How to install pantum p2207 printer without disk

How to find and fix the problem

First you need to determine the reason why the light is on. Problems can occur in the following cases:

  • The paper is too wrinkled. The printer cannot capture it and print information on it.
  • Cartridge inserted incorrectly.
  • It is necessary to reset the counter of already printed sheets (make a firmware).
  • The ink cartridge may be out of ink or is about to run out.
  • There is packing material left on one of the parts of the device.
  • Debris or a foreign object has fallen into the device.
  • The cover that blocks access to the cartridge is not securely closed.
  • There was a crash in the program.

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Purpose of the indicator on the printer

A printer is a device that prints information on paper. It has an indicator light. The latter can be green or red. Green means ready, red means warning. The indicator is needed to show the device is working.

Attention! Indicators can react in different ways to changes in the state of the device. If the printer is not used for a long time, the light may go out even though the printer is turned on.

Purpose of the lights on the printer

A printer is a device designed to print information from electronic media on paper. Light indicators of different colors. green (“readiness”) and red (“warning”). are necessarily present on this equipment. They are intended to report health status.

The indicators respond to changes in the state of technology in different ways: they light up periodically or constantly, and sometimes they are generally off.

If the red button flashes on laser printers Epson, HP, Samsung, Xerox, then the reasons for this may be the following:

  • the cartridge is not installed correctly or is missing at all;
  • there is packing material on the parts of the device;
  • the cover is not fully pressed, blocking access to the cartridge;
  • incorrect operation of paper control sensors, closing the housing cover;
  • there is no connection or connection with a personal computer or laptop, another device from which data is printed;
  • software failure;
  • little or no toner.

From the following list, the most common problems are paper jams, paper outages, cartridge problems.

Page 44

data /
information about

Standby mode. Click the button to go
printer from standby to warm-up mode. After
warming up, the printer enters the ready state.

Receiving data.
The printer is receiving data from the computer.
processing data in memory or printing.

Data has been sent to the printer, but the printer has not
If the Ready light is flashing continuously without
any print output, press the Cancel /
Continue to print data located
at this moment in the printer’s memory.

Paper jam. Single red indicator is on
constantly and the multicolor (green) indicator flashes.

There is no media in the paper tray, or there is media in
tray does not match the media type specified in
driver. A single red indicator will flash and
multicolor (green) indicator.

Cartridge error or out of toner.

Blinking orange light in idle mode
printer, means that the toner cartridge is empty.

The printer has an indicator that is usually green. But if it turns red it gives the impression that it is a signal that the device is not working properly. Yes it is. A red or orange light means there is a problem that is interfering with the operation of the printer. Let’s find out what exactly can cause such a phenomenon.

What to do if the light is still on

If all the previous methods did not help, you will have to inspect the electronic system of the device. First, try resetting the printed page counter. We do the following:

  • We connect the device to the mains.
  • Press the buttons in the following sequence: plus, plus, stop, minus, minus, stop, stop.
  • FC should appear on the device display.
  • Press the start key, then the numbers 07 should appear.
  • Press start again.
  • We are waiting for some time while the system is reset.

If the cartridge was repaired, the wizard may not have been able to fix all problems. Try the following:

  • We insert the cartridge into the printer and turn it on.
  • We are waiting for the initialization to take place.
  • Now we take out the parts and glue the chip (which we took from the master).

Perhaps the printer itself will be able to tell us why it is not working. Try to print the report. Press the big button on the device and hold it for a few seconds. Then a printout will appear, where the printer will indicate the need to reflash or lack of toner. Replace the paint and reset the counter.

Most of the problems associated with a red light bulb can be solved at home without asking a specialist. You will have to resort to the help of a master if you know that one of the parts needs to be repaired or replaced. You can also contact the service center if it was not possible to establish the cause of the problem.

Look, what is written in the PC in the status, most likely requires replacement of the cartridge. Buy a new cartridge or look for a refueling kit in which there will be a toner with a chip and refill yourself, or if you cannot do it yourself, the best option is to take it to the SC for refueling. My advice. since it can be difficult to find refueling kits (if you find them, buy several at once), throw this printer out and buy some HP printer that works on 285m or 283m cartridges, so they will last a very long time and are cheap to refuel, expense

If you are not satisfied with the answer or not, then try using the search on the site and find other answers in the Computers category.

