How to highlight a piece of ringtone on Samsung

How to set your own SMS ringtone sound in Samsung a50 or a51 phone

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Many people prefer to change custom SMS sounds in Samsung a50 and a51 to their own. Nothing to be surprised.

The built-in SMS sound even misleads us sometimes. When we walk down the street and there are a lot of people, we often cannot even see if we received an SMS.

This is not surprising, because most people use the standard built-in sounds, although they can put their own personal and favorite ringtone on the SMS.

If you wish, you can even set it up so as to change the melody for a specific number, for example, a shot from a weapon can mean that the boss wrote to you or the crack of a whip will tell you that your wife wrote an SMS.

It is easy to set up a custom contact signal, although I will write how to change the SMS melody on Samsung a50 and a51, you can just as well change to a30, j2, a5, j5, j3 If you are something like me, then you it’s boring to use the same music, so look at the instructions and enjoy the expanse.

Galaxy S9/S9 Setting Custom Notification & Ringtone Sounds

How to change the SMS sound on Samsung a50 or Samsung a51 to your own melody

To do this, just go to the settings. It has Sound and Vibration, and it has a notification sound. You can stagger back and forth, walk through all the built-in.

Only the melodies there will not find only the tones that are already boring to everyone, and using any music file as SMS music on your Galaxy a50 or a51 is not as difficult as you think.

You don’t need to download special apps or tools, you just need to have an mp3 music file on your phone.

If you already have it on the memory card, and most likely you already have it, then go and click to open the “Samsung” folder.

Then the application “My Files”. Open the folder “memory card” (or another location) and find the music file you want to use.

Press and hold the file until different options appear at the bottom. At the bottom of this menu, click Copy or Move. Then select the phone memory, look for the “Notifications” directory.

Move it there or copy it. Now your ringtone is ready to be set as SMS ringtone.

Open “Settings”, then “Sounds and vibes”, while pay attention to the SIM card. you can change the melody for two at once. one ringtone for 2 SIM.

Go to Notification Sounds. Choose your music file and voila! It is now automatically set as the default notification sound.

On Samsung a50 and Samsung a51, everything happens according to the same scheme, despite the fact that the first one uses Android 9, and the second Android 10.

Applications such as. Gmail or WhatsApp also have their own notification sounds, but you can easily change them if you want.

The procedure may differ depending on each application, though. We’ll show you an example with WhatsApp:

As you can see, do not limit yourself to standard sounds or notification melodies, you can also create and use your own.

All you have to do is put the desired sound files in the right place and they will be selected as SMS message sounds. Success.

Method two to set new ringtone on Samsung Galaxy phone. player

Very often, the mp3 song ringtone can be set using the built-in music player when we listen to the song.

How to install it? I will not argue that it will be possible to do this with all players, but it works on the built-in Samsung player and I will use it.

To do this, first of all we go to the menu. Who does not know somehow this on most phones is an icon with nine black dots.

After that, we select the Samsung player, in it the melody that we want to set as a phone call.

It will immediately appear at the bottom of the screen. click on it and get into another window. In it, select the menu (top right. 3 vertical dots).

Now a window will pop up with a choice of different options. we select “Install as”, after which, as a rule, a request for permission appears. we allow.

Next, put a bird in front of the line “Ringtone”. That’s not all, because the “Finish” button is not active yet.

You also need to indicate how the whole thing will happen. the song will start over or the fragment you have chosen will be played.

Usually everyone chooses first. This is what I do. Finally, click in the upper right corner. Done “.

All. Congratulations! You did it. By the way, you can do a little easier, just start the song, then it will open in the player and you will not need to search for it.

Method One to Set Ringtone on Android Samsung. Traditional

After a while, the standard Samsung phone ringtone becomes monotonous, so the manufacturer decided to make it possible to adapt it to our expectations.

The process itself is very simple and boils down to choosing a preset ringtone or any other sound from an MP3 file. the latter is enough to load it into the phone’s memory.

There are several traditional ringtones in the phone memory. If you prefer to choose your own melody, you will need to download (you can simply download from the network) it to the built-in memory of the device or transfer it by cable, or Bluetooth.

Next, click on the “Settings” icon and look for the “Sounds and Vibration” section (depending on the phone model and the version of the software that we own, the name may differ).

Now select “Ringtone” and again “Ringtone”, scroll down and find the item “Add from phone”.

