How to find out the password from the printer wi-fi

Why is it dangerous to use a neighbor’s WI-FI?

Some open neighbor networks that are not encrypted and do not have eavesdropping protection are dangerous to use.

Since every attacker who connects to such a Wi-Fi is able to intercept and scan the traffic of any clients.

If the network is encrypted and protected, then the danger is reduced, but such Wi-Fi will have to be hacked in order to use, and this is punishable under Articles 272 and 273 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Obviously, in order to punish a hacker, you need to find him, for example, by revealing his IP. It should be noted that for this, the victim will need to make an appropriate request to the provider company. Communications companies that provide communication services for Internet access can only release information to VIB employees or people from government agencies with even more power. It is not possible for ordinary people to obtain data directly.

After identifying the identity of the burglar, he will be held liable under Art. 272 (“Unlawful access to computer information”) only with the proven fact of deletion, encryption, modification or copying of the victim’s data.

Hacking WI-FI! How to find out the password from WI-FI

That is, it is not possible to determine the real IP of the hacker for ordinary users of Wi-Fi networks, which means that the identity of the hacker remains unknown. The real IP “freeloader” can only be recognized by a person who has legislative power, using which he can get access to information from the provider). Thus, whether or not to use the guide below: “How to hack WI-FI?”. for selfish purposes, lies entirely on the conscience of the user.

Brute force programs for automatic password guessing

Brute force is a technology for selecting access codes by a program in automatic mode.

Experienced users write such applications themselves. They purposefully hack the target network, mailer, resource, etc. Also, many hackers use ready-made utilities. For example, “Proxy Grabber” automatically displays information about connecting to servers.

The attacker receives a file with all the data, which is then applied in the brute force application. A library with combinations of names and passwords is also built into the application (libraries are distributed on hacker forums and are constantly being updated). The utility automatically changes the proxy, so the web server cannot identify the attack, and therefore the cracker.

Brute force analyzes about one or two hundred streams at a time. The higher the number, the faster the Wi-Fi hack will take place. However, the number is limited by the power of the PC. On low-power computers, you have to run no more than 100 combination checks at the same time, respectively, with such values, the procedure can take a long time (sometimes it takes several days).

Most Popular Brutus Apps:

  • Brutus AET;
  • All-in-One Checker;
  • Appnimi Password Unlocker.

Solving the password using the PIN code of the device

To guess the password for a WPA / WPA2 protected Wi-Fi network, you will need:

  • PC with Wi-Fi adapter (almost all laptops and netbooks already have built-in modules);
  • USB flash drive not less than 2 Gb;
  • Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor for Windows.

It is recommended to perform the basic operations in the Linux environment, although it is possible to execute the plan through the Windows OS, but in Linux everything is much easier. It is necessary to format the USB flash drive and save the “WI-FI Slax” package on it.

Wi-Fi-Slax is launched directly from external media, just expand the contents of the “boot” directory and click on “Wi-Fislax Boot Installer”. Next, specify the s parameter and click “Enter”. Then start the PC from the created flash drive and perform the following sequential steps:

  • Specify boot with SMP kernel and Wi-Fislax with KDE with corrections;
  • Wait;
  • After the download is complete, it is recommended to change the laptop’s MAC by running “ifconfig wlan0 down” in the console;
  • Now open the Macchanger application;
  • Click “Change MAC”;
  • Exit the utility and execute “ifconfig wlan0 up;
  • Open the “minidwep-gtk” utility;
  • Click “Scan”;
  • Wait;
  • If among the points found there are WPS support, then they are the easiest and fastest to hack.
  • Newbie hackers are advised to hack points with active WPS and only after gaining experience proceed to complex tasks. Highlight the point and click “Reaver”;
  • Click “ok”;
  • Wait;
  • The utility will show the password;
  • If the attack was unsuccessful due to WPS blocking, then the packet recorded on the USB-drive contains means for bypassing it;
  • If no points with WPS are found, then it is very easy to guess the password when at least one PC or mobile gadget is already connected to the network. After waiting for someone (victim) to connect to Wi-Fi. You should select it and click “Attack”;
  • The wireless module built into the laptop will generate interference and the “victim” will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi;
  • Of course, the victim will predictably make an attempt to reconnect, and this will result in a “Handshake” of the victim’s device with a router with data exchange that is easily intercepted. The captured information is saved as files;
  • Next, you should write the files to the laptop’s memory and restart;
  • Start Windows in a laptop;
  • The copied files have an encrypted Wi-Fi access code. To view it, you need to install the Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor utility;
  • Click import data. TCPDUMP;
  • After that, with one finger, click on “Ctrl” and, without releasing it, click on the button with the English letter “I”;
  • Specify copied files;
  • Click “Run”;
  • Wait;
  • Done.
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Note: WPS is an encryption technology vulnerability. The connection is made using a PIN code. For example, a PIN can contain eight characters, that is, after going through about one hundred million PIN-code variants, hacking a Wi-Fi network will be successful. The disadvantage of this technology is that it is allowed to divide the PIN into a couple of parts. As a result, it is required to analyze parts of a maximum of four characters, and this reduces the number of options by several orders of magnitude (up to 10 thousand).

