How to find your Samsung pay PIN

Ways to Connect to Samsung Smart TV

Android or iOS smartphones can be connected to Samsung TVs. To do this, the latter must have their own operating system and access to the Internet. Pairing devices is performed for displaying images and videos, controlling a TV, transferring files. The article will take a closer look at how to connect your phone to Samsung Smart TV.

There are four ways to connect a mobile device to a Samsung TV: through the app, built-in Samsung smartphone function, Miracast and HDMI cable. The choice of method depends on the goals of the user, the OS of the phone and the TV model. So, for games, it is better to use a wired connection, as this will avoid delays in image transmission.

Before proceeding with the description of the step-by-step guide, it should be noted that the TV must be connected to the Internet. This is done over a wired channel or using Wi-Fi. The smartphone must also be connected to the Internet and be on the same home network with the TV.

Will be useful

TVs of the M, Q, K series already have a built-in Wi-Fi module. If you want to make a wireless connection in other models, you will have to purchase a special adapter that connects to the USB port.

Screen mirroring

Owners of Samsung smartphones have the ability to connect without installing additional software. The proprietary Screen Mirroring function connects two devices from the same manufacturer. It is supported by TVs of the F, J, K, M series, regarding the rest. you should clarify the information using one of the following sources:

  • Instruction. The Mobile Device Connection section should mention Screen Mirroring. If there is no such information, there is no support.
  • Company customer support chat. Follow the link and ask a question to the consultant.

The following will describe how to connect your phone to Samsung Smart TV, depending on the OS version of your smartphone.

For Android 4.x and 5.x, the steps are as follows:

  • Turn on the TV and call the “Source” menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • Select “Screen Mirroring”.

Open mobile phone settings. Go to the “Connect and Send” section, then. “Screen Mirroring”. Wait until the end of the search for available devices, select the required TV. The pairing process will start and the smartphone’s display will be displayed on the big screen. For Android 6.x, the instructions are a little simpler:

  • Lower the quick settings shade on your phone.

Select the “Quick connection” item, then. the found TV from the list. A list of available actions will open, where you should click on the line “Device screen. on TV ”. The pairing process starts. As a result, the picture will begin to duplicate.

How to Setup and Use Samsung Pay

Owners of smartphones running Android 7.x should do the following:

Pull down the quick access bar by swiping from the top of the phone screen. Then repeat the action to fully expand the list of available actions. Swipe from left to right to open additional settings. There you should select the item “Smart View”.

Causes of malfunctions

Consider the reasons and possible solutions to problems with an eye to a specific manufacturer of TV equipment.

How to log out of your account on Smart-TV?

If you do not plan to continue using the application, then it is not necessary to delete it. You just need to log out of your account. Unlike removing the software, leaving the profile is easier. This can be done from anywhere in the world if the Internet is available:

  • First you need to open the following link from any device: phone, computer or tablet.
  • A list of Google services will open. In it you need to find the YouTube program for Smart-TV.
  • The last step is to click on the “Cancel access” button.
  • Done, you are logged out of your YouTube profile on TV.


On Samsung TVs, this problem appears on older models. The fact is that it officially announced that all TV equipment released before 2012 will no longer be able to use the proprietary video host application.

This limitation cannot be circumvented, and it is not possible to somehow restore the YouTube client. With the replacement of search engine standards, you have to look for other ways to access the service, since there are many of them, which will be discussed below.

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Most often, “YouTube” does not start on LG TVs after the next software update. Sometimes the local operating system WebOS even considers the client to be a viral code, which consumers often complained about.

The solution to the problem is to update YouTube on the TV or reinstall it.

In rare cases, the Smart TV may need to be restarted.

How to reset your LG TV password

To reset the password, you can use the standard scheme based on the example of the LG TV brand. If the TV device stops responding to the remote control signals, or shows one channel, does not turn on, but instead displays a frame for entering numbers, then you need to enter the correct password.

If he is unknown and the user asks about which login and password to enter, and the blocking happened by accident, you need to take a number of actions to solve this problem.

On the remote control, you need to dial a certain key combination. If the user himself did not do any actions on the TV, did not change the passwords in the settings, then the combination is 0000. This is the standard option for most TV models. There is also an alternative. 1234.

