How to make a collage of photos on iPhone

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Image processing software

When it is not possible to make a collage of photos online, applications installed on a computer will help. There are enough programs on the Internet with which you can make, for example, a beautiful postcard, without having special skills.

  • Picasa is a popular application for viewing, cataloging and manipulating images. It has the function of automatically distributing all the images on the computer into groups, and the option of creating collages from them. Picasa is currently not supported by Google and has been replaced by Google.Photo. Basically, the functions are the same, including the creation of collages. To work, you will need to create a Google account.
  • Photoscape is a graphic image editor with a wide range of functions. It will not be difficult to create a beautiful collage with its help. The program database contains ready-made frames and templates;

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  • Photo COLLAGE is one of the best tools with a lot of built-in filters, layouts and effects;
  • Fotor is a photo editor and photo collage generator in one program. The software does not have a Russian interface, but it has a wide range of features;
  • SmileBox is an application for creating collages and postcards. Differs from competitors in a large number of ready-made presets, that is, sets of graphic settings for images.

The advantage of such applications is that, unlike Photoshop, they are geared towards creating collages, postcards and simple image editing. Therefore, they have only the necessary tools for this, which greatly simplifies the development of programs.

Online Services Overview

It is not necessary to download programs and install them, wasting time and free hard disk space. There are tons of ready-made services on the Internet that offer the same functionality. All of them are free and only a few have paid options in their assortment. Navigating through the online editors is simple and similar. To make a collage of photos online, there are already a huge number of different frames, effects, icons and other elements in such services. This is a great alternative to traditional applications, and they only need a stable Internet to work.

So, my personal TOP online resources for creating collages:

  • is a foreign site with a pleasant interface, Russian language support and intuitive tools. You can work fully without registration. No doubt number 1 on my personal list of such services.
  • PiZap is an image editor with support for creating collages of varying complexity. With it you can apply a lot of funny effects to your photos, change the background, add frames, etc. No Russian language.
  • Befunky Collage Maker is another foreign resource that allows you to create beautiful collages and postcards in a few clicks. Supports Russian interface, you can work without registration.
  • is an English site with very simple controls. Offers tons of ready-made templates to choose from.
  • Pixlr O-matic is a very simple Internet service of the popular PIXLR site, which allows you to upload images from a computer or webcam for further work on them. The interface is only in English, but everything is simple and clear.
  • a site about photography and travel. In the top menu there is a line “ONLINE COLLAGE”, by clicking on which you can go to the page with the English-language application for creating collages.
  • Avatan is an editor in Russian with support for photo retouching options and creating collages of varying complexity (simple and unusual, as it is written in the site menu).

Almost all of the mentioned resources require the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed and enabled in the web browser to be fully functional.

How to make a collage from photos

To make a collage from pictures using a special program, for example, Photoshop, you need skills in a complex graphics editor. In addition, it is paid.

But there are many free tools and services out there. All of them work according to the same principle: you just need to upload a few photos to the site in order to automatically create the collage you need with a couple of simple actions.

Below I will tell you about the most popular and interesting, in my opinion, programs and resources on the Internet for image processing.

Making a collage in Photoscape

Launch the program. you will see a large selection of menu items with colorful icons in the main Photoscape window.

Select “Page”. a new window will open. The program will automatically pick up photos from the “Pictures” folder, and on the right is a menu with a huge selection of ready-made templates.

Select the appropriate one and drag pictures onto it from the left menu, holding each one with the right mouse button.

Using the upper right menu, you can in every possible way change the shape and size of images, background color, and clicking on “Edit” will open a selection of additional parameters and settings.

After applying all the desired effects, click on the “Save” (Save) button in the corner of the program window.

Fast, creative and free: how to create a collage from photos. an overview of ways

Good afternoon to all readers of the blog! Today you will learn how to easily and quickly make a collage from photos without specific skills and abilities. I use them very often both in work and in everyday life. Let me tell you a secret: this is an excellent way to make images unique and avoid copyright claims by 90% of copyright holders; A joke, of course! Don’t violate copyright. Well, collages can be used to beautifully design your blog, pages on social networks, presentations and much more.

