How to find out the password from the printer’s WI-FI

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5 ways to find out your Wi-Fi password

As many as five ways to find passwords from wireless networks to which you once connected.

Look at the standard password on the router

This method is suitable for your personal router or any other router to which you have physical access. Most modern routers have a unique default network name and password. They are usually printed on a label with a serial number and other service information or on a special sticker.

You just have to get to the router and carefully examine its back side. If there is nothing there, try looking at the manual or on Google to see the model of the router. You will surely find what you are looking for.

Look up the password in Keychain Access in OS X

It’s the same with a Mac. OS X stores the password for any network you have ever connected to, and of course you can see it.

find, password, printer, WI-FI

This is done in the “Keychain”, where all your passwords are stored. Launch it through Spotlight or from the Applications folder and select the System section on the left sidebar. Next, find the desired network in the list and click on the “i” button on the panel below. We put a tick next to “Show password” and after entering the administrator password, we see our password from Wi-Fi.

Find out the password from the Windows network settings

If you are (or used to be) connected to the network via Windows, it will kindly prompt you for a forgotten password. Depending on the version of Windows, the names of the menu items may differ, but the meaning is approximately the same.

You need to go to the “Network and Sharing Center” and get to the list of wireless networks. Then open the properties of the desired network and look at the password in the “Network Security Key” field, not forgetting to check the box “Show entered characters”.

Find the password in the web interface of the router

If you have access to the web interface, then the router password can be viewed there. To do this, go to the browser at (or and enter your username and password. The menu structure is different for each manufacturer, but the point is to find the Wireless Network section, which has a Security item with security options. It contains our key, that is, the password of the wireless network.

The menu we need looks like this. The password is hidden by default, and to display it you need to click on the Display password button or something like that.

Reset your password and set a new one

Nothing can stand against brute force. If the password cannot be obtained, then it must be hacked, that is, reset. This method is only suitable if you need a password from your home router, but it will work on absolutely any router, since each of them has a physical reset button. The only drawback is that if your provider uses specific connection settings, you will have to configure it again.

So, we get the router out of the closet, from the mezzanine. or wherever you have it hidden there. and carefully look at the part of it where the ports and control buttons are located. Look for a small hole that says Reset next to it. This is the reset button. You need to press it with a paper clip or a needle and hold it for a few seconds (if it doesn’t help, then hold down reset and, without releasing the button, turn off the router for 30 seconds, and then, while continuing to hold the button, turn it on and release it after 30 seconds). After that, the router settings will be reset to standard and you can find out the password in one of the ways described above.

How to view the IP address of the printer using the router settings

If the printer is connected to the computer using Wi-Fi, you can see the address in the router settings. To do this, you need to find out the ip-address of the network equipment. It is usually located on the back of the router and looks like this: After that, open any browser and enter these numbers into the address bar. The interface for configuring the router should open. Some manufacturers of network equipment, in addition to a digital address, also have a secondary alphabetic one. For example, Tenda has Other manufacturers also have something similar.

In order to enter the settings of the router, you will need to enter the logs and password for the account. Often the login is “admin”, and the password is also indicated on the back of the network device. You will need to find the section with connected devices. Depending on the router model, it may be located in different locations. Usually this category is called “Devices”. In it you will find all the gadgets connected to the router. Usually, next to each is written his ip-address.

How to find the IP address of a printer using developer software

Many developers create unique programs that are compatible only with their products. They are designed not only to eliminate various problems, but also provide the user with comprehensive information about his device. You can download such programs, of course, on the official sites. Almost all developers of office equipment (Canon, Epson, Kyocera, Brother and others) have their own software. There are also universal solutions such as: NeTViewer, IPScan, LANScope. If you cannot find the official utility, then you can use one of them. However, there is no guarantee that they will display correct information, so you should use them only if the other methods did not help you.

How to find the IP address of a printer in Word

You’ve probably noticed that some text editors write information about the device through which printing is performed. Word is installed on the computer, probably everyone. So the easiest way is to use it.

