, quickly building a route from the destination to the final destination, then GPS technology is used. GetLocation has a built-in walkie-talkie that allows you to send voice messages using an Internet connection. Available on google play.

  • You will always be aware of where your loved ones are
  • Exchange messages with relatives using the built-in chat.
  • Keep an eye on the safety of loved ones and get timely alerts.
  • The function of calling the child with one click on the button from the application is available.
  • Saved history of movement around the city
  • Plotting a route for a quick search for a person
  • Getting information about entering and exiting safe areas.
  • A useful function of “Radio Nanny”, now you can listen to the environment of your child and find out how the teacher is talking to the student, or check when there are suspicions that the child is in bad company.
  • The web version allows you to follow your family directly from your computer.

The article lists how to find a person by geolocation and the most popular search applications using a smartphone. If these options do not suit you, then you are invited to go to Google Play and in the search box write “Latitude” or “Mom knows”.

After that, a list will appear in the search results, where you can select the appropriate option. The stars indicate the rating, the assessment of the proposed option. When you go, after reading the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, you can understand whether the proposal suits you or not.

In addition to the software described above, there are also various special services provided by cellular operators. They allow you to determine the location by phone number. Two companies MTS and Beeline offer “locator” service.

Find friends

By running FindMyFriends, the user can expect to be able to unite friends and share coordinates with each other. There is a chat for communication, where it is proposed to send your location and inform your friends in advance about your approach. When you need to find a friend, it is recommended to use the map.

All information in maps is updated in real time. When looking for your acquaintances, you need to send them a notification with confirmation, if the answer is positive, a marker will appear on the map. With this application, you can find a user with any phone.

How to find a person by geolocation: TOP-6 applications for Android and iPhone services

Good day, Bro. Sometimes it is required to determine the location of a person. For these purposes, there is a mobile software that helps to establish daily control and ensure the safety of your loved ones. In this article, the reader will learn how to find a person by phone number by geolocation, what services and programs exist.

IMPORTANT: You should always use only approved methods and software to avoid breaking the law. Violation of the law entails punishment under Art. 137 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Inviolability of private life”.


Checks where the child is and sends information about important events, for example, when the phone charge drops below 15%, then the parents will receive an alert and they will be able to remind the child to put the device on charge. Having lost the phone, using a special tracking program, you can determine the location of the phone and solve the issue of how to find a person by geolocation.

In the settings, designate dangerous zones to receive notifications if someone from your family finds themselves in a life-threatening territory, for example, such as construction sites or abandoned objects.

There is the addition of the sos widget directly on the smartphone display. When a child is in danger, you can send a signal to parents.

Life 360

The best among similar programs is designed to search for geolocation. The installation package has a number of tools for displaying on the user map. In Life, in addition to the basic settings, there is also the ability to add friends, there is also a chat for communication. The software resembles a social network.

The circle is formed step by step, first contacts among loved ones are added, then a transition to a new round is carried out, where you can connect friends and acquaintances. Each transition to the level is accompanied by its own visibility settings, the user gets the opportunity to communicate via chat and receive notifications of arrival. For several years, Life 360 ​​has been considered the best and recommended among users.

  • Available to view the coordinates of family members and friends when receiving an invitation link.
  • Technology Circles Life Show location to a certain circle, for example, you can allow it to be shown to parents and hide it for friends.
  • Connection and exchange of messages in special chats
  • Receive notification when a group or circle reaches the destination.
  • There is a setting that can track the device when stolen.

My GPS position

The application shows the coordinates of the target in real time and makes it possible to search for the phone by geolocation. Information about movement is determined by the following indicators of latitude, altitude, longitude and speed of movement on the map. All infa is displayed using known numeric meters. In addition, sights and monuments are displayed on the maps, where you can see the area of ​​the last visit of the person. There is a tab in which visited places are saved.

The transfer of information about the location to other users is available, in this way acquaintances will receive your coordinates using GPS and a mark on google maps. In emergency situations, there is a function of sending a signal to relatives, even in the absence of a connection for sending information. When moving around the territory, you can save your GPS coordinates, and later insert them into special mapping applications or chats. Soft is on Google Play.

Radar from Megafon

To make tracking access active, you must first obtain permission for tracking from the subscriber, otherwise the Radar will not work. The package includes three options at once: Lite, normal and plus.

  • Radar Lite is a lightweight version, distributed free of charge, sort of like a trial version. Only one user is allowed to check the location. A significant disadvantage is the number of tracking requests, namely 1 time per day.
  • Radar is an extensive version, here you can watch five people at once. There are no restrictions on getting geodata. Accordingly, this type of service already costs money. A subscription fee of 3 rubles is charged for use. per day.
  • Radar plus. similar to the previous version, only a new feature has been added, in addition to viewing visits to places, you can indicate the route of movement. This service will cost you 7 rubles. per day. Detection radius from 100 meters to 1 kilometer.

Find phone by geolocation

Determining the location of the lost phone and searching for subscribers by satellite. a procedure available only under certain conditions. But everyone who uses a modern Android smartphone or iPhone has a way to find a phone by geolocation. The probability of a successful search depends directly on the current state. the device is turned on or turned off. But even so, there are ways to determine the last known location.

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Positioning is not possible if the geolocation function is disabled. After all, it was specially implemented to solve such cases. By standard, it is turned on, or activated at the moments when you enter the Internet. If you just lost your phone, you will find it 100%. If someone picked it up, or stole it, then the search speed depends directly on the insidiousness of the attacker.