The last step remains. You will be prompted to choose from the phone memory. the “Select sound” icon or from the cloud.

We select the first item and put the bird on the one we want to install and click at the very top. Done!

Congratulations! You have just successfully installed your ringtone on your Samsung phone and you can experience the beauty of the updated call sound.

Attention: to install your melody on Android 9, possibly on Android 8, also, I don’t remember now, you need to do a little differently.

As you can see in the picture above, you need to click on the plus. then those files (songs) that you downloaded yourself will open. We put a tick and click “Finish”.

Method three to set your ringtone in Android Samsung to only one contact

Sometimes we want to hear the call immediately find out who it is. without lifting the handset and without looking at the screen to see the number of the caller.

This trick is also not difficult to pull off, just before that I want to share a more interesting trick.

In Samsung, you can make the phone say the name of the caller at the beginning of the call and even read the SMS. As for me this is a very good demanded solution.

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For example, when it’s freezing outside, you don’t need to rummage in your purse or s, so, you will find out everything. here are the instructions.

Now let’s get back to the point. To do the trick with assigning a personal call to a specific contact, click on it and select “Details”.

Next, “Change”, scroll down and click “. We twist again until we see the line “Ringtone”.

It makes no sense to describe the procedure further. Clicking on this line will open a selection of melodies. Select and confirm with the “Save” button.

5 proven ways to set a ringtone to a contact on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Samsung Galaxy phone Samsung j2, j5, Samsung 2, a6, j3, a7, j4, a5, j7, a50, j1, a6, on Samsung 8, a8, j6, a3, Samsung 3, s8, s9, c8, a8, j6, s6, s7, a30, or another one running on Android offers many options, thanks to which we can personalize your phone as much as possible, in particular, put our own downloaded melody on the call and on any individual contact.

By default, phone manufacturers offer their own set of specially designed ringtones, however most of us prefer to set our favorite song to the ringtone.

Surprisingly, in Samsung, setting your own ringtone from an mp3 file is simple and intuitive, although not on all Android smartphones.

Fortunately, you have a Samsung and I will show you 5 great and easy ways to set a ringtone from an mp3 file, as it will not work in other formats.

The fourth way to install the downloaded ringtone in the Samsung Galaxy smartphone is the application

If you are not satisfied with the descriptions above, it does not work, or something else, you can try using the Rings Extended application.

I will not describe the process. There are no difficulties. Choose a melody and play the bird. That’s pretty much it. Figure it out.

The app replaces the built-in ringtone selection tools with a new one and makes the selection process easier.

When you select, you can sort the melodies by the time they were added, and the holographic interface will not allow you to omit something.

Sorting songs can be done with gestures, but just like in other applications, you first need to grant permission.

Perhaps there are other programs of this type with such capabilities, but I checked this one and did not experiment with others anymore.

The fifth way to set your own ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy phone. conclusion

I have practically provided fully working proven methods and will only touch on some of the nuances.

If you have the latest versions of Android 8 Oreo and 9 Pie, then there are no special differences. Open Media, scroll down the section and select “Add Ringtone”.

The file manager will start. Select the music you want and it will be added to the ringtone list.

In addition to the call, you can set your own melody for SMS and alarm. A very easy way to create 3 directories in the Media / audio folder.

It is possible through a computer or a file manager already in the phone itself. If there is no built-in one, you can take it from the Play Store.

In the “audio” folder, we need to create three folders: “notifications”, “ringtones” and “alarms”.

After downloading mp3 files to the corresponding folders, they will be visible in the settings in the phone menu (Sound Settings).

That’s all. Now I hope your Samsung 2, j5, a6, j3, j4, a5, a7, j7, a50, a6, Samsung 8, j1, a8, j6, Samsung 3, a3, s8, c8, a8, s9, j6, s6, a30, s7 has become more adapted to your desires. For a better understanding, you can watch the video. Success.

How to turn up the volume on your phone

You can often notice that the standard melodies installed on the phone with the factory firmware sound louder and clearer than other audio files. The fact is that the speaker of the phone is adapted to reproduce high and medium frequencies. Therefore, if you need to slightly process the melody intended for the call to increase the volume of the phone.

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Download and install an audio editor. The best option would be to use Adobe Audition or Sony Sound Forge. These audio editors are the most user-friendly and provide the best processing quality. Download and install one of them.

