How to insert a cartridge into a brother printer

Criterias of choice

To choose the right printing device, you need to decide for what purposes it will be used. It is important to pay attention to the quality, which is indicated by the resolution indicated in the description of the device. Speed, measured in pages per minute, will be important for high-volume document and photo applications, so a high-performance printer is a better choice for office applications.

Brother machines can print on a variety of sheet sizes, but there are models that are not universal, so be aware. Cartridge volume is considered one of the most important parameters. The memory of the device is important for working with graphic text documents in large volumes.

Pay attention to the compatibility of the printer with the operating system, whether it can work with a mobile device or tablet, because some models have this function. These characteristics are the most relevant, so the first step is to assess the volume of printing that is planned in the future, and the format.

Both laser and inkjet machines from Brother have a lot of positive characteristics, moreover, the manufacturer itself has established its position in the market, having won the trust of consumers with high quality and reliability of products.

Features of the

The Japanese manufacturer Brother is engaged in the manufacture of printers and MFPs. These high quality products are widely used in numerous offices and are even suitable for home use.

Many units are universal in terms of their characteristics. You can familiarize yourself with the full range of printers, each of which has its own technical indicators and parameters.

Practice shows that these devices are reliable and resistant to loads, therefore they can serve for a long time. A distinctive feature of Brother equipment is its compact size. it does not take up much space.

Printing devices can be roughly divided into several categories, which differ in printing technology. This includes laser and LED units, sublimation and solid ink, inkjet and others. Devices can print not only on paper, but also on transparencies, envelopes and other types of materials.


Toner is designed for cartridges and tubes. It operates at high temperatures and fuses into the paper during printing. When choosing Brother toner, you should take into account the specifics of the cartridge and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Suitable for laser MFP. Consumables are sold in plastic containers and bags. The powder can be suitable for different models, the list of which is always indicated in the description.

The advantages include stable operation of the device, excellent quality of any image, saturation, and realism of shades. Powder consumption is low, so it is safe to say that the material is economical. One toner can print 6,000 pages.

Replacement should be done when streaks appear on the sheets, print quality decreases or a notification about the end of the powder is issued.


This consumable provides high image quality. Care must be taken to select the paint. The ink has increased resistance to ultraviolet light and moisture; after printing, it dries quickly and does not smudge. The material is offered in containers of different sizes. Used in inkjet printers. Easy to refill by yourself to keep the print head running smoothly.

Inkjet ink does not wet the paper, so it can be used for 2-sided printing. Colors are accurately reproduced, the composition of the material does not thicken. If the printer is used infrequently, there is no need to worry about downtime as the ink does not dry out. There are no toxic substances in the composition, the consumable material does not have an unpleasant odor.


The print quality of such printers is somewhat inferior to laser models, but the devices are still widely used. Printing technology is quiet and easy to maintain.

The working principle of an inkjet printer is as follows:

  • inside there are nozzles through which ink is transferred to paper;
  • thin elements are located on the printer head, where a container with liquid paint is also installed;
  • the number of nozzles depends on the specific model.

Inkjet printers include the DCP-T310 InkBenefit Plus. This product can print, scan and copy. Tray holds 150 sheets, print speed 12 pages per minute.

Such devices are being developed in Japan.

Models that can be connected wirelessly include DCP-T510W InkBenefit Plus; has a mobile application, which is very convenient. Print speed is the same as previous printer, with single line LCD display.

If you need a faster device, the MFC-J3530DW is a better choice. This inkjet printer can print 22 black and white images in a minute, and just 2 fewer pages in color.

The unit is equipped with an automatic document feeder and a duplex function.

The MFC-J5945DW supports A3 sheets and can be used to send a fax. Print speed is fast. 20-22 pages. The printer has BSI support for integrating additional solutions.


These MFPs are in high demand for a number of reasons. With such a printer, the printout of text and graphics will be of high quality. The main feature is the high speed of operation, as well as the affordable cost of consumables for the device. The main element is the drum unit, on which the toner adheres under the influence of the electric field, and the image is transferred to the paper.

Brother offers several models from this category.

The DCP-1623WR is a cost-effective multifunctional printer that offers wireless printing.

It processes 20 pages per minute, which is an excellent indicator, the device can also copy and scan images.

The DCP-1602R laser machine has an economical cartridge, liquid crystal display, and is offered in a compact size. Such a printer does not have a wireless printing function, but this is a minor drawback.

Separately, the DCP-L2551DN model should be highlighted, which has a lot of advantages.

