How to Install Google Camera on Samsung

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Download Google Camera for Android 10.0 136 Mb

Download Google Camera Pixel2Mod Arnova8G2 v8.1 38 Mb

Developer: Google Inc.
Official site:
Page on Google Play

Download Google Camera for Android 7.1 65 Mb


Motion addresses the above problem. As a result of the activation of the mentioned function, the shooting of moving objects ceases to be difficult. Images stop being blurry and appear crisp and crisp. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the lens is fixed on all objects in the frame and does not lose their focus until the end of the photo.

Google camera for Huawei and Honor


An important feature of the Sphere mode is the need to have a gyroscope built into the smartphone. Most modern phones have a similar sensor, so there will be no difficulties with activating the function and photographing the objects you like. As a result, amateur photographers will have three-dimensional photographs that cover a large area around and have a distinct effect of depth.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Night sight

The name Night Sight clearly indicates the main purpose of the mode. shooting in twilight and dark rooms. Unlike standard photos taken with Huawei. pictures taken using this function are clear, and objects in the frame are clearly visible. The only drawback of night photography is the need to securely fix the camera and the requirement for the filmmakers not to move. You won’t be able to capture an object in motion.


Smartburst is the technology mentioned and described above that takes multiple instant shots at fast shutter speeds. In this case, most of the images are instantly deleted. And users have only 1, the best shot, at their disposal. This approach will appeal to those people who often blink during filming, because in this case they will be able to choose a picture where nothing spoils the overall view. It is important to emphasize that the choice of the photograph to be saved is up to the photographer.

Google camera for Honor and Huawei: installation, setup

The Google Camera on Honor and Huawei expands the standard shooting capabilities and helps you take high-quality pictures. But this application has one important drawback, its installation and use requires more attention than other similar programs. Therefore, those people who decide to use the specified service should study in advance the instructions describing how to work with the utility.

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Slow Motion

Slow Motion also allows you to keep moving subjects in focus and capture motion (not gif) shots. That is, the person taking the photograph does not have to worry about the blurry frame and the image is indistinct and incomprehensible. By activating the Slow mode, the user will receive a guarantee of a high-quality photo.

Through Recovery

First you need to download a document called “”. After that, enter TWRPRecovery and click on install, selecting the folder where the file will be saved. Next, select an activator, move the slider to start installation, tap on “Reboot system”. Done.

Other advantages of Gcam

The advantages of Google cameras do not end there, you can list them for a long time. Here are the main ones:

  • Motion. The snapshot is accompanied by a short video.
  • Smartburst. Used in dynamic scenes, many shots are taken, and then the best is chosen.
  • SlowMotion. Slow motion.
  • Sphere. 360 degree panoramic photos.
  • Portrait. You can choose a blurred background, especially the mode for the front camera.

I would also like to say about panoramic shots, which have become even more available with the Google camera for Xiaomi. To get a great shot, just sweep the camera in the direction you want. In this case, you need to combine two circles on the screen. After the shooting is over, processing of the panoramic photo will begin. We’ll have to wait a bit. After processing, the photo will be available in the gallery. The algorithm that glues the frames is so well developed that no one will notice any traces of alignment.

Another cool feature is a blurred background or bokeh effect. Interesting shots can now be done very simply and it is not necessary to use Photoshop. But there is a nuance: it is possible to make a background only if the object is static, that is, it does not move.

A useful addition to the utility are grids that help you catch objects for shooting. In addition, with the help of the Google camera on Xiaomi, you can shoot high-quality videos. An important advantage is shooting horizontal videos, not vertical ones, as is often the case with other cameras. In this case, the directionality is automatic mode and it switches independently.

The convenience of Google Camera for Xiaomi is that while working with the application, you will receive important tips from it that will help you not get confused and take really high-quality pictures.

Considering all of the above, we can conclude that Google Camera has a lot of advantages:

  • stable and fast work;
  • detailed shooting;
  • many options for customization;
  • great quality.


To install the application manually, just go to PlayMarket and select “BuildPropEditor”. After opening, it will give access to superuser rights. Click on the pencil, scroll through and write in the last line “ = 1”. Click on the floppy disk at the top, save and exit.