If a red light on the printer starts to light up, this may be due to various problems with the operation of the device. To understand and find out the exact reason, you will need to examine it. The button is lit both from the banal lack of paper, and from more serious problems that require disassembly. Therefore, when independently searching for breakdowns, you will need to pay attention to various details.

Flashing light

If the light is constantly blinking red, there are several reasons for this phenomenon:

  • Toner needs to be refilled or replaced completely.
  • Manual feed mode is set for printing.
  • The device cover is open.
  • There is no paper in the tray.
  • One of the parts is out of order (for example, a board).

You can close the lid and put the paper yourself. With other problems, it is better to contact the master.

If the light is red, do the following:

  • We check the amount of ink in the printer. This can be done in the settings. If necessary, fill the cartridge.
  • We check if all the wires are connected correctly. If you connect only power, but not connect the device to the computer, the light may turn red.
  • Pull out the cartridge. Inspect it for damage. Put back.
  • Examine the paper tray for wrinkled leaves.
  • Check if the printer is connected to the computer. Perhaps the reason is not the printer itself, but the cable or USB connector in the computer. Check if they work.
  • Check if there is any packing material left inside. If so, delete it.
  • Open the cover and check the printer for debris or foreign objects. If any, delete.
  • A possible software glitch has occurred. Try restarting both the computer and the printer. If that doesn’t work, reinstall the drivers.

Today we are testing a budget laser printer PANTUM P2207. We are promised. ease of use, low noise level, good print quality (1200×1200 dpi) and two significant trump cards. the ability to manually refill the cartridge and a 2-year warranty. Let’s figure it out.

Impressions of use

Well, now let’s move on to the numbers and impressions of the PANTUM P2207. The input and output trays hold 150 and 100 A4 sheets, respectively. Print resolution. 1200×1200 dpi. It is allowed to use paper with a density of 60 to 163 g / m2. The maximum power consumption is 370 W in operation and 38 W in standby mode. The maximum noise level during operation (again, declared) is 52 dB. Print speed. 20 A 4 sheets per minute, first page out time. 7.8 seconds. Recommended (read, permissible) load. up to 15,000 sheets per month.

In general, judging by the numbers, this is a typical budget printer for home use. Yes, it can be used in the office as well, provided the load is not very high. As for our impressions of the PANTUM P2207, then of course we have to install the drivers before use, since they can be downloaded not only from the bundled disc, but also from the official website. Once again, I would like to praise the manufacturer for the fact that the bundle comes with a USB cable. today, not all manufacturers attach this mandatory accessory to the printer. In the hope that you already have such a cable. But there are those buyers who may not have such a cable at all.

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And so, now about the print speed. A bundle of 20 pages will be ready in 1 minute and 10-15 seconds from the moment you press the button. About 10-15 seconds are spent on sending and processing files for printing, and each subsequent page is printed somewhere in 3 seconds. That is, the declared print speed of 20 pages per minute is the same as the actual one. But the time of the first page out, alas, is almost twice as long as stated (although in fairness, the time it takes to transfer the file to the printer also affects it). In terms of noise, this printer is neither quiet nor loud. When printing, it makes quite a moderate noise, but if you put it in close proximity to the workplace and type on it quite actively, then the printing process will not give pleasure.

Finally, the print quality. We liked it, the black color is saturated, the shades of gray are reproduced well. When typing a text, the text is quite distinguishable starting from the second size (2 pt), of course, if the vision allows you to see such a small text. From 3 pt the text is displayed more than well. Print is decent for a budget laser printer.

Well, and an important comment on the cartridge. it has two plugs for refilling toner and extracting waste, that is, the manufacturer himself gives the go-ahead so that when the cartridge is empty, the owners do not buy a new one or contact firms to refill the cartridges, but refill the cartridges by purchasing branded sets. What can I say. even A-brands sell inkjet printers with built-in CISS, that is, even they understand that if the refill movement cannot be defeated, then it is better to just lead it and sell branded toner / refill ink.


