How to find out the battery capacity of your iPhone

Checking the battery using programs and utilities

If you don’t have a USB tester or don’t like counting, then don’t worry. There is an easier, but, unfortunately, not very accurate way to determine the real capacity of the battery.

Android smartphone manufacturers have already taken care of everything. If you are the owner of just such a phone, then go to the standard call menu and enter the following code ###. A menu will appear on the screen, which will display complete information about the battery status.

But what if you cannot remember such a complex code or simply own an Apple smartphone? And here we can help.

Just go to the Play Market (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) and enter the phrase: “Battery capacity check” in the search box. Download any option you like to your phone.

For owners of Android smartphones, we can recommend the following applications:

  • AccuBattery.
  • Power battery.

Whichever application you choose, just follow the instructions on the screen. Then compare the battery capacity indicator specified by the manufacturer with the numbers that you see on the screen.

We measure the real capacity of the battery using a USB tester: it couldn’t be more precise

USB tester. It is a portable device for automatically measuring the remaining battery capacity. After all, it is very useful, since it can work not only with a phone, but also with any other gadgets that are charged using a USB cable.

The main parts of the tester. the socket to which the smartphone is connected using the charging cable; plug connecting to the power supply; screen showing test results.

There are a great variety of such devices on the market and, of course, the higher the price, the more functionality. But you and I will need the simplest one.

  • We completely discharge the smartphone battery.
  • Connect the USB tester.
  • We put the gadget on charge.
  • We are waiting for the battery to be fully charged.
  • We look at the tester screen, where information is shown.

It is worth noting that some models of testers show the real capacity in the “mAh” unit, which all smartphone owners are used to seeing. In this case, it is enough just to look at the number and draw conclusions about the degree of deterioration of the battery.

But what if the tester calculates the battery capacity in watt-hours? We’ll have to remember the math and convert this unit of measurement to mAh.

  • Divide the resulting value by 3.8.
  • Multiply the result by 0.9.

For example, if the tester reads 8 Wh, then: (8 / 3.8) 0.9 = 1.89 (1890 mAh).

Next, we look at the technical characteristics of your phone model. If the manufacturer’s declared capacity is 2500 mAh, then the battery is worn out. more than 70%.

How to determine the real battery capacity of a smartphone

Smartphone battery. one of the most vulnerable elements. It seems that only yesterday everything was fine: the phone was charging stably in 40 minutes. And now it’s just some kind of trouble: the indicator shows 100% of the charge, and after 10 minutes the gadget spontaneously turns off.

Are you familiar with the situations described above? Then this is the first sign that it is time to refer the smartphone to battery diagnostics. However, in some cases, it is possible to determine the real current capacity of the battery at home. We will tell you how to check the battery in this article.

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How to determine if the battery is very bad by eye

Sometimes it is possible to understand that the time has come to change the battery (and, in most cases, this should be done as quickly as possible), even without complex operations.

First, open the case cover and look at the battery. If it has bulges, bulges, then rather a new battery!

Another life hack that is suitable for phones with a removable battery:

  • Take out the battery.
  • Lay it on a flat surface.
  • Unscrew the battery.

Does the battery barely spin? Then you shouldn’t worry. But if on the contrary, then it is worth taking a decision.

Do you suspect that the battery of your smartphone is not okay? Don’t hesitate. contact the specialists of the service center “ROBIM GOOD”. We will carry out diagnostics on professional specialized equipment and supply a new original battery.

iBackupBot (for Windows)

The data of this “scary” application, which I recommend to Windows users for lack of coconut Battery, does not match the previous ones.

This is strange. they generally claim that I can charge the iPhone up to 2000 mAh out of 1950 possible. But I suggest taking this as the ideal state of the battery.

Information can be accessed from the Information menu. Look at DesignCapacity is the stated capacity, FullChargeCapacity is the state of the battery today.

How to check iPhone battery wear%. How many do you have?

After a wave of controversial opinions from readers about Eduard Sargsyan’s collection of tips on how to extend the battery life of an iPhone, I checked the wear of my.

For 163 days after activation and 140 full charge-discharge cycles, the state of the battery of my 7 is excellent. And the capacity reaches 98% of the declared.

