How to find your Samsung phone if you lost it

How can I extend the battery life of a lost device?

Find My Mobile also allows you to remotely configure power saving features on your lost phone to conserve battery life. Switch to maximum power saving mode to increase the amount of time your device will be on so you can find it.

How to make your phone ring without sound?

If you think you have lost your phone nearby, you can tap Call in Find My Mobile. Your device will sound even if it is turned off or vibrates.

Backstory: Exploring Lost Phones

Symantec conducted research into a phone theft case that randomly scattered 50 phones in the Los Angeles area with no screen locked. Approximately 50% of these phones have returned to Symantec. Of these, 96% were available to receive personal data such as photos, emails and more.

Moral of the story: Enable password or screen lock.

However, phones using a combination lock can be easily hacked to reveal your personal information. It can also interfere with attempts to return the phone.

When it comes down to it, there are two ways to return a phone, which depends on whether you have access to the mobile station hardware ID on the internet or the IMEI number The IMEI number can uniquely identify the owner of the phone.

How to find your Samsung phone if you lost it

Method: Return Lost Phone with IMEI Number

If the phone is unlocked, you can simply open your contacts list and call someone, such as a family member, but if the owner of the phone has locked it, you will have to work a little more with your feet. In my case, the phone lock scheme was enabled and the traditional bypass methods did not work. control finger spots on the screen were erased by tire marks. After the phone was dropped, it, unfortunately, fell under the owner’s car.

OtterBox, by the way, makes amazing protective cases.

Getting the IMEI (serial number too) of a phone depends on the manufacturer of the phone, in the Samsung Galaxy S3 I took, the IMEI number can be found under the battery. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all phones.

After writing down the IMEI, I called the cellular operator: ATT. Unfortunately, they could not give me any personal information. I asked the operator to send the message to the owner of the phone. the phone stayed in the main office of my apartment complex. After a few hours, the owner picked up the device without any problems.

This method works because the owner of the phone must contact the cellular operator to suspend service; however, if you are able to contact the phone company before the customer realizes their loss, they may give them your contact information.

In my case, the Galaxy S3 was not receiving a cellular signal from my two-story apartment building, so waiting for the owner to call is not an option.

Here’s the basic process you might need to take to return your phone if you have an IMEI:

  • Write down the IMEI and / or serial number. Manufacturers sometimes place it under the battery, on the side of the device, or on the back.
  • Call your service provider and give them the information you need, usually IMEI.
  • Leave the contact number with the service provider.
  • When the owner calls to suspend the service, they will receive a contact number.

It is not so difficult. It’s actually much easier than keeping your phone.

3 Solutions to track and lock your lost Samsung phone. Dr.Fone

How do I find my phone using Find My Mobile?

Once activated, you can visit the Find My Mobile service in any web browser to find your Samsung device.

Again, you will be logged into your Samsung account first. Then you will see a list of all Samsung devices for which you have activated Find My Mobile.

How to find your lost Android phone

If you selected Send Last Location on your phone, you can see its location on a map. If your device is on the move, you can receive location updates every 15 minutes. You can also check the status of the device and the remaining battery power.

Please note that location and other Find My Mobile features will only work if your lost device is turned on and connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network. You should log in as soon as you find your device is missing in order to have a better chance of finding it.

Searching by number

Fair? You won’t succeed with this method! You can of course contact the police if your mobile is stolen. However, most likely, no one will look for your mobile phone, and even more so to raise “ears” large organizations of mobile communications. And it’s not so much about the laziness or incompetence of law enforcement agencies, but about the high cost of this procedure, because it is not put on stream, which means it distracts from the direct responsibilities of the company’s employees, which can cause various problems.

In addition, there are rare cases when attackers continue to use your mobile phone number, so you should not rely on this method.

General search tips

To begin with, you must assume a possible place of loss of a mobile phone, otherwise it is practically pointless to start searching, especially if during the day you were in dozens of places. If presumably they could leave the phone in two or three places, then it is advisable to send one person to each place so that the search lasts simultaneously. While searching, call your mobile phone to find it at least by sound. Just do not ring your mobile just like that, otherwise a stranger will hear it, who will find your phone and naturally will not return it. If there are more than three places where you could lose your mobile, and no one can help you in finding your lost phone, then the search should be done “quietly”, you should not call your number, otherwise you will attract the attention of strangers to the phone.

It is especially difficult to look for a mobile phone, which not only got lost, but also turned off (the battery is dead or turned off when it falls).

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At home, you need to look for a mobile very carefully, and you need to do this even in those places in which you think it definitely cannot be. As an example to follow, you can recall how law enforcement agencies or soldiers look for evidence. They stretch the lengths and widths of the threads, creating a grid of squares, and each square is carefully examined. In our case, it is not worth pulling the threads, but visually dividing the premises into zones should be.

