How to Install a Cartridge In Your Brother Printer

How to put the cartridge into the printer. How to insert a cartridge into an HP printer

The ink cartridges in most HP printer models are removable and even sold separately. Almost every owner of printing equipment is faced with a situation when it is required to insert a cartridge into it. Inexperienced users often have questions related to this process. Today we will try to tell you as much as possible about this procedure.

Insert the cartridge into the HP printer

The very task of installing the ink tank is NOT a problem, however, due to the different structure of HP products, certain difficulties may arise. We will take the DeskJet series model as an example, and you, Based on the design features of your device, repeat the instructions below.

Setting paper

In their official guides, the manufacturer recommends refilling the paper first, and then proceeds to install the ink tank. This allows you to immediately align the cartridges and start printing. Let’s take a quick look at how this is done:

    Open the top cover.

Do the same with the output tray.

Slide the top mount to match the paper width.

Load a small stack of A4 blank sheets into the tray.

Secure it with the width guide, but not tightly so that the pickup roller can freely pick up the paper.

This completes the paper loading procedure, you can insert the container and calibrate it.

Mounting the ink tank

If you are going to purchase a new cartridge, be sure to make sure that its format is supported by your equipment. The list of compatible models is in the instructions for the printer or on its Official page on the HP website. If the contacts do not match, the ink tank will not be detected. Now that you have a suitable accessory, follow these steps:

    Open the side panel to Access the holder.

Press down gently on the old cartridge to remove it.

Unpack the new component.

Remove the protective film from the nozzle and contacts.

Put the ink tank back in place. You will know that this happened when the corresponding click appears.

Repeat these steps for all other cartridges, if necessary, and then close the side panel.

This completes the installation of the components. It remains only to calibrate, after which you can proceed to printing documents.

Aligning the cartridges

Upon completion of the installation of new ink tanks, the equipment does NOT immediately recognize them, sometimes it cannot even determine the correct color, so it is necessary to align. This is done through a built-in software function:

    Connect your device to your computer and turn it on.

How to connect a printer to a computer
Connecting the printer via a Wi-Fi router

Go to “Control Panel” via the “Start” menu.

Open the “Devices and Printers” category.

Right click on your printer and select “Printing Preferences”.

In case your device is NOT displayed in the list, you should add it yourself. This can be done in different ways. Learn more about them in our other article at the link below.

In the window that opens, find the “Services” tab.

Select the Align Cartridge Maintenance Tool.

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Follow the instructions shown in the Alignment Wizard. After finishing, you just need to reconnect the printer and you can go to work.

Even an inexperienced user can handle the procedure of installing a cartridge into a printer, and not one with additional knowledge or skills. Above, you were familiar with a detailed guide on this topic. We hope our article helped you to easily complete your task.

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The printer is in “single cartridge mode”. How to change it? HP Support Community

Welcome to the HP support forums. I understand that your printer is stuck in single cartridge mode. I would like to help.

Typically, the printer exits single cartridge mode when it detects a second cartridge. It looks like the printer is NOT currently detecting both ink cartridges.

Remove the ink cartridges from the printer.

When turning on the printer, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer.
Unplug the power cord from the outlet.
Wait at least 60 seconds.
Plug the power cord back into the outlet.

Connect the power cord to the back of the printer.
Turn on the printer if it does not turn on automatically.
The printer may go through a warm-up period. Printer lights may blink and the carriage may move.
Wait until the warm-up period ends and the device is idle before proceeding.

If the problem persists, try this document. An Error Message “Cartridge Missing”, “Ink Cartridge Problem” or “Ink Cartridges Incompatible” appears.

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HP LaserJet Pro. The printer control panel displays a “Low Cartridge” or “Cartridge Very Low” message.

The printer indicates a low toner cartridge. The actual life remaining of the toner cartridge may differ. If print quality becomes unacceptable, consider providing a replacement for the installation. Toner cartridge does not need to be replaced now.

Continue printing with the current cartridge until the redistributing toner is NOT satisfactory at all. To redistribute the toner, remove the toner cartridge from the printer and gently rock the cartridge back and forth back and forth. For a graphical representation, see Cartridge Replacement Instructions. Reinsert the toner cartridge into the printer and close the cover.

How to insert a cartridge into a Brother printer

The Japanese company Brother specializes in the production of laser printers. The operation of THESE devices is based on the principle of electrography. The laser transfers the toner to the photosensitive drum (drum, photobar) of the cartridge, and then prints the information that you want to print on the paper. The coloring powder is attracted to the letter, melted under the influence of the high temperature of the thermal roller and fixed in the form of text or an image. Before the release of the letter from the printer, the charge is removed from the drum and it is cleaned of ink residues.

The cartridge is the main consumable of the laser device. Periodically, it needs to be filled with dye powder. The life of the cartridge is limited, so after a certain period (depending on the conditions of use) it will have to be replaced with a new one. How to change the cartridge in a Brother printer and how often it needs to be done, we will consider in the article.

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Features Brother DCP 1510R. When you need to replace the cartridge in your printer

Brother offers a wide range of laser printers for the home, small production and office applications. a range of color and black and white products for printing standard A4 documents, brochures and flyers.

