How to find out how many pages the printer has printed

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How to know if a cartridge needs to be refilled or refilled?

At the end of the toner, a wide strip appears, at first faint, then rapidly turning into white and increasing in width. Usually appears towards the middle of the leaf. Accordingly, the cartridge must be refilled. Also, in these cases, SHAKE the cartridge LIGHTLY for a short time.

Remanufacturing the cartridge is required when the drum unit is worn out. The sign is a black stripe, usually appears on the edge of the sheet and also progresses rapidly. Usually it has a patterned shape, and these patterns are repeated with the frequency of rotation of the drum (in most compact printers, about 4 times per sheet). Be aware that some breakdowns in the printer may also cause similar symptoms. For example, if a thermal film breaks in Canon or HP, sometimes the printer’s performance is temporarily retained, and the resulting black line can be mistaken for a sign of wear on the drum. Therefore, in case of doubt, it is advisable to take a sheet with a strip to the workshop along with the cartridge.

How to find out how many pages the printer has printed?

Many printers and multifunction devices have a counter. If it has a control panel and menus, look for it there (or finally read the instructions). If there is no counter in the menu, or the printer does not have any menu at all, then there may be a function to print a test page (do not confuse it with a driver test page printed from a computer). This page sometimes lists, among other things, the printer counter reading.

How many times can a cartridge be refilled before reconditioning?

In small Canon and HP printers, original drums live on average about 2-4 refills (6-8 thousand pages), including the factory refueling. Samsung and Xerox have 3-6 refueling stations (7500-15000 pages), also counting the factory one. However, the individual variation is very large. Also, the life of the drum depends on the paper, printer speed, and many other factors, and may vary for different batches and even more for brands (if the drum is not original).

How many pages will the toner last in a cartridge??

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This is usually stated in the instructions. If not, look at the manufacturer’s official website. Please note that these numbers will be valid for about 5 percent filling (conditional average text, which corresponds to the volume of the text of a standard job application).

A pack of paper is how many sheets?

Is it harmful for the printer to print if it gives a black line?

If this is a strip from a cartridge requiring restoration, then the printer may become dirty and even fail. If this is a strip from a torn thermal film, then further operation of the printer is guaranteed to ruin the rubber shaft in the stove.

In general, any suspicion in the operation of the printer requires an immediate STOPPING of its operation and consultation with the service. The operation of a defective printer, as a rule, leads to the aggravation of the existing problem or even the emergence of new ones. Remember: technology is not a person, it will not work on its own.

By the will of fate, we ended up with a device designed for 127 volts. Is it realistic to remake it under our tension?

The simplest, most reliable, and probably the cheapest option is to look for a special transformer on the market. Do not forget to pay attention to the power of this transformer and compare with the power consumption of the device (if there is no instruction, it can be calculated from the inscriptions on the back panel, next to the power cord).

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A printer connected via USB is intermittently not visible to the computer. Who is guilty? What to do?

You may have a USB 1.0 cable or the cable is excessively long. Buy a cord of a later standard and the minimum required length. Often helps.

Total Page Counting on EPSON L3150: How to see, How many pages you print till date??

Can the printer be plugged into the same outlet as the computer, or is it undesirable?

With a normal network, there will be no problems. However, laser printers can have a power consumption of about 500 watts or more. The lion’s share of the power is consumed by the stove, and its power supply is carried out intermittently on-off every few seconds. This will not lead to good. Accordingly, if the parameters of your network are far from ideal, then it is better to feed the printer and the computer from different outlets.

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How is the warranty repair of printers carried out? Sellers refuse to repair or change, nod to some service center. Are they right?

Yes. Warranty repair of printers, multifunction devices, copiers and everything else is carried out in authorized service centers. The manufacturer’s website will list these centers. If the cause of the malfunction is a factory defect, then the repair will be carried out free of charge.

What is cartridge recovery?

After several refills, the drum unit wears out in the cartridge. Remanufacturing the cartridge is replacing the imaging drum, whatnot, and refilling with toner.

Does it harm printers to use refilled cartridges??

There is little harm when using quality toner. Although it’s fair to say that non-genuine toner in refilled cartridges is still more likely to contaminate the printer. But the difference is, in general, bearable.

What does “starter cartridge” mean? How is it different from the usual?

The starter cartridge is the cartridge that comes with the printer. The point of the starter cartridge is that it will last for a short time, or it would be difficult to refill. In short, to promote the buyer for one more cartridge. How do manufacturers manage it? Several options, for example:

How to safely transport refill cartridges?

This is not an idle question, especially since these data are not included in the user manual. Of course, the ideal option is to pack the cartridge in the factory box, remembering to put the factory black bag on it.

If for some reason this is not possible, then consider three things: once. the drum unit (this is such a shiny metal long cylinder) is afraid of light and is easily scratched; two. dust and dirt that got into the cartridge and adhered to the magnetic shaft, you cannot remove it yourself after refueling, and it can greatly affect the image; and three. the magnetic roller willingly attracts small metal, usually paper clips, which can then lead to costly problems in the printer.

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Based on this, put a black factory bag on the cartridge (well, at least you may not have thrown it away), wrap the cartridge in several layers of newspaper, and then you can put it in your bag. Preferably horizontally, this will reduce shaking out of toner during transport.

Do cartridges have a shelf life? Can toner deteriorate from time to time?

Toner practically does not deteriorate from time to time, at least several times I refilled the equipment with toner that had been stored for several years, and there were no problems. However, some parts of the cartridge are made of rubber, which loses elasticity over time, which can cause problems. Handle cartridges older than five years with caution.

Is there a difference between using the printer at home and in the office?

Home printers are a tough category to repair. Office printers work a lot, die young from wear and tear, and break in them almost only what should break. Home printers are no longer affected by wear and tear, but by old age, dust and specific installation features. Accordingly, home printers often come with surprises. How to reduce the likelihood of problems?

Install the printer in a location where there is less humidity, temperature extremes, and no direct sunlight. And don’t smoke in this room, soot is not a trifle.

If you are not using the printer for a long time, cover it with dust. This is especially true of old printers with vertical paper loading, for example Samsung ML-1210, Canon LBP-810, HP-1100, it is likely that their fine dust-collecting slots are one of the reasons that vertical loading is not practiced in current printers.

Keep cats away from him, or shave them, or something. Wool in technique is not good.

Store printer paper in a dry and dust-free environment.

The installation surface for the printer must be stable and level.

Find out where his fan is, and don’t block it.