In this case, it is impossible to confine ourselves to our usual concept “. But as we said above, the cartridge can be refilled by yourself using the proprietary PANTUM PC-211RB kit (it consists of a toner and a chip), which costs quite humanely. about 800 rubles. Based on the experience of refilling cartridges of laser printers of other brands, the cartridge should be enough for at least two or three trouble-free refills, after which the failure of parts will most likely lead to the need to purchase a new cartridge. In total, in the worst case scenario, you can count on printing about 6,000 pages at the price of one cartridge and three refills, that is, about 5400 rubles. In total, printing one A4 page will cost less than 1 ruble. quite good.


The printer comes in a fairly small cardboard box with a simple but nice design. The printer is supplied with a network power cable, a USB cable (by the way, some competitors are not equipped with them), a disk with drivers and manuals for use and refilling.

The printer itself is quite compact. its weight is 4.75 kg, and its dimensions. 337x178x220 mm (with trays folded), that is, it will not take up too much space even on a compact desktop. Both trays are closed to keep dust out of the printer. In a “combat” state (with extended input and output trays and installed paper), of course, it takes up a little more space, but this is the lot of all such compact models.

The design of the PANTUM P2207 is quite typical. the paper is loaded from the top, and the cartridge is accessed by lifting the top cover of the case. Also on the top are two control buttons (“INFO” for printing a test page, which indicates the “mileage” of the printer and a “CANCEL / CONTINUE” button to cancel and continue printing) and two indicators (paper availability and printer status). The power switch is traditionally located at the back, next to the mains power socket.

There is nothing interesting on the sides. only cooling grilles. On the back there is a USB port and there could be an RJ 45 network port, as evidenced by the corresponding stamping. There is nothing surprising, just the case is unified, and the PANTUM has the P2500NW model, which has network printing. In the case of the PANTUM P2207, you will have to be content with only USB connection.

The PANTUM P2207 is a solid budget black and white laser printer. It doesn’t break records in terms of print resolution or low noise. But for its price, it offers good printing speed and the possibility of a fairly cheap self-refilling of the cartridge using proprietary kits. Of course, with this model you cannot get the lowest cost of printing on the market, but the simplicity and convenience of self-refilling, coupled with a reduced cost of printing, is worth a lot. Although PANTUM P2207, we remind you, is quite a budget model, one might even say. one of the most budget.

How to find the printer ID

Another working way to download drivers is using a unique hardware identifier. Each model has its own unique ID. Using this code, you can try to search for suitable software.

Click “Start” and find the “My Computer” icon. Right-click and select the “Management” section from the menu. See the picture below.

Open Device Manager, and expand the “Other Devices” item on the right. If the PC or laptop sees the printer, then it will be listed. Right-click on it and from the list you need to select “Properties”.

In the window that opens, go to the “Information” tab. In the properties from the drop-down list, click on “Equipment ID”.

Then you will see the necessary information. By the received identifier, you can easily find drivers through a search on the network or on the manufacturer’s website.

Automatic installation

For the Windows family of operating systems, it is possible to automatically download drivers for any device connected to a personal computer. When performing certain settings, all files needed to the computer will be downloaded by themselves.

To do this, you need to do a few simple steps:

Go to the “Devices and Printers” section (how to do this is described in the same article above). Select your PC or laptop from the devices. Right-click on it. Find the item “Device Installation Options”.

Check the line “Yes (recommended)” and save.

Instructions for installing printer drivers without a disk on a laptop or PC

A sad situation when your printing device is without a driver disk or if there is no disk drive in the PC. In this article, we will show you how to set up a printer in this case. It is more difficult to do this without an installation disk, but it is possible even for an ordinary user.

There is not much difference. if you want to connect to a laptop or install it on a computer, all the steps to connect the printer will be identical. In fact, the solution to the problem rests on the ability to install the driver. We will consider how to do this procedure using the example of Windows 7 and models from HP, Canon and others.

How to connect a Canon printer to a laptop

04/08/2019 How to connect a Canon printer to a laptop

In modern realities, there is a whole variety of available printer models, everyone can afford such. For a fairly nice price, you get a device that can print, xer, and also produce many other useful options, such as scanning from others.