How to create an original photo collage with Fotor

Most of these services work in a similar way. It is enough to master one in order to understand the features of the work of the others.

Open in your browser. You need to register in order to be able to save the finished work on your computer. Registration will allow you to share the created collages on social networks. You can log in through

If, following the link, you come across an English interface, scroll down with the mouse wheel to the bottom of the page. There you will see a LANGUAGE button with a drop down menu. Just select “Russian”.

There are now three items in the center of the page: “Edit”, “Collage and Design”. Go to “Collage”.

Select the appropriate template and drag and drop photos onto it. you can import them using the appropriate button on the right or while practicing with the ready-made images.

Now you can make a photo collage online for free. there are a lot of templates to choose from at If you don’t like the standard ones, use the items from the menu on the left. “Art collage” or “Funky collage” (some of the templates are available only for paid accounts, they are marked with a crystal).

In the “Artistic collage” mode, when you drag a photo onto a template, a small menu appears next to it to adjust the image: transparency, blur, and other parameters.

You can add inscriptions, shapes, ready-made pictures from the “Decoration” menu or use your own. The same goes for changing the background.

As a result, you can save your work by clicking the “Save” button:

So, literally in 5 minutes, you can make a gorgeous collage. Still have questions? Ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

How to make a photo collage on iPhone

Today, our iPhones have turned into whole photo studios, in which we photograph something, then edit and so on. Collage is one of the most popular actions on iPhone, let’s see how you can do it.

If someone else does not know, then a collage is a photograph that consists of other photos and it all looks like a large mosaic.

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, but if you have an Instagram account, sooner or later you will come to this question. So let’s talk a little about this process.

Collage software for iPhone

In fact, there are already so many photo editing applications that the eyes do not just run up, they just start to drown in dozens, or even more, number of programs. Today I will not review each of the programs, it is very useless because all the products are so similar that it will soon be difficult to distinguish one from the other.

There are many collections of such programs on the Internet, and I have prepared as many as two: the first. create exclusively collages, the second. there are collages, but there are many other functions.

Just collage. In the first case, I chose the most popular applications that come in handy if you don’t need anything else besides collages. Here you will find either a pure product for creating collages, or there are a couple of extra functions and they will not interfere with you. The selection looks like this.

  • Layout from Instagram;
  • Photo Grid;
  • Pic Collage;
  • Mixgram;
  • Pic Easy Collage;
  • Collageable.

Going to instagram, it was these programs that made most of the cool photos, which combine a couple more. So choose and test.

Full photo editor. As you can imagine, the following list is already suitable for more creative people who like to delve deeper into photos. Here you can set up different filters, make different labels, use stickers and much more. Naturally there are collages here too.

  • Retrica;
  • Flipagram;
  • FotoRus;
  • PicsArt;
  • Framatic.
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It was not difficult to recall all these programs, I have already tried everything and each program is good in its own way. Somewhere one is better, somewhere another is better.

It’s a matter of taste, because it is quite difficult to please everyone at once. Naturally, the lists could be continued and the article would have turned out to be incredibly long.

Install one at a time and after you understand that one of the collage programs suits you best, leave that one.

After all, when a dozen of such programs are installed on the iPhone, it is quite difficult to determine. Although, again, at your discretion, you can make each collage in different applications.

Vintaframe Editor

An example of a suitable software is the Vintaframe application. It can be downloaded and installed for free via and will help us make a photo collage or frame for Instagram.

  • We are entitled to use up to nine photos taken with our smartphone. We can include them in the collage, having processed each picture using filters, enclose it in a frame, and add, if desired, any textures and effects.
  • This minimal set provides unlimited creative possibilities.
  • The Vintaframe app offers about forty vintage-style backgrounds, twenty-five stylized filters, over twenty frames, forty collage layouts, about thirty textures and effects, and so on.
  • All this assumes millions of possible combinations, created individually by each user. Well, we will be able to share the result via Instagram.
  • In the latest version of the program, new textures, effects, backgrounds, layouts and so on were added, but most importantly, bugs were fixed in it.

