How to install the mf3010 printer on your computer

Updating the driver using the operating system

By the way, the instruction is universal and is suitable for other printer models. The aLGorithm is exactly the same!

Often this method turns out to be ineffective, but the likelihood of a favorable proceeding exists. The method is very simple:

  • If you have Windows 10, you can right-click on the “Start” icon in the lower left corner. A menu will open where you should select “Device Manager”;
  • For Windows 7, it is worth using the “Control Panel”, where the above item is also presented (or through the search):
  • In the list we find the problematic element (Canon MF3010), right-click and perform the action. “Refresh.”:
  • Trying the automatic option. In this case, the Internet connection must be active. At the end of the procedure, you can see a similar window:

This means that we could not download a more suitable driver for the Canon MF3010 printer. We’ll have to move on to other methods of solving the problem. If the result is positive, then we restart the computer and check the performance of the MFP.

How to download drivers for MFP Canon i-Sensys MF3010. all ways

Many home and office users are interested in. how and where you can officially download drivers for the Canon MF3010 printer for 64-bit Windows 10 (and other versions of Windows), so as not to catch a virus and quickly set up the printing device. Consider all the ways.

Official website of the manufacturer

The longest path that guarantees the success of the operation.

  • Follow the link and find yourself on the software support page;
  • Below you will find the search form (by model), or specify the series of the device (i-Sensys) step by step:
  • Then, in a large list of printing machines, we find a specific model. in our case, MF3010:
  • The next page automatically detects your operating system. If it is incorrect, you should select it manually from the list. Below are the links to download the MFP driver. We are interested in the “Separate.” Section:
  • If you select Windows 7 x32 OS from the list. then only older versions of the software can be downloaded for free:

Note! Two results are proposed. they are identical, just different names in the official database. Download any. And if you click on the “Detailed information” link, you can also view the detailed installation instructions:

How else can you download the driver for the Canon MF3010 printer

There are many applications that scan your hardware and Windows, find missing (or irrelevant) “firewood” and offer to install them from official sources.

Many users love the Driver Booster utility. We very often talk about it in the instructions on the IT Technician website, as well as on the YouTube channel.

But this time I would like to tell you about the DevID Agent software:

  • Download the installer, run it. The procedure is a little confusing. first, we get the download manager, through which the desired program is directly installed. Along the way, they are trying to impose on us a third-party antivirus or other software. We refuse!
  • It remains only to open the “Agent” and start scanning. After a minute, a list of found drivers that are worth updating will be displayed. A restore point is created in advance (this is extremely important!);
  • Finishing. reboot the system and enjoy the result!

Visual demonstration of working with the application. in the next

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Thus, you can download the driver for the Canon MF3010 printer (more precisely, the MFP) for free. for Windows 7 8 10 x64, x32. And you did it?

Installing the Printer Driver on a Computer

Solving the problem related to how to set up a printer to print from a computer is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Nevertheless, you need to take it competently and seriously, especially for those who like to work in Word and other text editors, who always need to have a printing device at hand.

In order to answer the question of how to install a printer on a computer running Windows, you can use two methods. One of them is to connect a printing device directly to a personal computer. the so-called. local method. As for the second method, its use means installing a printing device over a network. the so-called. network method. In general, both methods are relatively simple, but if you do not follow strictly the instructions, you can easily get confused, as a result of which the installation will have to start from the very beginning.

In addition, take into account that the local method makes it possible to use office equipment only on one computer equipment, and the network method. on several personal computers at once, which are connected to one local network.

Method one: local connection

To solve the problem related to how to set up a printer to print from a computer, first you need to establish a reliable and stable connection between your personal computer and the printer using a high-quality USB cable. After that, connect the device to the electrical network. Then follow these steps:

  • First of all, open the “Start” menu and click on the section with printing devices.
  • In the new window, pay attention to the top panel, where you need to click on the tab that implies the installation of a new printing device.
  • Now the installation wizard window should open in front of you, where among the two options you need to click on the topmost one: “Add local”.
  • In the next step, the wizard will ask you to decide on the optimal port. In general, everything can be left unchanged and click on the existing port: “LPT1”. After that click on the “Next” button.

It should be noted that installing the MFP from a disk is a more convenient and preferable option.
If you do not have the opportunity to use this installation method, then to solve a problem like “how to install a printer driver”, use Windows Update, but at the same time your PC must be connected to the Internet at that moment. It should be added that you can find a driver for your printer model on our website or the official website of its manufacturer.

The third way to install firewood on a new printer connected to a PC is to use the Add Hardware Wizard, where you will need to select the appropriate option for your printing device, and then follow these steps:

  • After selecting the manufacturer of your device and its specific name in the wizard window, click on the “Next” button.
  • In the next step, the installation wizard will ask you to choose a name for your device. Enter it and click on “Next”.
  • Now you need to select the options for accessing the printing device from other personal computers. In this case, you need to click either on “Allow sharing” or “Not sharing”.

At this point, you can stop installing the device, because the problem of how to set up a printer on a computer has already been solved. Now all you have to do is check the print to make sure that the device configured for Windows 7 is working correctly and your system is able to find it when a print job arrives.

To do this, you just need to click on the button that triggers the test page print. It turns out, as a rule, at the last stage of driver installation. Be sure not to forget to put a tick on the “Use as default” item in the same place. It should be added that you can also install the printer on Windows 8 using the instructions described above.