  • Create any document and open it.
  • In the upper left corner, click on the “Office” button and select “Print”.
  • In the window that opens, look in the port column, in which the network address of the printer will be indicated. Just be sure to select the correct device from the list.

How to find the network address of a printer using the command line

  • Press the Win R keys at the same time and enter the command “cmd” in the field that appears, thereby launching the command line.
  • In the window that appears, enter netstat.r.
  • You will see all devices connected to the computer. Knowing the gateway address or network mask of the printer, you can determine its network address.

How to find the IP address of the printer in the properties

If you are the owner of an old printer, then you can use the information that the operating system provides about the connected devices. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press the Win R key combination and enter the command “control” in the field that appears. You will be taken to the control panel.
  • In the upper right corner, change the view type to “Category” (if required). Then select “Devices and Printers” from the “Hardware and Sound” menu.
  • Find the printing device you are using and right-click on it. In the drop-down menu, select “Properties”.
  • At the top of the window, select the Web Services tab (usually the third in a row). At the very bottom you will find the IP address.

How to find the IP address of the printer on the network using the interactive menu

Many modern printers are equipped with a small screen, which makes it easier to interact with technology. It is needed not only so that the user can get information more clearly. With its help, you can see the device specifications, which will contain the current ip-address.

To do this, you need to go to the settings. There is no universal name, it all depends on the model. Someone may call this item “Options”, and someone else “Settings” and so on. By analogy, you can understand in which section the information we need is located. As a last resort, you can try to enter all the menu items one by one until you find the network address. If English is selected as the interface language, you need to check the sections “Settings”, “Options”.

How to find out the IP of a printer: the easiest ways

The network address of the printer may change depending on some circumstances. In this case, you will not be able to print the document. We will tell you how to check if the IP of the office equipment is to blame.

Sometimes errors occur in the operating system that lead to malfunctions of office equipment. For example, the network address of a printer can be changed without the user’s knowledge. In this case, Windows will try to send the document to print at the old address, but nothing will happen. Then you need to find out the IP address of the printer in order to restore the printing process. There are many ways to do this. Starting from the simplest ones, which even a beginner can handle, to more advanced ones, which are suitable for experienced users. Whichever category of the two you fall into, following the instructions below will give you the information you are looking for.

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Command line

To find out the password for your Wi-Fi using this universal Windows utility, you will need:

  • Enter the first command netsh wlan show profiles in the window that opens and press the Enter key.
  • View the list of Wi-Fi networks stored in the computer’s memory and find your.
  • Without closing the window, enter and apply the second command netsh wlan show profiles name = IS key = clear, where IS is the name of the network used.
  • In the lines that appear on the screen, the owner of the router will find, in addition to other interesting and useful information, his password. it is located in the “Security Settings”.

Windows settings

This way to see the password from your Wi-Fi is generally identical to the previous one; it makes sense to use it only if you cannot immediately go to the “Control Panel”. The owner of the router who wants to restore the access code will need:

  • And use the link on the right “Configuring adapter parameters”.
  • As a result, the user will find himself in an already familiar window; the aLGorithm of his further actions from this moment is exactly the same as in the previous method.
  • Following the instructions, finding out the password for your wireless Internet will not be more difficult than understanding why the laptop does not connect to Wi-Fi. And if all of the above options did not give a positive result, you should move on to others. there are three more ways to see the Wi-Fi access code ahead.

Third Party Programs

Finally, you can use third-party software to find the password for your Wi-Fi network. One of the best options is the free WirelessKeyView utility; to view the access code with it, you need:

  • Download and unpack the archive with the program, then run the executable file.
  • Find the Wi-Fi network of interest in the general list. the same line will contain in hexadecimal and “natural” form and password.

Important: the user can save one or all passwords to a text document by calling the File drop-down menu and selecting the Export item.