How to make a collage on iPhone: useful apps

The camera of iOS mobile devices will help us to take very good amateur photos, provided there is sufficient lighting. This article will show you how to make a collage on iPhone, if the need arises.

For this we need the iTunes application and special software.

Other software

From iTunes, we can also download a free application such as Magic Collage from the developer Astontek Inc. It has a clear and simple interface.

  • Like the previous program, this application is equipped with various backgrounds and structures, as well as frames and effects.
  • As for collages, there is a separate menu for this. “Collage Explorer”. It will help us quickly choose a collage template for our own taste.
  • Once the collage is created, you can add it to the library to the rest, create a whole series of collages, or view all your work as a slideshow with music or other accompaniment.
  • There are three main collage modes in total. We can share the result with our friends.

The features of the application include optimization for the iPhone 5, the presence of one hundred prints to choose from, the ability to apply stylistic effects and various masks, the use of the most common proportions for the background (1: 1, 16: 9, and so on), a large selection of templates for collages, dozens of images for background, color and frame selection at your own discretion.

This universal program is suitable not only for mobile devices, but also for iOS tablets and players.

How collages are created on the phone

Those who maintain a page on Instagram are interested in learning how to make a collage from photos on the phone. Owners of devices running on OS Android or iOS. can download special applications to their devices.

Happy owners of Chinese smartphones manufactured by Xiaomi do not need to download anything, since they have MIUI 9 firmware in which there is a Gallery section. You need to open it by clicking on the three dots located in the upper right corner and select the “Collage” page.

On a phone with Internet access, you can use downloaded applications to create collages from photos using special applications that work on the same principle as programs on a computer.

If the user is not very versed in the work of programs or applications, then he can use special free services in which pictures are automatically created.

How to make a collage from photos. a detailed description of the methods of composing and options for creating collages

Today, everyone has large personal collections of digital photographs on their computer, laptop or phone. Instead of the traditional viewing of files with a large number of photos, you can create thematic photo collages using special programs and services. Then such author’s compositions can be posted on your pages on the social network.

Creating a collage from various photos can have not only aesthetic, but also purely practical value. Collage skills may be required in different situations:

  • when drawing up a wardrobe;
  • during the development of the interior of the living space;
  • for fixing various processes (building a house, changing the landscape, observing how a child grows up, creating thematic cards and congratulations, etc.).

Today, when everyone has computers and mobile gadgets, the task of creating photo collages is greatly simplified if you know how to make a collage from photos on a computer, laptop, tablet, iPhone or smartphone. Today there are a large number of convenient programs that automate the process of composing collages and offer the user a large set of additional functions.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a photo collage using a special program

After you have selected, downloaded, installed on your computer, a suitable program for work, you can start working on a composition from photographs. Here’s how to make a collage from photos on your phone or on a computer if the program is downloaded to your device:

First you need to launch the application. After that, you need to select the type of project. Most programs offer several options:

  • creating a collage from scratch yourself;
  • use of ready-made templates;
  • use of ready-made patterns with design and inscriptions, where photos are simply inserted.

Advice! If the user does not have the skills to work in various computer programs, he can start making collages with the simplest options. This will help beginners get to know all the functions of the program.

Having selected the type of collage, you need to set the format for the sheet by typing in the dimensions of the parameters manually, or by choosing the sizes suggested by the program.

After that, you need to specify what orientation the sheet will be. landscape or normal vertical, and click on the “Finish” button.

After that, work with the editor begins, the first step of which will be to place the photo on the created template. To do this, open the folder with the photo in a small window and drag the desired photos onto the prepared template with the arrow.

After uploading the photo to the template, you need to go to the “Background” tab, where you need to select a background suitable for the photo. As a background, any shades can be used, the catalog of shades gradients offered by the program, or a manual adjustment. You can also choose as a cover any backgrounds from your personal collection located in a separate folder on your computer.

