How To Insert Cartridge Into Printer Laser

Replacing a cartridge in a Canon printer

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It is no secret that the amount of ink and toner is designed to print a certain number of pages. At the same time, each owner of a Canon printer inevitably faces the need to replace the cartridge or refill it. On the one hand, this procedure is quite simple. However, it is recommended that you first stock up on certain knowledge, which will help to avoid serious mistakes.

Replacement features

Naturally, the easiest option would be to contact a service center, whose specialists will quickly change Canon Pixma cartridges of any model. However, many users prefer to carry out such operations on their own in order to save money and time. In principle, we are talking about the simplest possible manipulations. In addition, now on the network you can find a sufficient number of detailed instructions.

At the same time, it will be useful to take care of the availability of basic knowledge regarding the design features of certain models of office equipment.

On this basis, each step should be approached with appropriate attention and caution. Otherwise, you may be faced with the need to carry out expensive repairs.

An equally important point is safety. This topic is especially relevant for laser printers and multifunctional devices. Please be aware that toner cartridge refill material may be harmful to health if handled carelessly.

How to change the cartridge correctly?

It has already been noted that users can easily change cartridges in both inkjet and laser peripheral devices on their own. On the one hand, the algorithm of actions in the vast majority of cases will be the same (standard). However, you should forget about the existence of certain general rules.

The sequence of steps does NOT depend on the specific model of printer or all-in-one printer. The determining factor is the type of equipment. Naturally, inkjet and laser printers have their own design features and require an appropriate approach to replacing consumables.

Retrieving old

At the initial stage, you need to remove an empty or faulty cartridge. This procedure includes several such simple manipulations.

  • Start equipment. In this case, it is not at all necessary to connect it to a PC or laptop.
  • Open or remove, depending on the model, the side cover and the paper tray behind it.
  • It will start the movement of cartridges in automatic mode by opening the cover of the pallet. It is important to DO NOT touch moving elements and, moreover, DO NOT try to stop them.
  • To get the paint reservoir, pressed the holder, lowers it to a characteristic click.
  • Remove the cartridge to be replaced from the compartment. Please be aware that ink may still remain in this bottle.

Removing the toner container in laser printers is even easier. However, you must remember about the harmfulness of the powder. Regardless of the type and model of the device’s peripherals, it is strongly recommended to replace consumables as quickly as possible, Do not leave the equipment for a long time without cartridges.

Preparing a new

Experienced users and professionals are advised to unpack the ink tanks and toner containers just before installing them. This is especially true for laser printers and all-in-one printers that are sensitive to light. In a situation with inkjet models, it is necessary to minimize the possibility of contact of foreign objects and hands with the working surface and nozzles of the cartridge.

If consumables are being replaced in a laser printer, then special attention is paid to caution, since the element to be replaced is rather fragile.

Speech in a similar situation will be in the following fundamental points.

  • Do not touch the drum unit or the green (cyan) part of the cartridge itself.
  • These elements must be protected from direct light rays using paper or clean cloth.
  • Do not turn the toner container upside down.

It is strictly forbidden to use sharp objects when unpacking cartridges. In doing so, it is recommended that you first study the relevant manufacturer’s instructions. After removing the toner bottle for all-in-one printer and laser printers from the box, shake it once. This removes lumps and distributes the powder evenly. Similar manipulations are carried out over a letter of paper or an oilcloth, which is used to cover the workplace in advance.


After the old consumable, which needs to be replaced, is removed from the device, and the new one from the package, all actions should be performed as quickly as possible. The algorithm in this case will look like this.

  • Completely remove all protective film.
  • Insert a new or serviced (refilled) cartridge into the printer. It is required to insert the reservoir all the way into the corresponding compartment of the carriage.
  • Raise the latch to the upper position until it clicks.
  • Close or replace the output paper tray cover.

After completing all manipulations, the mobile module with cartridges will automatically be moved to the working position. In principle, the peripheral device will already be ready for further use. However, in some cases, additional manipulations may be required. And it’s about choosing a replacement paint tank. For this, the preinstalled software is used, and in order to select the desired cartridge, the following is required.