Factory code

A user who has managed to configure the router and did not change the login and password in the process can look at the Wi-Fi access code directly on the device: on the bottom wall of the router there should be a sticker with a sequence of numbers specified by the manufacturer.

Tip: if there is no information on the bottom of the router or the sticker was safely torn off or damaged to an unreadable state, it is worth checking the box in which the device was supplied. the password can be either written outside or contained in the text of the instruction.

The user, who at one time decided to distribute Wi-Fi from a laptop or computer, should check if he had guessed to write an access code on a piece of paper. If so, the problem can be considered solved; if not, you should go to the second method. and, having finally managed to determine the password for your WI-FI, save the information in any convenient way.

Router settings

Undoubtedly, it is worth trying to find the password for your Wi-Fi by looking at the router settings. This can be done as follows:

  • Go to the IP indicated on the box or a sticker placed on the router, and enter the administrator’s login and password. If this data is also unknown, it would be most reasonable to go directly to the fifth or sixth method to find out the code from the WI-FI.
  • Open the Wi-Fi section on the main page.
  • And then. subsection “Security settings”.
  • Here the user will be able to find out the password for his wireless Internet; data is stored unencrypted and easily copied using standard OS tools.

The principle of searching for a code from Wi-Fi in the settings of routers from other manufacturers is generally the same; the main thing is to find the “Security” section. For comparison, on TP-Link models, you can find out the password from Wi-Fi in the following way:

  • From the main page of “Settings” go to the section “Wireless mode”.
  • And subsection “Wireless Security”.
  • Fine! Here, in one of the fields corresponding to the signal protection method chosen by the owner of the computer, you can find the desired combination.

Control Panel

Even if the owner of the computer was able to connect to the wireless network several years ago, the password from it is stored in the machine’s memory. until the system is reinstalled or Windows forcibly “forgets” the access code.

The easiest way to find your Wi-Fi password and access wireless Internet on a new device is to go to the Control Panel. Finding out the necessary data here is no more difficult than distributing Wi-Fi from your phone; the user will need:

  • Open the “Control Panel” using the standard search tools of the operating system.
  • Network and Sharing Center subsection.
  • Find the “Change adapter settings” tab.
  • Right-click on the icon of your network card through which Wi-Fi is distributed.
  • And select the “State” item in the context menu.
  • And, to finally find out the password from your WI-FI, tick the checkbox “Display entered characters”.
  • If all the described manipulations are performed correctly, as a result the user will see the Wi-Fi access code; you can copy it directly from the text box and use it as you like. remembering to make a “backup” this time.

How to find out the password from WI-FI?

The owner of a computer or laptop, even if he knows how to increase the speed of the Internet through a Wi-Fi router or organize the distribution of a signal directly from the device, may face an unexpected difficulty: one day it turns out that he completely forgot the password for his network, and remember it is no longer possible. Resetting the access code is too radical an option; it’s better to try to restore it. How to find out the password for your Wi-Fi. let’s try to figure it out.

Summing up

The easiest way to find the Wi-Fi code is to look at the sticker on the router or device box. Other available and safe options are to find out the access code in the “Control Panel”, “Windows Settings”, router settings or using the command line. The best third-party program to see your WI-FI password is the free WirelessKeyView.

I forgot my printer password, how to recover it. HP Support Community

I understand that your printer asks for a password when trying to print from your iPad.

Are you using iPads Airprint or the HP ePrint app?

You are trying to connect to the printer using a direct wireless connection?

Wireless Direct. this is when you go into settings on the iPad and go to the Wi-Fi menu.

from there you will see the network named in Honor of your printer.

To enter a password for a direct wireless connection, touch the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the display.

Then select the wireless option.

Select Wireless Direct.

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Default Brother Printer Password | WI-FI password

Brother Printers Quick Start Guide

Printing presses have become an important part of our professional space in recent years. We all expect fast, accurate and quality printing with minimal errors. This is the reason; the use of sibling printers is increasing every year. These printers are attractively designed, use less ink and require less maintenance.