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Method two: network connection

  • To solve a problem related to how to connect a printer to a computer when organizing a local network, first of all, you have to go to the “Start” menu section, where a list of printing devices connected to the PC is displayed.
  • In the new window, you should click on the item “Install a printer” and select the lower one among the two options, ie “Add network, wireless”.
  • The Windows operating system will then automatically search for all printing devices installed and connected to the local network. Thus, the problem is solved, which is associated with how to find a printer.
  • As a result of such an action, the PC will connect to the device and automatically install the software necessary for it. Thanks to this, you do not need to spend time on this step “how to install drivers on a printer”. But sometimes a manual installation is required. In particular, in the window of the installation wizard, “Install drivers” may pop up. To fix the problem, just take and click on this button.
  • After that, a message will appear stating that you have successfully installed such and such a printer. Click on “Next”.

Thus, the answers to the questions about how to add a printer and how to install a printer have been found. In general, it is not difficult to install and update the driver for the printer, and this task does not take so much time, the main thing is to make a test print at the end.

But if the sheet sent for printing did not print, then you should make sure that the addition of a new device was performed without any restrictions for such a device. The following option is also possible: the equipment intended for printing is simply not connected to the host PC. Also, try updating the installed drivers. To do this, open the properties of the device in the “Devices and Printers” section, then open the “Advanced” tab and click on “Change” in front of the device driver. The update will then be installed on the PC in automatic mode.

In general, a correctly and correctly installed device should work in absolutely normal mode.

PaperScan Free

The very first, simplest program of all reviewed by this PaperScan Free. Ideal for Canon Pixma and Canon MF3010 / MG2440 / MP250 / LBP 2900. The program has also been successfully tested on printers from HP and Kyocera. This program has a simple, but the most necessary functionality. It scans the selected material, has the function of document editing and direct printing of the finished document.

The program is easy to connect to any scanner. Installing the program will not cause any problems, everything is extremely simple, an installer window appears. Just follow the instructions.

Why do we need a scanner?

Every day a person faces a certain number of tasks and goals that he must successfully complete or complete. In this he is helped by various devices that make his life easier, help him remember and capture tons of information, images, text and more. A person can print information on a printer.

Photos with any resolution, huge drawings, a presentation for a speech, and so on. But the scanner helps to enter information on a personal computer. And everything seems to be not so complicated, it looks like, took an image, text or something else, put it in the printer, pressed a button and

What’s next? After all, first you need to connect the printer and scanner to your computer. Is it that hard? Let’s find out.

Driver, what is it and where to get it

It should be remembered that the driver only helps the personal computer to “see” your device. Both a printer and a scanner. To download all the necessary drivers for the Canon MF3010 printer, just go to the official Canon website. Detailed installation instructions are usually included with the drivers. There are usually programs needed to scan files.

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Now a few words about programs. It will not be said in reproach to the manufacturers, but most often the software bundled with the devices is very scarce. That is, for ordinary users who just need to print or just scan a document, the functionality offered by the program will be enough.

install, mf3010, printer, computer

But it happens that we need to improve the quality of the scanned text or image, and for this we need to significantly expand the capabilities of the existing functions. At the very end of the article, there will be a couple of programs that the Canon i-Sensys MF3010 printer perfectly perceived.

For some reason, drivers for the Canon MF3010 64 bit printer are usually particularly difficult to install. Let’s look at it in more detail. Let’s talk about one point right away. Your multifunction laser device, also known as a printer, should not be connected to a PC. In the sense that the USB cable must certainly be plugged in. But trying to connect the printer right away is not necessary. Otherwise, the computer will immediately write your device to the Unknown Device. During installation, just follow the instructions.

First, you need to run the installer. A custom installation is recommended so that you can install only the drivers for the printer and scanner, everything else is additional and most often unnecessary programs, which, moreover, are very often installed incorrectly. And in the subsequent time the computer also slows down. After you have checked the boxes, the drivers will be installed on your computer. After that, it is enough to restart the PC.

Functions and settings of the Canon MF3010 printer

The printer helps us in our daily life. It is an integral part of any office or apartment. There are many printers, for different needs and occasions. Someone needs a black and white printer, someone just needs a color printer, and someone needs a laser multifunction printer.

In addition to the ability to print images, text files and drawings on a printer, you can also scan any files, thereby converting them from paper to digital. Also, you can install special software, which, due to its functionality, help to work with scanned documents.

Possible problems and solutions

Problems can start at the stage of connecting the scanner to a personal computer. Nowadays there are many companies that create more and more advanced scanners and printers. Accordingly, they all have different software. Drivers are not always installed immediately, sometimes you have to install them manually. And sometimes people themselves lose discs with the necessary software.

If it is possible to install drivers bypassing manual installation, then it is better to use it. One way or another, after installing the necessary software, you need to connect the computer to the device. Next, we need special programs with the help of which documents are scanned. Tellingly, there are many programs and each scanner has its own software. Programs differ in their functionality, scan quality, and more.

Programs to help

MF Toolbax

A simple and convenient program for scanning files of all types and sizes. Simple interface, very wide functionality, the ability to edit texts and images. During installation, in the settings it is possible to specify the folder in which scanned documents will be saved. Which will save you from lengthy searches for the folder created by default.

How to Install Canon MF3010 printer in Windows 10

The only drawback of this program is that the interface is not in Russian, although it is very, very simple and even a person who has never studied the language can understand it. And the second one is a couple of minor bugs that usually occur when scanning text and images that are in the same file.