Run the program. Open the track through the “File” menu or simply by dragging the track into the working area of ​​the program. Determine the beginning and ending of the melody. Delete the part of the track that remains. Listen to the resulting melody in order to make sure that there are no “extra” pieces.

Use a graphic equalizer to change the volume of the frequency range. Reduce the low frequencies and increase the high frequencies little by little, listening to the result each time. Try to make the transition between adjacent frequencies as smooth as possible. Once you have achieved the optimal result, apply the changes.

Change the volume of the resulting track. You can do this with either the Normalize effect or the Volume Up effect. Select the entire track and then apply one of these effects. Increase the track change level gradually, five to ten percent at a time. Save a copy of the track after every change.

Synchronize your phone with your computer. To do this, install the drivers and connect the phone using a data cable. Launch the software and copy the resulting tracks to your phone. Listen to them at maximum volume and choose the one that has the highest volume that the speaker can handle. The fact is that you can check the suitability of a track for a mobile speaker only by playing it on the phone. Delete unnecessary tracks.

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How to increase the volume of a ringtone
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how to increase the volume of the player


Is it possible to increase or decrease the volume of the music file that we insert into the player?
Yes, you can. And the online editor will come to the rescue

To download a music audio file from a computer, press the MP3 button (top left), the computer opens, select the desired file. Open, the file is loaded into the upper part of the editor and all the buttons at the top become active. To edit the file, press the green button and the file is loaded into the lower part. The lower buttons immediately became active.

To increase the volume of an audio file, follow these steps:

Open the address: load a melody, song, music or sound in mp3 or wav audio format, edit its duration if necessary (How to cut a song online?) and transfer the audio track to the bottom panel by pressing the corresponding button

Select the boundaries of the area that needs to increase the sound level, or leave the sliders at the beginning and at the end to add volume to the entire audio track.

Further, the editor will ask for permission to store information on our computer, that is, is it possible to save the modified audio file to the computer. click Allow. When saving an audio file, pay attention to where the file is saved, and it is better to specify your path to the desired folder or to the Desktop.

To decrease the volume of a music file, follow these simple steps:

Select the fragment of the file that should be reduced in sound level, or leave the left slider at the beginning, and the right slider at the end in order to process the entire audio track.

Video how to reduce the amplitude of the sound volume

The volume of a track can be increased or decreased many times. Constantly returning to STEP 2.

To cancel incorrect actions associated with changing the sound volume, you must use the keys.

How to Increase Sound Volume in Lenovo Phones

There are situations when the sound, for example, in headphones from a Lenovo smartphone, plays very quietly, or vice versa. it yells so that it breaks. All this happens due to incorrect internal settings in the device. Listening or being quiet is not an option. After all, this device is for us, and not us for the device, therefore it is necessary to configure it correctly.

Installing the application for fine tuning

To fine-tune the sound in a smartphone, first of all, you need to install a special program called MobileUncle Tools, which can be downloaded from the link: download MobileUncle Tools

After that, you need to run the installed program and go to the “Engineer Mode” section, where select the “Engineer Mode (MTK)” section

In the engineering mode of the MTK, navigate through the sections to Hardware Testing and select the Audio item.

And here, once in the Audio section, you need to select the desired item and make fine settings in it.

If you need to change the maximum volume of the sound in the headphones, then select “Headset mode” and change the value in the “Max vol” item by pressing the “Set” button after the change. During the change, I recommend turning on the music so that you can feel the changes from the applied settings in real time.

  • Before changing any settings, remember the default values ​​so that in case of failure you can return everything to its original state
  • Do not overuse very loud music. it is very bad for your hearing.

How to set custom notification sounds for individual contacts in Samsung messages «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Some messages take precedence over others, so using the same notification tone for all of your threads isn’t always the best solution. Luckily, Samsung Messages has a simple option that you can tweak to set custom sounds for specific chats to help you stay on top of priority conversations and respond much faster.

Setting different text tones for individual chats makes it easy to tell when someone important has sent you a message. With Samsung Messages, the process is relatively simple, and it allows you to customize the tone for any of your chats so you always know who is sending you messages without having to constantly check your Galaxy device.

Solved: Using Custom Sounds for Notifications (Samsung Galaxy S9)

I have been using Samsung Galaxy products for over ten years now and have recently (ish) updated to Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Set MP3 Song as a Ringtone

Overall the experience was good, but there is one aspect of the phone that I could tweak in previous versions, but not this one for some reason: notification sounds.