We connect to an open WI-FI network with filtering by mac-address

Some users have high hopes for ensuring the security of their network by filtering by MAC address, however, in practice, even a novice hacker bypasses such protection faster than the owner of the router enters the device’s web configurator with administrator rights.
The procedure for changing the MAC of a wireless adapter in Linux takes only a few seconds, for example, with the command “ifconfig wlan0 down”. Also, the “Macchanger” utility allows you to automatically assign random MACs, as a result, even a technically advanced network owner will be confused. And if the victim uses a whitelist, the “Airodump-ng” application helps to determine the loyal address. The utility displays the allowed MACs in the “STATION” column.

Note: You can also detect a valid MAC using Brute force, which was already mentioned at the beginning of this article.

The mdk3 application in brute force mode is also capable of picking up the MAC. The main advantage of the utility is the ability to detect MAC even in the absence of devices connected to the wireless router. For example, you can use the command: mdk3 wlan0 f.t 20: 25: 64: 16: 58: 8C.m 00:12:34.

Protecting your WI-FI network from hacking

The more steps of protection you provide, the longer and more difficult it will be to hack your network, and a newbie hacker may completely abandon the idea. Therefore, it is recommended to use all the recommendations below, without missing a single.

Set the password to enter the router’s web configurator

  • In the web interface of the router, open the “System Tools” tab.
  • Then enter the subsection “Password” and set a secure access code. Be sure to click “Save” upon completion.
  • Set Wi-Fi access code.
  • Enter the “Wireless” tab and then go to the “Wireless Security” subsection. Set the type of encryption “WPA / WPA2” and show your imagination to set a complex password.
  • Save the entered parameters and restart the router.
  • Hide wi-fi name
  • Reopen the “Wireless” tab. Uncheck the box “Enable SSID Broadcast”.
  • Click “Save”.

Activate MAC filtering
Determine the MAC devices that will be allowed to connect to Wi-Fi (for example, you can see the address of the smartphone in the “About phone” settings section). Then open the subsection “Wireless MAC Filtering” in the “Wireless” tab.

  • Click “Enable” and activate the column “Allow the stations specified by any enabled entries in the list to access”.
  • Then click “Add New”.
  • Specify MAC with allowed status.
  • Click “Save”.
  • Disable QSS (WPS).
  • Open the “WPS” tab (in some interfaces of router models it is called “QSS”). Click “Disable WPS”.
  • Restart router.

We use phishing

Many users have come to love the “Phishing” method. The method is based on the manipulations of a cracker, forcing the owner of the Wi-Fi network to give out the name and password himself.

Basically, the “hook” is thrown through an e-mail message or social network, but in the case of Wi-Fi, the “victim” will begin to suspect something is wrong. Therefore, the hacker builds the trick differently, for example, organizes a duplicate network with an identical name (the name of the victim’s Wi-Fi and the one created by the cracker are the same). As a result, when an unlucky user connects to a fake Wi-Fi, he specifies a password. The owner of the phony network easily reads the entered access code and turns it off. Then, in the usual mode, it connects to Wi-Fi, because the password is already known to him.

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The technique is easy to implement, however, hackers are lazy and made it even easier for themselves to hack by developing a special application “Wi-Fiphisher”.

How To Find Password Of Any HP Printer !!

Follow these steps:

  • Put the Weifisher program on a PC (it is freely available on the Internet);
  • Disconnect users from Wi-Fi;
  • Wait until the program switches the victim’s router to the access point mode and makes a duplicate of the network with the same name;
  • Next, the utility will carry out some additional autotuning;
  • Then the application will display a fake window on the victim’s PC or device, which will ask you to update the software;
  • The victim will specify a password to update the software;
  • Since the owner of the fake menu is a hacker, the password entered by the victim will be displayed on the monitor of his PC;
  • It is done.

Punishment for hacking networks

The punishment for the 273rd will follow in the case of writing applications that have the purpose of erasing (encrypting, blocking, changing, copying) information or when using and distributing such utilities.
If the hacker used access to the global network for a long time and the victim suffered damage of more than 250,000 rubles. when paying for the traffic downloaded by the cracker, the attacker will be punished by Art. 165 (Causing property damage to the owner).

Connect to a wireless network without a password and then view the password

If you have physical access to the router, you can connect without a password at all using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Almost all devices support this technology (Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad).

  • Press the WPS button on the router, as a rule, it is located on the back of the device (usually after that one of the indicators will start blinking in a special way). The button may not be signed as WPS, but have an icon, as in the picture below.
  • Within 2 minutes (hereinafter WPS will be disconnected), select a network on a Windows, Android, iOS device, and connect to it. the password will not be requested (information will be transmitted by the router itself, after which it will go into “normal mode” and someone still cannot connect in the same way). On Android, to connect, you may need to go to the Wi-Fi settings, open the menu. Additional functions and select “WPS by button”.