  • In the “Start” menu, open the “Control Panel” tab.
  • Go to “Devices and Printers”.
  • Find the Canon printer or multifunction device you are using in the list of devices.
  • Name the corresponding icon with the right mouse button and go to the “Printing settings” section.
  • Open the “Maintenance” tab and select “Cartridge Settings”.
  • Mark the desired ink tank and confirm your actions by pressing the Ok button.

The final step will be a reboot of the equipment, after which you can safely proceed to printing text documents and images.

Despite the fact that the replacement of cartridges is carried out most often according to the standard scheme, many models have their own design features, which should be taken into account. Based on this, it is strongly recommended to study the instructions of the manufacturers of both the equipment itself and the consumables for it. It is important to remember that non-compliance with the rules often leads to serious damage.

The list of the latter includes the following important points.

  • It is highly undesirable to operate peripheral devices without at least one cartridge. By the way, in the overwhelming majority of cases this will be impossible to do due to hardware blocking.
  • Handle consumables outside the printer with extreme care. This applies, first of all, to contacts, microboards, print heads, chips, as well as nozzles, nozzles and photos.
  • In order to maximize the operational life of consumables, it is recommended to remove them only for replacement, which in itself prevents the contact surface from drying out.
  • All the above manipulations should be carried out with rubber gloves.

Among other things, it is worth paying attention to the main difference between replacing cartridges in Canon inkjet and laser devices.

These are the following key points.

  • The cartridges themselves differ in their dimensions and shapes.
  • In inkjet printers and all-in-one printers, ink is used for printing, which is absorbed into the paper, and in laser their functions are performed by a powder that changes its properties and structure under the action of the beam.
  • Many inkjet ink tanks are disposable.

Most often, to remove the cartridge, simply pull it towards you. In this case, the clips snap off by themselves, freeing the paint reservoirs. If at this stage there are problems, then it is highly undesirable to make an effort. Some models may have additional hand-snap fasteners.

How to replace the cartridge in the all-in-one printer Canon MP250 see below.

How to insert the cartridge into the printer

Installing a cartridge after refueling or buying a new one is a procedure that many users have to do on their own. This is NOT a difficult action at all, even a beginner can handle it. But inexperienced users raise a number of questions about this. Let’s consider how to correctly change the cartridge in an inkjet or laser printing device.

Step-by-step instructions on how to insert the cartridge into the device

There are two situations: change or refill print cartridges. One way or another, you will need to get them out of the printer and then put them back in place. Consider this for several types of printing equipment.

What you need to refill the cartridge

In order to fill the empty cartridge, you need to prepare:

  • Cotton swabs;
  • Latex gloves;
  • Cloth napkin;
  • Refueling kit: syringe, ink.

We act in the following stages.

  • Open the hinged cover and carefully remove the empty cartridge according to the instructions for the printer.
  • Find the filling hole and insert the syringe needle there, which will respond with a light touch to the sponges located inside.
  • At a slow pace at intervals, allowing the sponges to soak, refill the cartridge with ink.
  • When paint appears in the drainage holes, the syringe can be removed.

The holes are wiped with a cloth napkin. Place the cartridge on a flat surface (table) for about 5 minutes to settle.

How to install a filled container

You need to carefully take a full tank and place it where it was previously. Install in a click. The next step is to turn on a “cleaning cycle”. getting good print quality. Then the equipment can be considered ready for operation. This way you can refill the cartridge yourself, saving time and money on going to the workshop.

Reinstallation specificity for different types of devices

Now many have a printer, having turned into a household device. over, the printing equipment is capable of working on a wide variety of surfaces. The most common designs are inkjet printers. The reasons are the relatively low cost, the ability to print on various types of paper. Consider how cartridges are installed in laser and inkjet printing devices from various manufacturers.

Laser printer.

The reinstallation technology in a laser printer is as follows.

