How to maintain iPhone battery capacity

Remove iPhone from Case while Charging

IPhone cases are most often made of silicone or neoprene. These materials lead to additional heating of the smartphone body during charging, which should not be allowed. Just take your iPhone out of the case while it’s charging. Especially if you notice that the smartphone gets very hot when connected to the charging adapter.

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Give up wireless charging

If you have an iPhone 8/8 Plus or newer iPhone models that support wireless charging, then this tip is for you. When you wirelessly charge your smartphone, up to 25% of energy is lost. It causes additional heating of the iPhone, which in turn negatively affects the battery.

effective ways to greatly extend the life of your iPhone battery

Lithium-ion batteries in iPhones and other modern smartphones age over time. Their initial capacity is gradually decreasing, which is why smartphones start to last less and less time on a single charge. However, the “aging” of batteries can be slowed down in various ways, the most effective of which we described in this article.

Calibrate iPhone Battery

Not all users know, but there is a way to calibrate the iPhone battery, proven by experts at Battery University. This not only improves the battery life here and now, but also has a positive effect on the overall health of the battery.

To calibrate your iPhone battery:

Leave iPhone off for a few hours (ideally overnight).

Connect iPhone to charger and leave it on for at least five hours. Even after the battery is 100% charged. It is best to turn off your iPhone while it is charging.

After completing this simple but time-consuming process, the iPhone battery is calibrated. It is advisable to perform this procedure every 3-4 months. This allows iPhone to last longer on battery life and slows down the battery drain on its total capacity.

Don’t overcool your iPhone

Damage to the iPhone battery and cold. At temperatures of 0 ° C and below, the lithium-ion battery begins to slow down reactions, which also decreases the battery capacity.

Winter is fast approaching, so this tip will be the most relevant in the next few months (more tips for using your iPhone in winter). Try not to use your iPhone outside in cold weather. And we are not talking about severe frosts, but even the most insignificant ones, when the temperature may seem quite comfortable to you personally. For a battery, it is not.

Yes, limiting yourself to the usual iPhone usage can be uncomfortable. But thanks to this, the smartphone battery will definitely work much longer.

Don’t overheat your iPhone

Lithium-ion batteries do not like extreme heat. Operating or storing iPhone in an elevated temperature environment has the most negative impact on the battery. In particular, the capacity of the battery decreases, which ultimately leads to faster discharge of the smartphone.

But at exactly what temperature does the battery get bad? Surprising to many, the ideal temperature for an iPhone battery is between 16 ° C and 22 ° C. This is confirmed by numerous studies of lithium-ion batteries, including those carried out by Apple. The optimal temperature for using the iPhone is up to 30 ° C.

Of course, no one will attach a thermometer to an iPhone for constant temperature monitoring. But this is not required, just remember that the iPhone should not be used in hot weather. And certainly the smartphone cannot be left even for a short period of time in very warm rooms or in direct sunlight.

Unplug iPhone while charging

Another simple tip to help reduce the damaging effects of heat on your iPhone battery. Turn off your smartphone after connecting it to the charger. The processor and other components of the iPhone will stop working and heat up, providing ideal conditions for charging the smartphone. In addition, the iPhone will charge faster, even when using a standard charging adapter of not the highest power.

Do not charge iPhone with iPad charger

There is an opinion that the iPhone can be charged even with powerful charging adapters from the iPad. Apple itself says that you can really do this and not be afraid of any consequences.

Apple is tempting to believe, but is charging the iPhone with a more powerful adapter really safe for the battery? Those who at least once charged the iPhone using an iPad charger will certainly notice that the smartphone heats up much more than usual during charging. As we already wrote, high temperatures are detrimental to lithium-ion batteries, so overheating an iPhone while charging definitely has a detrimental effect on the battery.

The experts of the authoritative resource Battery University also warned about this. They conducted a series of tests and found that the iPhone‘s battery capacity decreases when the smartphone is charged with a powerful adapter from the iPad. over, a significant decrease in capacity was recorded. overheating is to blame.

Of course, iPhone charges much faster if you use an iPad adapter or other powerful charger. But is it worth boosting battery capacity? Definitely not. It’s better to charge your iPhone for longer, but keep the overall battery health high for a long time.