Select models are designed to print on envelopes, self-adhesive paper, cardstock, and other heavy media. Laser equipment is almost never used for printing labels and stickers. thermal and thermal transfer printers are designed for THESE tasks.

Brother’s lineup includes all-in-one printers, such as the DCP-1602R and MFC-1815R, which simultaneously act as a printer, scanner and copier. The manufacturer indicates that such all-in-one printers are suitable for printing on films and labels.

Laser devices are cheaper than thermal and thermal transfer printers, but the consumption of cartridges for regular printing of labels and price tags will be higher. Price tags printed with a laser printer on A4 paper will have to be cut manually. In addition, thermal transfer printing provides high quality coding. resistance to abrasion, moisture and temperature changes, even during long storage. Electrography will not give such a result in labeling, therefore, laser devices are recommended to be used for their intended purpose. for printing A4 documents on office paper.

The procedure for replacing the cartridge depends on the modification of the device. How to remove and insert the cartridge into the Brother printer, let’s take the example of the DCP-1510R model. Compact and budget all-in-one printer with black and white printing belongs to the category of universal equipment for home and office use. The print speed reaches 20 pages per minute, the time for printing one letter does not exceed 10 seconds. The drum unit and toner bottle in this model are not combined into a single unit, which makes replacing them even more convenient and quick.

install, cartridge, brother, printer

The all-in-one printer is equipped with a 150-sheet paper tray. The cartridge lasts an average of 1000 pages. Replace the cartridge in Brother DCP 1510R printers after 5-7 refills (depending on conditions of use, paper quality and other factors). In some cases, it is sufficient to replace only the worn out drum unit. it is enough for 10,000. 12,000 pages.

When the ink / drum unit is near the end of its life, the device notifies the user of a “blinking” red light on the control panel.

Separate the toner from the drum unit and replace only the consumable item that is exhausted or near the end.

Installing a new cartridge in Brother printers


First we suggest that you Read the information before replacing the cartridge in your Brother printer. Some points should be taken into account without fail, as otherwise it may lead to physical damage to the device.

  • DO NOT turn off the printer until it completes its work and enters ready mode. This is due to the location of the cartridge inside the equipment and the possibility of its further removal.
  • Proceed to replacing the cartridge with a new one only after a notification appears in the operating system or on the screen of the printer itself. Monitor the ink level in the proprietary application to always be aware of the remaining amount.

Once you are sure you are ready to proceed with installing a new cartridge, select one of the following instructions, Based on the type of printing equipment you are using.

Laser printer

Brother laser printers print in black only and are equipped with toner that can be refilled or replaced. As it is already clear from the information above, it is better to replace the supplied toner with another proprietary one, so further we will talk about removing it and installing a new component.

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    Wait for the printer to shut down, turn it off and unplug the power cord. Make sure the device is NOT making any more sounds that indicate the movement of printheads inside the equipment. As soon as all sounds have disappeared, open the front cover, pressed your fingers on the special latches on the sides. If the design of the printer differs from the one shown below, yourself look for the markings on the cover that indicate the correct opening.

Toner is removed from the printer along with the drum unit because the two are linked. To do this, find the handle of the cartridge and pull it towards you. You will have to make a little effort, and if the toner does NOT give way, look for the key on the side and move it to the side.

Proceed to unpack the new cartridge by removing it from the packaging and removing the protective cover, which covers almost the entire area of ​​the ACCESSORY.

Install a new cartridge into the drum until you hear a clicking sound, indicating that the components are connected successfully. Check if the installation is correct, otherwise a situation may arise that the toner will simply fall out.

The drum unit itself has a corona wire that must be cleaned before installing it in the printer. To do this, move the green tab to the left and right several times. Return it to its original state so that the arrow markings match (as in the image below).

Turn on the device and make a test print. Perform several of these procedures to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly. You should NOT hear any extraneous noise or Clicks, and the print result should be excellent.

Jet printer

Inkjet printers are characterized by ink cartridges, of which several different colors are installed in the device itself. If we are NOT talking about a continuous ink supply system, such cartridges can be replaced or refilled by yourself, having previously removed from the device itself.

    View information about the status of ink in cartridges through the operating system or the display of the printing equipment. Remember which ones need replacing or refueling. Then open the cover of the printer compartment where the cartridges are located. Locate the tank with the desired color, pull the locking lever down to release the container, and then use your fingers to remove it from the connector. Recycle or Refill this cartridge.

In the case of a new container, open it only now, take it out of the packaging and remove the yellow protective cap. DO NOT touch the top of the cartridge, which is shown in the following illustration.

Each type of ink cartridge is inserted into the printer at a specific position. This is answered by the marking on the case itself. Look for the arrow mark on it and place the container correctly in the printer.

Raise the locking lever until you hear a click, and DO NOT use too much force, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the ACCESSORY. Then close the cover of the ink tank.

Be sure to run a test print, and if the quality of the result does not satisfy you, open the printer maintenance menu and perform the printhead cleaning procedure several times.