  • For free access to the internal parts, the equipment must be online. Some models require pressing and holding the Reset button. Then you need to pull the cover towards you. Secondly, it should simply be opened. In this case, the cartridge moves out to the middle.
  • Open the retaining mechanism to remove the reservoir. For this, the stop latch is pressed inward. And in some models they press “Reset”.
  • After unlocking the system, you can remove the cartridge by pulling it towards you and up. They shake it, changing it to a new one, so that the ink is distributed. After all, they often become stale, which can degrade print quality.
  • We unpack the cartridge, remove the protective sticker. The print head located at the bottom must not be touched by hand.
  • We make the installation, we provide a reliable fixation in the right place. Mindfulness will exclude turning backwards and upside down. The cartridge should slide easily along the guides. If this is not the case, reinstall it again. After clicking firmly, you can cover the fillings with a lid.
  • Trying to print. Usually the computer asks for permission to check. we agree (ok).
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Inkjet and laser printers recharge in principle the same. The only difference is in the form of tanks and filler: ink, powder.

HP, Canon, Samsung.

How do I insert an ink bottle into an HP printer? The products of this brand are diverse, in connection with which discrepancies in the instructions may arise. You can turn to an example. the DeskJet series, on the basis of which the steps will be repeated.

First of all, install the paper (which is recommended by the guide). This requires:

  • Open the cover, trays: for paper and receiving;
  • Push back the top mount, which is responsible for the width of the sheets;
  • Some A4 paper is loaded into the tray;
  • Securing the stack of effortless width guide.

Installation of the cartridge. It must match the hardware, or the device will not detect it. We perform the following actions:

  • Open the side panel (cover) where the holder is located;
  • Press on the old inkwell, remove it, unpack the new one;
  • Remove the protective film from the contacts and nozzle;
  • Install the cartridge in place after hearing the click;
  • Reinstall the rest of the ink tanks in the same way, if necessary;
  • Close the side cover.

The final step is calibration and printing. Cartridges Must be recognized by the hardware. To do this, we align the heads using the program:

  • Connect the printing unit to the computer, turn it on (control panel. start menu. Devices and Printers. HP Printing Preferences)
  • If equipment is NOT displayed, add it to the list;
  • Find the “Services” tab;
  • Select the “Align Ink Cartridges” tool, will start the process following the instructions.

It remains only to reconnect the printer so that it can print.

Let’s move on to the Canon brand and look at the installation of an ink tank in this device. The principle is almost the same in all models, the containers are in the FINE format. Having purchased a new filled tank, we perform the following steps.

  • Removing the container. Turn on the power, start the printer. Then open the cover and paper tray, and then the cartridges will move to replace. Click on the holder, lowering it down to click. We get the capacity.
  • Install the new ink tank immediately after unpacking it DO NOT shake it. Placing all the way into the back wall. Raise the locking lever to click.
  • We close the lid of the tray. This moves the cartridge so that you can print.
  • If you need one color, indicate it through the program. The path is as follows: Control Panel. “Start”. Devices and Printers. Canon. RMB. Printing Preferences. “Maintenance” (tab). “Cartridge Settings”. Next, select the inkwell and click “OK”.

Now reload and start typing.

Let’s see how the Samsung toner cartridge changes. The program reports on the need for this procedure. It is necessary to purchase an ink bottle corresponding to the model, shake it. Do not leave the container in the light, but hold it by the handle, and not touching the working parts. We proceed to the replacement in the following steps.

  • Open the lid, take out the old container.
  • We release the new tank from the packaging, remove the protective tape.
  • Shake up to 6 times to distribute the toner inside.
  • We hold the inkwell by the handle, slowly insert, aligning the protrusions with the grooves of the printer. Clicking indicates correct location.
  • Close the lid securely.


The toner cartridge in the Brother printer is separated from the drum unit. To replace the container, you need to purchase an original (from the dealer) cassette that matches the model of the printing equipment. The device reports the need to replace, the Toner indicator lights up. Open the cover, take out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. The first one is pulled towards themselves, after which they are raised. Pressed on the blue release lever, the reservoir is removed for subsequent disposal. Everything seized is placed on paper.