Cause Deficiencies in the operating system

Yes, despite the huge number of versions of this operating system, this happens. Elementary iOS glitches. How to return the display of the usage time and wait statistics in this case:

  • Restore the firmware. The procedure is very simple, but to be sure, it is worth entering the gadget into the DFU state before doing this. And yes, there is no need to restore a backup. watch whether the data is shown on a “clean” device.
  • If you don’t have a computer and iTunes at hand, a simple reset of settings and content can help.
  • Install the public beta firmware. This is a special version of iOS that is always slightly newer than the one currently installed on your device. Perhaps, it is in her that a similar “bug” with the display has already been fixed. Although, you should be careful, since the beta version of the firmware is not “final”. in some cases, you can find other flaws in it.
  • Wait for the official iOS update. as a rule, new software versions take into account and fix errors of older versions (not always).
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iPhone Doesn’t Show Battery Usage Statistics. Top 2 Reasons!

Hello everyone! How can you estimate the state of your iPhone battery? Well, if you need more or less accurate data, then for this you can use special programs that show all the information about the battery. And although they will provide information “in full”, it is not always convenient. it takes a long time, and you don’t always want to make unnecessary gestures to install utilities.

It’s much easier to open the settings of your iPhone, go to the “Battery” section and see the usage and standby times there. Easier, but not always In some cases, this very statistics will simply not be displayed there. instead of the required data on the device’s operating time in hours and minutes, you can see an empty space (to be more precise, there will be two dashes).

Let’s figure out what these cases are and what can be done to return the display of battery usage statistics in the settings of your iPhone. Let’s go!

Before the main “analysis”, it is nevertheless necessary to note such a very simple point. Inscription in settings:

Usage statistics will appear after iPhone is fully charged.

Indicates that usage statistics will appear when the iPhone battery is fully charged. Logic! 🙂 If this is the only problem, then all you need is just to charge the device to 100%.

Cause Battery replacement

Yes, it is not always Apple itself and its iOS operating system to blame for the lack of data on latency and battery usage in the settings. Sometimes, this happens after changing the battery.

The fact is that, as a rule, almost all batteries sold in the vastness of our homeland (and abroad) are not original batteries. Apple brings to Russia original spare parts only for its service centers. And they go exclusively to repair warranty devices. In any case, the technical support assured me of this.

Although, on the other hand, we know that in most cases, when applying for warranty from an iPhone, it is the device replacement, not repair, that occurs. Then why do they import the original batteries separately? Unclear.

Well, that’s their business. We will return to the problems with displaying statistics. So, these very problems often occur due to the fact that the replaced battery is not original. And, in simple terms, it is not perceived by the system. it simply cannot “read” and show data on the waiting time (use). What to do in this case?

Almost everything is the same as in the previous subheading. The two most effective methods are:

  • Firmware recovery. It is advisable to perform after replacing the battery, even if there are no visible problems.
  • Wait for the new iOS version and update.

Here’s everything a user can do. Of course, there is one more option. you can change the battery again. But no one gives a guarantee that after this procedure the operating time in the settings will be shown “as it should”. Therefore, in my opinion, if everything else works well, then you should not “throw out” money for a new battery.

Is it possible to increase the capacity of the phone

If the capacity of iPhones is guaranteed to decrease during operation, then it is almost impossible to increase this indicator. The manufacturer has designed and installed a battery in the device that has the maximum possible operating time.

This limitation is primarily due to the size of the gadget and the compartment where the battery is installed. If the phone’s operating time has decreased, then the only option for restoring the gadget to its previous level is to buy and install a new battery.

IPhone 7 and 7 Plus Battery Capacity

The battery life of an electronic gadget depends on the value of the capacity of the rechargeable element. Cell phones enable subscribers to communicate using a radio signal, so there is no need to connect to a stationary mowing line to ensure the functionality of such devices.

The mobility of such devices is provided by a built-in battery. Smartphones, in addition to their main purpose, can also be used to run various applications, many of which put a heavy load on the processor and built-in memory, causing significant power consumption.

The Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus phones have especially “succeeded” in energy consumption, so before purchasing such a device, you should understand what capacity the batteries installed on this type of device have.

Maximum declared capacity for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The most important parameter of the new iPhone is the value of the declared maximum capacity. For iPhone 7 smartphones, this figure is about 2 A / h. The iPhone 7 Plus uses batteries with a maximum capacity of about 3 Ah.

The improved phone model consumes more power. Despite the fact that the processors on both models are installed the same power, the screen size of the iPhone 7 Plus is almost 0.8 inches larger and the number of pixels is higher.

For this reason, the display causes increased power consumption, which forced the developers to significantly increase the capacitive parameters of the battery for the iPhone 7 Plus.

How to find out the actual capacity

During operation, the ability to accumulate a certain amount of electricity in lithium batteries decreases sharply after 1000 charge-discharge cycles. If your phone runs out of power quickly, it is most likely because the battery is nearing the end of its useful life.

It is almost impossible to find out the capacity from the display of the phone itself, because such a program displays only the value of the battery charge level. That is, if the battery can no longer accumulate even half of the declared amount of electricity, then even if you look at the charge indicator, it will still show 100%.

You can set the approximate value of the battery capacity as follows:

  • Pick up a fixed power electrical load operating at a voltage of 3.5. 3.8 volts.
  • Fully charge iPhone battery.
  • Connect the load and turn on the timer.

Having determined the load in the electrical circuit and the time during which the effective discharge was carried out, you can find out the value of the capacitance. To do this, you need to divide the time in hours by the current strength in amperes.

Specifications and descriptions of batteries for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Knowing the main technical characteristics of the iPhone battery will allow you to monitor the performance of the power source, and, if necessary, replace it with an original product or its equivalent. The battery parameters of the iPhone 7 cell phone are as follows:

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Feature iPhone 7 iPhone 7
Capacity 1960 mAh 2900 mAh
Voltage 3.8V 3.8V
Length 93 mm n / a
Width 39 mm n / a
Thickness 3 mm n / a
Weight 30 g 100 g

The battery installed on the 7 Plus model is slightly larger. The capacitive indicators of the battery installed on the improved version of the smartphone are almost one and a half times higher than the standard “seven”.

The claimed battery life of the iPhone 7 and 7 plus

The declared operating time of the improved version of the mobile device, under various modes of use, will be:

  • Waiting. 380 h.
  • Listening to music. 60 h.
  • Conversation. 18 h.
  • Web surfing. 13.5 hours.
  • Video playback. 7 hours.

The volume of accumulated electricity that can be carried out by the standard model is much lower, therefore, the operational capabilities are more modest:

  • Waiting. 240 h.
  • Listening to music. 40 h.
  • Conversation. 14 h.
  • Web surfing. 10 hours.
  • Video playback. 5 hours.

The listed characteristics are valid only for new devices. With long-term operation, the operating time, in any of the listed modes, can drop to almost zero.

How can you restore capacity

If the capacity falls inexorably, then it is not recommended to take any action to restore the battery. Using the practices recommended on the Internet for the recovery of lithium-ion batteries can lead to the failure of not only the battery, but also an expensive gadget.

If it is possible to check the real capacity of the battery, then this must be done. If you find significant deviations, you should purchase and install an original battery for iPhone 7 or 7 plus.

In order to keep the battery working as long as possible, it is recommended to refrain from frequent recharging of the smartphone, if possible. Despite the absence of the memory effect, such operation of the battery is not correct and always leads to premature failure of the battery.

Do you have any questions or do you have anything to add? Then write us about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, this will make the material more useful, complete and accurate.

Optimize your settings.

Energy. The Energy Saver preferences panel lets you adjust the power consumption level for your MacBook. Your MacBook will automatically recognize when it is plugged in and enter the appropriate operating mode. If the laptop is running on battery power, the screen brightness is automatically dimmed and the rest of the components are used more economically. When maximum performance is enabled, the battery will drain faster.

Brightness. To maximize battery life, reduce the screen brightness to the minimum comfortable level. For example, if you are watching a video on an airplane with the lights off, you do not need full brightness.

Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi is on, more power is consumed. even when you are not using a wireless network connection. You can disable this feature in the Wi-Fi status menu or in the network settings.

Applications and peripherals. Disconnect peripherals and quit applications you are not using. Remove SD card if not currently in use.

Update your software to the latest version.

Check regularly to see if your Apple Watch has the latest watchOS.

Maintain 100% Battery health on iPhone in Hindi

  • To see if you need to update your system, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select My Watch Basic Software Update.
  • If an update is available, connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi, connect the charger to your Apple Watch (the charge level must be at least 50%), and start the update wirelessly.

Optimize your settings.

There are two easy ways to conserve battery power no matter how you use your device: adjust the screen brightness and use Wi-Fi.

Decrease screen brightness or turn on auto brightness to extend battery life.

  • To decrease the brightness, open Control Center and slide the brightness level down.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment adapts the screen brightness to the ambient light. To activate it, open Settings General Accessibility Adaptation of the display and turn on the parameter “Auto brightness”.

When using the Internet, remember that a Wi-Fi connection uses less battery power than a cellular connection. Therefore, we recommend that you never turn off Wi-Fi. To turn on Wi-Fi, open Wi-Fi Settings and then select the appropriate network.

Charge your devices without a case.

Some types of covers can cause the battery to overheat, which can negatively affect its capacity. If you notice that your device gets warm while charging, take it out of the case first. For Apple Watch Edition models, make sure the magnetic charging case cover is open.

How much battery does an iPhone have

To simplify the task of choosing a phone model, I have prepared for you indicators of all modern models. In addition, I will remember interesting facts.

I want to start with model 4, nobody buys 3 or 3GS anymore. They will soon be in the museum, if some of them are not already there.

Battery capacity iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, SE

Many consider the 4-inch generation to be the most successful. Apple also does not forget about this and the result of this is the release of the iPhone SE. Of course, many still use these devices, but when they start using a new generation phone, the love for 4 inches slowly evaporates.

  • 5: 1440 mAh;
  • 5S: 1560 mAh;
  • 5C: 1520 mAh;
  • SE: 1642 mAh.

The numbers have not grown significantly compared to the old 4 and 4S, because all the characteristics have not grown too globally. SE has already added, but considering its filling from 6S. this is probably not enough.

Battery capacity iPhone 4, 4S

If we recall the characteristics of these phones and combine them with the number of mAh from modern smartphones, then the phone would probably work for a week. The years of these smartphones were unforgettable and every owner of one of these devices remembers them only with a smile. And mind you, then we did not even think about the battery.

How I Maintain 100% iPhone Battery Health

  • 4: 1420 mAh;
  • 4S: 1430 mAh.

As you can see, the numbers are incredibly small compared to today’s numbers. But having bought this device, you do not think too much about charging throughout the day.

How long does the iPhone battery hold?

I will not write about each model separately. If you buy a new smartphone, then you will be enough for exactly one day of active use. Just before going to bed, you will already think about putting on exercise. It’s just that some still have 30 or 40 percent left, but you still have to bet, because tomorrow you need to use it.

You can only notice a significant increase in operating time in the PLUS versions. They have a very good battery and will last much longer from models with a smaller screen.

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When you buy a used smartphone, you can prepare that in the near future you will need to change the battery. Although this factor largely depends on the owner’s past and his manner of using the smartphone.


Based on the data obtained, we can draw the first conclusions about the deterioration of the battery. The meter displays the battery capacity indicator in the lower left corner. To find out the exact indicators, you should use a simple mathematical formula.

For example, a person has a gadget that, after being completely discharged, restores its charge within 3 hours. After measuring the current with a tester, a reading of 1.15 amperes was obtained. The actual battery capacity can be calculated by multiplying these two numbers: 1.15 amperes, which is 1150 milliamperes, multiplied by 3, resulting in 3450 milliamperes.

How to accurately measure battery capacity

Among all the possible ways to check the capacity of the phone, one can single out the option using new generation chargers.

Diagnostics in this case is carried out by two methods. The first is charging your phone. To do this, select the mode and type of battery, which is indicated on the battery. After automatically calculating the time required for full charge and current, the device provides accurate information.