Now, I don’t mean picking a sound I like from their list of preloaded sounds, like any reference guide Google can find, I mean. I mean actually downloading a new sound to the phone and making it available for notifications, just like you can do with ringtones and alarm sounds.

It used to be that simple: anything in the “Music” or “Ringtones” folder could be specified as a notification sound (or a warning sound, I think they used to be called).

Now I can’t even find the directory that the preloaded sounds are in!

This may seem like a really trivial problem, but it gives me a lot of trouble knowing which incoming texts I need to pay attention to immediately and which ones I can ignore for later. So if anyone knows how to properly implement custom notification sounds ( or if it is completely impossible), let me know!

(Yes, and also: any news about the fiasco “assign certain tones to specific contacts, not specific conversations”?)

one Change and customize notification sounds on Android phone

To change the notification sounds on your Android phone, you just need to do it in the settings. Take Samsung Galaxy S5 as an example to show simple steps.

Step 1 Adjust the volume of the notification sound

Go to Settings and then Sound & Notification. In the Sound section you have the freedom to adjust the volume for Ringtones, Media, Notification and System.

Step 2 Change system notification sounds

Scroll down to find “Notification Ringtone” and you will see all the built-in sounds. Tap it to hear it, then just select the sound you want and press “OK” to change the notification sounds.

Step 3 Change app notification sounds (call / email / calendar)

On the Sound & Notification screen, scroll down to find “Other Sounds” and tap it “Samsung Apps” and you will see “Call” (including voicemail), “Email” and “Calendar” Tap one of them (e. Gram. Calendar) Tap Notification Sound to hear a sound and select it as your app notification sound.

You can customize notification sound specifically for three apps.

Note. For some Android devices, the notification sound of the Messages app can also be configured right here.

How to change and customize notification sound on Android and iPhone

In a public place, you hear the phone ringing and then pick up the phone to check it. You won’t find anything, however, and the notification sound comes from the people around you. What a big embarrassment!

Luckily, only you knew what just happened to you.

However, to avoid the following complication, you should change the notification sound on your phone.

This post shows a complete guide to change notification sounds on iPhone and Android. whether you want to change the system app (email, message, calendar, etc.) the notification sound or customize the ringtone of a third party app, for example. Instagram, etc.

How to change notification sound on Samsung

Customize your own sounds for your contacts

To get started, open the Messages app on your Galaxy, then select the chat you want to highlight separately. Tap the three-dot menu button in the upper-right corner to open more options, and tap the toggle next to Custom Notifications in the overlay that appears to enable this feature.

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Now after enabling, select “Custom Notifications” again, then click “Sound” on the next page. From there, select the desired notification tone for that particular chat from the list of provided sounds. When done, exit the app and repeat the process for any other conversations you want to prioritize.

Please note that ringtones on your device will not appear as sound options unless they are notification sounds. For example, “Beep Once”. they are both. However, you can add them or any other sound file you want to your list of notification sounds using the file manager. In addition, the sounds that appear may depend on your wireless provider, so you may see additional carrier-specific tones in addition to the standard or custom tones you added.

This article was produced during the Gadget Hacks Special Coverage of Text Messaging, Instant Messaging, Calling, and Audio / Video Chat Using Your Smartphone. Watch the entire chat streak.

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Cover, screenshots and gifs by Amboy Manalo / Gadget Hacks.

How to set SMS ringtone on Samsung phone?

Now let’s talk about how to set your melody as a ringtone for SMS.

Open the application “My files” or any other file manager.

We select the device memory where you saved your own ringtone. internal or external (memory card), if any. We have melodies stored in internal memory.

Long press to select the ringtone, then press “Copy”.

We return to the main memory section and open the Notifications folder.

Now we do everything the same as mentioned in the first part of the article: go to the settings, select the “Sounds and vibration” section, then. the item “Notification sounds”, the required SIM and And look in the list for a melody that will appear in this list, since we placed it in the Notifications folder. And here she is. tap on it and press “Back”.

If you transfer a ringtone from a computer or laptop, immediately transfer it to the Notifications folder, then the ringtone will instantly appear in the section with ringtones for notifications. The number of ringtones for this folder, as far as we know, is not limited.