The insert is made in stages:

  • Unpack a new cartridge, keep away from light. It also needs to be shaken to distribute content.
  • Place the container in the drum unit, not touching the gray areas. Fixation will occur with a click. If everything is correct, the locking lever will rise.
  • The blue slider needs a feat to clear the inner wire of the drum unit.
  • Before installing the drum in the device, put the blue slider in place.
  • At the end close the front cover.

Now it remains to check the operation of the printing equipment.

Useful Tips

  • You can find out about the need for replacement by the messages of the program, as well as by the deterioration of the quality of the text: light stripes, faded display, and not completely printed areas.
  • When replacing the ink tank, do not touch the contacts of the containers, otherwise the stains will badly affect the print.
  • Distinguish between chip and non-chip cartridges. Namely: those equipped with a chip can report the need for replacement. Those in which it is absent are cheaper, but it is necessary to calculate the supply of paint yourself according to the amount of work already done.
  • When purchasing a new replacement cassette, it is convenient to use the markings on the old one, which can be recorded or photographed to find an analogy.
  • Link of one black ink cartridge lasts about 95 pages (according to the manufacturer. up to 130).

Replacing the printer tanks is fairly quick. But at the same time, you need to know how this is done. Otherwise, it is better to turn to professionals.

How to remove the cartridge from the printer

Today, printers are used to print documents and files. These are special peripheral devices that are connected to a computer and convert information from an electronic format in a database to a paper medium. The process of work of any printer consists in the sequential execution of a certain cycle. It consists of several main stages:

  • Connecting equipment to a power source and recognition by a computer program.
  • Setting the print format and the quality of the resulting display.
  • Loading the cartridge and paper, starting a job.
  • Sequential printing of document pages.

This happens every time you use the program. As can be seen from the described manipulation plan, one of the main elements for carrying out the work is the cartridge. For normal printing, you need to Monitor its condition, the amount of ink. After it is completely used up, you need to refill it or completely replace it with a new element.

Removing the cartridge?

Before you start installing a new element inside the printer body, you must remove the old cartridge. This is quite simple to do, especially if you have experience with technology. However, if you are performing the manipulations for the first time, it is better to use the Step-by-step instructions and carefully remove the cartridge from the printer body. To do this, follow the instructions:

  • Prepare your work area, remove unnecessary jewelry from your hands and roll up your sleeves for comfort and paint spillage.
  • Gently lift the printer cover and look inside the case. During operation, some parts may become very hot, be careful when touching elements.
  • Find the cartridge, in some models it can be held by the special clips. Pull them gently without sudden movements so as not to break.
  • After releasing from the clamps, pull on the special handles or recesses on the cartridge. If it gets stuck, you should contact the service center for help. Abrupt and violent movements can damage equipment.

When you open the case, the cartridges may continue to move for some time without applying ink, you should not stop them yourself. Wait for a while until the movement stops, after that Removing them.

Care must be taken when removing the cartridge as it contains many small parts, damage to which can adversely affect print quality.

No matter how you get dirty in the paint?

An important point when replacing a cartridge is the presence of remaining ink in it. The problem is that the coloring composition inside the cell can stain human skin and surrounding objects. In order to protect yourself and the elements of your home interior, use the following tips:

  • Prepare your work area, lay sheets of paper on a surface. Remove unnecessary items from the table.
  • Put on an old apron or cover your body with a towel. Be sure to put on gloves on your hands, you can use old knitted ones, which you have not used for a long time.
  • Also stock up on rags or wipes to quickly remove any paint that gets on your skin or clothing. Stock of solvent for removing paint when it dries.

Of course, different types of paint or polymer powder (toner) have different effects and require special precautions. In some cases, it will be helpful to use personal protective equipment: rubber gloves, respirators, safety glasses.

How to refill the cartridge?

After you have removed the old element, you can replace it with a new one, but to save money, you can use refueling at home. This is easy enough even for a beginner, but some questions may arise on the first try. A step-by-step plan for performing the manipulation will help to answer them:

  • Prepare ink and syringe for injection into the cartridge body.
  • Use the plunger to fill the syringe container to the upper mark. DO NOT fill to capacity, otherwise paint may spill out.
  • After that, find the hole on the outer case and insert the needle from the syringe into it. Start gently and smoothly pouring ink into the container, filling it.
  • Finally, tape all openings in the cartridge to prevent ink loss.