With Magisk

This method has an undeniable advantage. If the phone is flashed, there is no need to re-enable the Camera2 API. So, first of all, you need to get superuser rights. Next, download the file “C2APIGcamSlowmo_enabler_v1500”. After that, launch the Magisk Manager program. Call the side menu and go to “Modules”. Click “”. select the downloaded cXDA activator. It remains to reboot the device.

Google Camera for Xiaomi. new opportunities for photo and video shooting

It’s no secret that the software in the Xiaomi camera was, frankly, mediocre. And, even with good optical modules, the photos were not of the best quality. The situation changed dramatically last year. According to DxOMark, Xiaomi has entered the top ten camera phones. This became possible thanks to updated algorithms and the introduction of “artificial intelligence”. Simply put, now you can get high-quality photos by installing a camera on Xiaomi on Google.

NightSight mode

Google is constantly improving algorithms. The highlight was the innovative NightSight mode. As the name suggests, it is designed for nighttime filming. The photos taken on Xiaomi are very bright, sharp, and the dynamic range is very wide.

Why Google Camera is better than a standard camera

The main advantage of the application is the quality of the shooting. Photos taken with such a Google camera installed on Xiaomi are of higher quality than those taken with a standard camera. In addition, Google Camera opens up many additional possibilities for users. All this has become the reason for the popularity of Google Camera, which is preferred by more and more users.

Button Binding (Volume Keys)

You can bind your volume buttons to take pictures, zoom, or record videos. This can be handy for taking selfies and other functions that you can use the volume buttons to trigger.

Video size

The same as with the image, but in the video area. The higher the video quality you select, the more space it takes up on your device’s memory. Usually, the highest quality video recording on Samsung phones is 4K. Remember that such a video takes up a lot of space in the device’s memory.

Customize your Samsung camera with HDR

The HDR (high dynamic range) option changes the ratio between light and dark images in real time. This allows us to achieve realism in the color rendition of the images we receive. When activated, your Samsung phone takes three shots at different exposures and then blends them together to create the most realistic image possible.

We recommend using HDR for landscape shots, low-light shots, shots with lots of sunlight. Wherever the light source is, you should use HDR for optimal results.

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Video stabilization

This option is theoretically able to smooth out the shake of the video caused by hand movement, gusts of wind and anything else. Please note that Video Stabilization and Tracking Autofocus often cannot be activated at the same time.

Camera functions on Samsung smartphones

Of course, there are a great many models of Samsung smartphones, and each of these models has its own specifics of phone camera settings. But the vast majority of such cameras have the following basic settings, which we will discuss below.

Picture size

To set up the correct camera on your Samsung, you need to specify the size of the future photo. Increasing the size will improve its quality, but will make the photo file larger. Downgrade. will reduce the potential file size, but also worsen the level of the photo.

Location Tags

Thanks to this option, GPS tags will be added to each image you take. If you are concerned about your privacy, then this option should be disabled on Samsung.

What you need to know?

Google Camera is being developed specifically for the Google Pixel line of smartphones, which have always been powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. This means that problems may arise with devices on other platforms: the application may refuse to install or work correctly.

Another point is support for the Camera2 API. The smartphone on which the Camera is installed must support the current set of interfaces. Usually, there are no problems with modern gadgets, but just in case, you can check compatibility with the necessary APIs using the Camera2 probe application. If the parameter LIMITED, FULL or LEVEL_3 is checked in the Hardware Support Level item. everything is in order, the Camera2 API is supported.

And if not, there is a way to manually activate the interface, but this will require superuser rights and a number of actions. The most curious can find the corresponding instructions on the net.

Where to look for mods?

Of course, you can browse the forums of foreign XDA Developers and domestic But there is an easier option. a generally recognized site with the latest builds of mods by the Google Camera community, created by a man named Chelzo Azevedu. On it you can find all or almost all existing application modifications.

The latest mods from several dozen developers, some of whom specialize in optimizing the “Camera” for specific smartphone models, are available on this page.