If the user finds any difficulty with the default password for the Brother printer, read the following steps to resolve the issue. An exact solution can be found to their question. Follow the steps below.

The default Brother printer password is:

  • Press the “Start” button on your printing device and select “All Programs”.
  • Then you need to select Brother, MFC-XXXX LAN or MFC-XXXX and Remote Setup
  • Enter the password if your press is connected via a network
  • Now you need to enter your password
  • The default password for most Brother printers. “access”
  • You can also use Web Based Management or BRAdmin Light to change this password.

This is the default username and password for most Brother printers.

To change your Brother printer password:

  • Open your internet browser.
  • Enter “http: // device IP address” in the Internet location bar. (For example.http: // 123.456.7.8)
  • In the Login field, enter the default login password initpass.
  • Click the “Administrator” tab.
  • If you did not find the “Administrator” tab, click “Login Password”.
  • In the Enter new password field, enter the password you want to use.
  • In the Confirm New Password field, enter the new password again.
  • Click the “Submit” button.

How to find your default Brother printer username and password

Finding the default username and password for your Brother printer is not very difficult. Your Brother printer comes with specific default passwords and usernames so everyone can continue their common tasks with them. If someone wants to protect their information, they can always change the username and password and keep the information confidential. Currently a new default login password to manage any machine settings. “Initpass”.

Brother believes that after using the machine, the default login password should be changed to prevent any type of unauthorized access and to make the printer more secure. These features include Web Based Management, BRAdmin Light / BRAdmin Professional, Firmware Upgrade Tool and Remote Setup (Network Only) and Password Change.

How to reset your Brother printer

In this section, you will find the quickest way to reset your press. A Brother printer user can reset their printer by going to the Control Panel section. If you want to reboot the printer, you will be asked to check if your printer is ready to print on the network. If it’s not ready, you might have problems printing documents. However, resetting the printer password through the control panel. this is the shortest way to reset the printer. Here are the steps to restart your Brother printer.

How to reset your Brother printer:

  • Disconnect all cables connected to the printer except the power cable
  • Now you need to go to the control panel window
  • Press Menu or Menu / Set, then
  • Select LAN or Network
  • Go up or down to select Menu / Set or OK
  • After that you have to select Factory Reset or Network Reset option
  • Select Menu / Set, Set or Ok
  • Click Reset and select the Yes icon
  • Your press will restart soon
  • Reconnect any disconnected cables to start printing

Want to learn more about resetting your press? Talk to the support engineers associated with the manufacturing company, just dial the official hotline and ask how to reset your Brother printer. In addition to offering an exclusive range of printing presses, this company also assists printing press users with impeccable customer support.

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Brother Printer Wi-Fi Password

However, these printers require Wi-Fi passwords for Brother printers when connected to Wi-Fi networks. But yes, a reboot is necessary. We invite you to reset your Wi-Fi password if you are using a Wi-Fi network. Here is the instruction to reset Wi-Fi password.

Brother printer WI-FI password:

  • You have a password and network name for your wireless network?
  • If not, find them on the back of the modem.
  • Open a control panel window and click the menu button
  • Select settings or Wrench and screwdriver
  • Also select All Settings
  • Scroll down to network and press OK
  • Scroll down to Network Reset again and click the OK icon
  • Press 1 to say yes
  • Confirm reboot by pressing 1 again
  • Your sibling printer will start rebooting
  • After restarting, the printer will ask you to set up Wi-Fi.
  • Click OK three times and run the Installation Wizard
  • Now you will need to select your Wi-Fi network
  • Select No if you are prompted to use WPS
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password
  • Click OK and 1 to apply the changes
  • You will then see a connection report which will ensure a successful password reset.

