How to install the HP mfp 135r printer

Driver Installation in Windows 10

If after purchase a new HP printer does not work, then, obviously, its initial setup in the system has not been performed. It may sound complicated, but in fact, any user can handle it. You will need to install the driver software.

First, follow the links at the beginning of the article to download drivers for your HP LaserJet Pro M1132 printer. After the download is complete, the distribution can be found in the download manager of your Internet browser. Extract the archive and there will be an exe file in the folder. launch it with a mouse click.

In the menu that opens, select the “Install from USB” link to continue.

To continue and start copying driver components, click on the link “Start installation”.

We read the rules for installing printing devices from HP and click on the red triangle to get acquainted with the training video.

On the printer, moving parts can be fixed with adhesive tape. we remove it in the places shown in the video.

Following the instructions on the screen, we start installing the software by clicking on the red triangle.

To start copying new files to your PC hard drive, click on the link “Printer software installation”.

In the list of proposed options, mark the option “Easy installation” and go to “Next”.

We select from the list the series of our device. in our example, it is “HP LaserJet Pro M1130 MFP Series”.

We connect the device with the cable from the kit as shown in the picture and wait until the program automatically completes the configuration and installation.

After that it is recommended to print a test page.

Download and activation

Since the driver is free software, you do not need to take any additional steps to activate it.

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How to install a driver on Windows 10

Multifunctional device HP LaserJet Pro M1132 from a well-known American manufacturer is well suited not only for office space, but also for home use. After purchasing the equipment, first of all, you will need to fully configure it in the operating system, which can be done using a special software utility. You can download and install the driver for this model using the links above.

After opening the newly downloaded file, the main window of the installation utility will appear in front of you, in which you need to select the USB installation method, as well as determine the device used. In our case, you should click on “HP LaserJet Pro M1130 Series”.

Then click “Start Installation” and go to the next step.

Welcome to an animated guide that will accompany the entire installation process. In this window, you can familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations for installing equipment in a ventilated area.

Here you will need to remove the orange ribbons from the printer and remove the plastic insulation.

We open the toner slot, in which we also remove the protective pad, cartridge and shipping belts. Follow the further guide and move on.

Remove the next orange tape on one of the edges of the new cartridge. Gently wiggle the toner for the smoothest distribution of the inner powder.

install, printer

We install the toner in the required slot and lock the cover.

We install a special paper container in the same way as shown on the slide.

We connect the printer using the supplied power cable. We proceed to the direct installation of the software, following the additional recommendations on the display. In order to continue, click “Installing software”

Here you need to decide on the method of the installation process. We recommend choosing Easy Installation to set up your equipment as quickly and safely as possible. Click “Next”.

In the new window, select the same item as shown in the screenshot below and click on the “Next” button.

We reconnect the device to the computer with a special USB-type cable. We are waiting for the definition of the device.

Congratulations! You did an excellent job of installing and configuring the hardware. You can safely use the printer.

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Printer does not work on Windows 10, we can solve it in a minute

Hello everyone today, let’s talk about the situation when the printer does not work on Windows 10. After upgrading to Windows 10, many users encountered problems with their printers and MFPs, which either the system does not see, or they are not detected as a printer, or simply do not print as it was in the previous version of the OS, the funny thing is that with each new update, the number of old devices that this operating system supports is decreasing, so do not be surprised if at some point your old printer does not start.

If your printer does not work properly in Windows 10, this manual contains one official and several additional methods that can help fix the problem. I will also give additional information regarding support for printers of popular brands in Windows 10 (at the end of the article).

Windows 10 support information from printer manufacturers

Below I have collected information about what popular manufacturers of printers and MFPs write about the work of their devices in Windows 10.

  • HP (Hewlett-Packard). The company promises that most of its printers will work. Those that worked on Windows 7 and 8.1 will not require a driver update. In case of problems, you can download the driver for Windows 10 from the official website. Additionally, the HP website has instructions for solving problems with printers from this manufacturer in new operating systems:
  • Epson. Promise to Support Printers and MFPs in Windows The necessary drivers for the new system can be downloaded from the dedicated page
  • Canon. according to the manufacturer, most printers will support the new OS. Drivers can be downloaded from the official website by selecting the required printer model.
  • Panasonic. promises to release drivers for Windows 10 in the near future.
  • Xerox. write about the absence of problems with the operation of their printing devices in the new OS.
install, printer

To eradicate all problems that interfere with normal printing in your Windows 10, run the Print-Spooler-Repair-Tool as administrator and click the “Repair” button, you will get the result, in a minute, in the overwhelming majority of cases, your printer starts working in a dozen of cases, like brand new.

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In addition, I also advise you to clear your spooler, with this script, so that there are no stuck tasks.

If none of the above helped, I recommend using Google search (and I recommend this particular search for this purpose) for a query consisting of the name of the brand and model of your printer and “Windows 10”. It is very likely that your problem has already been discussed in some forums and a solution has been found. Do not be afraid to look at English-language sites: they come across the solution more often, and even automatic translation in the browser allows you to understand what is at stake.


What is a driver for and what is its role? Using a specific device as an example, we will consider the possibilities that this software gives us:

Consider another very important point, namely, the positive and negative aspects of installing drivers.

How to install

Now let’s move on to the most important thing. Let’s take a look at how to free download and install driver for HP LaserJet M1132 (MFP) on Windows 10:

Распаковка и настройка принтера серии HP Laser 100 и МФУ HP Laser 130 | HP Laser | HP

  • A little below there is a button by which we can download the software we need. It comes in a password protected archive. In order to unpack it, use the code “1234”.
  • When the file is received, launch it by making a double left click on the object. The installation process will begin, the completion of which will need to wait.
  • We reboot our computer and check the operability of the driver.

HP LASER 135a / 135r / 135w / 135wr / 137fnw Прошивка. Инструкция

In some cases, the PC does not need to be rebooted. This is most likely a precautionary measure, but in general you can go straight to using the printing device.

Also with the content of the training video