How to get a temporary tattoo without a printer

Benefits of temporary tattoos

Tattoos have long been in vogue as an adornment of your body that attracts attention from the outside. And every year their popularity only increases.

But applying a permanent drawing is a crucial step, which is not decided immediately.

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  • the price for such tattoos is much lower;
  • the application procedure is not painful and can be easily carried out at home;
  • some drawings are waterproof and can be shown in the pool or on the beach;
  • the boring pattern will come off or you can remove it;
  • many components of the paints are natural and non-toxic, therefore, it can be applied to children’s skin;
  • a good way to find a place for permanent tattoo.

Glitter tattoos

The technique of applying glitter tattoos is not complicated: hypoallergenic glue applied to the skin with a brush is covered with small colored sparkles, and then the excess is shaken off. Iridescent beautiful bright pictures with distinct borders appear on the body.

With the help of a stencil, the time of this procedure is significantly reduced. The tattoo is permanent and is removed with medical alcohol or a special solution. Body designs like this are popular at weddings and beach parties.

Airbrush. the optimal solution for home tattoos

An airbrush is a device that sprays body paint. The paint is applied through a stencil, washed off after 3-4 weeks. But with practice, you can make money by drawing pictures to friends and clients. The procedure for temporary tattooing with an airbrush is simple:

  • Buy or cut a stencil.
  • Clean and degrease leather, spray paint.
  • Remove the stencil and again remove the drips of paint with alcohol, dust the drawing with talcum powder and wait about 10-20 minutes to dry.

The airbrush recreates the complete illusion of a real tattoo, and you can change the drawings at least every month. The only drawback of the device is in a rather high price, because a high-quality device has a price tag above 5 thousand rubles.

As you can see, it is not necessary to limit yourself to one drawing for a lifetime. Modern technologies and interesting ideas allow you to create chic tattoos with the help of talent and materials at hand!

Jagua Gel Tattoo

  • Jugua gel.
  • Adhesive stencil.
  • Wooden stick.

Stick the stencil on the previously prepared area of ​​the epidermis. Using a stick, apply jugua gel and leave to dry completely. No means that can hasten this process can be used. Otherwise, the result may differ from what you expect. After that, as the gel has solidified, remove its remnants together with a stencil using a stick. Tattoo completed.

Preparation for tattooing

Whichever method of applying a temporary tattoo you choose, preparation for its implementation will be general.

  • Cleanse your skin. To do this, wash your body with a washcloth or sponge and soap. After that, treat the skin with a scrub and wash it off with warm water.
  • Decide on the part of the body on which the tattoo will be located. In this case, the following principles should be followed. The tattoo should be visible to others and it should come into contact with clothes as little as possible.
  • Treat the area with alcohol or a product that contains alcohol. This will degrease the epidermis and make your tattooing task easier.


To apply such drawings, you can use ready-made stencils, draw from sketches or trust your own imagination. Of course, such tattoos are least of all similar to permanent ones, but they look very impressive on the body. Mehendi is considered the most durable body decoration technique with drawings. With the help of eucalyptus oil, the effect of the tattoo can be prolonged if it is applied after the henna has dried.

How to get a temporary tattoo at home

Another advantage of temporary tattoos is the relatively simple application, allowing you to create the desired designs at home.

Henna tattoos are an ancient art with a rich history. Drawings look attractive and do no harm. An exception may be tattoos for those people who suffer from material intolerance.

Henna is easy to apply and lasts from one week to 15 days. If you use not classic pure henna, but special modern compositions, then you can extend the “life” of the tattoo up to two months. The procedure is absolutely painless. Getting an infectious infection is excluded, since the substance is not injected under the skin.

There are many recipes for cooking. You can, for example, dilute 20 grams of henna powder in 50 milliliters of lemon juice. Next, this mixture is wrapped in a towel directly in containers and sent to a warm place for 12 hours. For the result to last longer, you need to add a teaspoon of sugar and a little essential oil to this composition. Eucalyptus, cloves, oranges, or tea trees work well. To make the color darker, you can add ground coffee or basma.

The second recipe suggests diluting 40 grams of henna, 2 teaspoons of black tea and ground coffee in 500 milliliters of boiling water. All this needs to be boiled for an hour, then strain and cool.

The resulting dye can be used to paint patterns with a brush or use a stencil. Before the procedure, the skin needs to be prepared: epilate, degrease the area and use a scrub. Previously, you can apply a drawing to the skin with a cosmetic pencil. In addition to the brush, henna can be applied with a syringe or toothpick. The composition should remain on the skin for 3 to 8 hours. Then the paste is scraped off with the blunt side of a knife. Hairspray will help to consolidate the result, with which you need to spray the colored area. After a couple of days, the drawing will become even brighter. this is a property of henna. It is better not to wet the pattern for the first days. To do this, before water procedures, the drawing is covered with oil.