How to create a user when the printer is connected to the network

After successfully completing the instructions and gaining access to the network connection, you can use the user creation function to register and quickly access the program’s features. Also, creating a new user can solve the problem with access if entering the password did not help. This can be done as follows:

  • Go to printer and network settings. In the user window, delete the old data, register a new user using the changed parameters.
  • Save all your changes, then restart your computer. After a while, activate the devices and reconnect using the data of the new user.

In addition, it is recommended to edit the input settings from other paired devices through a special program for the local group. Prevent login from previous version of account.

how to find out the password, how to create a user when the printer is connected to the network.

The printer is designed to print the necessary documents. In general, during its operation, users do not have any problems, the operation process is described in detail in the instructions. However, to expand the capabilities of the equipment, it must be connected to the network. In order to make a network printer, you need to log in correctly. All the necessary information can be read in the technical manual. If a password is required during the connection process, many users wonder where to find it.

How to find out Wi-Fi password in Windows 10

First, let’s take a look at how to find out the password for Windows 10. Follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the wireless connection icon in the notification area, in the menu that opens, select “Open network and Internet settings”.
  • The “Settings” application will open, in the “Status” tab, in the “Change network settings” option, click on the “Configure adapter settings” setting.
  • In the “Network Connections” window, right-click on the wireless network adapter, and in the context menu, click on “Status”.
  • In the “Status. Wireless” tab, click on “Wireless Network Properties”.
  • In the “Wireless Properties” window, go to the “Security” tab.
  • Check the box next to “Display entered characters”.
  • The “Network Security Key” field will display the password from the Wi-Fi of this network.

Copy the password or write it down in a notepad.

Find out the password from Wi-Fi in the router settings

The next method will help you find out the password from the Wi-Fi through the settings of the router. In order to use this method, you need to have access to the settings of the router: you need to know the login and password.

Launch a browser on your computer, enter the IP address in the address bar, depending on the settings of your router:

In the window that opens to enter the settings of the router, enter the username and password (this is not a password for the wireless network).

By default, most routers use the same username and password: “admin” (no quotes). If the name and password have never been changed, then with this data it will be possible to enter the settings of the router. Next, I will show you how to find the password for Wi-Fi, using the example of TP-LINK TL-WR841N or TL-WR841ND routers.

In the settings of the TP-LINK router, open the “Wireless Mode” tab, and then click on “Wireless Security”.

In the parameters of the active mode in the field “Wireless network password” you will see the password for Wi-Fi.

Highlight and then copy the password using the Ctrl “C” keyboard keys. Open Notepad, press the “Ctrl” “V” keys to paste the password. Save a text file with a password on your computer.

How to find out the Wi-Fi password in Windows 7

If a laptop or desktop PC with Windows 7 is currently connected via Wi-Fi to the router, it will not be difficult to find out the password for this wireless network.

  • In the lower right corner of the screen, right-click on the wireless icon located in the notification area.
  • Click on “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • In the window “View basic information about the network and configure connections” left-click on “Wireless network connection”.
  • In the “Status. Wireless Network Connection” window, click on the “Wireless Network Properties” button.
  • In the “Wireless Properties” window, open the “Security” tab.
  • Check the box next to “Display entered characters”.
  • The “Network Security Key” field will display the password from the Wi-Fi network of your computer.

Another way to find out the password for the connected Wi-Fi in Windows 7:

  • Enter Control Panel, click on “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • In the window “View basic network information and configure connections” click “Change adapter settings”.
  • Select your wireless adapter, right-click on it, and then click on “Status”.
  • In the “Status. Wireless Network Connection” window, click on the “Wireless Network Properties” button.
  • In the “Wireless Properties” window, go to the “Security” tab.
  • Activate the item “Display entered characters”.
  • In the “Network Security Key” field, you will see the password of the Wi-Fi wireless network.