Updated (1.02.2021): Published a new Google Camera by B-S-G mod in the new version MGC_8.1.101_A9_PV0e, which is designed for more devices.

How to install?

Just like a regular application. The site offers direct download of the APK file, when you try to install it, Android 8.0 will ask for permission to install programs from unknown sources.

If we are talking about the latest version of “Google Camera” 7.3, released at the end of January, then while there are not so many stable mods, there are no Suggested Versions at all.

It is worth paying attention to the assembly GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v1.3 from the developer Urnyx05. He actively fixes bugs for several models of smartphones at once, moreover, if the original “Camera” 7.3 only works on Android 10, Urnyx05 has extended support to Android 9.

The works of the Russian developer Parrot043 are also popular. The functioning of his mod MGC_7.3.018_Parrot043-v1.APK already quite stable and confirmed on a fairly long list of devices, including the latest flagships OnePlus, Redmi Note 8, Pocophone F1, Mi 9T and 9T Pro.

What are the features?

Usually modders are not limited to optimizing the “Camera” for third-party devices and extend the basic functionality of the application. For example, Urnyx05 boasts the ability to activate additional smartphone sensors (if any) and forcibly turn on astrophotography mode, and the advanced settings of the Parrot043 product do not fit even in five screens.

But you need to remember that not all of these chips work stably on a full list of smartphones.

Some other mods offer the installation of configuration files for copying photo processing algorithms from the latest Google Pixel, or, on the contrary, optimizing for the image sensors installed in a particular smartphone. Information on support for config files and links to download them can also be found on the Chelzo Azevedu website.

How to choose the right one?

The easiest way is to go to the Suggested Versions section. It contains the most stable builds from trusted developers, which are likely to work on almost any Android smartphone. But sometimes you need to go through several versions to find the most suitable option.

In the general list, Suggested Versions are also highlighted in red.

You can find a modification specially optimized for a specific model on this page using the search (CtrlF in a desktop browser). Here, almost every developer has a list of the devices he specializes in. You can immediately contact the author or send him gratitude in the form of a donation.

How to install “Google Camera” (almost) on any Android smartphone

The Google Camera app is the magic wand that keeps Google Pixel smartphones at the top of the list for mobile photography, even with one or two sensors. Google has managed to create algorithms that almost eliminate the disadvantages of mobile sensors.

And although initially the “Camera” is not available for smartphones from other manufacturers, through the efforts of the community of independent developers, the owner of almost any Android smartphone can come close to the quality of photography on the Google Pixel.

The latest major version of Google Cameras at the time of this writing is 7.3. She brought a Do Not Disturb mode to the app, which prevents the smartphone from vibrating when recording video, minor menu changes and a hint of the imminent appearance of the 24 frames per second cinematic function. Certainly there are changes and “under the hood”.

What are the results?

Just a few photos for comparison. Test used OnePlus 7 on stock OxygenOS Open Beta 10 (Android 10) with Oxygen Camera preinstalled and GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v1.3.

How to improve Samsung a50. camera performance or sound quality and more

Few don’t try to improve their phone. Most often this is the quality of photo, sound and video.

Samsung a50 owners have one more problem. a fingerprint scanner, it’s slow in autumn.

Unfortunately, in most cases, they only disable processes, which are then quickly turned on again, which can lead to the opposite results.

The Samsung Galaxy a50 system has a good mechanism for managing RAM, and if it concludes that memory is low, then it disables the corresponding programs or services by itself.

The only app you can install is MobiRadar. It does not load the system, but only provides a lot of useful information, and now we will also try to improve something.

How to improve sound quality on Samsung a50

To improve the sound quality in Samsung a50, you can install an external application. this is completely normal and legal.

In the market you will find dozens of music players that provide excellent possibilities for adjusting the sound.

You can also just install an equalizer like ViPER4Android. It is a powerful tool for managing sound parameters, allowing you to control them to a degree not available from system settings.

Once you set up the “ViPER” correctly, you will get a distinct improvement in sound, whether in headphones or in a speaker. The sound quality will, of course, depend on the quality of the music, but you can get better results anyway.