After that, you can proceed to creating frames. To do this, go to the section “Effects and Frames”, which are in each program. Frames, masks or color effects can be used as decoration. To set a suitable frame for the collage, you need to drag the selected frame or mask with the cursor from the catalog into the open collage.

There is also a “Text and Decorations” tab. In it, you can select inscriptions, Комментарии и мнения владельцев and jokes that can be inserted into the free field under the photo, as well as use the clip art effect, which will bring animation to the created photo collage.

If your photos are not of very good quality, you can improve them by choosing a suitable filter or processing different layers of photos. Not only in Photoshop, but also in other collage maker programs.

There are complex programs like Photoshop, where there are complex tools for editing and enhancing photos and you need to work with a brush that depicts the cursor and pointwise enhances the face in the photo, and there are simple programs where the desired filter and effect is simply dragged and dropped onto the image.

Collage Maker

Today there are a large number of programs that you can install on your computer, laptop or phone, and then use them to create beautiful compositions from your own photos. On your personal device. For independent work with photo files, various programs are used today that have a large set of tools and capabilities:

  • Photoshop;
  • Photo COLLAGE;
  • Collage Master;
  • CollageIt;
  • Publisher and others.

Adobe Systems, the developer of the popular Photoshop program, offers a large set of professional tools for working with graphic files. In it, you can carry out deep processing of various layers of photos, draw, do retouching. Collage making is one of the functions of such a program.

The Photo Collage program is specially designed for composing various compositions from photographs. There are over 300 templates to help you create beautiful postcards, photo books and website designs.

The Collage Master product developed by the Russian company AMS Software has a large set of tools for working with photo and video files:

  • setting perspective;
  • creation of inscriptions;
  • various effects and filters.

On this program, you can create not only photo collages, but also various design projects.

CollageIt software, according to the assurances of its developers from Pearl Mountain, is suitable for users of all levels.

Important! Without payment, you can download only demos to your computer, which present a cut-down version of the tools.

In the Microsoft Office program, which is on every computer, a special Publisher tool is also installed, with which you can also create compositions from photos on one sheet.

In addition to programs for a computer, you can use

Using online services to create a photo collage

In the global network today there are a large number of services in which, in real time, without downloading programs to your equipment, you can create collages from your photos for free. They have a simpler set of tools, thanks to which each user can quickly compose effective compositions from their photos from any device connected to the Internet.

Here are some examples of such services for creating a collage from

Here’s how to make a photo collage online:

  • Go online to any service for creating collages from photos.
  • Choose templates with suitable designs.
  • Upload your photos from your computer or phone.
  • Save and send to one of the social networks.

With the help of any PC, tablet, laptop or phone, today, each user will be able to decorate their personal photos beautifully, creating themed collections of travel, fun adventures with friends or holidays in the family circle, choosing one of the three proposed options for creating photo collages in digital format.

How to make and share music slideshow in Photos app on iPhone or iPad

With the release of iOS 10, Apple seriously decided to make the Photos app a competitor to Google Photos by introducing the Memories tool with the ability to group photos by events and create slideshows from them. In this article, we will show you two ways to make a music slideshow from photos in the Photos app.

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Option 1 (creating a video movie from all photos of the album, the ability to save)

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Albums tab. Select the desired album to create a slideshow (movie). We talked in detail about how to create albums and folders in the Photos application in this article.

Click on the “···” icon in the upper right corner.

In the menu that appears, select “Play a movie-memory”.

A slideshow of the album photos with music will be launched.

Tap the screen to change slideshow settings. Choose a soundtrack (soft, light, funny, vigorous, disco club, etc.), as well as a frame rate (short or medium).

To fine-tune the slideshow, click the “Edit” button in the upper right corner and in the pop-up window confirm your intention by clicking the OK button.

Additional options will open that allow you to change the slideshow title, title image, music theme, and select a photo for the current slideshow.

