How to make a photocopy on a Canon printer

Canon Printhead Alignment

When you notice that the printer does not print very straight lines, or you are NOT happy with the print result for other reasons, you need to adjust the position of the printheads.

Many are probably familiar with the fact that when the ink is at a high level, the alignment pattern in the printheads may not print correctly. You can replace the cartridge with a new one that has a lower ink level. It is recommended that you calibrate the printheads to the next level of the printer before using it, as this will help you adjust the position of the printer after installation is complete. During use, there is a possibility that the carriage will move, so you need to inaccurately rearrange the printer and transport it to a new location.
Slow sync may NOT succeed if the operation is longer than normal. On print, this appears to be a displacement of the text, mainly in the horizontal direction, and this will naturally be immediately visible, especially in the vertical directions of the table.

Canon mg2440 printhead alignment

Another reason for this print defect is contamination of the encoder tape. on this later.
How to align the heads on a Canon printer? Canon mp230 printhead alignment can be done in two ways:
manually. Canon mp280 automatic printhead alignment is very fast. Since it requires a printer / scanner combination, it must be at least an all-in-one printer. Is there such a possibility on your device, see the user manual. In this article, we take a look at the Canon PIXMA MP280.

1. Make sure the ink is NOT low on ink. Otherwise the PG alignment pattern will not print correctly.
2.Including all-in-one printer.
3. Insert a blank sheet of paper into the rear tray.
4. Unfold the support for the printed sheets.
5. Press, several times, the “Service” button, which with pliers and a screwdriver.
To the appearance of the letter “u on the light indicator.
6. Press the button “Black or” Color (below the service button) and wait until the printhead alignment pattern is printed.
7. Open the scanner lid and put the printed sample
8. Carefully close the scanner lid so that the sample does not move.
9. Check that the letter “U” is displayed on the light indicator.
10. Press the button “Black or” Color.
The all-in-one printer will scan the pattern and automatically align the printhead.
Important! It is necessary to exclude any movement of the all-in-one printer in space when scanning a sample.
If, after automatic alignment of the PG, the print quality leaves much to be desired, we do the alignment manually.

1.Including all-in-one printer.
2. Open the settings of the all-in-one printer driver. Open the Start menu Control Panel Hardware and Sound Printers;
Right-click on the all-in-one printer icon and select “Print Settings.
3. Go to the “Maintenance” tab and click the “Custom Settings” button.
4. In the window that opens, check the box “Align heads manually.
5. Save changes.
6. On the “Maintenance” tab, click “Align printheads.
7. We put, in the rear tray, 3 blank A4 sheets.

In the window that opens, click “Align the print head (Align
Print Head) and do what the program says. The PG alignment pattern prints.
9. Find samples of the best quality on the printed template and enter their numbers in the appropriate fields.
How to choose the best samples. below in the note.
11. Find the best samples on the template and enter their numbers in the Appropriate fields.
12. Choose OK and wait for the next template to print.
13. Set in the Corresponding fields the numbers of samples, where horizontal stripes are less noticeable

Canon Printer Head Alignment

The encoder tape or positioning tape and the corresponding sensor respond to the position of the carriage during printing. The positioning tape is a transparent strip with dashes on it, similar to those on a school ruler. When the carriage is moved, the sensor located on it reads the markings on the tape, and the PG “knows where to print. If at least one of the divisions is smeared with ink or grease, the sensor does not see it and the carriage moves in the horizontal direction more than necessary.

How to align the Canon mp250 printheads?
To fix the problem, wipe the positioning tape. Do this with a soft paper towel dipped in a special cartridge cleaner or Mr. Muscle window cleaner. Even the Faerie for the dishes will do, but then you need to wipe the encoder with a dry cloth.
Important: Do NOT use acetone under any circumstances: it will wash away the marks on the tape. Alcohol or vodka can also damage the markings.

Instructions on how to make photocopies on a printer

The solution to many office tasks requires the availability of appropriate office equipment, in particular, a printer, which allows you to make photocopies. Documentation or photographs are copied, while the actions performed on devices of different brands practically do not differ. If you follow the instructions exactly, you will be able to Get the desired result.