In the case of the introduction of laser toner, the process will be slightly different:

  • Prepare personal protective equipment as polymer powder is highly toxic.
  • Remove the element from the printer body, inspect its walls. There should be a hole on the top cover. In its absence, you need to burn a small hole in the wall.
  • After that, using a special funnel, I pour the powder into the free chamber.
  • Then cover the hole with a plug or duct tape.
  • In some cases of the cartridge, it is necessary to apply a special chip (included in the kit) so that the computer and printer programs recognize it
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This option is suitable when using a universal technique and a suitable coloring material for refueling. Some manufacturers restrict the ability to work with non-native elements, you should take this into account before trying to insert a refilled cartridge. Information can be found on the cartridge body or in the printer manual.

Therefore, it is recommended to quickly replace or refill paint in order to restore the operation of the equipment in a short time.

How to insert the cartridge correctly?

After filling, the easiest action remains, now you need to insert everything into its original places. To accomplish this, do the following:

  • Disconnect the needle and syringe, rinse them thoroughly until the coloring composition is completely removed.
  • Place the cartridges on a flat surface with the holes facing up to allow the ink to settle inside them.
  • Now locate the original location on the moving carriage. Unplug the printer so that the printheads DO NOT move or interfere with the main process.
  • Pre-open the holes by removing the tapes or tape covering them to get paint into the nozzles.
  • Insert the element into the device without sudden movements until a characteristic click appears, signaling the correct installation. DO NOT press hard.
  • If there are retaining clips, move them slightly to neatly position all components.

So you can definitely refill the cartridge or install new equipment if necessary. This will significantly save your money and time.

To improve performance and increase productivity, read additional information in your hardware and follow these tips:

  • Diagnose and troubleshoot operational problems.
  • Periodically clean the structural elements from dust, dirt and foreign elements.
  • When refueling the cartridge, we mix different compounds, this spoils the printing machines.
  • If the equipment does not support other people’s parts, try NOT to use them.

How to refill laser cartridges?

How to refuel a laser printer? Very simple. Remove the cartridge from the printer. Remove the cover. Add toner. Close the lid. Insert back into the device. I must say that refueling the laser is not difficult at all. If you adhere to certain rules and do not lose consciousness when the words “screwdriver” and “pliers” are used, because these are the tools that are needed to refill the laser printer cartridge by yourself.

What you need to know about refueling at home

Laser printers are filled with a special powder called toner.

Toners are different for all printers. The manufacturer on the toner bottles usually indicates a list of models for which this or that powder is intended.

Toner is chemically very hazardous and should be used with care.

It is important to know if there is a special chip on the cartridge that blocks the operation of the device after the consumable is used up. If so, it’s best to take it to a gas station.

Security measures

All components of toner for printing devices are very toxic. To avoid poisoning, wear rubber gloves, a gown, or other clothing that is not a complaint before refilling the laser printer cartridge.

Replace toner in a well-ventilated area. Since fine particles of toner dust can even pass through a special gas mask. You can arm yourself with a respirator or gauze bandage. But they are unlikely to help, even if the gas mask allows dust particles to pass through.

The table on which the refueling of the laser printer cartridge will be carried out should be covered with a newspaper or something similar.

What are the cartridges

There are two types of laser cartridges. Some have a special hole for filling the powder into the hopper, others have it. You will have to tinker with such a model in order to get to the toner compartment.

The print device cartridge has two parts. The first is the dye bin. The second is a container for collecting garbage and powder residues.

Replacing the toner in the cartridge is carried out in two stages: first cleaning the waste container, then refilling.

How to clean a laser printer cartridge

Now you need to disassemble and clean the garbage container from dirt. To do this, using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws, which fix the side plugs of the case. Then carefully pull out the light-sensitive drum. It is important not to take it with your fingers on the main surface, but try to hold it on the sides or along the gear, otherwise the drum will deteriorate and be unusable for later use. After the photo is taken out of the case, it is advisable to put it away from the main workspace, covered with a newspaper or letter of paper so that light and dust do not fall.