The process of detailed customization of the slideshow creates a copy of it in the “Memories” format in the “For You” tab of the Photo application.

To save the slideshow in video format to the Photos app or share it with your friends, return to the original screen (before clicking the Edit button) and click the Share button in the lower left corner.

In the menu that appears, select “Save Video”.

The slideshow in video format will be saved in the Photos app.

How to make and share a music slideshow (video from photos) in the Photos app on iPhone or iPad

Apple offers two options for creating slideshows.

Option 2 (creating a video movie from selected photos of the album, more opportunities for choosing animation effects and musical accompaniment)

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Albums tab. Select the desired album to create a slideshow (movie). We talked in detail about how to create albums and folders in the Photos application in this article.

To select all photos for slideshow, click the “···” icon in the upper right corner.

To create a slideshow of selected photos, click the Select button and highlight the desired images, and then click the “···” icon in the upper right corner.

Select Slideshow. Slide show will start automatically in full screen.

Tap the screen to change the settings. Click the Options button to change the slideshow settings.

In the Music section, select one of the suggested standard songs or music from the Music app (Apple Music).

In the Theme section, select a style for displaying slides. To repeat the slides, activate the Repeat item.

To decrease or increase the playback speed of the picture, use the turtle and hare slider.

Changing the soundtrack entails re-arranging the entire clip to match the tempo and tone of the composition.

It should be noted that the slideshow created using the second option does not provide the ability to save the video and send it to friends. The created slideshow can only be viewed on an iOS device or transferred to a TV with an Apple TV set-top box.

How easy it is to make a postcard with any photo

To create a postcard with a photo with your own hands, follow a few simple steps:

  • 1 Start the program. Click New Collage Collage Templates. They are divided into categories for easy search: in this case, the “Postcards” section is suitable. Specify the required format. You can choose one of the proposed or enter the parameters manually.
  • 2 To add images to the canvas, double-click the frame. Or in the left menu in the “Photos” item, specify the location of the pictures and drag them onto the sheet.
  • 3 If you need to change the design, select the “Templates” section. Double click on the new one or move it to the collage.
  • 4 In some blanks, a wish is already written. You can leave it that way, change the font or write a new one. To change the typeface or rewrite the label, double-click the text box frame. In the new window, add boldness and italics, increase or decrease the size, change the fill and add effects. The program also has ready-made styles: they are in the left menu in the “Text and Decorations” section.
  • 5 Change the appearance: set a new background, apply an effect, add a border, place stickers. The above can be found in the left menu.
  • 6 To apply frames or filters to the image, click the Effects and Frames section. Drag the one you like onto the picture.
  • 7 Cliparts are in Text and Decorations. They are categorized for convenience. Select a sticker, double click on it and it will be placed on the sheet.
  • 8 Save or print your photo card. You can export it as an image, template or project. To send to the printer, click “File” “Print collage”.

See examples of postcards from a photo

Add personal information to the postcard: joke, name, birthday photo.

A card for the birth of a child is a great gift for new parents.

In the finished template, you can change all the elements and create your own design.

A wedding is an important day. Congratulate the newlyweds on the occasion!

Don’t forget to write a nice wish!

Holiday card for the 10th birthday.

Wedding anniversaries are often celebrated together, but it is important to congratulate the family. You can send a postcard. lovers will appreciate your attention.

Photos evoke emotions and feelings. Use pictures when creating a gift.

Choose a page template and decorate as you like.

Happy new year and merry christmas to friends and family.

Make postcards with photos on your computer

Why crop photos and use stickers? You can create a wonderful homemade greeting card on your computer. It is best to use the specialized program Photo COLLAGE. Thanks to the extensive functionality of the application, it doesn’t take much time. It allows you to use ready-made templates, apply frames, masks, add text, decorations, filters and cut objects.

Frames and masks for photos

Postcards with photos can be decorated in different ways. The program offers many frameworks. They can frame one image or the whole work.

Masks will beautifully blur the edges of the picture.