You can remove the password on your LG TV to the factory password using the following scheme:

  • Go to the section with settings.
  • Go through the menu to the security sub-item.
  • Select “Password reset”.
  • Specifically, enter the password with an error once, and confirm the actions with the OK key.
  • Next, dial the following combination on the remote control: up, up, down, up.
  • Enter code 0313 and click OK.

Now you need to check if you managed to reset your password. If everything went well, then the code will become standard and you need to enter 0000 to unlock.

An additional way to reset your password:

  • Turn off the TV with the remote control.
  • Perform a series of actions: in order, press MUTE, 8, 2, 4.
  • Turn on TV by pressing the power button.

Resetting the settings for the Smart Touch Control remote control:

  • Press the power button and turn on the TV.
  • Dial a special combination: Mute. increase the volume. Return. decrease the volume. Return. increase. Return.

Using these methods, it will be possible to reset the password from the TV to the factory settings and set a new code yourself.

How to find out your Samsung Pay password. recovery instructions

The principle of authentication in Samsung Pay involves several types of access encryption. One of them is setting a special password or PIN. It is not uncommon for users to forget their password because of a recent change or for other reasons. Fortunately, the service allows you to reset your password and enter a new one. So, the user has forgotten the Samsung Pay password, what to do.

When the password problem occurs

As already discussed, Samsung Pay uses multi-level authentication:

  • Fingerprint;
  • Iris of the eye;
  • Digital code (PIN).

Unfortunately, the choice of the password is completely left to the choice of the user, i.e. a person can establish only one kind. numbers. In some cases, the code is set by default, and the user does not pay attention to it. If data is lost, they cannot be restored.

In order to comply with high security requirements for personal data, the lost password becomes inaccessible and completely closes access to payment data. Therefore, the question of how to recover the Samsung Pay password. the software technical support will only answer “no way”.

You cannot find out your Samsung Pay password. Data Security Compliance Scheme is not configured to re-submit code. Therefore, the only way out of the situation is to reset and establish a new.

Access recovery

Method 1. Reset Samsung Pay settings. How to do:

  • Turn on the device.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Open subsection “Applications”.
  • Find Samsung Pay and sign in.
  • In the properties, select the action “Clear data”.
  • After cleaning, a device reboot will be required.
  • Next, you need to start the service and go through a new registration of bank cards.

Method 2. Re-registration:

  • Creating a new Samsung account.
  • Login to the service with a new account.
  • Choosing a coding method (you need to choose at least two).
  • New deposit of bank cards.

Method 3. Wrong password:

Where to get the Samsung pay password. there is another method, it is not official and nothing is mentioned about it in Samsung Pay technical support. How to do:

  • Go to the password entry menu.
  • Enter (at least 20 times).
  • Wait until the system prompts you to reset the password and set a new one.
  • Perform authorization setup again (it is better to specify two types of authorization).

Important! The risk of this method is that the system or phone may be locked and then it will be very difficult to restore access.

How to avoid the problem. I forgot my password, I lost my password, etc.? Here are some tips:

  • Set more reliable parameters. fingerprint or iris scan;
  • Write the code in a notebook (you can keep it at home and not carry it with you);
  • Choose simple combinations of numbers that are easy to remember;
  • Know the sequence of actions (from the instructions in this article), how to reconfigure the service if you lose your password.

If the user has paired devices on which Samsung Pay is installed with a single account, then the user will have to check how the second gadget works and, if necessary, also reset the code and install a new one.

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This material contains clear instructions on how to reset or how to change not only the digital password, but also set new authorization parameters.

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Solved: PIN Not Working on Galaxy S8

Hey, anyone on Samsung is reading this.

I stumbled upon this thread like everyone else here !! Suddenly I cannot enter the correct PIN after restarting my phone. I have been using this phone and the same PIN for over 1 year. So what gives ??

Disappointed and Shocked !! Luckily I had another phone to access google and stumbled upon this web forum !!

Thanks to the user advice here: press the power button volume button (for 10 seconds) to hard restart the phone and the problem is solved.

But Samsung is better at solving this annoying problem.! ??

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How to reset pin code on Samsung Smart TV

Sometimes your Samsung Smart TV may not perform well and you are not sure why. Before visiting the service center, you can try to restore the default settings.