Find phone by IMEI (satellite)

Every day, hundreds of people try to find a mobile phone by IMEI code, entering it into the pseudo database of sites and expecting to be shown the real location of the phone. But we want to destroy these dreams and tell the truth: finding a phone in this way is impossible, at least for “ordinary mortals”. The fact is that only the highest ranks of law enforcement agencies have such an opportunity, who can submit an appropriate request to the mobile company, and she, in turn, will complete everything necessary to search.

Therefore, when you are offered to send an SMS or other way to pay money and receive data on the location of the stolen phone. do not believe it, because You just throw your money down the drain, because in front of you is the usual fraud and nothing more.

You can only count on service sites that collect IMEI codes. In such resources, anyone can enter the code of their stolen phone and indicate how the phone can be returned and for what reward. Therefore, if you find a mobile phone, you can look at this site, where you can check if anyone is looking for it. We will not name the sites, because Unfortunately, there are no permanent and large services yet, and there is no point in specifying temporary services, since they may close in a month.

Satellite searches are free, but this will require either a connection to the mobile company that provided you with the operator’s services, or before that you need to install a special program. In the case of the program, a GPS receiver must be installed on the phone, which will transmit detailed information about the location of the phone. The disadvantage of this program is that you need to turn it on yourself, so it would be more correct to purchase a phone with an already “embedded” program. You can find out about the availability of this function from a sales consultant when choosing a phone model. I can say with confidence that you will definitely find this function in mobile phones such as the iPhone.

The programs work as follows: You install the software on your phone, register on the official website and enter your mobile phone data (if you want). After that, the program runs all the time while the mobile phone is turned on and transfers data from GPS to the site. That is, at any time you can go to the site and see where your mobile phone is now. The advantages of this method are that it works regardless of the inserted SIM card, the disadvantages. you need free Internet access, well, a modern phone.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to track your phone in any other way! Therefore, do not try to send SMS-ki to vague numbers that promise to provide you with any information about the location of the phone.

How not to lose your phone?

It is much easier to follow basic rules that will help you not to lose your mobile phone, wherever you are.

Only carry your phone in one place. It can be a. a bag, a pouch on a belt, a pouch on the chest, or in the hand, by throwing a loop handle from the cover over the wrist. The main thing is that this place never changes. In this case, you will immediately feel that something is missing, and you will quickly learn about the loss of your mobile phone.

The phone should always be kept in a protected place, especially if you are often on public transport, in the market or in other places with a large crowd of people.

In moments when there are especially a lot of people around you, try to keep your hand on the mobile phone, do not count on the fact that the mobile is closely adjacent to your body, and you will notice when it falls out or someone starts to pull it out. Believe me, the skill and accuracy of the work of picks will surprise you!

Buy phones only with “anti-theft protection”. In modern phones, security programs are installed in the firmware that complicate the life of thieves and persons who randomly took possession of someone else’s property, i.e. those who found the phone, but did not want to return it to the owner. Such programs work quite simply: as soon as a new SIM-card is inserted into the phone, it sends from it to the specified numbers an SMS that the SIM-card has been changed in your phone and indicates a new number, by calling which you can inform the owner about that he uses a stolen mobile and ask to return it in an amicable way, or otherwise you will report the theft to law enforcement agencies.

Be able to stand out. When a phone is distinctive, it is not only beautiful but also practical. For example, your name is written on the phone or your photo is drawn. You can order such drawings in many mobile phone repair shops. Dealers do not always want to buy such a mobile phone, and even more so ordinary buyers.

Ask the finder to return the phone in absentia. Fantasy helps everyone and everywhere, even in the fight against the theft of mobile phones, you can use your imagination and ingenuity that can help you. For example, write a note to your potential mobile phone thief:

“You found the phone of the police captain Alexander Pugavkin. This is a business phone and contains a lot of important information for work, so I urge you to return your mobile phone for a fee. To do this, you can call 123-432-432-23-12 “

This note is easier to type on a computer and print in small print. Cut and put into the phone, behind the battery (where the SIM card is inserted). In any case, a thief or a person who finds a mobile phone will have to replace the SIM card, and when he sees such a note, he will think ten times before using such a mobile phone.

Wear a lanyard instead of a keychain on your phone. We all love to hang a variety of keychains on our phones, which further decorate the phone and give it a certain personality. However, for security reasons (from theft and from loss), instead of these same key chains, you can hang the so-called lace, a fabric loop for an arm or neck. After all, thanks to the lacing on the hand, even if the hand is unclenched, the mobile will remain hanging on the hand, and thus protect from scratches and breakages that occur when falling.