To process pictures, use filters that will color correct, add an unusual effect, such as blurring or curling. To apply any frame, mask and filter, just drag and drop them onto the image.

How to make a DIY photo postcard

It is always nice when a gift is made with your own hands, putting your soul into it. Embody any idea: prepare an original collage or create a postcard with a photo. Beautifully designed pictures will delight the eye and evoke memories.

Design unique postcard designs with photos

The program allows you to quickly create a unique gift for any occasion. Photo COLLAGE offers:

  • 120 templates of cards and collages. They are divided into categories in which you can find the right one. Or you can create your own and save for future.
  • Clipart library containing over 300 different images.
  • Lots of Cyrillic fonts and the ability to install new ones. Plus 43 ready-to-use text styles.
  • In the program, as a fill, you can set a solid color from the palette, a ready-made gradient or texture. It is possible to create a unique color transition in the editor.
  • than 100 frames and masks that will beautifully decorate a postcard with a photo with your own hands. In addition to the proposed options, you can embody your own ideas and create a new frame.
  • Photomontage tools. With the help of them, for example, you can cut out an unnecessary object, change the background or change the face.

Write and draw up a congratulation

To add text, select the desired section in the left menu and type congratulations.

In the settings, you can change the design yourself:

how to make a photo collage ��

  • Set a new font, size, style.
  • Apply a color from the palette, ready-made or created gradients and textures as a fill.
  • Add outline and shadow.

You can also apply ready-made styles to the text. For example, for a birthday card, bright and light designs are suitable.

Create a collage with Pic Stitch

We launch the application from the desktop. The main window contains layouts with collages, divided into two categories:

  • “Classic”: strict and traditional options.
  • “Fantasy”: informal, unusual.

To make a collage of photographs, then proceed according to the instructions:

  • On the start page of the application, select the template you like, “tap” on it.
  • Click on one of the parts of the form that opens, load the photo (or several pieces) into the editor. In this case, the application will ask for access to “Photos”. You need to verify your rights. The program will load the iPhone Gallery, and a photo selection is already made from it.

In addition, audio accompaniment is added at the stage of editing the composite picture. To do this, you need to “tap” on the “Audio” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Collage maker app

Find the blue icon of the repository (App Store) on the iPhone desktop, click it. In the window that opens, “tap” on the search, enter the name of the program inside the line: Pic Stitch. This is a popular application designed to create a collage from photos.

Click on the “Download” button, confirm the action using a password from Apple ID or a fingerprint sensor. We are waiting for the program to load on the iPhone.

How to make your own collage on iPhone from photos

The Apple phone makes it possible to capture bright moments and get great photos without any special knowledge from the owner of the device. Manufacturers have made the process of taking photos simple and easy. When “uploading” pictures to social networks, the user wants to save as many pictures as possible, but the number of publications is limited by the rules. Then there is a way out: make a collage on iPhone from a photo.

The original photo on the social network will be noticed if the picture is presented correctly. Making collages is a fun and creative process that helps show your profile visitors a lot of great pictures put together. It will certainly be useful, effective and practical if, for example, a travel report is published.

Pic stich

A very powerful collage maker. Pic Stich has the most templates in our collection.

All collages are sorted by the number of cells involved. The application has a built-in flexible toolkit for processing the added images.

By spending on in-app purchases, you can not only increase the available number of templates, but also unlock tools for creating them.

Photo collage on iPhone: the best apps

Collages are stylish, informative and a lot of fun. In this article, we have selected the most popular free programs that allow you to beautifully compose the best moments of life right on the iPhone.

Instagram Layout

A minimalistic free app from the creators of Instagram will easily satisfy the wishes of an inexperienced user. The principle of the program is simple to disgrace. mark several photos in the media library, then select a pre-prepared collage and adjust each photo. Done!

In addition to scaling images, it is possible to mirror, rotate, add or change the borders of the frame. Upon completion, the collage is published on Instagram, or in any other available way through the standard “Share” menu.

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The program is completely free and has no in-app purchases or ads. Among the shortcomings are simple collages that are not particularly original. And Instagram Layout cannot boast of additional tools.