The device works almost silently, it is suitable for home use, but more often it is used in offices. Print speeds up to 34 pages per minute, the tray holds 250 sheets, and can be connected to a wired network. Among the characteristics, the function of automatic two-sided printing is indicated, which is very convenient. Similar parameters to the printer DCP-L2560DWR.

The color laser MFP is available in the DCP-L2560DWR model, which is suitable for small and large offices. Key features: wireless laser printing, speed of 31 pages per minute, regardless of mode, presence of a touch screen, capacity of a tray of 300 sheets.

Consumables and accessories

Brother is dedicated to printer supplies.

All About Brother Printers

Printing devices are offered on the market in a wide range. Printer manufacturer Brother produces models with different specifications and features. Each device prints using different materials. You can connect the printer yourself, as well as cope with small problems during operation.

Zeroing on HP models

Many HP cartridge users choose to turn off ink control. But for most models, it is not possible to reset the cartridge counter. The HP printer is equipped with a dual tracking system. First of all, the chip signals the end of the paint. If he thinks that the ink is completely empty, although there is still enough dye on the electronic sensor, the device will ask a question about whether to continue working.

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The HP printer will continue to function when refilling ink. If refueling is skipped, the chip will be blocked, and then you will need to buy a new cartridge or reflash the chip.

insert, cartridge, brother, printer

In some cases, you can reset the HP cartridge. How do you do this job so that the printer always accepts the ink bottle like new? You can reset the cartridge as follows:

  • Using adhesive tape, the contact located in the upper left part is glued.
  • The part is inserted into the HP printer.
  • Paper is being removed from the tray.
  • The “Enable” and “Cancel” buttons are pressed at the same time, after which the device will notify about the absence of sheets.
  • The “Cancel” button is pressed again, and the highlighted inscription disappears.
  • The paper is put back in place and one sheet is printed. This will cause the HP machine to detect that the ink tank is full.

When the counter again shows the absence of paint, the tape is removed, which will allow the container to be zeroed. Similar actions are performed as needed.

Features of Zeroing Canon Devices

The question of how to reset the cartridge on their own often worries those who use Canon printers. The essence of the problem is the presence of the chip memory on the ink tank and the printing apparatus. If a new ink tank is installed, the software will indicate that it is full. After refueling, the container does not have a chip, therefore, the data will not be updated, and the use of the device will become impossible due to its blocking.

You can reset a Canon cartridge that does not have a chip. Resetting a Canon cartridge is done using:

  • programmer;
  • contact blocking;
  • reset the counter of the Canon printer itself.

After refueling, it is recommended to zero the capacity as follows:

  • First, the upper contacts are glued with tape.
  • The ink tank is installed in the machine, after which the information about the absence of the cartridge will be displayed.
  • Next, the second row is glued, and the container is returned to its place.
  • After an error appears stating that you need to insert the ink tank, it must be pulled out and completely remove the sticky strips.
  • Once the part is reinstalled, Canon will assume the cartridge is full.

Steps to zero out the Canon Pixma colorant bottle:

  • if there is an ink cartridge in the device and an inscription appears indicating a low ink content, press “OK” or the “No paper” button;
  • if no further messages are observed, you can continue to work.

In the event of the “Out of ink” error, the following is provided:

  • pressing the “OK” key;
  • holding the “Stop” button for 10 seconds;
  • after the message disappears, the Canon counter will be reset.

Deactivating the Canon Pixma cartridge voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

Toner Counter Reset Methods

If the printer, after refilling the cartridge, signals that the ink bottle needs to be replaced, this does not mean that there is no dye left. Now almost every cartridge is equipped with a chip, the task of which is to control ink consumption based on the number of sheets printed. Therefore, when the limit is reached, the blocking is turned on, because the device sees the ink tank empty.

The way out of this situation is to reset the printer cartridge, which can be done independently. There are several ways:

  • Removing the used chip and installing a new one. This is only possible with laser devices. The ink cartridge chip is not replaceable.
  • The use of a universal programmer or a model that is suitable for a specific printing device.
  • Zeroing the cartridge without any tools. For example, the “Reset / Stop” key is pressed and held for 10 seconds. True, in the future, you will need to monitor the paint level yourself.

When the printer reports not a shortage of ink, but a problem, it will not work to zero the cartridge after refilling. You may need to purchase a new ink tank.

Instructions on how to reset the cartridge on different printer models

Often users of printing devices are faced with a situation when the printer informs about the need to install a new cartridge, although there is enough ink in it. You can solve the problem on your own. The main thing is to understand what actions will be appropriate and in what sequence they should be performed.