How to find out the Wi-Fi password in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

In a similar way, you can view the password for the connected Wi-Fi network in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. To find out the password for Wi-Fi on Windows, follow these steps:

  • On the keyboard, press the “Win” “R” keys.
  • In the “Run” window, in the “Open” field, enter the command: “ncpa.cpl” (without quotes).
  • In the “Network Connections” window that opens, right-click on the wireless network adapter.
  • In the context menu, click on “Status”.
  • In the “Status. Wireless Network Connection” window, click on the “Wireless Network Properties” button.
  • Open the Security tab in the Wireless Properties window.
  • Check the box next to the item “Display entered characters”.
  • The “Network Security Key” field will display the password for the wireless network to which the computer is connected.

How to find out the password for Wi-Fi in the command line

Windows Command Prompt will help you find the Wi-Fi password on a computer that is not connected to a wireless network. For example, in a situation where the setting for automatic connection to a wireless network has not been saved on the computer. It was required to reconnect via Wi-Fi, the system asks for the password from the network, but the user does not remember it.

Prerequisite: this PC must previously, at least once, be connected to this Wi-Fi network.

  • First run command prompt as administrator.
  • In the command line interpreter window, enter the command, and then press the “Enter” key:
  • Enter the following command, in which you should enter the name of the desired wireless network:

Save your password for future reference.

How to find out the password for your Wi-Fi on the computer

Users often forget the Wi-Fi password because the computer automatically connects to the wireless network. Then, after a while, when you need to connect another new device to the wireless network: a laptop, smartphone or tablet, the user has a question how to find out the password from the WI-FI.

Adapters for wireless Internet access via Wi-Fi are most commonly used on laptops and mobile devices. Wireless data transmission technology allows you to move the device within the range of signal availability from the access point, without being tied to one place, as with a wired connection.

Typically, users enter the password once when connecting the device to the network, and then the connection is automatic. Over time, the user has safely forgotten the password from his Wi-Fi. At one point, there is a need to connect a new device to the wireless network, and the password is forgotten or lost. What to do, how to find out the password for your Wi-Fi?

In this article, we will look at instructions on how to find out the Wi-Fi password on a computer in the Windows operating system of different versions, using the wireless connection data, using the command line, in the router settings.

In Windows, you can find out the password for the Wi-Fi on your computer if a stationary PC or laptop is currently connected to a wireless Wi-Fi network. You will need to enter the wireless network settings, you can do this in several ways, all of them are described in the article.

The procedure is the same on any Windows system, there are only some differences in the initial interface of the operating systems. Read about how to find out Wi-Fi password on Android.

Conclusions of the article

If the user has a question how to find out the forgotten password for his Wi-Fi, there are several ways to solve the problem. When the wireless network is connected, from the Windows operating system, you can enter the settings of the wireless adapter to get information about the password.

Using the command line, after executing certain commands, the user will receive information about the password for his Wi-Fi network. Another way to help get the wireless password from the router settings.

How to find out the password from an already connected WI-FI

If your device is currently connected to a wireless network, there are two ways to help you:

  • Find the password in the router settings.
  • Find password using Windows operating system.
  • View the password in the system files of your Android phone.

Next, we will go through in detail on each of these points.

Find out the password from your WI-FI wireless network on your Android phone

Your Android phone carefully stores absolutely all passwords from wireless networks to which you have ever connected in your system files. True, you can view the list of passwords with ROOT rights (super-user rights) on your phone, most users do not have them, since they need to be configured. If you have ROOT rights, then install the RootBrowser application on your mobile phone, go through the following hierarchy: data. misc. WI-FI and find a file called wpa_supplicant.conf.
It is in the wpa_supplicant.conf file that records are stored about all phone connections to wireless networks, including the names of WI-FI networks and passwords to them (passwords in lines like: psk = password).

If you are distributing the Internet and you need to see the password of your Wi-Fi hotspot
In this case, the functionality is already built into Android and you just need to go through the menu chain:

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Settings. WI-FI access point. Access point setting

Next, we look for the “Password” column, which is hidden behind the asterisks, and click on the eye icon to remove the asterisks.