Many people have problems and questions when, after purchase, they bring the MFP home, namely, how to connect a Canon printer to a laptop. There are several ways to connect, choose which one to be guided by, each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages.
In general, how to connect a Canon printer to a laptop is a fairly common problem, because users believe that there is a significant difference between a PC and a laptop. But in fact, it practically does not exist, now we are measuring all the most popular methods, as well as the features of working with an operating system such as macOS.

The first method is to use a USB cable connection. The answer to the question: how to connect a Canon printer to a laptop using USB is the following instruction:

  • Install the MFP next to your laptop, it is important that the cable can easily reach the appropriate port.
  • Connect the power cable to the printer, then press the power button.
    Most models from this manufacturer are automatically detected, just wait a certain period of time for the operating system to understand the peripheral device.
  • After that, click on the Windows logo to enter the start menu. Select the “Options” tab.
  • In the window that opens, there will be an item “Devices”, by clicking on it, a list of connected devices will appear, among which there will be “Printers and scanners”.
  • Click on the “Add Printer” button opposite the appropriate device.
    Next, just agree with all the questions that the system asks you, so that in the end you can complete the procedure on how to connect a Canon printer to a laptop.

How to connect a Canon printer to a laptop on Mac OS

First of all, you need to have the latest and most current version of the system, so check for updates, as well as search for new driver versions. After the system is in an optimal state, you can start to make the connection: Connect to the laptop using a USB type C cable, then turn on your printer and wait for the notification on the laptop.

After a certain period of time, a notification will appear in front of you: “Install”.

It should be noted that not all portable devices based on the Apple operating system can be connected in this way. If the notification does not appear, then most likely the device is simply not compatible.
After downloading the updates, you will be completely ready to go.

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How to connect a Canon printer to a laptop without using wires Many modern models of multifunctional devices can be connected wirelessly, using an Internet connection via Wi-Fi. Often, you can find out about the presence of such a module by the marking on the box, or by reading the technical characteristics of the device.

It is worth noting that for laptops, this method of connection is the most practical, since you do not lose mobility and ease of use. The only limitation is the coverage area of ​​your router, but in general this is not a significant problem. To know: how to connect a Canon printer to a laptop, you just need to follow the steps below:

Install the printer and laptop in the signal coverage area. Turn on the device for printing using a special button on the case. To connect your device to the wireless Internet, you will have to open the manual that came with the kit, because each model has its own connection aLGorithm. If you have lost the instructions, then refer to the official website of the manufacturer, where there are tips and digital copies of this kind of manuals.

After the printer is connected to your access point, you need to perform the same manipulations as with a wired connection. Now you can use the device without being limited by wires.

How to connect a Canon printer to a laptop based on the MACOS operating system? The only difference is that when connecting wirelessly, you will have to go to system settings to change some of the connection settings:
In the menu that opens, select the item printers and scanners, then click on the plus sign to detect and connect a new device.

Click on the name of your MFP when the system finds it. The process may take a certain amount of time, but if your printer was not found, check if you are connected to one access point, then try to connect to the WI-FI network with a new one.
How to connect a Canon printer to a laptop using Bluetooth.

This method is gradually losing its relevance, since the number of printers and laptops that have this kind of module is significantly reduced. Manufacturers are gradually abandoning this type of connection, preferring WI-FI and other technologies, but still a small percentage of devices are still actively functioning.

So, you will need to perform the same actions as for WI-FI, but with only one thing, at the stage of selecting a device, you need to select not “Printer or scanner”, but “Add Bluetooth or other device”. Thus, such manipulations will have to be done every time you break the connection.

That is why, this method of connecting a printer to a laptop is gradually being abandoned in favor of faster and more convenient.

Which of the above options should you use? Choose for yourself, recall that devices with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules are much more expensive, and there are practically no such devices among the representatives of the budget segment.
I recommend

Downloading drivers

If the above described option does not work, then you should try to download it directly through the official website of the product manufacturer.

Do not download drivers from third-party resources, no matter how reliable they are. There is always a threat of infecting your laptop with viruses or malware.