You can read how to do this here. When performing this procedure, you will be prompted to enter a pin code.

If you don’t change it, you need to enter 0000. this is the default pin code on Samsung TV.

But what if you changed it early and forgot? Do not panic. a few simple steps and you will reset to defaults or set your own.

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What to do if you forgot your Samsung Pay password?

There are 2 ways to cope with difficulties when the owner of the smartphone has forgotten the password:

  • reset the application, returning it to its default state;
  • reset all smartphone settings to baseline.
find, samsung

The second option is not recommended, since in such a case the user will lose all data stored on the phone. When you reset the application, only the card information will disappear.

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If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

You can also find advice on the Internet to enter the code incorrectly 20 times in a row. A similar method is allowed, but as a result, the already mentioned reset of the application settings will occur. That is, the owner of the device will get the same result, but spend more time. You will not be able to reset the pin code without affecting the information stored in the application.

How to change your Samsung Pay password?

In theory, no one can prevent a user from changing their password if they have access to the system. But this is not recommended. The exception is situations when the previous combination became known to strangers and now requires replacement. In such cases, you should enter the settings menu and use the program interface. You can also change your Samsung account password in the corresponding phone menu. After that, it remains to come up with a new code and unlock the device using the updated numbers. At the same time, the replacement of the secret cipher does not entail any serious changes. You can use your smartphone and the payment system as before.

How to register a PIN code with Samsung Pay ?

Having figured out where to get the Samsung Pay PIN. you need to figure out how to create and register your own password. This requires:

  • download and install the payment application;
  • enter it and choose a convenient authorization method;
  • specify password login as the preferred option;
  • enter the best suitable combination;
  • go to the rest of the service settings.

It is important to emphasize that using simple combinations is not recommended. The code 0000 or 1234 will not save finances from the encroachments of fraudsters. At the same time, the numbers must be easily remembered by the owner himself: some memorable date is perfect. As a result, 2 goals will be achieved at once. First, the security of personal data will be at a high level. Secondly, the likelihood of losing or forgetting the code will be minimal.

Where to get the Samsung Pay PIN?

Users come up with a password to use the application on their own. At the same time, the system allows phone owners to choose the method of authorization and access to the financial service that suits them. There are 3 ways to set up protection of funds against fraudulent attacks:

  • the mentioned PIN code;
  • fingerprint;
  • electronic key.

The second approach is most reliable, since it guarantees that strangers will not be able to use the program, but the combination of several options (fingerprint and password) is considered optimal. In such a case, you will have the right to choose how to unlock the financial platform in each individual case, and you will still be able to return access to the system in case of difficulties (instead of a forgotten code, you will be able to put your finger on it).

What to do if Samsung Pay PIN is not entered ?

The solution to the problem when the user does not enter the Samsung Pay PIN is already mentioned above. In such situations, it is recommended to simply choose a different authorization method, replacing the use of a password with a fingerprint login. The only drawback of this approach is the need to worry about possible difficulties in advance.

An alternative way to regain access to the service and contactless payment for purchases will be:

  • rebooting the smartphone, allowing you to cope with a possible malfunction of the program;
  • updating the application to the current version, in which all functions work (or vice versa, rollback to the previous one, if problems arose after the update);
  • reinstalling the service.

Additionally, you can check for viruses, but their effect is unlikely.

Samsung Pay pin code: where to get it, if you forgot. password recovery

I forgot the Samsung Pay PIN. this problem can confuse many users, since as a result it becomes difficult to use the payment service. At the same time, the restoration of a forgotten combination is almost impossible, and the support service is not ready to help. Therefore, smartphone owners are advised to avoid difficulties and not try to heroically overcome them. over, phone developers have provided several simple ways to avoid trouble. In a word, users should take the use of a mobile payment instrument with the utmost seriousness, since the current security policy practically does not allow restoring access.

How to Recover Samsung Pay Pin?

It is impossible to recover a lost or forgotten combination. The exceptions are cases when the user randomly selects various password options and randomly guesses the right one. It is impossible to do something else.

It is also useless to write to Support and ask operators how to find out the Samsung Pay PIN code. In cases where a person is sure that he did not set a password, and the system actively asks for it, it is recommended to enter the code from the Samsung account. In all other cases, the only way to continue using the program is to completely reset the settings and re-link the card.