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Another way to apply a temporary tattoo is by using a pen. An ordinary helium pen is suitable for this. The easiest and safest method is to paint a pattern on the skin and secure it with hairspray. If you want to keep the drawing longer, you will have to resort to a little self-harm. A thin, sterile needle should help the dye penetrate a little deeper into the skin. To do this, you need to prepare more carefully: use gloves and disinfectants.

A fresh pattern applied to the skin must be pierced over the entire area with a sterile needle, not a shallow depth

This is important to avoid contamination and to make the procedure safe. The risk of allergies is also minimal due to the same shallow puncture depth

After the procedure, discomfort in the form of itching is possible, but they will quickly pass. For this technique, it is better to choose a mini tattoo so as not to risk it.

The second way to apply a tattoo with a pen looks a little different. The selected drawing is neatly drawn and painted on tracing paper. The place of application is treated with alcohol. After that, a piece of fabric prepared in advance is moistened in hot water and placed on top of tracing paper with a pattern on the back. All this is pressed against the skin with the picture down and held for 5 minutes. If the pattern is not bright enough, you can duplicate it with a pen directly on the skin. From above, all this is fixed with hairspray.

Temporary tattoos with a pencil and special spray

For this method, you need to prepare a simple soft pencil, scissors, tracing paper, wet cloth, talcum powder, eyeliner, makeup brush, alcohol, cotton wool, liquid wound spray, which is designed to create a waterproof film on damaged skin.

Each of these ways to decorate your body is much safer than a classic tattoo. In addition, you can always get rid of a temporary pattern on the skin without consequences.


The cheapest body art technique is simple translations. With the help of modern technology, these tattoos look like real ones, but at the same time they stay on the body for only one or two weeks. Such tattoos are affordable for everyone and you do not need to go to a tattoo parlor to apply them.

I think as a child, everyone transferred a bubble gum tattoo onto their arm. But today’s transferable tattoos are significantly different from those that were before. The variety of the assortment grows every day, as does its quality. Temporary patterns have become more eye-catching and attractive. Such stickers are suitable for everyone who is tired of everyday life and has a desire to make their weekdays more unusual and varied.

Glitter tattoo

Very bright and effective 3d tattoos. Traditionally, they decorate the female body after epilation of intimate areas, but can also be painted on the shoulder, arm or other parts of the body. They can be translated from a picture or drawn independently.

How to make temporary glitter tattoos:

  • Wipe the skin with alcohol lotion to degrease the surface;
  • First you need to draw a beautiful drawing. This can be a lettering, small patterns in a minimalist style, or any other options. For this, stencils, template forms, etc. are used; Drawing glue for glitter tattoo
  • From above, the stencil is processed with gel. After that, the template is immediately removed and glitter or multi-colored powder with a shimmer is sprayed over the gel base with a brush. You need to act quickly, otherwise the glitter will not stick; Drawing how to make a glitter tattoo
  • After that, a marker of a contrasting color is taken and individual elements of the tattoo are drawn with it;
  • To make it last longer, it is treated with a fixative over the shiny tattoo. If desired, you can also glue beads or rhinestones on the pattern.

Naturally, such a pattern can be easily done by hand. With a little experience, you can exclude the use of a template and draw everything yourself. Or make a stencil yourself using a laser printer.

Crystal tattoo

Such a temporary tattoo should be applied in the same way as a gel tattoo. On the pre-treated surface, a thin layer of glue is applied exclusively along the contour. After that, rhinestones or beads are laid out on it.

Glitter tattoo with rhinestones

How to apply rhinestones for temporary tattoo:

  • To make it more convenient, you need to use an orange stick, such as for a manicure. Tweezers can be used to glue large beads;
  • A little secret of how to beautifully lay out a crystal tattoo with a name: you need to apply rhinestones, as it were, on top of each other. This will create a clean and crisp line. If the pattern looks clumsy at first, don’t worry. In the process of drying the glue, the pebbles will slightly “creep away”;
  • You can use hairspray to fix the tattoo at home.

How to get a temporary tattoo at home

The easiest and most affordable way to draw a pattern on the body with your own hands is to make mehendi. We described the method with henna above, now we will consider the option of a tattoo with chemical paint.

Biopaint tattoo

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a temporary tattoo on your arm for 3 months:

  • The skin is thoroughly wiped and treated with an alcohol-free degreasing lotion;
  • To make the paint more conveniently distributed over the skin, it is placed in a tube with a sharp cone. Depending on the angle of the tip and the force of pressure, the shape and brightness of the line changes. This allows you to draw a drawing with different types of lines without any more special devices;
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Drawing with colored paint

  • The easiest option for home painting is flowers. The application is extremely easy: the base of the pistil is drawn, after which the contour of the petals is created. You can supplement the picture with dots, stripes, shading of individual elements;
  • If any component of the exposure is uneven, then it can be quickly wiped off with micellar water or soapy water;
  • Now it remains to withstand the right time to fix the pattern. Depending on the type of paint, this can be from 2 to 4 hours.
  • As in the case of henna, the first day the place of application of the paint should not be wetted and exposed to heat.


    This type of modification can only be done by real professionals. This is the fastest and most affordable way to make sleeves or any other large-scale pattern.

    Aerial tattoo option

    Such a temporary tattoo is made with an airbrush and to fill it, you do not need to pierce the skin. just spray the paint. To create a pattern, templates are used or the master simply draws according to his own imagination.

    Removing a stencil

  • In total, you need three layers. The latter is final. For fixing, paint with gold or silver shimmer is used. After the session, the template must be cleaned of paint and dried, otherwise it cannot be reused.
  • No special care is needed for such a tattoo. Unless on the first day it is recommended not to wet the skin.

    Stencil options

    Henna tattoo

    In the summer, henna tattoos are just perfect for girls. This pattern is resistant to sunlight, sea water and other negative factors.

    Henna for tattoo

    How to make a temporary tattoo at home using henna:

    Application of patterns

  • The exposure time of henna depends on the required intensity of the pattern (on average, 2 to 3 hours). To remove dried droplets, you need to carefully scrape them off with your fingers. During the day, the area of ​​the body on which the drawing was applied should not be exposed to water and steam;
  • After that, you do not need to apply any creams or lotions. they can affect the color of the henna.
  • Henna is often allergic, so it is very important to use only natural formulations (from pure Sony lava powder) and check the skin reaction. To do this, a small amount of mehendi paint is applied to an inconspicuous area of ​​the epidermis. If no signs of irritation appear within 20 minutes, then you can safely draw a tattoo.

    Henna crust

    On rare occasions, mehendi is made with bio-based paint. This is the name of a product that contains chemical dyes and henna. They are easy to paint on the body, create a variety of patterns and colored shapes.

    Tattoo stickers. flash tattoo

    Flash tattoo is a waterproof transfer sticker that requires no effort at all to apply. They come in color and monochrome. The most widespread are metallic tattoos (gold and silver).

    Temporary tattoo

    How to glue temporary tattoo flash:

    • The desired picture is cut from the template. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the drawing;
    • It is very simple to translate the pattern: place the picture on the skin with the colored side and blot it with a sponge. Once the paper is sufficiently damp, remove the cardboard layer from the surface of the body;
    • The resulting tattoo must be dried with a cloth.

    Instructions on how to make a flash tattoo

    There are no additional recommendations for care. Just wear and get pleasure and compliments. It is noteworthy that the flash tattoo does not let the sun’s rays pass through. So making it in the summer you can get a very original pattern directly on the body.


    The most controversial species of all described. Many people wonder, in general, are there temporary tattoos? Of course, all tattoo artists will unanimously say that no, this is impossible. But Temptu allows you to argue with this statement.

    It is important to understand that these are not drawings on the skin and it is very difficult to make it yourself. A timelapse or temporary tattoo is the injection of paint under the skin at a shallow depth. The session is carried out in the salons with a special handle. a maniple. Exactly the same is done for eyebrow microblading. To create it, not templates are used, but sketches.

    Temporary Tattoo Ink

    How to make a tempta tattoo:

    • Previously, the surface of the epidermis is treated with soapy water and Chlorhexidine. After that, the master redraws the sketch on the skin. To do this, you will need paper for temporary tattoos. With its help, the drawing is transferred to the body with the help of a special gel;
    • For convenience, the desired paint is collected in plastic containers. It is soaked in them with a pencil-handle. The epidermis is pierced to a depth of 2 mm. This is quite enough to create a beautiful pattern and not enough for a full-fledged tattoo;

    Containers for paint

  • Such a temporary tattoo is done for 1 year. After that, it begins to fade gradually. It is important to understand that the pattern will not completely disappear. An inconspicuous color spot will remain in place of the picture. You can get rid of it with a laser or by stuffing a real tattoo on top.
  • This method has both advantages and disadvantages. It lasts a long time, looks impressive and will wash off over time. But she needs to be cared for, like a full-fledged tattoo. Otherwise, negative consequences are possible.

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    Temptu tattoo result

    How to properly care for tempta:

    • 3 hours after the session, it is required to rinse the tattoo with an aqueous solution without soap. Better yet, treat the pattern with a cotton swab or tampon soaked in Chlorhexidine4
    • It is important to ensure complete sterility of the skin surface. In the first few days, do not wet the site of application of the tempta. To protect the drawing when washing, cling film is used;
    • To maintain the brightness of the colors, it is advisable to avoid sunbathing for the first six months. Also, limit visits to solariums and saunas;
    • For the first 14 days, the skin at the site of the temporary tattoo should be moisturized. It is recommended to use Bepanten as a protective and nourishing cream.

    How to get a temporary tattoo at home

    Over the past few years, the art of body design has been gaining momentum. Complex body modifications such as piercings or scarring require a lot of investment and patience. But temporary tattoos allow you to decorate yourself without any discomfort and practically free.

    Method 3

    Apply special glue to the previously prepared epidermis. Next, use tweezers to make a pattern from the lenses. The tattoo is ready.

    crystal pattern in blue and purple tones

    Knowing how to make a temporary tattoo without henna, you can decorate your body with various patterns without harming your skin. We hope that our tips will help you do this.

    Crystal Tattoos

    These tattoos are done with precious stones or rhinestones. Such drawings, as a rule, are made only for some kind of festive event or themed party. It can last up to 10 days, but if handled carelessly, small particles can fall off and ruin the whole look of the tattoo.

    How to make a temporary henna tattoo

    Many young people liked the ancient method that came to us from time immemorial and became very popular. At the same time, the skin will not only not be injured, but also undergo the beneficial effects of medicinal plant components in the composition of the drawing mixture.

    For such a temporary tattoo, you must first prepare a sketch and drawing of the tattoo, which, of course, must be chosen according to your own taste. yourself. You will also need such materials: a small glass container, cotton pads, henna powder, lemon juice, eucalyptus essential oil, a felt-tip pen, a paint brush.

    Henna tattoo came to us from India and Africa. It is not very difficult to do it.

    To prepare the mixture, you will need: henna powder, strong tea leaves, lemon juice and eucalyptus essential oil

    For work: a soft plastic bottle with a narrow spout, spout attachments, lemon juice, sugar, cotton wool, cotton swabs and a needle

    Before applying the pattern, the skin must be degreased, for example, with alcohol.

    Use nozzles of the diameter you need

    Correct blemishes with a cotton swab. You can use a needle when drawing, as when creating drawings on nails

    How to get an eyeliner tattoo

    How to make a temporary tattoo

    Yes, tattoos have become extremely popular today. And many fashionistas and dandies so want to boast of interesting, bright and even daring experiments with their own appearance. But at the same time, it is important to remember that modern fashion is very changeable and capricious, and therefore often jewelry like tattoos can remain on the body like a cruel joke, since the drawings will remain indelible for life. And not only because of the rejection by the older generation, we do not want to do permanent tattoos, but also by our own discretion. So the possibility of applying a temporary tattoo helps out if you really want to experiment on yourself. By the way, such a drawing is quite seductive, and it lasts only about a month on the body.

    How to get a washable tattoo at home? Your perseverance and the presence of at least some drawing skills. this will be quite enough to decorate your body on your own.

    How to make a temporary tattoo without henna?

    Many girls have recently begun to decorate their bodies with tattoos. However, not everyone can afford them for one reason or another. In this case, a temporary tattoo can come to the rescue. The image will beautify your body for 2-4 weeks and after that it will be easily washed off the skin. It can be done in many ways and the most popular of them. temporary henna tattoo. However, such a tattoo is also not suitable for everyone, as it often causes burns on the skin, especially if the epidermis is very sensitive. That is why in this article we will find out how to make a temporary tattoo without henna on our own.

    How to get temporary tattoos

  • hardness pencil 3B / 4B / 5B / 6B
  • scissors
  • tracing paper
  • wet cloth
  • talc
  • Eyeliner
  • makeup brush
  • alcohol or vodka
  • cotton swabs
  • liquid spray for wounds (when applied, creates a waterproof film on the wound).
  • The last component is outlined in red on

    Degrease your skin. Walk around the tattoo site with alcohol or vodka. Then put the tracing paper in this place. Pattern down.

    With a damp cloth, press the picture paper against your skin. You will have a trace in this place.

    Circle it with a cosmetic pencil.

    After the pencil stroke, wait a few seconds. Then sprinkle the drawing with talcum powder and spread it evenly with a brush.

    Spray the drawing and let dry. Then you will receive your tattoo. )

    Here is another example of a tattoo using this technology:

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