Interestingly, when using this method, having connected without a password to a Wi-Fi network from a Windows computer or laptop, you can view the password (it will be transmitted to the computer by the router itself and saved in the system) using the first method.

Forgot your Wi-Fi password. what to do (how to find out, connect, change)

How To Find WI-FI Password Of Any HP Printer !!

This instruction details how to connect to the network in several ways if you forgot your Wi-Fi password (or even find out this password). A separate instruction may also be useful: How to view your Wi-Fi password in Windows 10.

Depending on how exactly the password was forgotten, the actions may be different (all options will be described below).

  • If you have devices that are already connected to a Wi-Fi network, and you cannot connect a new one, the password can be viewed on the already connected ones (since the password is saved on them).
  • If there are no devices anywhere with a saved password from this network, and the only task is to connect to it, and not find out the password, you can connect without a password at all.
  • In some cases, you may not remember the password for the wireless network, but know the password for the settings of the router. Then you can connect to the router with a cable, go to the settings web interface (“admin panel”) and change or view the Wi-Fi password.
  • As a last resort, when nothing is known, you can reset the router to factory settings and configure it again.
find, password, printer, wi-fi

View the password on the device where it was previously saved

If you have a computer or laptop with Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7, on which the wireless network settings are saved (i.e. it connects to Wi-Fi automatically), you can view the saved network password and connect from another device.

Learn more about this method: How to find out your Wi-Fi password (two ways). Unfortunately, this cannot be done on Android and iOS devices.

Connecting to a router via cable and viewing wireless network information

If you do not know the Wi-Fi password, and the previous methods cannot be used for some reason, but it is possible to connect to the router via cable (and you also know the password for entering the web interface of the router settings, or it has remained the standard, which is specified on a sticker on the router itself), then you can do this:

  • Connect the router with a cable to the computer (cable to one of the LAN connectors on the router, the other end to the corresponding connector on the network card).
  • Enter the router settings (usually you need to enter or in the address bar of the browser), then. the username and password (usually admin and admin, but as a rule, the password is changed during the initial setup). Login to the web interface of Wi-Fi router settings is described in detail on this site in the instructions for setting up the corresponding routers.
  • In the router settings, go to the security settings for the Wi-Fi network. Usually, you can view the password there. If the view is not available, then it can be changed.
find, password, printer, wi-fi

If none of the methods can be used, it remains to reset the Wi-Fi router to factory settings (usually you need to press and hold the reset button on the back of the device for a few seconds), and after the reset, go into the settings with the default password and from the very beginning configure the Wi-Fi connection and password. You can find detailed instructions here: Instructions for setting up Wi-Fi routers.

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Thank you for your help! Connected to the network in a couple of minutes according to your instructions.

very much grateful, this is 2 comment for life

I have a problem, I changed the password on the modem “it’s like a flash drive” and when I changed it I accidentally pressed an extra character and now I can’t connect to the network to find out how I can solve this problem?

Thank you, I solved the problem with your help, but since your recommendations are closer to the “teapot” than to the advanced user, please clarify the terms a little. for example, I always considered a router a modem, about the web interface I have a notion. that there is such a word ” But in general. the problem is solved, thanks again!

Password prompted when connecting a network printer

The printer is designed to print the necessary documents. In general, during its operation, users do not have any problems, the operation process is described in detail in the instructions. However, to expand the capabilities of the equipment, it must be connected to the network. In order to make a network printer, you need to log in correctly. All the necessary information can be read in the technical manual. If a password is required during the connection process, many users wonder where to find it.

How to find out the password if the printer asks for it when connecting

Until a password is entered, the operation of all connected devices will be suspended.

REFERENCE! If the printer is in personal use, this does not pose a big problem, but this situation can create serious difficulties in office work.

There are several options for solving the problem. First, try to find the requested password and enter it. Follow these steps:

  • Inspect the body of the equipment, manufacturers supply the device with special stickers or seals indicating the access code or key.
  • Read the instruction manual for this equipment. The connection method and the requested data should be described there.
  • If the documents have been lost, and the sticker has been erased from the case, you can use the system settings to search for passwords.
  • In the search bar of the main menu, enter the phrase “View network connections.” After that, select the item you need from the proposed list of networks and go to the “Status” item.
  • In the dialog box that opens, find the “Security” line and make the password visible to the user by clicking on the button for displaying hidden characters.

If all the necessary data is found, enter them in the line of the connected printer, after which access to the system should be restored. If this does not happen, contact the service center for help or call the wizard to install.

How to create a user when the printer is connected to the network

After successfully completing the instructions and gaining access to the network connection, you can use the user creation function to register and quickly access the program’s features. Also, creating a new user can solve the problem with access if entering the password did not help. This can be done as follows:

  • Go to printer and network settings. In the user window, delete the old data, register a new user using the changed parameters.
  • Save all your changes, then restart your computer. After a while, activate the devices and reconnect using the data of the new user.

In addition, it is recommended to edit the input settings from other paired devices through a special program for the local group. Prevent login from previous version of account.