How to insert a SIM card into an iPhone 7

How and where to insert a memory card into your iPhone

We have all heard that there are memory cards for the iPhone. Let’s figure out how and where to insert a memory card into an iPhone if there is no slot for it? So. Firstly, a Micro-SD memory card cannot be inserted into an iPhone or any other apple gadget in any way. Unfortunately, this is true, because the difference in cost between the iPhones 18 GB and 128 GB significantly exceeds the amount that could be given even for a 128 GB memory card. Well, memory is always very necessary for all of us. Where are we to cram new games, applications, pictures, music and other extremely important things? We urgently need to do something about this.

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What are the options? Of course, the easiest way to add free space to yourself is to remove unnecessary programs, clear the cache, and so on. We examined this option in more detail HERE. I strongly recommend that you read this article if you have a need to get precious megabytes of memory on your i-device.

The second way is lightning sticks. Of course, they have limited functionality, but you can use it. Such flash drives are sold not only for 16 GB, but also of much larger capacity. up to 256 gigs! Now you and I know that an ordinary memory card cannot be inserted into an iPhone. The answer is obvious. How and where to insert a memory card into an iPhone. ANYWHERE.

But do not blame Apple for this and say that all companies produce smartphones with slots for memory cards, but Apple does not. The latest flagship devices of the same Samsung (for example, the Galaxy S6 Edge) also lack such slots. Alas, this is so. It’s sad to admit it. Maybe soon Yablochniki will come up with a place for the SD. Wait and see.

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iPhone 7 / 7 Plus SIM Card How to Insert or Remove

Conclusion: if you have room for a map, then most likely it is a Chinese replica. It has nothing to do with real branded products.

Apple iPhone 7. How to Insert SIM Card

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Technical difficulites

It may happen that even with the correct installation, the SIM is not detected. This most likely means that the card is defective and will not work with any other iPhone model. If possible, try inserting it into another smartphone and check, or buy a new one.

The SIM card is usually damaged when trying to cut it off without the necessary skills, as well as in case of wear, a large amount of mechanical damage. scratches, bends and breaks.

If the card is detected by another device, you can try to fix the problem by restoring your iPhone. In many cases, this also works after the procedure, the smartphone immediately sees the network.

You can also check with your cellular operator. To do this, call the hot line, provide the details of your card and listen to the possible causes of the problem and ways to solve them. If the issue cannot be resolved by phone, you will have to visit the operator’s or Apple’s office yourself.

Before thinking about how to upload your photos or download music to iPhone, the user should take care of providing the basic function of the device: the ability to make voice calls and send text messages. Both are impossible without installing a SIM-card in the iPhone. not only an Apple specialist, but also the owner of the phone can put it in the slot correctly. How to insert a SIM card into an iPhone or change an existing one. let’s try to figure it out.

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How to put a SIM card in an iPhone

To get the sled on which the card is installed, use the special opening key located in a thick envelope.

Are there any differences for different models

The above method of how to insert a SIM card into an iPhone (5, 6, 7 and others). by pressing the key into the recess. was already used in the very first smartphone from Apple, released in 2007. Only the location of the slot differs: in the very first three models it is located on the upper end side, next to the on / off button.

Starting with iPhone 4, the slot “moves” to the right side panel and remains there on all subsequent devices.

It differs only in its height. on the “four” and everywhere, including the iPhone 10, iPhone SE and XS, it is located almost exactly in the center, and in XR in the lower third of the side panel.

This is the latest commercially available version for 2019.

We coped with the installation of the SIM card, now, perhaps, over time, you will need instructions on how to remove the SIM card from the iPhone. Bookmark our article and save until the right time.

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Possible problems with reading SIM and ways to solve them

Not always, even after successfully opening the device, the SIM card works correctly. On rare occasions, users may run into problems. To solve them, first of all, it is necessary to determine the reason.

In some cases, in order to activate the SIM card, you will have to connect to the Internet via a wireless connection (Wi-Fi). If this is not possible, you can also connect your phone to i-Tunes using the supplied cable. The program independently activates the card.

If everything worked out, the screen will display the name of the cellular network and the signal strength. If even after that, the screen shows that “Network not found”, then there are technical problems, or the SIM card was inserted incorrectly.

Preparing for the first launch

The first thing a happy iPhone owner needs to do is turn off the device by holding down the power button. You can also open the slot “for profit”, however, in this case, the likelihood of failures in further work dramatically increases; it’s better to be patient and act strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. fortunately, it’s as easy as taking a screenshot on an iPhone.

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Important: You can insert and remove a SIM card into an iPhone without opening the cover of the device. For the owner of the phone, it is enough to follow the simple instructions given below. and not to climb without the need for a rather complex system of loops and radio components.

The power button is located, depending on the device model, on the top end (older versions) or at the top right (more modern). You need to hold it until you are prompted to turn off the phone. after which, after waiting until the screen goes out, proceed to further manipulations.

Summing up

To insert a SIM card into an iPhone, you must first turn off the device using the physical button on the top or right end. Next. determine which SIM format is used in the device. mini, micro or nano. To change or install a SIM card, you need to remove the slot by pressing a paper clip into a special recess, remove the tray, put the SIM card in it, following the guides, and put it back inside the iPhone.

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The first thing we do after buying any phone is to insert a SIM card into it. Detailed instructions on how to insert a SIM card into an iPhone will be given in this article. We will also give additional information regarding its different models, including.

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How to insert a SIM card into an iPhone. video

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