How to improve camera quality on Samsung a50. photo and video

Although Samsung has implemented 3 cameras in the a50, many say that it would be better to put one, but high-quality, otherwise the photo and video quality is poor.

What can be done. I have a few recommendations. The first one is to install instead of the built-in application. Google camera. You can download it at the end of the recording. it will not work with Google Market.

Only from the Play Store it will not work, so put that one you can download here at the very end.

It was also noticed that the camera shoots at a resolution of 16 pixels, instead of the declared 25. To avoid this, when taking a selfie with the camera, turn on the wide-angle mode. then the resolution changes to 25 Mpx. the quality of photos and videos naturally becomes better.

Another way to install the app from the “Open Camera” market and shoot with active HDR 4k recording. Details are much clearer as in the built-in.

How to improve the fingerprint scanner on Samsung a50

Fingerprint readers are getting cheaper models and therefore a growing audience.

Of course, they serve primarily as access to sensitive data and only offer selected features, but it turns out that the functionality of the reader can be improved. all you need is the Fingerprint Quick Action app.

This is a simple program that will add support for single and double tap and gesture functions.

They can be used, for example, to turn on the flashlight, take a screenshot, launch a specific application, slide out the notification bar, display the start screen, or return to the browser.

The configuration of the program is very simple. The interface is actually a not too long list of options by which you can activate the application (by granting it access rights in the system), and then configure the functions.

During my test, the fingerprint reader worked efficiently and proved to be effective in responding to one-touch or double-click, and the movement gesture is recognized in any direction of finger movement on the reader. Success.

How to install Google Camera

The new mod is available for almost every Android smartphone. Although there are some limitations, the main one is related to Camera2.API support. The mod only works with devices running Android 10. You can try the following steps, even if you have Android 9 and earlier, but at best you just won’t succeed.

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To install GCam on your smartphone, download the corresponding APK file. Please be aware that this is a beta version and may contain some bugs.

Next, you will need to install this APK. In order to be able to do this, activate the option “install applications from third-party sources” in the settings. This section is located in different places for different manufacturers, so it is better to use the search.

Having a Google camera on your smartphone can greatly improve the quality of images.

Once the Google Camera icon appears on your home screen, open it and you’re done. Then just answer the system and application questions to get started, and use an excellent camera if it works on your smartphone.

If you are using an old version of Android or just something did not work with the installation of a new version of the application, you can try downloading GCam 7.3, 7.2, 7.1 or any other mod compatible with your system. There are several versions of GCam for specific devices, you can refer to the CelsoAzevedo repository to find out more.

Make sure Camera2.API is enabled on your device. If you don’t know what it is, just enter “Camera 2 API checker” in the Play Store and download the corresponding app to make sure your device supports it.

How to install Google Camera on almost any smartphone

Google Camera is one of the top software wonders for Android devices. For smartphones of the Google Pixel series, this is the “Holy Grail”, which the company is in no hurry to share with everyone. True, many users still installed GCam for themselves and used it instead of their regular photo creation application. Now you can install this tool on any smartphone without unnecessary complications. To do this, you just need to download the APK and carry out a number of simple manipulations with it. As a result, you will get not just another application, but a powerful tool. Even with a relatively low camera level, it will allow you to take high quality pictures.

GCam advantages

While other companies rely on multiple cameras to capture high-quality images, the Google Pixel does it with powerful software. It is thanks to these technologies that Pixel smartphones are among the best smartphones on the photography market.

They have official support for advanced features such as astrophotography, high-definition video recording, AI-powered HDR and many more. The community is fast, and after successful iterations of GCam 7.3 and 7.4, we finally have a working GCam 8.0 mod for Android smartphones. The new updated version adds a number of interesting features and improvements.

The key features of this particular version of the Camera include:

  • Auto Do Not Disturb for Video Recording
  • Quickly change video resolution
  • New settings interface
  • Video recording 24 frames per second
  • 4K 60fps video recording
  • Improved tools for working with HDR
  • Other automatic systems and adjustments

What is Google Camera

As you understand, GСam is a mod that aims to transfer the Google Camera application to third-party smartphones to ensure that all functions work with them. Usually, mods are produced in a universal form, but sometimes you can find less universal options that are produced for each specific model of the device. Several developers and an active community of users using the mod are working on GСam.