Reset Counter on Brother Models

Brother printers, in particular the DCP 1510R, are equipped with an ink level control system. This is done so that users try to buy new cartridges rather than refilling them. However, this situation is extremely disadvantageous for the consumer. Accordingly, owners of Brother laser products are trying to find the most appropriate ways to reset the counter.

How to solve the problem? To zero the Brother cartridge, experts advise using a simple technique. For example, if you have a Brother DCP 1510R machine, you will have the following:

  • Remove ink bottle and paper.
  • Remove the toner from the cartridge.
  • Insert the base back into the device.
  • Through the sheet tray, reach the button on the left side to reset the counter.
  • Close the lid through which the paint container is installed and wait. When the internal mechanism starts to rotate, release the button literally for 1-2 seconds, and then press and hold it again until the mechanism stops spinning.

As a result of correct actions, the device will not display an error about the need to replace the toner. Otherwise, the steps will have to be repeated again.

In order not to buy a new cartridge, you can get by with zeroing it. It is important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid damage to the device.

How to insert a cartridge into a Brother printer

The Japanese company Brother specializes in the production of laser printers. The operation of these devices is based on the principle of electrography. The laser transfers the toner to the photosensitive drum (drum, photobar) of the cartridge, and then prints the information that you want to print on the paper. The coloring powder is attracted to the sheet, melted under the influence of the high temperature of the thermal roller and is fixed in the form of text or an image. Before the sheet is released from the printer, the charge is removed from the drum and it is cleaned of ink residues.

The cartridge is the main consumable of the laser device. Periodically, it needs to be refilled with dye powder. The life of the cartridge is limited, so after a certain period (depending on the conditions of use) it will have to be replaced with a new one. How to change the cartridge in a Brother printer and how often it needs to be done, we will consider in the article.

Features Brother DCP 1510R. when you need to replace the cartridge in your printer

Brother offers a wide range of laser printers for the home, small production and office applications. a range of color and black and white products for printing standard A4 documents, brochures and flyers.

Select models are designed to print on envelopes, self-adhesive paper, cardstock, and other heavy media. Laser equipment is almost never used for printing labels and stickers. thermal and thermal transfer printers are designed for these tasks.

Brother’s lineup includes multifunctional devices (MFPs) such as the DCP-1602R and MFC-1815R, which simultaneously function as a printer, scanner and copier. The manufacturer indicates that such MFPs are suitable for printing on films and labels.

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Laser devices are cheaper than thermal and thermal transfer printers, but the consumption of cartridges for regular printing of labels and price tags will be higher. Price tags printed with a laser printer on A4 paper will have to be cut manually. In addition, thermal transfer printing provides high quality coding. resistance to abrasion, humidity and temperature changes, even during long-term storage. Electrography will not give such a result in labeling, therefore, laser devices are recommended to be used for their intended purpose. for printing A4 documents on office paper.

The procedure for replacing the cartridge depends on the modification of the device. How to remove and insert the cartridge into the Brother printer, let’s take the example of the DCP-1510R model. Compact and budget MFP with black and white printing belongs to the category of versatile equipment for home and office use. The printing speed reaches 20 pages per minute, the time for printing one sheet does not exceed 10 seconds. The drum unit and toner bottle in this model are not combined into a single unit, which makes replacing them even more convenient and quick.

The MFP is equipped with a 150-sheet paper tray. A refilled toner cartridge lasts an average of 1,000 pages. Replace the cartridge in Brother DCP 1510R printers after 5-7 refills (depending on conditions of use, paper quality and other factors). In some cases, replacing only a worn drum unit is sufficient. it lasts 10,000. 12,000 pages.

When the ink / drum unit is near the end of its life, the device notifies the user by flashing a red light on the control panel.

Separate the toner from the drum unit and replace only the consumable item that is nearing its end of life or near the end.

Post-installation check

How do I insert a cartridge into the printer for the device to function properly? To do this, you need to check its performance. When the lid is closed, the technique is automatically detected. A message prompting you to print a test page appears on the computer screen. You need to confirm this action.

If this function is not available, enable printing yourself. Do not forget to insert blank paper, otherwise there will be an error alert. Before printing, it usually checks the settings in the printer and then prints a test page.

If the picture matches, the procedure is correct. If streaks or problems are found, then a deep cleaning should be performed. The printheads may need to be aligned. These procedures are carried out in the printer control panel. Each device has a menu, so see the instructions for details. Does it usually tell you how to insert the cartridge into the printer? It is necessary to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions in order to prevent damage to the equipment.