Mp3DirectCut is a small free utility whose main purpose is to edit MP3 files. In the program, you can cut out fragments of a file, change the volume, split files, etc. The main feature of the program is that the original file will not lose quality, since the program does not re-compress them when saving files.

So, download and install mp3DirectCut. At the first start, the program will offer to select a language. In the “Language” tab, select the Russian language.

How to cut music in Mp3DirectCut:

  • Open the file (File. Open).
  • Play the file using the “Start” and “Stop” buttons.
  • After you have decided on the fragment you want to cut, while listening, set the end points for trimming by clicking on the “Start” and “End” buttons.

Just like in Audacity, further actions depend on the desired result:
a) if you need to cut the selected fragment. click “Cut”, then File. Save all.
b) if you want to save only the selected fragment. click File. Save Selection.


Audacity is a free sound editor. The functionality of the editor is quite wide: from recording sound to changing its characteristics. But we are primarily interested in the editing function. Audacity allows you to edit Ogg, MP3 and WAV files. You can download the editor from the official website.

How to slice a file in Audacity:

  • Open the file being edited in Audacity (File. Open).
  • When listening to a file on the audio track that appears in the panel, select the part you want to cut. To do this, click on the audio track with the left mouse button and, while holding it, drag the cursor left or right to the desired location. Or, while holding down the SHIFT key, click at the beginning and at the end of the cutout fragment. You can listen to the fragment by clicking on the green Play button.
  • Further editing of the file depends on what you need to cut. the selected fragment of the file or crop the composition along the edges, except for the selected fragment. To do this, in the toolbar, click on the desired icon (see the screenshot above): a) cut the selected fragment; b) cut the file, except for the selected fragment.
  • Save the resulting file by selecting the desired format (File. Export to).
  • To save the resulting file in MP3 format, you need to install the Lame library.

    How to install Lame library in Audacity:

    • Download and install the distribution.
    • The first time you save the cut file in MP3 format, Audacity will require the lame_enc.dll file to be loaded. Open the C: \ Program Files \ Lame for Audacity folder, select the lame_enc.dll file and click OK.

    Programs and online services for cutting music

    Cutting music. This feature may be needed for various reasons: cut the necessary fragment from the mp3 file and make a ringtone out of it, or vice versa, cut off the excess from the file, for example, after recording the radio broadcast. There are many options. As well as many different programs specializing in cutting music. In this article, I tried to highlight the best, in my opinion, programs and online services that allow you to cut music quickly and with maximum convenience.

    Cutting music online. Services for cutting mp3

    Another possible option for cutting music is using online services. This is very convenient: there is no need to download the source file to your computer, use specials. programs. It is enough to upload the file to the server, cut the desired fragment and download the finished file to your computer. What services are most convenient, in my opinion. commercial office carpet at competitive prices.

    This service for cutting music online I liked the most. The service allows you to cut a piece of the desired interval from an mp3 file. Convenient tool for cutting audio file into ringtones for mobile.

    How to work with the service:

    • Click on the big “Click” button and get into the service interface.
    • Download mp3 file. At the same time, it is possible to upload songs to the server from a computer, from a link on the Internet and from the YouTube video hosting. There is no need to convert YouTube videos to mp3)). Let’s download from a computer. Click “Browse” and upload the file.

    After loading, the interface displays an audio track and a toolbar. Clicking on the audio track with the left mouse button and holding it, select the necessary fragment that you want to save. If you need to select several fragments, then use the CTRL key. The combination of the CTRL key and left-clicking on the selected fragment will remove the selection. If you select the “fade out” checkbox, you will get the sound fading at the end of the composition.

  • Enter, if necessary, the name of the selected fragment, and press the “Save” button.
  • Voila, you are taken to the download page. You can save the cut fragment in one of the formats: mp3, amr, ogg and m4r.
  • is one of the most popular services for cutting music online. Service in Russian. This is a plus. Popular is a minus, because uploading files to the service servers is slow due to their load. The service allows you to cut the required fragment from an MP3 file and save it to your computer.

    Cutting mp3 takes place in three simple steps:

    • Download original mp3 file. Wait for it to download and prepare.
    • Use two sliders to specify the required fragment (this particular fragment will be saved).
    • Click on the “Cut and Download” button. And the desired fragment will be saved to your computer.

    That’s all. In principle, the programs for cutting music described above, as well as online services, should be more than enough. They cope with the task perfectly. I hope this article was useful for you.

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