The Google Camera app is no longer a privilege of only Google smartphones

Mobile photography has long ceased to be just pictures that are saved from the matrix of a smartphone. Nowadays, quality improvement is possible primarily due to complex software processing. Could it be otherwise when we work with such a small matrix?

Google has released an Android application for blocking smartphones for which no credit is paid

If you shoot with a DSLR or a system camera, many have noticed that the pictures are not so beautiful. High quality, clear, but not beautiful. That is why processing algorithms are used in smartphones, including those included in Google Cameras systems. They not only make working with it more convenient, but also allow you not to think about post-processing photos. Would you install yourself a Google camera? Tell about it.

Customization and use

The main parameters that will be useful:

  • Lens contamination notification;
  • HDR mode (it is recommended to set the value to no more than 13);
  • Effective photo compression algorithm. allows you to reduce the file without losing quality;
  • DNR “RAW” compression allows you to shoot in RAW mode and store images on your phone.
  • Auto White Balance allows you to adjust the black and white gamut without going into color shades.
  • Library. allows you to adjust the color gamut, noise reduction and image detail.
  • AWB mode (Pixel 3 recommended)
  • JPEG quality. optimal 100%.
  • Auto exposure. the amount of light that will pass through the lens at the time of shooting.
  • Saturation. determines the brightness of light and dark areas in the photo.

Potential problems with the Google camera

If after installation the application does not start due to your lack of use rights, you will have to repeat the entire installation process again. If after rebooting the phone does not turn on at all, repeat steps 9 through 13 of the above instructions and restore your system backup before booting TWRP

If the application refuses to open photos, go to the Debugging and tools menu and in the camera.use_photos parameter, move the lever to the disabled position.

What is Google Camera?

Google Camera is an application that contains a set of functions that improve the quality of shooting on Samsung smartphones. For a long time, these features were exclusive to owners of Google branded smartphones. Pixel. But curious users have found an opportunity to install the application on any smartphone with an Android. The process differs significantly from the standard installation of the utility on the device, but with detailed instructions, any user can cope with this process.

How to download and install Google camera on Samsung A50

To download and install the application, you need access to a computer connected to the network. To install the application, repeat the following:

  • From the website download the installation package of the “ADB and Fastboot” program to your PC.
  • Run the installer as administrator, click “Ok” several times on the messages that appear with driver confirmation.
  • Download the latest TWRP update for your smartphone to the adb directory on drive C. It is extremely important to choose the exact model of the smartphone, and not a similar one. the success of all subsequent actions will depend on this. Rename the downloaded file with the iso extension to twrp.iso.
  • Check the battery charge on your smartphone (must be at least 50%) and the latest official update of the operating system.
  • Open your phone settings and go to the About phone section. Tap on the line “Build number” several times until a message appears about the opening of the menu for developers.
  • The “For Developers” line will appear in the settings menu. Activate the “USB Debugging” and “Factory Unlock” options
  • Go to security options and disable any screen lock.
  • Turn off your smartphone and hold down the power and upper volume buttons. We are waiting for the “Bootloader” logo to appear.
  • Connect your smartphone to PC using a USB cable.
  • Open the adb directory on your computer, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and right-click on an empty area. In the drop-down list, select the line “Open PowerShell window here”.
  • In the window that appears, run the command: fastboot devices. The name of the phone with the inscription fastboot will appear on the screen, which indicates that the computer has successfully detected the mobile device.
  • Enter the following commands one by one: fastboot oem unloc, fastboot boot twrp.img
  • Wait for TWRP to load on your smartphone. During this process, you cannot turn off the smartphone in order to avoid system errors and delete data from the device After the process is completed, we return to the PC and write the following lines: adb shell, setprop 1, exit adb reboot bootloader
  • Bootloader will start again on the phone, and we will need to execute the last fastboot reboot command on the PC.
  • Reboot your smartphone. Now the installation of the application via the APK file will be successful.