Depending on the manufacturer of your printing device, use the links below:

  • HP
  • Canon
  • Dell
  • Epson
  • Lexmark
  • Samsung
  • Xerox
  • Brother

But it will be more convenient and faster to do this using our driver selection service.

We will consider downloading drivers directly using the example of Canon devices.

Follow the link

Next, you need to find your device by the exact name of its model. Enter its name into the search bar.

The official website of the manufacturer offers to choose different versions of the software for the Windows system.

As a rule, your OS version will be detected automatically, about which you will be notified by the inscription “Operating system detected”. Do not change these selected default options. It remains only to select the driver language you need from the list to the left.

The downloaded file can be found in the “Downloads” section of the browser. To enter this section, press the key combination CTRLJ.

Manual installation

The easiest way to add a local printer to your computer is to manually install its drivers.

Before starting all actions, it is necessary to break the physical connection between the printing device and the PC created by the USB cable.

If you have a Windows operating system, then the procedure should be as follows:

We go to the section “Devices and Printers”. To do this, click the “Start” button and on the right select “Devices and Printers”.

If you have Win10 installed, then the procedure for entering the “Control Panel” is described in this subsection of this article.

Click on the “Add Printer” button at the top left. In the next window, select “Add a local printer”.

We do not make any changes in the port selection window. Leave the LPT port and click “Next”.

In the window that opens on the left, select the manufacturer of your device. After that, a selection of models will be available on the right. Among them, you should find the right model.

If your device model is not in the list on the left, then click the “Windows Update” button to download the missing devices.

After selecting the desired printer from the list, click “Next” and change its name, if necessary.

Then the software installation process will start. After its completion, a little adjustment will be needed.

This step configures sharing of the installed printing device.

If you are using the printer to print over the network from other computers or laptops, do not change the general printing settings. But if we are talking about a home device, then providing network access does not make sense.

Oddly enough, but the further action will be to remove this device from the list in the “Devices and Printers” window. Select it, right-click and from the menu that appears, select “Remove device”.

We connect the previously disconnected cable. We are waiting for a little time and printing from a computer or laptop should work.

How to connect pantum p2207 printer to laptop?

Windows Update

Windows updates can also help to install drivers on the printer when there is no disk for it. Modern operating systems of the Windows family, such as Windows 7,8,10 have a “wired” base with drivers not only for printing devices, but also for other equipment.

If your device model is new or not very popular, then there may not be any drivers in the Windows base. In this case, you need to make a forced update through the “Windows Update” service. How to quickly and easily do this, see the instructions below.

Procedure for Win10. Click to view.

Open the control panel of your personal computer. Regardless of the device, everything is the same for both, if Windows 10 is installed. Right-click on the “Start” button, select “Run” from the drop-down menu.

In the window that opened, type “Control”.

In the control panel, open the “Devices and Printers” section.

Open the menu by pressing the right mouse button and select “Windows Update”.

Click on “Check for Updates”. If the system finds any service packs, then install them.

Instructions for Win7. Click to see.

Actions for updating through the “Update” service for the seven.

Click “Start” and enter “update” in the search bar. We select “Check for updates”.

We check for updates and install the found.

After rebooting the PC, Windows should “see” the new device and install the drivers you just downloaded. If this did not happen, then the driver may not be in the Microsoft database. We recommend using other connection methods. You can find them below on the page.

How to install a driver on a printer without an installation disc?

A printer cannot work without the appropriate software. this is a well-known axiom. But what if you have already purchased a printing device, but there is no installation disc for it? There are two basic options for installing drivers in this case: via Windows Update and manual self-installation. Let’s get to know them in more detail.

Installing the driver via Windows Update

Let’s consider the driver installation through Windows Update using the example of the HP LaserJet 1015 printer. This procedure starts when the printing device is disconnected from the computer. Proceed as follows: Start Devices and Printers. Then, in the window that opens, select “Add a printer”.

After that, a menu will become available in which you need to click on “Add a local printer”.

In the next window, leave the “Use an existing port” option active and click the “Next” button.

A window will open in which you must click the “Windows Update” button.

This will load a list of available drivers. In it, you need to select the HP LaserJet 1015 printer we are interested in and click the “Next” button.

A window will open in which you need to confirm the brand of the printer and click the “Next” button again.