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Use your mobile as a notebook. In order not to lose your mobile phone, you should treat it more carefully and always keep it close at hand. You can create the need to be on hand at all times by giving it the role of a notebook. That is, instead of a regular diary or notebook, write down all tasks and reminders in it. Thus, you will train yourself to use your mobile even more often, which means you will not lose sight of it. If you don’t use a notebook, then you can give it another function, for example, use it as an MP3 player or generally as a mini-replacement for a laptop (it all depends on the capabilities of the phone).

Search by address

This method is the most simple and understandable for everyone. You will need to know the country, city, region, district, city, street, house and apartment. Databases of numbers with addresses can be easily found on the Internet, and these databases can be both online and offline, which allows you to search for phone numbers even without an Internet connection. However, it should be understood that you will be provided with phone numbers only those that are linked to this address, which means that these will not be mobile numbers, but landline numbers. In addition, before looking for a number, look at the year in which the database was compiled, especially old databases are useless, because often the numbers and addresses of people change (apartments are sold, and the telephone lines of the mowing line are changed to modern ones, which entails a change in the landline phone number).

We wish you never to lose your mobile phone, and if you have already lost, then quickly find it. And by the way, we will be happy to read about how you look for your mobile phone when you lose it at home or elsewhere. You can leave your stories and tips in the comments to this article.

How to find a stolen or lost smartphone

One day you slapped your. put your hand in there and did not find your smartphone. Shock, awe, panic. where is he? Thinking that you did not leave it anywhere, you realize with horror that either it was stolen, or it fell out when, for example, you were tying your shoelaces at a neighbor’s entrance. Find a way to call your phone first. Very often people simply put their phones in an unusual place or left them at home altogether, but they immediately began to panic that it had been stolen from them. In addition, if the gadget fell out, then someone from the surrounding people could see it and pick it up. In these cases, the call will solve everything and you will quickly return the loss.

If you are convinced that the phone is definitely stolen, then try sending an SMS to it asking for a refund. Of course, you don’t really want to pay a thief for your own gadget, but sometimes this is the only way to return a smartphone dear to your heart and wallet. However, if you had an inexpensive dialer, and there is no important data there, then it is easier to restore the SIM card and get yourself a new mobile phone. But if it was a flagship smartphone, then you just don’t want to part with it, and then a return message can help, but not always, unfortunately. However, there are still ways to find your phone, but then everything depends on the operating system.

It just so happened that Apple smartphones are very popular among robbers. And it’s not that they consider them the best, it’s just that the iPhone costs fabulous money in Russia, and even if you sell it for spare parts, there will be enough money for food for a month or even two. But of course, the thief will try to get more and sell a working device, perhaps even buying a box and all the necessary accessories for it, so that it looks like just used one. And this is where you can prevent him. The fact is that Apple took care of the users and made a special service that allows them to find the iPhone or block it, so much so that the attacker will no longer be able to use it. And, accordingly, he will not be able to sell a non-working device either.

Alas, it is possible to find an iPhone only if you have activated the corresponding function. Therefore, it is worth worrying about this in advance and enable this option. Of course, this requires that you have an iCloud account and the iPhone is linked to it. All this is done in the settings on the device itself.

Turn on Find iPhone on your smartphone. It will help you find out the location of a stolen or lost smartphone.

over, if you link your iPhone to your iCloud account, thieves will no longer be able to activate this device. Even if they reflash the device, they won’t do anything without your email address and password. In this case, only a message about the reward will help to return the gadget. In addition, such a message will work if you simply lost your phone and a well-wisher found it, but for some reason he cannot find you. Such a message is installed through an online service, but this is far from its only function.

So, to remotely control your iOS device, just go to and go to the Find iPhone application. All Apple devices that are only connected to your account will be available there. However, instead of the site, the Find iPhone application is also available, which performs the same functions.

As soon as you enter the program and see that your smartphone is online, several actions are available to you. First of all, look where the smartphone is, if it is at home or somewhere with friends. If he is lost at home, then just start playing sound on the iPhone through the website or application and he will immediately begin to vibrate and play a melody, which will allow you to quickly find him. If you are sure that your phone has been stolen and it is not nearby, turn on Lost Mode. This will prevent an attacker from accessing the data, display your message on the screen and allow you to record the movement of the smartphone across the map. Well, in case you understand that the smartphone cannot be returned, there is also a function here to erase all data on the device so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

There is no way to bypass the activation lock mode in iOS above version 7. Therefore, make sure that you have the latest version of the operating system, and if this is not the case, then update, at least for security purposes. It makes no sense for criminals to keep a non-working phone and it will be quickly sold for spare parts. Or they will give it to you for a reward if they understand that this is a profitable offer. However, some cybercriminals begin to terrorize and extort the password from the account (they even offer money) in order to unlock your phone and sell it for much more. In no case agree to such offers and do not enter into conversations with criminals, but rather immediately contact the police.

