How to Install Speed ​​Dial on Samsung

How to add a speed dial number on a Samsung Galaxy phone

Speed ​​dial on Samsung Galaxy. If you have numbers on your phone that you often call, then it makes sense to set them to speed dial.

Previously, phones had a limited number of numbers to add to speed dial, and in Samsung Galaxy, speed dial can be set on all contacts, even with a triple value. For example, you can set a number from the list of contacts under the number 333, but we do not always call to such a number of numbers and a quick dial with single digits is enough for us.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Duos, you won’t have any problems with speed dialing either. When you dial a contact quickly, you will be able to choose from which SIM card to make a call. On Samsung Galaxy Duos, speed dial can be installed on numbers from both SIM cards.

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See the official information for assigning a contact from the phone book to speed dial.
To set a speed dial number, select OPTIONS Speed ​​dial, select a speed dial number, and then select a contact.
Below there will be more detailed instructions with screenshots.

How to set speed dial in your Samsung metro 313

Here’s some more useful information about speed dialing in Samsung Galaxy.
To make a call, touch and hold the speed dial number on the keypad. If there are 10 or more speed dial numbers, tap the first digit of the number, then tap and hold the last digit.
For example, if 123 is set for speed dialing, tap 1, 2, then tap and hold 3.

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Now let’s take a closer look at how to assign a number from the contact list to speed dial on Samsung Galaxy.
Open Contacts on Samsung Galaxy or the keyboard as when dialing a number and select the menu by clicking on the icon with three buttons as shown in the screenshot below.
Now a menu will open where you need to select the Speed ​​Dial item.
Next, select the number under which we want to establish a contact for speed dialing. Now we see the entire list of contacts and select the desired one.
All! Perhaps, if this is your first time setting speed dial, you will see a notification describing how to use speed dialing on Samsung Galaxy. Confirm by clicking on the Yes button. Look at the attached screenshots and everything will become clear.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10: How to Setup Speed Dial Numbers