The second option is to discharge the gadget. In this case, the check is carried out in the reverse order. The device measures the discharging behavior of the phone and the energy expended on this and provides all the information.

Battery test with a tester

Another common way to check your phone’s battery capacity is with a multimeter or tester. The device is able to detect the following:

  • battery health,
  • resistance,
  • voltage,
  • break in the electrical network.

Please note: some gadget owners complain that the USB multimeter does not always provide error-free data. However, it can be used to check the capacity not only on smartphones, but also on a tablet or powerbank.

Sometimes it turned out that manufacturers deliberately overestimated battery capacity in order to increase sales of their smartphones. To check this, the USB cable that is connected to the tester must be connected to a power source, this can be a charger for a gadget or a PC.

The multimeter has two connectors. USB and microUSB. If you need to find out the capacity of a mobile phone or tablet with a microUSB input, you need to connect the cable that was included in the package to the tester into the USB connector on the multimeter, and connect the other end of the cable to the gadget, but before that, do not forget to completely discharge it.

Next, the tester is connected to the charger, and the cable is connected to the tester and the phone. Now, on the multimeter screen, you need to select a free memory cell or erase the old one and wait until the gadget is fully charged. The process will be considered completed only if the charge is 100%, the current is at zero and the display shows the real indicator of the battery capacity.

How to check iPhone battery capacity using programs

Software methods for checking the phone battery for capacity are more informative. The owner of the gadget will quickly receive information about the problems that have arisen in order to start replacing the battery in time, if necessary. The exact method depends on the operating system of the smartphone.

IPhone owners often complain about the lack of battery. Experts advise in such cases to install the iBackupBot utility. For more complete information, it is better to install the application on your computer and then connect your smartphone to it. After starting iBackupBot, add the device to the list of valid devices. In the Information tab, you can find data on the number of charge-discharge cycles, as well as the battery capacity.

The program has 2 main characteristics, namely:

  • FullChargeCapacity The actual capacity at the time the battery was checked.
  • DesignCapacity is the nominal value stated by the manufacturer. They can be found in the iPhone passport.

If the value obtained is below 50% of the nominal, this indicates the need to replace the battery with a new one.

Mechanical battery test methods

Battery life doesn’t just depend on how often you use your phone. The device is adversely affected by prolonged downtime and sudden changes in temperature. For example, quite often the charge can completely disappear if a person leaves the apartment on the street, where it is currently.10 ° C, and holds the gadget in his hands. In this case, the phone will no longer turn on.

As for the bloated battery, it is not easy to determine this in the initial stage, as it happens gradually.

To notice a breakdown, you need to put the smartphone on a flat surface with the back cover down and try to unwind it. If this succeeds, it is better to replace the battery immediately.

What is battery capacity

The battery capacity indicator displays the real time during which the battery ensures the smooth operation of the smartphone. This value is calculated by multiplying the discharge time by the DC value.

Almost all the latest smartphones are equipped with lithium polymer or lithium ion batteries.

Their work is based on chemical processes, but over time there is a change in the electrical composition, the state of the electrodes and capacity, which indicates the inconsistency of battery resources.

Checking the battery capacity of the phone: software and mechanical methods

Battery capacity is determined based on voltage readings. A special portable tester is best suited for such purposes. It is also used to measure the health of a laptop’s battery. But before you know the battery capacity of your phone, you will have to figure out how these devices and programs work for Android and iOS operating systems.

Methods for checking the battery capacity on “Android

There are several options for how you can check the battery capacity of an Android phone. One of them is typing the ## character combination and choosing the Battery Info command. If everything is done correctly, the screen will display all the information of interest to the owner of the smartphone.

If that doesn’t work, you can install one of the apps, such as Battery. Immediately after starting it, you can see information not only about the battery capacity, but also about the voltage and temperature of the battery.

Other applications for similar purposes include:

  • Power battery,
  • Battery Calibration,
  • Battery life,
  • AccuBattery.

Experts advise paying attention to the discharge of the gadget when talking. If, after 10 minutes of dialogue, the battery has sat down by 10%, regardless of the displayed application indicators, this indicates that the battery is draining too quickly.