How to install and use Google Camera on Samsung A50

Known fact: The stock Android camera app is not the best. Therefore, smartphone manufacturers sometimes make adjustments and develop their applications to improve the quality of shooting. Today we’ll talk about one of them and find out how to install a Google camera on a Samsung A50 smartphone.

Extending a familiar camera app is a great way to get quality photos even on a mediocre phone. Now you know how to turn your mobile device into a professional gadget for mobile photography.

Download widgets for Smart TV

Assortment of widgets on the site

For Sony and LG, visit the page with an interesting description and a large assortment.

Menu for choosing widgets

Depending on the TV model, there are instructions for installing applications, each of which includes a list of channels in digital and HD quality.

All applications are conventionally divided into 2 types. developed for programs of individual manufacturers or universal.

Popular manufacturers of TVs with Smart technology are Samsung and LG.

Installation on J series

On TVs of this series, you can add third-party applications in other ways. Firstly, if the TV receiver’s firmware has a version lower than 1412, the user can install from a USB flash drive. The specifics of this process are described below. But if the firmware version is new (from 1413 onwards), then installation from a flash drive is no longer available. To install applications here you will need:

  • open Smart Hub and download the iAN TV widget;
  • successively go “Menu”. “Network status”. “Network settings”;
  • change DNS to to install ForkStore;
  • restart the TV set;
  • open Smart Hub and launch iAN TV.
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Where can I download applications for Samsung, LG, Sony?

Samsung manufactures its TVs using the Tizen operating system.

The application provides a search bar and setting the necessary filters.

Smart Hub Menu

LG webOS operating system is absolutely identical to Samsung in functionality, but at a price the technology is more liberal, and the quality is absolutely the same.

The Smart menu is available immediately and allows you to select any applications required by the client.

LG Menu

Sony is constantly evolving to provide customers with the very best in the market as a digital leader. In order to download applications, it is enough to connect the Netflix function on the official website and then use the convenient menu to select and install.

Sony app
Download forkplayer for Smart TV

How to install Google Camera for your Samsung Device! [2020]

The popular free application is available on the official websites of the manufacturers.

You can also install through the following sites:

PlayMarket menu

Official site of the forkplayer app

You can enter a query in the search bar of your browser and get a large number of results

Preparatory actions

To install third-party software, you first need to download the Tizen Studio with IDE installer to PC from the official website, choosing the appropriate bit depth. Then you should run the installer, confirm the license agreement, set the path for placing the files and click “Install”. At the end of the installation, if the application does not start, you need to find the shortcut in the program folder and double-click on it. In the window that opens, you need to find “Tizen SK tools” and click “Install”, and then click “Extension SDK”, find “Extras” and select “Install” again. After installation and registration, you should go to the Samsung website and create an account. Next, you need to find its IP address in the PC settings.

Smart TV: How to Download Apps for LG Smart TV?

Smart TV applications are free of charge downloaded for all devices, unless otherwise discussed on the page of the widget itself. The procedure is about the same as for Samsung, alas, there are some differences:

  • Find the Smart button on the remote control, if it is absent, then click on Home;
  • Use the arrows to scroll through the list until “LG Store”;
  • In the catalog, select from the Applications menu;

Smart TVs are popular today.

Let’s consider how to properly connect channels and configure them so that you can enjoy the huge variety that these modest 7 letters “Smart TV” will give you every day.

Smart TV is very actively used by all owners of TVs that have a similar function and provide a network input or wi-fi. Among the leaders in the production of such equipment are Samsung, LG, Sony.

The popularity of television over the Internet is associated with the ability to choose to watch any interesting program or movie in good quality, possibly without advertising, at any convenient time.

Applications for Smart TV Samsung TV

Smart TV how to install applications will be seen in the following annotation, but you should mention in advance that you need a Wi-Fi connection to download the program. It is configured using the appropriate window in the connections menu.