The process of installing the required software will then begin.

After downloading it, it is recommended to disable the general access to the printer in the window that opens and click the “Next” button.

The possibilities of modern printers are huge, but not limitless. For example, they will not be able to print banknotes. The well-known dollars or euros contain rings with a diameter of about 1 mm in the drawing, folding into a certain pattern. Special programs are built into the printing devices that can detect such rings and distort their image when printing.

Installing the driver manually

Let’s look at the manual driver installation procedure using the EPSON Stylus Photo P50 printer as an example. To solve this problem, you need to go to the official website of the equipment manufacturer. In this case, it’s EPSON. This can be done using any search engine. Searched address.

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Next, you need to go to the “Drivers and Support” section and select the printer we are interested in from the drop-down list or enter its name in the appropriate line.

Then press the button “Search”. In the next window, from the drop-down list, select the operating system installed on the computer and click the “Download” button.

Next, you should unzip the downloaded program and run it. After that, you can connect the printer and start working.

Thus, the lack of an installation disk is not at all an insurmountable obstacle to the successful use of a printing device. Both of these methods, if the above steps are performed correctly, will allow you to find and install the required driver for the printer.

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Download Pantum P2000 P2000 Printer Drivers

Added: 20-03-2015, 11:13 downloads: 7599

Pantum P2000, is a model of a black and white laser printer, from a young Chinese company Seine Technologies by a branch of Pantum. This printer is marketed as a model for a small office. It uses classic black and white laser printing, at a speed of up to 20 pages per minute, and a print resolution of 1200×600 dpi. This will be quite enough to get high-quality printing of any documents or just plain text. The interface for connecting to a computer is standard USB 2.0. And the dimensions are: 380x236x261 mm, while the weight is only 6.1 kg.

Driver version. V1.70
File size. 18.97 MB
Operating Systems. Windows XP 32 bit, Windows XP 64 bit, Windows Vista 32 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 32 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8.1 32 bit, Windows 8.1 64 bit

You can always make your life easier and update all your drivers in one go. but before installing any drivers, we recommend that you check your computer for registry errors. since its incorrect work may be primarily due to errors, or ask for help in finding drivers through the feedback form

download driver for printer on Canon mp230

Ways to solve the problem

At home, in an Internet cafe or in the office of a large company, such a problem may arise: the Samsung printer does not print and a red light is on. In this case, it is necessary to study the instructions for the device, carefully examine the wires for connecting to the mains. Then open the cover, remove and inspect the cartridge, paper tray. If the reason is not in them, then you should dig deeper. in the electronic system of the printer.

If the reason for the red indicator to light up is the need to reset the counters, then proceed as follows:

  • Connect the device to the power supply.
  • Press several buttons in sequence as quickly as possible: “”, “”, “stop”, “-“, “-“, “stop”, “stop”.
  • After that, the inscription FC will appear on the display of the device.
  • Press the “start” button, after which two digits will appear. 07.
  • Then press “start” again, wait a few minutes and the system will reset to zero.

If the printer cartridge was being repaired (flashing was performed), then the reason may be in the wizard’s flaws. Despite the verbal complexity, you can fix the problem yourself. To do this, insert the cartridge into the device, turn on the device. After that, it should be initialized. After initialization, you need to remove the part, glue the chip (the master must provide it), and start work.

Often, after flashing, the owner of the printer discovers a nuisance. the device does not want to work, it is blocked. In this case, such a combination of keys will become “saving”, which will change the region: Up Up Stop Down (-) Down (-) Stop Stop. After pressing these buttons, the letter combination “UC” will appear on the display. As soon as these letters become visible, you need to press the “Up” button until the combination “FC” appears. Then you need to press the “start” button and select the region indicated by the numbers “01” or “07”. After such manipulations, the printer will automatically reboot and become printable.

Routine Maintenance, 1 Consumables, 1 Cartridge Service

2 replacing the cartridge, Consumables, Maintaining the cartridge, Replacing the cartridge, 1 consumables 6.1.1 Maintaining the cartridge

Use only certified branded PANTUM cartridges in your printer

Do not refill cartridges. Damage caused by repeated use

refilled cartridges will void the printer warranty.