How do I insert the cartridge into the printer? Features of the procedure

Printers are now not only in offices, but also in many private homes. This technique needs to be refueled periodically to be able to create printed documents. Therefore, it is important to know how to insert the cartridge into the printer. The procedure is simple, just take a few steps.

Rules of procedure

Depending on the type of technology, the process of inserting the cartridge may differ. HP is considered a widespread printer. It is easy to operate and set up. How do I insert a cartridge into an HP Laserjet printer? The cartridge is located in the box. It is advisable to get it out before installation, since exposure to air will negatively affect the technique.

Shake the new block gently. This step is required because it may have been stored for a long time. This is due to the fact that the fine powder inside is caked. The device is held horizontally and shaken 3-4 times. The print head is covered with a film. It is located at the bottom of the part, it can be removed carefully. In order not to get your hands dirty, you should take up the color label.

Where to insert the cartridge into the printer? The block is placed in the place where the old cartridge was. Usually, a cover opens at the top of the device, where the printing device fits. The cartridge must be fixed, which is done using a thrust mechanism or a latch. A click is considered to confirm the insertion. Do not press hard on the device so as not to damage it.

The used cartridge must be placed in a bag and disposed of separately from household waste. Then insert a new cartridge. Shaking is mandatory with any kind of technique.

How to insert a cartridge into the printer to do it the first time? The part is installed along the guide rails. The device must be carefully pushed into the equipment. A correctly placed part becomes loose. After clicking, you can close the front cover.

How do I insert a cartridge into my Brother printer? This procedure is carried out in the same way as with other devices. It is necessary to open the cover where the unit is inserted, and then smoothly install it until it clicks. At the end you need to close the lid.

Probable difficulties

Printers are available in black and white and color. The latter have only a few colors that are mixed to obtain different tones. The difficulty lies in the fact that if the colors are confused, then the device will not correctly mix the colors when printing. During installation, pay attention to the colored sticker.

It should be on the cartridge and in the slot of the printing equipment. It turns out that the block with a green sticker is installed where there is a sticker of the same color. If there are difficulties, for example, the device is not fully inserted, it is possible that it fits on the wrong side of the required.

How to determine if a cartridge needs replacement?

The cartridge is usually pulled out when refilling is required. Insert it after performing this procedure. There are signs when you need to replace the cartridge:

  • The print becomes faded, its former saturation is lost.
  • Not the whole sheet is printed, some letters may be lost, there is an effect of “unprinted corners”.
  • The display will indicate “Replace cartridge”.
  • Light stripes effect.

There are 2 types of cartridges. chipped and unchipped. The former are considered to be expensive to maintain and also technologically advanced. For example, this device notifies the owner of the need to replace the ink unit. Non-chip fixtures are usually used with low-cost technology. Then you need to independently calculate the resource of the device.

The cartridges must be refilled regularly to avoid drying out. It is very easy to insert these fixtures. It is enough to try once, then in the future there will be no difficulties.

Brother printer does not detect (does not see) refillable cartridges or CISS. problem solution

If a Brother printer or MFP cannot identify (identify, “see”) refillable ink cartridges or CISS, it cannot print and sometimes even scan. Identification of cartridges is done through:

  • chips (taking into account the built-in paint consumption meters)
  • sensors for the presence of ink (float) and body shape.

If the printer thinks something is wrong, the error information is displayed on the device screen and in the program on the computer. Typically, Brother printers display only two similar cartridge error messages:

  • [Sensor / Counter Error]: Not enough ink for quality printing
  • [Cartridge detection error]: The cartridge was not detected. Remove and install the cartridges securely (new cartridges)

Insufficient ink for quality printing (Sensor / Counter Error)

This message may appear when the ink counter reaches zero (on the chip), or the float in the cartridge has lowered due to physical emptying.

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In this case, first of all, it is necessary to check the actual amount of ink in the cartridges: if there are less than half of them, refuel. Check that the float is not stuck, it is in the correct position (the light sensor in the printer shines through the place where the tail of the float should be). You can try to glue the location of the float shank (sometimes the light sensor may fail).

If your printer works on cartridges with chips (MFC-J2510, MFC-J2310, MFC-J3720, MFC-J3520, MFC-J2720, MFC-J2320, etc.):

If refueling and checking the operation of the float does not help, it is necessary to change the chips on the cartridges: the counter in them has dropped to zero. If you have auto-zeroing chips installed, it is worth remembering about the Brother zeroing aLGorithm. The reset occurs when the cartridge is rearranged (remove / insert), but is guaranteed only if the ink level on the counter has not reached the 15% mark. If the printer warns about a low ink amount, then the 15% mark has been passed and reset is not guaranteed (that is, you will most likely have to buy new chips).