Geolocate iPhone by satellite

Every iPhone comes with a built-in iCloud app, which comes with the device not only for backing up phone memory and extra space, but also for locating. By the standard, all location functions are enabled in iCloud, right down to peering the place where the device was turned off. You just need to download iCloud to your computer and log in to the program with the AppleID data that is used on your smartphone. Next, you need to go to the “Phone search” section. There you can monitor the online location of the phone, if it is turned on, or see the place where it was turned off. If the device works, you can block it and display a message asking you to return the smartphone.

Find your phone using Google

It is necessary that your phone has been authorized in Google services at least once. If you are logged into YouTube or Google, then your phone is automatically linked to your account, and you can log into it on your computer, and then google the phrase “Android Device Manager” and select the first page that comes across. If your phone is turned on, you will immediately see its location on the map by satellite, online. Otherwise, you will have access to the information of the device’s last connection to the Internet. You can also block and display a message on your phone asking for a return.

Location of the phone by operator and smartphone brand

In case you have logged in at least once on the website of a mobile operator, or a phone manufacturer of your brand. you need to return to the official sites, log in to the profile, and find the phone search function. As far as is known: MTC, Beeline and Tele2. precisely have such a function and allow not only finding the phone, but also tracking the location of loved ones.

If we talk about the website of the smartphone manufacturer, then Samsung and the iPhone definitely have such tools. Regarding other models. should be checked on the manufacturer’s website. Indeed, even if your SIM card is changed, then using the IMEI code, the operator can determine the number of the new card, and probably on whom the SIM itself is recorded. If you cannot directly resolve this issue through the operator, then with the help of law enforcement agencies.

Main side column

MTS Locator

This feature is different from the MTS Supervised Baby Service similar to it. Tracking the location of a person with its help is possible only with the consent of this person and adding him to the list of friends. To do this, you need to send a message to 6677 with the number of the user you want to track. The first 14 days the service is provided free of charge (trial period). Subsequently, the system withdraws from the account 100 rubles per month for 100 requests.

You can learn more about the service provided by MTS here

GPS Tracker Geozilla

It is an app that aims to keep families safe all over the world. It helps you find your family and friends in real time; receive notifications when they come home or leave work; receive a history of movements over the past few weeks and stay in touch with loved ones in a private chat. Works on Android and iOS. Free trial available.

Find My Device

Another Google development. Registered users can track the listed subscribers and exchange SMS messages with them in the built-in chat. With its help, you can find the missing phone. But when geolocation is turned off, the accuracy of the data is significantly reduced.

Sygic Family Locator

The company specializes in navigation aids. The software developed by her can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. It has a flight tracking function. There is paid and free content. Advanced features are only available to premium account holders.

Find My Kids. Where Are My Children

The service monitors the location of the child online. The Where Are My Kids app has a number of advantages:

  • determines the location of the child by phone with an accuracy of 3 m;
  • works equally well on iOS and Android;
  • works via GPS;
  • records the history of movements;
  • allows you to add an unlimited number of children for free;
  • supports wiretapping function.

The program has a built-in family chat function. You can define “green” zones (a list of places of acceptable routes: “home”, “school”, “swimming pool”, “grandmother”, “kindergarten”, etc.) and the system will send alerts to your phone if the child left the permissible boundaries of the “green” zone (even if this is an area where there is no GPS). In addition, the application accumulates all the data, which makes it possible to subsequently view the child’s route for the day. It does not require a phone number to work.

See where your child is right now and listen to the sound around their phone. Install the “Where are my kids” app from the AppStore or Google Play.

Life 360

Works on any phones. It is a kind of social network where you can exchange messages. Some sections are free. However, there is also paid content.

from google. Google Maps (for Android and iOS)

Not so long ago, Google added the “Show where I am” function to the Google Maps application, which allows you to track the location of a person, works on both Android and iOS.

To do this, you, as well as the person whose location you want to track, must have the Google Maps application installed. You need to find out the mail connected to the Android device with which it walks.

Then go to the Google Maps application “victims” go to the menu and select “Show where I am”, specify the tracking period of the person and enter your e-mail or phone number

Now you can track your phone by GPS in real time on your mobile device by opening Google Maps, section “Show where I am”.

Spying on Android and iPhone: track location, find out who called

The article will be useful to those who want to track the location of a person on the map, who has an Android smartphone or tablet in his hands. Collected a full set of features and applications with which you can follow a person.

Ways to track a person’s location on Android and iPhone

There can be many options for finding out where a person is, from the banal, to find out where the child is now, to where is my husband? The article does not serve to find out the motive, but only provides tools with which you can perform surveillance on Android.

How to track a person?

All modern Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iPhones, have GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity. If GPS is directly linked in order to find out the exact location, then Wi-Fi and GSM / 3G / LTE, indirectly, can also indicate your position.

Our task is to force this information to be transmitted to you in order to track a person on the map exactly from a few meters to a couple of kilometers.

Google and Apple offer several ways to find out the location on the map, for two of them you need to know someone else’s account and password.

How to track iPhone from Android and Android from iPhone?

There are cross-platform applications that allow you to track the movement of a person if he has an iPhone or Android phone.!

from google. Parental Controls (for Android)

For parents who are worried about their children there is a wonderful application from the developers of Google, called “Parental Control”. This application allows you to:

  • Track the location of the child
  • Monitor installed applications and remove them if necessary
  • Block the phone if the child sits at it for a long time
  • Block inappropriate content from children on the internet

Read more about how to install and configure Parental Controls on Android in our article.!

X-GPS Monitor application

In order to find out where a person is, you will need to install a special application “X-GPS Monitor”.