Then you need to remove the charging roller (rubberized part), which is located under the photosensitive drum. At the same time, remember that all parts must be taken by the side parts. As surface damage to THESE parts will result in poor print quality.

Now we unscrew the cleaning blade called the squeegee. And carefully, so that the remnants of powder and debris do not scatter on the sides, turning over and shaking out the container. Thoroughly clean all the parts from paint residues and put them back together. In filling workshops, a special vacuum cleaner is used, with which they clean the entire body of the printing device.

Refueling the printer

The toner hopper is located in the second half of the printing unit. Most often, the access to the filling hole is located on the side under the plastic cap. But there are cartridges, the design of which does NOT provide holes for filling paint. In this case, you have to completely unscrew the cartridge and pour the toner into the slot through which it enters the magnetic shaft. Sometimes a hole is made in the hopper, and in this way the cartridges are refilled. Avoiding complete disassembly and cleaning of the entire cartridge.

Nuances that need to be observed when refilling toners.

It often happens that laser printer cartridges are equipped with a print counter chip. To refuel them, you should contact a specialist to reset the data in the chip memory or to replace it. Even if you manage to do all the dirty work at home, the printer will simply refuse to work, since “by its calculation, the resource has already been used up”.

An important question. “How many times can you refill the cartridge?” It all depends on the cartridge itself. On average, this number ranges from 5 to 15 times. over, during every 3-6 refueling, it is necessary to perform a restoration. This is a procedure for replacing consumables that need to be replaced as they wear out.

In general, refueling is not such a difficult task. But it is worth taking on this business only when there is confidence that everything will work out. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new cartridge, and its cost is often comparable to the cost of the device itself. And all the expected savings from “self-service” will come down to comments. If you still have questions about how to refill a laser cartridge, we advise you to read the instructions for refilling your particular model. To do this, go to the section cartridges.

How to change the cartridge in all types of Canon printers

There is enough ink or toner to print a certain number of pages, and then every printer owner is faced with the need to change or refill the cartridge. Therefore, you need to be able to extract it and install it back. The design of different models of Canon printing equipment differs from each other, but individual units have much in common.

Monochrome Laser Printers

Perhaps the easiest way to get a monochrome printer is a laser cartridge, it doesn’t even require a network connection. The main thing here is to get to the very detail. For printers with a paper tray at the bottom, lift up the top cover (often made of translucent plastic) that receives the printed pages. Then open the second one that covers the internal mechanism of the device. This lid has a small notch (it can be located either on the left or on the right), under which you can easily slip your fingertips.

Some Canon printer models, such as the LBP810, load paper from the top. In such a printer, the cartridge is usually placed behind a cover located on the front of the housing. It is necessary to pull it towards you and fold it down.

The path is now clear and the cartridge can be easily pulled out by the handle.

It may be skewed and in order to avoid breakage it is better to make a second attempt. When the cartridge is brought straight to the guides, it practically falls into its intended place. The final stage: press to a characteristic click, so that the contacts are in place.

Laser Color Printers

The location and design of cartridges depends on the technology used in a particular device. For example, the Canon i-SENSYS LBP7110Cw printer operates on the Single Pass method and includes four SEPARATE print engines. The cartridges are located one after the other in a specially designed tray. Their replacement is carried out as follows:

  • Pull towards you and lower the cover on the front wall of the device;
  • Pull the block out by the handle;
  • Get out the cartridge that needs refilling;
  • Install full.

Toner cartridge

You can pay 30-50% less for light, depending on what kind of electrical appliances you use.

Canon i-SENSYS LBP7010C (7018C) color laser printers use multi-pass printing technology and, in addition to four blocks with toner, the design includes a drum cartridge, which is a drum with a cleaning system. If you open the top cover, you can only access the toner cartridges. In addition, only one of them is accessible, the rest are located deep in the device. Using the “Paper” button on the control panel. press and hold for 2 seconds. the printer is put into cartridge replacement mode. The Paper light is on and the toner light for the color of the container ready to be replaced is blinking.