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For quite a long time, there was no way in Android to track down a stolen or lost smartphone. Therefore, vendors invented their own services and implemented them into phones. Similar solutions were offered by HTC, Samsung and other large companies. But now the operating system itself has a built-in function to find the phone. It is called Android Device Manager and allows you to remotely control a phone that is connected to a Google account through a special website.

With the help of this system, as in the case of iOS, it is possible to find the phone on the card, block it, delete data from it (and from the SD card too) or call it, even if the SIM card has been changed in the device. The only condition. so that it is connected to the Internet and your account is still on the system. Of course, for the service to work, you must enable the option in the settings. Go to Settings. Security. Device Administrators and enable Android Device Manager.

Don’t forget to enable Android Remote Control in your security settings. Otherwise, the service will not help in any way.

locating Samsung phone with GPS tracker apps

Actually, you can use some third party GPS tracker apps to track the location of your Samsung device. There are many different types of these GPS tracker apps on the internet, but if you are asked “which app for tracking my Samsung phone is the best” then the answer is KidsGuard Pro.

KidsGuard Pro. This is an Android parental control app that allows the user to track or control all the activities of the target device, including real-time location. Since the app needs to be installed ahead of time in case you want to track your lost phone, it is more useful for real-time location tracking, especially for parents who want to track the location of their children.

Lost phone how to find Samsung

How can I extend the battery life of a lost device?

Find My Mobile also allows you to remotely configure power saving features on your lost phone to conserve battery life. Switch to maximum power saving mode to increase the amount of time your device will be on so you can find it.

Problems and questions

How to find Samsung if it’s turned off?

Unfortunately, no way. The most that you can. track his last location until the moment he lost contact.

What you need to find a smartphone?

In order for the search function to work, the mobile device must be connected to the network via mobile Internet or WI-FI access point.

How to find Samsung on the map?

Location information will only be displayed if the mobile tower or GPS positioning function is activated on the phone. Otherwise, if you have an Internet connection, the maximum you can do is send a beep, lock the device or clear it.

Is it possible to find a smartphone by IMEI?

In theory, this is possible, but only through law enforcement agencies, having previously filed a statement about the loss of a mobile device. Those services that appear on the Internet and offer to track the phone by IMEI are nothing more than fraud and will not help you in solving your issue.

Other useful information:

How to use Samsung Find My Phone?

Posted on Dec 16, 2019 by Shane Schick

When someone who has lost their smartphone manages to get it back, you can often hear him say something like, “Thank God, my life is there!” It would be correct to add that in many cases, access to their company’s entire data stack is also on the device.

This is one of the reasons SMBs need to be as knowledgeable as consumers about geotracking solutions like Samsung‘s Find My Mobile service. If you don’t have mobile device management (MDM) tools and other security protocols, typical of a large enterprise, the Find My Mobile app can provide you with the Stihl you need.

According to a 2019 survey by IDC, 78 percent of business device shipments worldwide are based on the Android operating system (OS). Meanwhile, a Wilson Electronics report shows that most American workers spend more than one hour checking their phones during each workday for work-related reasons.

find, samsung, phone, lost

This means that even if you have a small or medium business, Android devices have become the main platform for running mobile applications that access corporate information and handle critical workflows. It also means that when these mobile devices go missing, the costs for organizations can be much higher than a simple hardware replacement.

Here’s a rundown of what you need to know about using Samsung’s Find My Mobile service.

How to activate “Find Mobile”?

Getting started is just a few clicks away. Open “Settings” and enter the menu “Biometrics and Security”.

From there click on Find My Mobile and turn it on. You will need to enter your Samsung account details or you can easily create an account if you don’t already have one.

After that, you will be given the opportunity to select several features including “Remote Unlock” and “Send Last Location”.

Please note that some mobile operators may offer Google Find My Device instead of Samsung Find My Mobile in the settings menu. Find My Device will simply sign in to your Google account. Many of the same features are available in both services.

First, register on the official KidsGuard Pro website to create a KidsGuard Pro user account.

Try NowView Demo

Visit on the web browser of the target device you want to track. Then download and install the KidsGuard Pro app on it

Launch the KidsGuard Pro app after installation and log in to your account. Then follow the installation instructions to set up the app.

Then login to your web portal and select the Location option in the sidebar to track the location of your Samsung device.

Accurate and Accurate Real-Time Location Tracking: Track the location of the target phone in real time with great accuracy using GPS and Wi-Fi logger.

find, samsung, phone, lost

Track phone activity: remotely view call logs, text messages, photos, videos, calendar, contacts and notes stored on the target device.

Social media app tracking: You can also track social media and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, QQ, line, WeChat, etc.