First of all, MOLDIV is a decent graphic editor with many tools for adjusting, changing and transforming images.

In addition, there is a huge collection of free and paid collage templates. MOLDIV also allows you to create your own photo magazine.

MOLDIV is the real Swiss knife in the world of photo editing and collage creation. There is a large number of both free and paid features.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this article, be sure to tell us about your any collage maker apps.

Make a photo collage in 5 seconds!

Have you wanted to show off your photos for a long time? Present them at their best, and not like everyone else? Our online photo collage editor will make this dream come true and create a truly interesting composition.!

The term “collage” means a unique technique for presenting images, when several different illustrations are combined into one thematic block, combined so as to create a single composition. However, in a photo collage, everything does not have to obey one idea. for example, all four photographs are devoted to nature. Often a collage is a combination of a series of images that are not interconnected with each other. Sometimes they are completely diverse, but thanks to their skillful layout, they form a single information space.

How To Make a Photo Collage on Your iPhone!

There are no limits or frames for collaging and creating such photo installations. You can get creative with the templates and photo layouts you want. And if even some five years ago it was possible to make a collage only in Adobe Photoshop, and therefore to learn how to work with it, today all this can be done online, using our graphic editor.

Make a photo collage online

Photo collage is original. This is a great solution to surprise everyone you know! Such images look really stylish, and even if the photographs themselves do not stand out in anything special, their competent layout can solve the situation.!

It is quite simple to make a collage of photos: choose the template you like and upload several prepared pictures (square, rectangular, vertical or horizontal). After that, the free online editor will do everything himself and you just have to download the finished photo collage to your computer. The pictures can be the same. templates allow

What can be a photo collage

With the help of our editor, you can create a selection of the best family pictures, effectively combine the most beautiful images, turning them into a real work of art!

You can make a collage online from photos in several ways, depending on the required amount and effect.

  • Combination. This method of collage involves the creation of one image, in which several others are combined, located side by side. Of all the photo collage methods, this is the simplest.
  • Overlay. In the course of creating such a photo collage, several images are superimposed in layers, partially overlapping each other. Different photos of such a collage can be additionally processed with filters and effects.
  • Template. Photos are placed strictly in the designated areas. They can be scaled, moved, swapped, but in the end the structure of the collage template will remain unchanged. For example, there is a narrow horizontal photo at the top, two vertical ones at the bottom. And under them is a large square.
  • Special structure. Such a photo collage can combine the three previous methods of arrangement, creating a unique author’s design.

How to make a photo collage

It’s easy to create a photo collage, just a couple of clicks!

First, select the photos themselves, and then decide how you want to arrange them. Launch the online application and select the appropriate template, upload the prepared photographs and use the mouse to arrange them in blocks so that the overall composition looks as effective as possible.

Save received collages in the desired format and publish in social networks, share with friends and acquaintances.

You can make a photo collage online in just a few seconds! Completely free and without any restrictions! Just try it and we are sure you will succeed! Launch the app now!


For iPhone owners, a large number of image editors are also available to choose from, with which you can create a collage. Firstly, on iOS, the already mentioned Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop are presented, which more than adequately cope with the solution of the existing task. Secondly, there are many other applications in the App Store that contain in their library many frames and template labels, sets of effects and filters that allow you to process and glue pictures manually or completely automatically. The most popular of them, as well as how to use them, were previously reviewed by one of the authors of our site in a separate material, the link to which is indicated below.

The instructions above give a general idea of ​​how to combine photos, but the procedure is shown using an example of a small number of applications, which significantly limits the choice. At the same time, you can create a unique collage using almost any photo editor for iOS, and a separate article is devoted to them on our website.


If, after reading the above instructions, you still could not find a suitable application for creating a collage, with our review of photo editors. all of them are also endowed with the necessary tools (frames, effects, filters, templates).