We look at the password from our Wi-Fi through the command line

For those who do not like digging in Windows and tabs, there is an easy way to find out the password for the connected wireless network through the Windows command line.

In the search bar (lower left corner, next to the “START” menu, aka the Windows icon), enter “cmd” (without quotation marks), start the “Command Prompt” application and type the command:

This command asks Windows for a list of all wireless networks that have been connected to this PC. In this list, you need to find the name of the desired network, remember it and use it when writing the following command to get the password from the wireless network:

netsh wlan show profiles name = NETWORKNAME key = clear

After executing this command, the Wi-fi password you need will appear on the screen.

How to find out the password from your WI-FI: 3 quick ways

How to find out your password for Wi-Fi quickly? There is a solution! Surely, many people asked this question because they forgot the password for their network. On the one hand, if a computer or smartphone has already connected to the network, remembered the password and now they are connected again automatically, there is nothing wrong with that, but on the other hand, you often have to connect new devices and, unfortunately, you cannot do without a password. In order to find out the password for your Wi-Fi, there are several ways that even an amateur can easily use.

Tip: The password for your wireless network can be accurately suggested by the wizard who set up WiiFi, but before contacting the provider, try to find out the password yourself by following the instructions below.

We look at our password from WI-FI in Windows 7

In Windows 7, viewing the password for the wireless network is as easy as in a more recent version of the OS, just follow the following sequence of steps:

  • Find the Network Status icon on the taskbar.
  • Click on it with the left mouse button.
  • Hover the mouse over the name of the required network and right-click on it. A context menu will open, which consists of three components.
  • Use the “Properties” command. After that, a new window will open. “Wireless Network Properties”.
  • On the “Security” tab, you will find a line with encrypted characters. This set of characters is your password. To see the characters, check the box “Show entered characters”.

Forgot your password? Do not forget to see who is connected to your Wi-Fi and uses it for free!

Find out your Wi-Fi password in Windows 10

If your device has previously connected to any Wi-Fi network, then you can use the functionality of the operating system to find out the passwords from them. To do this, use the following instructions:

  • In the search bar (lower left corner, next to the “START” menu, it is also the Windows icon), enter “Control Panel” and select the found item in the menu.
  • Look for the “Network and Sharing Center” icon and double-click on it with the left mouse button.
  • In the window that appears, you will immediately see the name of the active wireless connection, you need to left-click on it and open its properties.
  • Next, go to the “Security” tab, we see a line with a password hidden by asterisks.
  • We put the mark “Display the entered characters”, look and remember the password from your WI-FI.

Where can I see my wai-fay password? What options?

There are not so many options where you can find out the password for the wireless network to which you are connected or have previously connected, here they are:

  • Admin panel of a Router or router.
  • Operating system settings.
  • System files of your Android phone.

Of course, first you need to find out if you have devices that are now connected to the desired Wi-Fi network or (in the case of Windows) devices that connected to the wireless network earlier and saved the password during initialization. Based on this, you need to use one of the options below.

How to change the password of a WI-FI router?

For this procedure, you need to connect the router to the computer using the cable that comes with it.

  • Launch your favorite browser and type in its address bar;
  • Type your username and password in the appropriate columns to start configuring the router in the appropriate section;
  • Go to the Wireless section and then. Wireless Security;
  • Check WPA / WPA2;
  • Set the following settings: Version should be WPA2-PSK and Encryption should be Automatic;
  • In the column called PSK Password, enter your new (changed) WI-FI password and click Save;
  • After the router asks to reboot, click OK;
  • In the red inscription that appears, click on the blue phrase “click here”, and the process of changing the password will be completed.

After completing the process, it is recommended to reconnect all devices that were previously connected to your WI-FI.

Standard passwords for routers and routers

By default, in most cases, your router will have a login “admin” and a similar password “admin”. But in some models the situation is different.

For example, in the D-Link DI-804 model, the password field will need to be left blank with the same login, and in the Zyxel Prestige 650 model, the login and password will be a set of numbers “1234”.