When the button is pressed once again, the cartridges move and all lights flash. Do not open the printer cover at this time. When the transfer operation is complete, one of the lights keeps blinking to indicate which toner cartridge can be removed. So each of the blocks is sequentially transferred to an accessible position. Replacement is carried out in the same way, and the cartridge of the color of the toner opposite to the designation of which the indicator flashes is installed in place. To take the printer out of this mode, press and hold the “Paper” key again for 2 seconds. In the video at the end of the article Visual instructions for removing toner cartridges from the Canon i-SENSYS LBP7010C printer.

Drum cartridge

The unit is also called a copy cartridge. Although its resource is 7000 pages, restoration or replacement will still be required.

Store the drum cartridge only in opaque packaging and should not be exposed to direct sunlight or strong light. To get the block, you need to sequentially do the following operations:

  • Close the auxiliary tray and open the printer cover;
  • Remove the top of the multi purpose tray and remove the paper;
  • Open the front cover;
  • Lift the levers on both sides to unlock;
  • Pull the drum cartridge out by the handle.
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Inkjet Printing Technique

Here you cannot do without turning on the device, since the cartridges are located in the parking area and are not available for removal. After pressing the ON button, you need to wait until the printer is ready for operation (indicator is on) and open the cover. The carriage moves to the cartridge replacement position.

It should be noted that the instruction manuals for Canon devices do not recommend turning off the printer. over, on the first pages of the user manual there is a warning that when the power indicator is on or flashing, the cord cannot be disconnected. However, if you press the ON button now, the carriage will move back to the parking area. The only way to power off the printer is to unplug the power cord.

Cartridges may have tabs that you need to push. Or the carriage has covers that hold the ink tanks in position and must be lifted. If there is no lever, just pull the cartridge yourself and remove it from the slot. Reinstallation takes place in reverse order:

How to replace the cartridge in the printer yourself?

Sooner or later, printer owners have to deal with such a problem as replacing the cartridge. But it should be noted right away that replacing a cartridge in a printer is not such a difficult and complex problem as it might seem to most. In addition, the instructions supplied with each model of office equipment, whether it be a printer or an all-in-one printer, provides detailed information on how to replace the cartridge in the printer. Please note that if you act in this case completely relying on your intuition, then this can lead to the commission of mistakes, which will certainly negatively affect the operation of your printer.

Step one: Removing the old cartridge

Before removing the cartridge from the printer, you should turn on the device and open its cover to gain access to the consumables inside it. The easiest way to deal with the cartridges, which is equipped with laser printers, because they are one whole box with a gripping handle.

So, to answer the question of how to remove the cartridge from the printer, you should pull it by the handle. The direction will depend on the rails on the sides of the printer body. It should be removed carefully without any additional effort. Otherwise, if you pull it out in the wrong direction, you may break not only this consumable, but the device itself. In addition, it’s not a secret for anyone that plastic is quite fragile.

In this case, the question is how to remove the cartridge? To get the consumable as accurately as possible, hold it exclusively by the handle and, if necessary, at the ends. Therefore, do not touch the drum unit or moving parts of the cartridge! In addition, it should be noted that toner residues may spill out of such consumables, which is a very corrosive and toxic substance. If you do get dirty, you can wash off the remaining toner from the skin with cold water and any suitable cleaning agent. At the same time, it is better to take off clothes and put them away for washing. Thus, now you have learned how to remove the cartridge from the printer.

Second step: preparing a new cartridge

At this stage, you will need to replace the old consumables with a new part. But before you insert the cartridge into the printer, make sure that it really fits your device. For example, if you have an HP printer, then you can replace a consumable in it with the same model or with a non-original one that is compatible with your printer model. In general, today the market offers a wide range of cheap compatible cartridges to choose from, and the choice between the original and the compatible is solely yours.

To solve the problem of how to insert the cartridge into the printer, first print out a new consumable. Inside the cartridge box, you will see a shockproof sealed package. You will need to open it and remove it from the cartridge, and then carefully remove it, and not touching the contacts and the drum unit. Try to be clean in advance, as even new toner cartridges for laser printers may spill toner. Next, remove the packing tape and the protective tape that is on the contacts. Rotate the new cartridge back and forth several times while keeping it horizontal. This will allow the toner inside the container to be distributed as evenly as possible.