Create a photo collage on your phone

Both smartphones with Android and iPhone contain in their basic arsenal a set of applications necessary for their comfortable use, among which there is often a simple graphic editor. True, the functionality of the latter is not enough to create full-fledged, high-quality and memorable collages, and therefore to solve the problem voiced in the title of the article, you will need to contact the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Create a photo collage on iPhone and Android

A collage created from several photos is a great opportunity to capture a memorable event or just a pleasant pastime in one image. In this article we will tell you how and with what applications it can be done on mobile devices with iOS and Android.

It’s not difficult to create a collage of photos on your phone, the main thing is to choose an application suitable for these purposes and “enhance” its built-in tools with your own imagination.

Collages from photos and videos for the Ribbon

In order to combine and create a photo and video collage for Instagram, you need the Collage Maker app. You can add up to 18 photos, specify a frame, and select a background image. There is a change in the size of the picture: with rounded edges, round, triangular.

  • Download CollageMaker.
  • Open. add up to 18 photos.
  • Click: “Create”. choose a template or place it yourself.
  • After editing, click “Save”. ​​ the social network by the corresponding icon.

How to Make a Collage on iPhone/ iPad! �� [EASY METHOD!]

The file will be saved in PNG format and can be posted to Instagram by creating a post using the Gallery. When choosing a picture for a collage. the user can adjust its size and placement on the overall photo.

On iPhone

Available in AppStore by name. Layout. The main functions include adding up to nine pictures, with the ability to change their position and select a template.

  • Download Layout from Instagram from the App Store.
  • Go to the creation of a collage. find the necessary images.
  • Select one of the options above. change the frame, flip the picture.
  • Click: “Save”. ​​specify Instagram to publish.

Separate editing is available in the application for each photo. The user needs to click on the selected snapshot to apply the changes. There are no filters and stickers for photo editing.

Update in Stories: collage function

After one of the latest updates, Instagram has a collage function, with which the profile owner can post several pictures at once. No need to download third-party applications to create an interesting picture or place up to six pictures at once.

  • Open the Stories section. select from the side: “Collage”.
  • Click again on the icon to open the full list of formats.
  • Take photos or upload from Gallery.

In collages, you can add pictures that were saved by the author on a smartphone. Insertion is available in the same way as placing regular photos in History.

In the mode there is a way to edit the added images: click on the picture and select the “Trash” icon. Next, you need to upload another picture or create with the camera.

On Android

Instagram photo collage using Pics Art. To make a picture, the user has access to the “Remix” functions (on iOS) and a standard template search.

  • Download and Install Pics Art.
  • Press the button: “”.
  • Scroll down the list. Grid or Freestyle.
  • Select images in the Gallery. specify the type of placement.
  • Add stickers or other design elements.
  • Save.

With Pics Art, you can edit photos, draw shapes, or add text elements. If there are not enough pictures, you can add new ones by clicking the button: “Add photo”. Also, there is a tool for working with layers, when switching to one of the required.

Create Instagram Collages on iPhone and Android for Stories and Posts

Collages are slowly returning to fashion, and almost every popular Instagram profile has already taken advantage of this editing method. You can make a collage on Instagram using third-party applications or an official one designed specifically for the social network.

Secrets of a seamless collage

One of the design options for the Ribbon is a seamless collage. This is one big picture, which has been split into several elements: from 6 to 12. To work with this type of images, the user will need a Grid Maker. Only one main function is available in the application. cutting a picture into several parts.

The user can choose how many items to post on Instagram. Saves parts by numbers, in accordance with which you need to publish to the Feed.

The second type of seamless collage is a panoramic photo carousel. The Grid Maker is also relevant here, but with a cut into three parts.

  • Download Grid Maker. click “Photos from Gallery”.
  • Choose a panorama or other type of photo.
  • Specify size: 3 by 1.
  • Get the result. save it to your smartphone.

After that, the user should go to create a post on Instagram and add a carousel. This will create a seamless collage consisting of three photos.

You can make a collage on Instagram in any of the following ways. No less popular are template pictures through the Story Maker and Insta Story Art apps.