By the way, if the above passwords do not work, then it has already been changed before you, here is a list of the most popular passwords, try them.

What to do if you forgot the password from the wi-fi router

How to find out the password from the router or what to do if it is hopelessly forgotten? It’s that simple! Wi-fi has long and firmly become a part of the life of many city dwellers. Many people can no longer imagine visiting a public place, for example, a cafe, without the ability to connect to the Internet.

Naturally, there is a desire to have wireless access to the network at home. It is very convenient, but there is a possibility of encountering a typical situation, which, one way or another, probably everyone faces. you need to connect a new device to the Internet, and the password from the router is forgotten. Fortunately, this problem can be solved.

How to reset the password from the router to standard / factory?

If you do not remember the login and password from the router, try entering the factory ones. If they do not fit, then you will have to reset. It is very easy to do it.

On each router you will find a small button, usually next to the power button, which you need to press with something sharp (since it is very small) and hold for about 10 seconds.

After that, all logins / passwords / settings will be reset to factory defaults and you can use your router. But keep in mind that you will have to re-enter all the settings that were made earlier.

Find out the password from your Wi-Fi router? Do not forget to see who is connected to your Wi-Fi and uses it for free!

How to find out the password from your Wi-Fi router if you forgot it?

To go through the Wi-fi password recovery procedure, you will need one computer that was previously connected to it.

  • Right-click on the connected Wi-Fi icon in the right, next to the clock, in the lower corner of the monitor and among the items that appear, select “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • In the window that appears, select “Wireless Network Management”.
  • When you see another window that appears, on the required connection you need to click again with the right mouse button and select “Properties” there.
  • Inside the Security tab, in a column called Network Security Key, you will find a hidden password. To see it, you need to put a tick in the “Display entered characters” column, and it will immediately become visible to you.

If there is no computer already connected to the network, then you need to find out the password using the router itself.

  • Connect the router to your computer using the supplied power cord.
  • In the address bar of any browser, you must type the following address. Next, you will need to fill in the fields with the login and password, which will allow you to access the settings. Most likely, this is admin / admin.
  • Then you need to go to the following tabs. Wireless and Wireless Security. In the column titled PSK Password: You will see your password. Perhaps it will be indicated in some other column in the same section. If you have a router from Asus, then you will see the password immediately on the first page.

3 more useful articles:

WI-FI Key Recovery is a reliable program that allows you to remember the password to any WI-FI network to which

Wi-Fiphisher is a phishing program. With it, it is easy to get a password from an outside network without hacking.

The Sidejacking utility is translated from English as “Left Connection” and uses the classic attack variant referred to as


You are completely crazy, I have a problem, such a dad changed the password from the router and not from wai fay and turned off YouTube for me why they write the same thing on the Internet why you can’t find out the password from the router settings YouTube doesn’t work for me and I can’t go into the settings to change everything help pliz!

So reset the password on the router, go to its settings and change the password to wi-fi.

In my router, the password did not match the first time I entered it as soon as I bought it on the PC, but it does not work on Wi-Fi

So change your password to Wi-Fi, it’s easy.

The simplest thing is to start connecting to Wi-Fi. it asks for a password, go to the router, press the button. send the password (most hardware has it, just don’t confuse it with a reset) and voila. the router itself gives you access. then we look at the instructions already on the PC (if there is of course a desire)

So reset the password on the router, go to its settings and change the password to wi-fi.

I forgot the password from the router, the reset button does not help, I am tormented all day, what to do in this case?

The reset button may not work due to poor contact (weak pressing), try pressing harder or disassemble the router and close the contact yourself.

Hello, we go to the IP address on the computer and on the mobile phone, enter the wheelface on the roller and change the password

good evening
And you can change the password from Wi-Fi using a smartphone, thanks in advance

And surely all models of routers have a password reset button? Otherwise, I won’t find something that is not mine (