Store ink cartridges under the same operating conditions as the printer

The lifespan of the original cartridges supplied with the printer may be a trigger,

standard or high output cartridge, depending on model and country, in
who bought the printer.

Toner consumption per page varies depending on the content printed on
page and print density settings. If you change the print density to more
lighter or darker print, toner consumption also changes.
Unpack the toner cartridge just before installing it in the printer and do not
expose the drum to more light than necessary.

The cartridge is empty and must be replaced when the multicolor LED turns amber

2 cleaning the printer, cleaning the printer

Close the automatic paper feed tray.

Use a soft cloth with mild detergent to wipe down the outside

Open the cartridge access door and remove the cartridge. Place the cartridge on a piece of paper in

shaded place to avoid direct exposure to bright light.

Since the cartridge may contain toner residues, remove it carefully,
to avoid spilling toner.
Place an empty toner cartridge on the paper to avoid accidentally spilling toner onto the working paper.
When installing the cartridge, do not touch the green surface of the drum to avoid
scratch her.

Pantum p2207 printer red light is on

Owners of home and office printing equipment quite often face a problem in the operation of the device: unclear quality, slow performance and a complete stop of photo printing. Sometimes the problem is that the printer does not print and the red light is on, but why this happened is not clear. Sometimes it is possible to solve such a problem without contacting a service center. after finding out the reasons for the sunburn.

Causes of the red light coming on

Each part of the printer is responsible for certain functions. turning on, printing, scanning (if there is a scanner) and so on.

If a red light on the printer is on, the problem could be:

  • Paper Jams. If it is too thin, wrinkled, or does not meet the requirements of the product, or the printer cannot pick it up.
  • The cartridge is not inserted correctly.
  • It is necessary to reset the counter of the printed pages (in other words, to flash the device).

Another reason for the red light to come on is that the ink in the cartridge is running out. Whether your printer is the SCX-3200 or the SCX-3205, the solutions are the same. Smart printer manufacturers Samsung protected branded cartridges (which come with the device) with a special chip.

This miniature electronic part protects the part from unprofessional attack and forces printer owners to buy new expensive toner. But, flashing the branded toner will help save the budget. Often the reason for errors in the operation of printing equipment is a poor-quality connection to a computer (cable, USB-input).

If the light does not constantly light up red, but only blinks, there are two reasons for this: 1) the need to refill the toner or replace it completely, 2) printing is carried out in manual feed mode.

In the case when the red color uninterruptedly cuts the eyes, then the reason may lie not only in the toner, but also in:

  • Open device cover.
  • Fatal error related to the instrument motor (for example, a burned-out circuit board).
  • Out of paper in the tray.

The first and third problems can be solved independently, the second. only in the service center. To protect yourself from assumptions and be sure to know about the cause of the red light, you need to install the Smart Panel program on the printer, which provides information about the amount of ink in the toner and possible problems.

When cleaning the inside of the printer, some parts.

When cleaning the inside of the printer, some components may become hot.
When you open the cover of the
to clean the printer parts, please do not touch the
details shown in gray dark in the following photos.

Remove dust from the surface of the laser scanning unit with a soft, dry, lint-free swab from

cotton or a soft cloth dipped in a little alcohol.

Gently clean the light cyan interior of the printer with a dry cloth

Please use mild detergents.

cause surface damage.
Do not use ammonia cleaners.
Do not use isopropyl alcohol to clean any surface other than the laser

Do not use strong corrosive cleaning agents such as benzene,

Printer control panel, 1 control panel, Control panel

The control panel includes a multi-color CAUTION LED (multi-color
LED indicator will light up red, green, orange and yellow), red
NO PAPER LED and Cancel / Continue button as shown in the figure below.

The Cancel / Continue button is used to cancel a print job or continue a job that is,
may have been interrupted due to the paper condition, due to the end of printing the first side of the manual
duplex printing or other similar reason.

NO PAPER light indicates that the paper is out of specification, a paper jam has occurred
or have other paper problems.

Orange indicates that the toner cartridge is not installed correctly, or the toner cartridge is low, or

there is some problem with the cartridge;

Green means normal operation.