  • I charge my iPhone with iPad charging 95% of the time
  • I keep my smartphone connected to Mac for a couple of hours daily
  • always I connect it to the charger for the whole night
  • used the dubious Lightning of the Rock company (they just fell apart in a couple of months), and today he preferred Native Union (like MFi, quality at 5)
  • I put my iPhone in Xiaomi power banks and auto-chargers (I think it’s okay here)
  • I do not follow the temperature regime from the word at all (summer and a regular beach are ahead)

coconut Battery (for macOS)

In my opinion, this is the best application for determining the level of wear of the iPhone battery, which can be found on the iOS Device tab.

Here you can see the number of complete charge-discharge cycles (after 500, experts recommend changing the battery), residual capacity (look at Maximum Charge) and other data.

Based on this information, I am guided about the consequences of my “bad habits” of handling the iPhone. lowered the level to 98%.

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This application is also interesting for diagnosing the MacBook battery. for a year and a half of super-intensive use, I “killed” mine up to 92% of the declared capacity.

Battery Pro (for iOS)

The mobile application looks ugly and does not differ in the accuracy of measurements. It claims my iPhone battery is in perfect condition. 0.0% wear.

At the same time, it determines the residual capacity at the level of 2000/2000 mAh (remember, in general, in the iPhone 7. 1950 mAh).

In addition, there is data on the source of the charge, which is similar to the truth, determining the operating time of the device and other additional information.

Recommend using this app only, if you don’t have a Mac at hand for more accurate tests.


In almost half a year of intensive use, two out of three tests indicate the perfect condition of the battery of my iPhone 7, and one about a drop in capacity by 2%.

Find out Your iPhone BATTERY Cycle Count!

On this occasion, in order to put everything in its place, I propose a small interactive: let’s all together check the iPhone batteries and talk about their wear and tear and our “bad habits” in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Thus, we will decide once and for all whether it makes sense to charge your smartphone with care. Or you can just use it and have fun.

UPD: There is a possibility that the software used in the article does not have access to information about the iPhone 7 / Plus battery.

How to check battery capacity on iPhone and iPad

Very often, Apple technology users are faced with the problem of the autonomy of their i-devices. In this article, I will show you how you can check the battery on an iPhone or iPad. How to check the number of charge / discharge cycles of the battery of Apple devices. And how to tell if your iPhone battery is dead. That being said, you don’t need JailBreak.

In order to check the capacity of your iPhone battery, some recommend installing a program on your phone that requires JailBreak. Our way works without JaiBreak’a. Well, let’s get started.

Before checking the battery status of your device, make sure you read the article on saving iPhone and iPad battery in the article How to save the battery power of iPhone and iPad.

In order to check the battery on your iPhone or iPad, you only need a computer, iPhone / iPad and the cable from the device and the iBackupBot program. (download iBackupBot)

Next, install the program, connect the phone, wait while the program initializes your iPhone / iPad. When this happens, select the phone in the list of devices and you will see the following screen and click on Information:

After that, you will be presented with all the information on your battery, as well as other useful information:

I will give a decoding of some of the names of the values:

  • CycleCount. the number of cycles (discharge-full charge);
  • DesignCapacity. factory size of the battery (battery size declared by the manufacturer);
  • FullChargeCapacity. the amount of full charge (the amount of the battery, when fully charged to date);
  • Status. status (as I understand it, is the battery working);
  • BatteryCurrentCapacity. current battery level.

In this way, you can check the battery status of your iPhone / iPad. If the full charge volume (FullChargeCapacity) is much less than the factory volume (DesignCapacity), then most likely you need to replace the battery. I got these results by checking the iPhone 4S battery that has been working since 2012, you can see this by the number of cycles (CycleCount), and nevertheless, the current battery volume is 90% of the factory one (1300/1430), which is an absolute norm.

If the program indicates the health of your device’s battery, then you should read the instructions on how to save the iPhone and iPad battery in the article How to keep the iPhone and iPad battery charged.

UPD2: the other day I ran into a completely new device and, for the sake of interest, checked its battery. I decided to share this information with you and show a screenshot of a completely new battery:

If your ratio is less than 70-60%, then this already indicates the old age of the battery and it should be replaced. And in the case of a rapid decrease in this ratio, it indicates a complete malfunction of the battery (if there is a constant drop in the FullChargeCapacity volume).

UPD: in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев they began to write so much that the version of the program is not the same, I am not a cake, there is no link, the phone is not visible, and in general the interface is different that I was not too lazy to download the latest version of the program (5.5.3) and post even more screenshots for the people.

I hope this will save readers from the difficulties of checking the iPhone and iPad battery, and will lead to even more likes and reposts of this page and Комментарии и мнения владельцев of thanks.

Have a question? Is there something not clear in the article? Do you want to thank? Write a comment! If you liked the article, and even more so if it also helped. put 1 and click “Like”!

Reasons for wear and recommendations for maintaining battery capacity

In addition to rapidly discharging, battery wear is characterized by the iPhone shutting down at low ambient temperatures. Turning off the smartphone in the cold indicates a critical state of the battery and the need to replace it.

Values ​​below 80% are considered to be a poor indicator of current capacity relative to the capacity of a new battery. You can find out the exact number not only using iOS tools, but also using third-party tools, such as the iBackupBot utility.

Lithium-ion batteries do not last forever. over time, like any other rechargeable power source, they lose their capacity. The battery life of the batteries used in modern iPhones averages 800-1000 full discharge cycles, but after the first 500 cycles, the battery efficiency of the iPhone decreases by 15-20% from the initial value.

The decrease in the maximum capacity of the battery occurs not only under the influence of time, but also due to non-observance of the operating rules. For example, due to the large number of full charges and discharges to zero or due to the use of the device at extremely low and high temperatures.

To ensure that your smartphone battery lasts as long as possible, it is recommended that you use an original charger and Lightning cable, do not fully charge or discharge your iPhone, and do not expose your device to very cold or high temperatures. Apple believes the optimal ambient temperature for iPhone is 0 ° C to 35 ° C, ideal is 16 ° C to 22 ° C.

Diagnostics of the battery status of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch by means of the system

Apple developers have implemented a tool for diagnosing the battery health of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This feature is available on iPhone 6 and later models running iOS 11.3 or later. To assess the wear and tear of the battery and find out if it needs to be replaced, go to “Settings”, go to the “Battery” section and select “Battery status”.

The “Maximum capacity” column will show the value in percent. This indicator is the ratio of the current capacity to the capacity of the new battery.

Also, all Apple smartphones are equipped with a performance management system. It dynamically adjusts the maximum power of the device to avoid unplanned shutdowns. The function is automatically activated after the first unexpected shutdown of iPhone, the battery capacity of which is no longer sufficient for maximum device performance.

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If necessary, the function can be disabled by clicking on the “Disable” button and selecting the “Disable” option.

How to check iPhone or iPad battery wear

If you notice that your iPhone is running low on battery power quickly, this is a sure sign that the battery has deteriorated and should be replaced. It’s easy to make sure of this. just look at the degree of battery wear in the system settings.

How to check battery wear on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using a computer app

The following tool for diagnosing iPhone battery health comes in the form of a PC utility. You can download the installation file of the program from the official website. Two versions of the program are available: for Mac OS and Windows.

IBackupBot is designed primarily for backing up data from iPhone. But you can also use it to manage installed applications and contacts, view media files stored in the device’s memory and diagnose the status of the iPhone battery.

Since the iBackupBot utility syncs data from iTunes, it requires an Apple branded media player on your computer, the installation file of which can be downloaded from

After installing both programs, you need to connect your iPhone to your PC using a Lightning to USB cable and give your computer access to the data on the device. When the prompt “Trust this computer?” Appears on the smartphone screen you need to select the “Trust” option and, if necessary, enter the password-code, thereby confirming the access permission.

Then you should launch the iBackupBot program and click on the device name indicated in the “Devices” side menu. On the page that opens, you need to select the “Information” item, after which a window will pop up with additional information about the smartphone.

In the “Battery” section, information about the iPhone battery will be displayed, among which 3 points are of interest:

  • CycleCount. the number of recharge cycles performed;
  • DesignCapacity. initial battery capacity, it is also the capacity of a new original battery (measured in mAh);
  • FullChargeCapacity. current battery capacity (measured in mAh).

If your iPhone has more than 1,000 recharge cycles and the current battery capacity is very different from the original value, it is recommended that you replace the phone battery with a new one.

iPhone Maximum Battery Capacity. What You Should Know

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Checking with built-in iOS functions

On March 29, 2018, the long-awaited iOS 11.3 update was released. Along with it came a feature that was associated with the scandal over the slowdown of old iPhones.

So if you have already installed iOS 11.3, then we do the following:

  • open Settings and scroll down until we find the Battery;
  • select the item Battery status;
  • we see the Maximum capacity field and if you have at least 60%, then you can relax for now, but already think about replacing in the near future.

100 % iPhone Battery Health. How to do it

Settings. Battery. Battery status. Maximum capacity

You’ve probably seen the second field “Peak Performance” as well. So, when everything is really bad with your battery, the phone will send you a notification that an understatement of performance is turned on.

This, in fact, will be the bell for replacing the battery. Thus, Apple killed all the applications that did the status check function, but they may still come in handy. Read on.

How to check iPhone battery status?

If you went to this material, then surely your iPhone does not hold a charge for long and you charge it at least twice a day. Or, it often turns off in the cold at the most inconvenient moment, even when the charge level is about 40%.

To understand how bad everything is and whether it is worth worrying about a replacement, you just need to carry out one of the actions, which I will now list.

How to check iPhone battery health?

At the moment, a modern smartphone is primarily judged by two criteria: the camera and how long the battery lasts. The first moment improves from year to year, but with batteries it is problematic, especially on the iPhone.

After all, literally after a couple of years of use, the operating time of the device is reduced very significantly and you already need to think that you need to do something about this. This is especially felt by people who live in countries with cold winters.

Therefore, let’s figure out exactly when it is worth changing and how to check the condition of your iPhone battery. With some updates to the operating system, it is much easier than it used to be.


Check with third-party programs (if iOS is lower than iOS 11.3)

Not everyone wants to upgrade from iOS 10 to their old iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 for this feature. We all know how it works and it is better to stay on an older version of the operating system.

Sooner or later, you may still need to check the status of the battery, and in this case, we do the following:

  • install ourselves an application like Battery Life (or something similar);
  • we open it and the state of your battery is written to you.

If everything is fine, it will simply say “Excellent” and the button will be green. Yellow, still not so bad and red. when to change.

It weighs a little and is free. If you buy a paid version, it will also show the number of charging cycles. But it’s up to you to decide.

How to check the battery life of an iPhone or iPad using a computer?

There are many programs that can give us all the information we need about the battery. These are the famous iTools, iFunBox and many others. However, they are heaped up with various functions (sometimes very unnecessary), and we only need battery statistics! Therefore, in this case, I advise you to use iBackupBot. the desired function is also not the main one in it, however, the minimum size of the program and a simple interface speaks in its favor.

  • Install and run the program.
  • We connect the phone to the computer. To connect correctly, you need to unlock your iPhone or iPad (if a password is set on the screen, then enter it) and in the dialog box that appears, click “Trust this computer”.
  • In the lower left corner we see the name of the device, click on it, then. information.
  • In the window that opens, we immediately see all the information about the battery.

Since all the inscriptions are in English, I will give a small decryption of the data obtained:

  • CycleCount. the number of complete recharges of the battery.
  • DesignCapacity. the capacity that the new gadget originally had.
  • FullChargeCapacity. current capacity.
  • Status: Success. general characteristics of the battery at the moment.

As you can see, my iPhone 5S’s capacity dropped by only 150 mAh in 2.5 years, and this is a very good result! In fact, it is almost new. How did you manage to achieve such indicators? I just know how to properly charge my iPhones and iPads, try it too. there is nothing complicated there.

How to find out the real (at the moment) battery capacity in iPhone and iPad

Greetings! There can be a variety of reasons why you need to check how much battery capacity is left on your iPhone or iPad. A similar need may arise out of simple curiosity: for example, I wondered. do I need to go to change the battery of my old iPhone 5S? Or is she not so bad yet?

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Also, such a procedure is of great importance when buying a used device. After all, the seller can simply deceive. say that his battery holds exactly as much as it should. And even show usage statistics (you can easily wind it up), but in fact, half of the capacity has already been lost there. How to find out the truth about the state of the battery. is it bad or not? Nobody will wait a few hours to check! There are easier and faster ways. let’s talk about them, let’s go!

Important note. We get all data about the battery for free, without jailbreaking the device and other jailbreak. Cool? Not that word!

Apps that will tell you everything about the battery status in an iPhone or iPad

Unfortunately, no one is safe from the situation when a computer is not at hand, and it is necessary to check the battery life of an iOS device here and now. Various applications from the App Store can help us with this. The best part is that you do not need to jailbreak the device and install a jailbreak. everything happens without it.

At the time of writing this article, a huge number of programs (about 15-20) have been in one way or another related to the battery on my iPhone. And only in one of them all data (charge cycles, actual capacity, etc.) were shown for free, immediately after installation and without any additional purchases.

Meet Battery Life. App Store download link. Install and run. Click in the upper left corner. the settings open, we are interested in the menu item. Raw Data. And we can clearly see all the information (also displayed in real time!).

  • Battery Charge. the indicator means how much the battery is currently charged and how much it can charge as much as possible.
  • Capacity. current \ standard battery capacity.
  • Cycles. number of recharge cycles.

The attentive reader will notice that the data for my device is slightly different for different checks (using the computer and the application). How so?!

First, this difference is really small. an error of 3-5%. And secondly, this is completely normal. since different programs use different algorithms. And besides, the battery of my iPhone 5S works for a long time (almost 2.5 years) and, it seems to me, it is impossible to accurately analyze its use over such a long period of time.

Total: the check can be carried out by any option presented in the article. the general “picture” of the battery life of your iPhone (iPad) will be immediately clear. To get the most plausible values ​​- use both methods, and choose the average of what you get.

How lithium-ion batteries work

Few people know, but the lithium-ion battery appeared back in 1912, but it was used extremely rarely until Sony paid attention to it in 1991 and began to actively introduce it into its cameras, players and other devices.

The “new” type of batteries turned out to be relatively inexpensive to manufacture, had a high energy density and had no memory effect, that is, it was impossible to spoil it with frequent charges at half its capacity.

These batteries consist of two positive and negative electrodes separated by a liquid chemical electrolyte such as ethylene carbonate or diethyl carbonate. Due to the peculiarities of the chemical composition, such a battery can only be rectangular. This is why L-shaped batteries in smartphones are often just two batteries connected to each other.

The capacity of a lithium-ion battery will decrease over time. The more charging cycles, the lower the battery capacity. And also such a battery has self-discharge properties. It can be discharged when it is just lying down and not in use. Even separate from the device.

A serious disadvantage of such batteries is that the electrolyte in them becomes unstable at extreme temperatures and shell punctures. This leads to “heat exhaustion” and ignition. However, do not immediately put the phone away in a room with concrete walls. This happens very rarely. it’s just possible. In order to prevent this from happening, special controllers are provided that will do everything so that the battery does not overheat.

Questions about choosing a battery

In the Network and in the search statistics you can find the following frequently asked questions, to which I will now give the answer.

Using a variable resistor

For testing to go well, you need a small battery like the 14500 with 300mAh capacity. A variable resistor of 100 ohms is required for testing. If you take a device with a constant current, then the process will be complicated. The results will need to be recorded and calculations of the spent capacity will need to be carried out in individual sections of the scale. To determine the value, calculate the arithmetic mean of the current.

To measure the battery capacity, an AC resistor is used, where the resistance decreases gradually as the battery is discharged. At this time, the current indicators should be at the same level.

The position of the voltmeter is set on the multimeter to measure the voltage and its readings are measured at the terminals. At an incomplete level of charge, the device is discharged using a current of 450-500 mA. At the same time, the resistance is periodically reduced and the voltage is controlled.

The stopwatch is turned off when the level reaches 2.7 V. It will take 25-30 minutes to completely discharge the battery at a current of 500 mA. The resulting indicator is multiplied by the time in hours and the real value of the battery capacity is obtained. This method of measuring capacitance is the most accurate due to mathematical calculations.

How to make a device with your own hands

When the necessary equipment is not available, the device can be made by yourself by watching the video. It is necessary to take a voltmeter from the finished devices, and the remaining parts are constructed from improvised means. Difficulties will arise when calculating and creating an internal resistance, which will require a current.

For a voltage of 12 V, the current indicator should be in the range of 80-120 Amperes, and the resistance should be 0.1-0.15 ohms. An instrument for measuring such resistance is difficult to find. For this reason, the length of one element is selected and the current that it passes is measured. After that, several similar details are combined.

A homemade device is made sequentially:

  • A nichrome wire or heating strip is selected and the current is measured with a multimeter up to 15 A. The element must pass 10-12 A.
  • Connect 10 such parts, receiving a load of 100-120 A. The wire must be twisted securely.
  • The resulting element is placed in a suitable housing and fixed therein. If the box is small, then the wire is bent several times so that the turns do not touch each other. The parallel connection must be secure, which is ensured by insulating cylinders that are installed on the bends.
  • The ends of the twist are soldered to the contacts at the output, and from the outside to the connecting wires.
  • Connect a voltmeter.
  • Clips are attached to the ends of the connecting cable, which are then connected to the battery.

When the device is ready, you can take measurements at home.