Step three: install the cartridge

Next, we proceed to solving the problem of how to install the cartridge correctly and correctly. To do this, you only need to insert it, got to protrude into the corresponding grooves. DO NOT make any significant effort, because the consumable should be installed easily enough. After that, push it into the device body until it stops. If something went wrong initially, be sure to remove this part and try again. Try to avoid distortions, otherwise the replaced cartridge will completely snap into place. After that, you just have to close the printer cover and wait until the device goes into working state. Thus, the question of how to put the cartridge into the printer is solved quite simply.

Be sure to print Test Pages at the end to make sure the cartridge fits fully into your printer and is working normally. If the cartridge is not installed properly, you will have to open the cover again and remove the consumable.

In addition to all of the above, it should be added that, technically, replacing a cartridge in a printer intended for an inkjet model looks almost the same as in the case of consumables for a laser device. But before removing the cartridge in this type of printer, pay attention to the presence of reservoirs. The fact is that it is a little easier to solve the question of how to change the cartridge in an inkjet printer, because they only allow individual ink tanks to be replaced as they are consumed. In general, as you have probably seen, installing the cartridge into the printer is a fairly simple process that requires consistency and accuracy.

How to install the cartridge into the printer. How to insert a cartridge into an HP printer

The ink cartridges in most HP printer models are removable and even sold separately. Almost every owner of printing equipment is faced with a situation when it is required to insert a cartridge into it. Inexperienced users often have questions related to this process. Today we will try to tell you as much as possible about this procedure.

Insert the cartridge into the HP printer

The very task of installing the ink tank is NOT a problem, however, due to the different structure of HP products, certain difficulties may arise. We will take the DeskJet series model as an example, and you, Based on the design features of your device, repeat the instructions below.

Setting paper

In their official guides, the manufacturer recommends refilling the paper first, and then proceeds to install the ink tank. This allows you to immediately align the cartridges and start printing. Let’s take a quick look at how this is done:

    Open the top cover.

Do the same with the output tray.

Slide the top mount to match the paper width.

Load a small stack of A4 blank sheets into the tray.

Secure it with the width guide, but not tightly so that the pickup roller can freely pick up the paper.

This completes the paper loading procedure, you can insert the container and calibrate it.

Mounting the ink tank

If you are going to purchase a new cartridge, be sure to make sure that its format is supported by your equipment. The list of compatible models is in the instructions for the printer or on its Official page on the HP website. If the contacts do not match, the ink tank will not be detected. Now that you have a suitable accessory, follow these steps:

    Open the side panel to Access the holder.

Press down gently on the old cartridge to remove it.

Unpack the new component.

Remove the protective film from the nozzle and contacts.

Put the ink tank back in place. You will know that this happened when the corresponding click appears.

Repeat these steps for all other cartridges, if necessary, and then close the side panel.

This completes the installation of the components. It remains only to calibrate, after which you can proceed to printing documents.

Aligning the cartridges

Upon completion of the installation of new ink tanks, the equipment does NOT immediately recognize them, sometimes it cannot even determine the correct color, so it is necessary to align. This is done through a built-in software function:

    Connect your device to your computer and turn it on.

How to connect a printer to a computer
Connecting the printer via a Wi-Fi router

Go to “Control Panel” via the “Start” menu.

Open the “Devices and Printers” category.

Right click on your printer and select “Printing Preferences”.

In case your device is NOT displayed in the list, you should add it yourself. This can be done in different ways. Learn more about them in our other article at the link below.

In the window that opens, find the “Services” tab.

Select the Align Cartridge Maintenance Tool.

Follow the instructions shown in the Alignment Wizard. After finishing, you just need to reconnect the printer and you can go to work.

Even an inexperienced user can handle the procedure of installing a cartridge into a printer, and not one with additional knowledge or skills. Above, you were familiar with a detailed guide on this topic. We hope our article helped you to easily complete your task.

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