  • On the remote control, press the button in the center, it has the corresponding Google color;
  • After going to the Smart TV menu, select the Samsung Apps item;
  • We log in if we have not completed it earlier;
  • Next, a window with TV widgets will open, on the right there are categories and a search form;
  • We select the desired program, navigation through the entire menu is done by means of arrows on the remote control or an attached mouse. After selecting a widget, run over to its page;
  • The page contains basic information about the application, its weight, function, advantages, screenshots, etc. If it suits you, then click on “Download”;
  • After the procedure, the “Install” button will appear;
  • Next, a notification about a successful installation will open.

Installation on E series

On E-series TVs, you need to open the “Smart Hub”, and then press the red “A” button and select the creation of a new account, and then confirm your agreement with the terms of the license agreement. In the “Samsung Account” field, you must enter “develop” and enter any six-digit number for the password. Next, you need to put a checkmark in front of the fields “Remember password” and “Automatic login”, and then create a new profile. Then you need to go to the authorization window and enter the created registration data. An icon in the lower left corner of the screen will notify you that you are logged in. If, when forming a profile, a notification appears that this account has already been created, you should close the registration and go directly to the account login window. You should enter “develop” as a login, any password. Next, you need to run a local server on your PC and perform synchronization to install widgets.

How to install Google Camera with Night Mode on any (almost) phone

Image obtained with the NIGHT SIGHT function

If you know how to handle manual camera controls, then you know how to take great low-light photography by playing around with ISO and shutter speed settings. But the Google camera makes it very easy, since everything is done automatically and you don’t need to manually configure anything.

Night Sight may no longer work on all phones running Android 8.1.0 Oreo and above. Even my Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 was unable to launch the modified Google Camera app despite having Camera2Api enabled and Android 8.1.0 Oreo running out of the box. So if the mod doesn’t work, then the only way to make it work on your phone is to flash it to any Android Pie based firmware.

  • Once you download the APK file using the button above, all you have to do is install it like any other application.
  • Once installed, just open the Google Camera mod and swipe right until the “” option appears.
  • Here click on the “Night” option and that’s it.
  • Now you can take fantastic low-light photos with Night Mode.

Google Camera app for any Android smartphone

From the first generation Google Pixel phones to the third generation, we’ve seen an impressive improvement in Google’s camera software. We saw the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL camera work wonders last year and far outperform other phones like the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 in camera performance.

History repeated itself this year with the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, as both phones have the same main camera that captures incredible photos thanks to image processing using the Google Camera app.

One of the most talked about features of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is the Night Sight mode, which allows you to take incredible photos in low light. It is similar to Huawei’s Night Mode that we saw in the P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro. If you look at all of the images captured with Night Mode in low light, you will be surprised to see the huge amount of light and crisp detail in your photos thanks to Google’s image processing algorithms.

Now you can install Google Camera with Night Sight function on your phone. No, Android Pie is no longer required as the new mod from developer Arnova8G2 works great on some phones running Android 8.1.0 Oreo. Arnova8G2 said that he tested the mod on Xiaomi Mi 5 and Essential Phone and it worked flawlessly, especially the Night Sight feature.

You can now install the Google Camera app with Night Sight on your phone

Most users were able to get this mod to work on their devices running Android 8.1.0 Oreo. So the only requirement is that you need to enable Camera2Api. Many phones allow you to enable it without unlocking the bootloader, but some require unlocking the bootloader and ROOT.

Google Camera Compatibility and Requirements:

  • Only works on phones with the camera2 API enabled;
  • The mod is compatible with modern Snapdragon chipsets. Some versions also work on phones with Exynos, Kirin and Mediatek processors, but usually with limitations.
  • Most APKs only support ARM64;
  • Latest APK versions may not work on older Android versions;
  • GApps are required (you have the Google Play app installed, right?);
  • Android only;

So that is all. If the app works great on your phone along with night vision, please let us know about the changes you notice in your HDR photos. and in pictures taken with the Night Sight function.

If the application does not work, then you will have to either flash any custom firmware based on Android Pie, or wait until the developer makes another port that will work on your smartphone. By the way, you can choose another version of Gcam using the link below: