How To Get The Cartridge Out Of The HP Printer

Installing the cartridge

Before purchasing a cartridge, be sure to check if it is suitable for a specific equipment model. Find the information you need in the instruction manual. Also, the necessary information is indicated on the official website of the manufacturer.

With the right accessories, you can get started.

  • To get to the desired holder, you need to open the side of the printer.
  • If an old consumable is installed in the device, it must be removed.
  • Remove the new cartridge from the packaging. Remove the protective stickers that cover the contacts and nozzles.
  • Install new parts, placing each cartridge in its place. A click will indicate that the containers are placed correctly.
  • Use this diagram to install the rest of the consumables.
  • Before starting the equipment, it is recommended to perform a calibration, run the “Print a test page” function.

How To Get The Cartridge Out Of The HP Printer

How to take out?

The popular manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (HP) produces two types of office equipment: laser and inkjet models. Both options are in high demand. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages, which is why equipment of various types remains relevant. To safely remove the cartridge from the machine, you need to know how it works. The workflow depends on the type of printer.


In some cases, the equipment may not correctly perceive new cartridges, for example, incorrectly determine the color. In this case, you need to align.

The procedure is as follows.

  • The printing equipment needs to be connected to a PC, turned on to the network and.
  • Next, you need to go to the “Control Panel”. You can find the corresponding section by clicking the “Start” button. You can also use the search box on your computer.
  • Find the section titled “Devices and Printers”. Having opened this category, you must select the equipment model.
  • Right-click on the model and select “Printing Preferences”.
  • The user will see a tab called “Services”.
  • Find a feature called “Align Cartridges”.
  • The program will open an instruction with which you can set up office equipment. After finishing work, it is recommended to reconnect the equipment, start it up and use it as intended.
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Inkjet equipment

Printers of this type are often chosen for home use due to their more affordable cost.

Now let’s move on to the procedure itself.

  • Be sure to unplug the printer and wait until the equipment stops completely. It is advisable to let it cool completely.
  • Open the top cover of the printer carefully by following the instructions for use (some manufacturers provide user tips on the cabinet). The process depends on the specifics of the model. Some printers are equipped with a separate button for this.
  • Once the cover is open, you can remove the cartridges. By gently pressing until clicking, the consumable must be taken by the edges and removed from the container. If there is a holder, it must be lifted up.
  • Do not touch the bottom of the cartridge when removing. A special element is placed there, which is easy to break even with the slightest pressure.

As soon as the old elements are removed, you can start installing the new ones. You just need to insert them into the tray and gently press on each cartridge until it clicks. Now you can lower the holder, close the lid and use the equipment again.

How to refuel?

You can refill the cartridge for the HP printer yourself. This procedure has certain features, which must be familiarized with before starting work. Self-refilling is much more profitable than replacing old cartridges with new ones, especially when it comes to color equipment. Consider the scheme of refueling consumables for an inkjet printer.

To refill the cartridges, you will need:

  • Suitable ink;
  • Empty paint containers or cartridges that need to be refilled;
  • A medical syringe, its optimal volume is from 5 to 10 millimeters;
  • Thick rubber gloves;
  • Napkins.

Having collected everything you need, you can start refueling.

  • New cartridges must be placed on the table, nozzles down. Find the protective sticker on them and remove it. There are 5 holes under it, but only one, central.
  • The next step is to draw ink into the syringe. Make sure the paint is compatible with your equipment. When using new containers, one container will require 5 milliliters of ink.
  • The needle must be inserted carefully and strictly vertically so as not to break. There will be little resistance in the process, this is normal. As soon as the needle hits the filter located at the bottom of the cartridge, you need to stop. Otherwise, this element may be damaged. Lift the needle up slightly and continue inserting it.
  • Now you can start injecting the pigment. It is recommended to do the job slowly. Once the ink is poured from the syringe into the container, you can remove the needle from the cartridge.
  • The holes on the printing element must be re-covered with a protective sticker.
  • The refilled cartridge must be placed on a damp or dense dry cloth and left for about 10 minutes. Wipe the print surface gently with a piece of soft cloth. This completes the work. The ink container can be inserted into the printer.
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The process of refilling cartridges of laser equipment is complicated and hazardous to health, therefore it is highly discouraged to carry it out at home. To charge the cartridges with toner, you need special equipment. It is better to contact specialists.

How to replace correctly?

It is necessary not only to remove the cartridge correctly, but also to supply a new printing element yourself. Installation Will take just a few minutes. Most models from Hewlett-Packard use removable ink cartridges, which can be purchased separately.

Laser technology

Office equipment of this type works on cartridges filled with toner. It is a consumable powder. It should be noted that the consumable is harmful to the health of people and animals, therefore, when using the printer, it is recommended to ventilate the room, and the refueling process itself is carried out by professionals and in special conditions.

The work is carried out according to the following scheme.

  • First, the equipment must be disconnected from the mains. If the machine has recently worked load until it cools down completely. The room where the equipment is installed should have optimal humidity and temperature. Otherwise, the powder paint can get lost in a lump and completely deteriorate.
  • The top cover must be carefully removed.
  • If done correctly, the cartridge will be visible. It must be carefully taken in hand and pulled towards you.
  • At the slightest resistance, you must carefully inspect the compartment for the presence of foreign objects. If you cannot reach the cartridge, you must remove the special securing latch. It is located on both sides of the cartridge.
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Note: if you are going to carry a consumable, it must be packed in a tight package and sent to a dark box or separate box. When reusing an removed cartridge, it is important to be as careful as possible and grasp the edges of the cartridge when removing it. It is recommended to protect your hands with gloves.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer?

  • How to take out?
  • How to refuel?
  • How to replace correctly?
  • Possible problems

Despite the fact that modern technology is SIMple to operate, it is necessary to know certain features of the equipment. Otherwise, the equipment will malfunction, which will lead to breakdown. Products of the Hewlett-Packard trademark are in great demand. In this article we will tell you how to correctly replace cartridges in printers from the above manufacturer.

Installing Paper in the Printer

The official manual from the manufacturer designated above states that before installing a new cartridge, you must insert paper into the Corresponding Tray. This feature is due to the fact that it is impossible not only to change the containers with paint, but also to align the paper, immediately proceeded to print.

The work is done like this:

  • Open the printer cover;
  • Next, you need to open the receiving tray;
  • The mount that is used to fix the paper should be pushed back;
  • Several sheets of standard A4 size must be installed in the paper tray;
  • Secure the sheets, but do not clamp them too tightly so that the paper pick-up roller can rotate freely;
  • This completes the work with the first type of consumables.

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