No cartridge found. Remove and install the cartridges securely (Cartridge detection error)

This message appears in the following cases:

  • chip incompatibility (for example, when using LPG cartridges on printers from other regions);
  • poor contact of the chip (skewed, dirty, too low, broken contacts in the printer, etc.);
  • non-compliance with the order of actions when rearranging / replacing cartridges (the most common problem).

It is necessary to pay attention to the notifications that appear, whether everything is being done as the printer requires, so the third case can be excluded. Replace cartridges using the following aLGorithm:

Open the cover of the cartridge compartment (if Long cartridges are installed, you also need to remove the lid open sensor lock).
2. Remove all cartridges.
3. Wipe the chips, check that they are level and not stained.
4. Install ONE cartridge into the printer.
5. Wait for the printer to remove this cartridge from the list of those to be installed (on its screen)
6. Insert the next cartridge.
7. Wait until it disappears from the list of missing.
8. Use the same principle to install the remaining cartridges.
9. Wait for the message to close the cartridge compartment cover.
10. Close the lid of the cartridge compartment (if the cartridges are Long or CISS, then also install the lid opening sensor lock or otherwise block it).

If the printer displays the message “cartridge not found”, repeat steps from step 1 to step 10. If you have MFC-J2510, MFC-J2310, MFC-J3720, MFC-J3520, MFC-J2720, MFC-J2320, DCP-J100, DCP-J100R, DCP-J105, MFC-J200, between point 3 and point 4, install (if not present) or remove (if installed) the small black strips (see photo below).

If the strips have been lost, then they can be replaced by pasting something opaque (a paper sticker, a piece of electrical tape, etc.) on this place, as in the photo below. It is advisable (but not necessary) to use a dark material.

In general, when troubleshooting, special attention should be paid to observing the order of actions when reinstalling cartridges, since this is where mistakes are most often made and, accordingly, it is not possible to start the printer.


Please read the information first before replacing the cartridge in your Brother printer. Some points should be taken into account without fail, because otherwise it may lead to physical damage to the device.

Once you are sure that you are ready to proceed with installing a new cartridge, select one of the following instructions based on the type of printing equipment you are using.

Laser printer

Brother laser printers print in black only and come with toner that can be refilled or replaced. As it is already clear from the information above, it is better to replace the supplied toner with another proprietary one, so further we will talk about removing it and installing a new component.

    Wait for the printer to shut down, turn it off, and unplug the power cord. Make sure the device no longer makes any sounds that indicate the movement of the print head inside the equipment. Once all the sounds have disappeared, open the front cover by pressing your fingers on the special latches on the sides. If the design of the printer differs from the one shown below, find the markings on the lid yourself that indicate the correct opening.

Toner is removed from the printer along with the drum unit because the two are linked. To do this, find the handle of the cartridge and pull it towards you. You will have to make a little effort, and if the toner does not give way, look for the key on the side and move it to the side.

Start unpacking a new cartridge by taking it out of the package and removing the protective cover, which covers almost the entire area of ​​the component.

Install the new cartridge into the drum until you hear a clicking sound, indicating that the components are connected successfully. Check if the installation is correct, otherwise a situation may arise that the toner will simply fall out.

The drum unit itself has a corona wire that must be cleaned before installing it in the printer. To do this, move the green tab left and right several times. Return it to its original state so that the arrow markings match (as in the image below).

Turn on the device and do a test print. Follow a few of these procedures to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly. You should not hear any extraneous noise or clicks, and the print result should be excellent.

Jet printer

Inkjet printers are characterized by ink cartridges, which are installed in several different colors in the device itself. If we are not talking about a continuous ink supply system, such cartridges can be replaced or refilled by yourself, having previously removed from the device itself.

    View information about the status of ink in cartridges through the operating system or the display of the printing equipment. Remember which ones need replacing or refueling. Then open the cover of the printer compartment where the cartridges are located. Locate the color tank you want, pull the locking lever down to release the container, and then use your fingers to remove it from the connector. Recycle or refill this cartridge.

In the case of a new container, open it only now, unpack it and remove the yellow protective cap. Do not touch the top of the cartridge, which is shown in the following illustration.

Each type of ink cartridge is inserted into the printer at a specific position. The marking on the case itself is responsible for this. Look for the arrow mark on it and place the container correctly in the printer.

Raise the locking lever until you hear a click, do not use too much force, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the component. Then close the ink tank cover.

Be sure to run a test print, and if the quality of the result is not satisfactory to you, open the printer maintenance menu and perform the print head cleaning procedure several times.