How to insert a cartridge into an HP 2130 printer

How to Install / Replace Ink Cartridge in HP DeskJet 2130/2135 All-in-One

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Mounting the ink tank

If you are going to purchase a new cartridge, be sure to check that the format is supported by your equipment. The list of compatible models can be found in the instructions for the printer or on its official page on the HP website. If the contacts do not match, the ink tank will not be detected. Now that you have the right accessory, follow these steps:

    Open the side panel to access the holder.

Press down gently on the old cartridge to remove it.

Remove the protective film from the nozzle and contacts.

Put the ink tank back in place. You will know that this happened when the corresponding click appears.

Repeat these steps for all other cartridges, if necessary, and then close the side panel.

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This completes the installation of the components. It remains only to calibrate, after which you can proceed to printing documents.

Insert the cartridge into the HP printer

The very task of installing the ink tank is not a problem, however, due to the different structure of HP products, certain difficulties can arise. We will take the DeskJet series model as an example, and you, based on the design features of your device, repeat the instructions below.

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How to put a cartridge in the printer

Aligning the cartridges

Upon completion of the installation of new ink tanks, the equipment does not immediately recognize them, sometimes it even cannot determine the correct color, therefore, it is necessary to align. This is done by means of a function built into the software:

    Connect your device to your computer and turn it on.

How to connect a printer to a computer
Connecting the Printer via Wi-Fi Router

Go to “Control Panel” via the “Start” menu.

Open the “Devices and Printers” category.

Right click on your printer and select “Printing Preferences”.

If your device is not displayed in the list, you should add it yourself. This can be done in different ways. Learn more about them in our other article at the link below.

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In the window that opens, find the “Services” tab.

Select the Align Ink Cartridge Maintenance Tool.

Follow the instructions shown in the Alignment Wizard. After finishing, you just need to reconnect the printer and you can go to work.

Even an inexperienced user who does not have additional knowledge or skills can handle the procedure for installing a cartridge into a printer. Above, you have been introduced to a detailed guide on this topic. We hope our article helped you to easily complete your task.

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The printer is in “single cartridge mode”. how to change it ? HP Support Community

Welcome to the HP Support Forums. I understand that your printer is stuck in single cartridge mode. I would like to help.

Typically, the printer exits single cartridge mode when it detects a second cartridge. It looks like the printer is not currently detecting both ink cartridges.

Replacing Cartridges on HP 2130 Deskjet All In One Printer Series

With the printer on, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer.
Unplug the power cord from the outlet.
Wait at least 60 seconds.
Plug the power cord back into the outlet.

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Connect the power cord to the back of the printer.
Turn on the printer if it does not turn on automatically.
The printer may go through a warm-up period. Printer lights may blink and the carriage may move.
Wait until the warm-up period is over and the printer is idle before proceeding.

If the problem persists, try this document. An “Cartridge Missing”, “Cartridge Problem” or “Incompatible Ink Cartridge” error message displays.

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