If it becomes necessary to copy, for example, a page from a passport, you will need a printer or an all-in-one printer. You also need to know how to make photocopies in order for the machine to produce the required result. In most cases, work with devices from different manufacturers (Canon, Epson, HP, Samsung) has similarities, so there is nothing complicated in creating a photocopy on a printer.

You must proceed as follows:

  • Canon Mg2440 connecting to power.
  • A sufficient number of plain sheets are loaded into the tray.
  • The copied document should be free of wrinkles, debris, scuffs and anything else that would prevent good quality photocopies.
  • The top cover of the device in use (Canon, HP Deskjet, Samsung SCX-3400) opens and the document is placed face down on the scanner glass, while aligning it as much as possible with the marks on the device.
  • After closing the lid, you need to press the button, having previously determined which photocopy is required. black and white or color.
  • The number of copies can be increased. To do this, the printer has a button that you need to quickly press several times (according to the number of copies). On some models, the number of copies varies from 1 to 20.
  • It is allowed to change the format of sheets, for which a specific key is responsible.
  • At the end of the process, finished copies are taken from the printer’s receiving tray.

Canon pixma mg2540s

If photocopying using a Canon Pixma printer or other device, the cover must not be opened during operation. Otherwise, the information will be distorted.

Printers may have special functions that are used in the copy process. For example, Samsung SCX-3400 can make 2 copies on one side of a sheet, as well as copy posters.

Features of copying on Canon models

Nowadays, paper versions of documents are often used, although it is much easier to create electronic files using a computer, which can be copied and transferred to another computer at any time.

HP Canon printer

Canon devices are able to cope with many functions at the same time. They make photocopies, scan, print without much difficulty. Here’s how you can make a great quality copy with a Canon device:

  • First you need to check the presence of paper in the device tray.
  • The original to be copied is positioned correctly on the glass.
  • After closing the lid of the Canon Mg2440 device, you should determine the number of copies.
  • To change the format, use the PAPER key, after which the Canon device will display options available for printing.
  • Canon printer allows selectable monochrome / color modes.
  • After setting the required parameters, you can make photocopies on a Canon printer.

The button that allows you to set the number of copies may have different meanings. For example, Canon Pixma has a key that displays “”. Each time you press it, the number that appears on the LED indicator increases by 1. The maximum number that Canon Pixma can supply is 20 sheets.

make, photocopy, canon, printer

Completing a task using your HP device

Thanks to the presence of printers and all-in-one printer HP, working with documentation is much more convenient, faster and easier. Similar equipment, for example, the HP Deskjet, is installed both in offices and at home. HP devices are designed for superior functionality, reliability and ease of use.

Usually, for large organizations, an all-in-one printer is purchased. a device with a combination of the functions of a scanner, printer, copier and facsimile device. How to make photocopies on an HP all-in-one printer:

  • Some printer models are equipped with an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) so that the original is placed in the tray of this product with the printed side up. If there is no ADF, the document is placed on the scanner glass. The ADF can hold 35 sheets and can only copy one side. You will need to use the scanner glass to get a 2-sided photocopy.
  • After clicking “Copy” you need to set the required number of copies. Next, the parameters are configured.
  • Having decided what should be the photocopy on the HP printer, you can expect the results.

Using your Epson device

To make photocopies on an Epson printer, it is not necessary to connect the device to a computer. To complete the task, it is desirable to use a high-quality original. If, when making a photocopy, the Epson printer signals that the ink is low, the process can be continued until the material is completely used up, or you can stop and replace the cartridge.

In general, a photocopy on an Epson device is created in the same way as on the models mentioned above. When you have to work with documents that have a large thickness, you can remove the scanner cover, and after the procedure is completed, it is put back.

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You can use plain or photo paper to make photocopies with your Epson. To make the text clear and the colors more saturated, you need special sheets.

There will be NO problems with the creation of high-quality photocopies if you know the sequence of actions and navigate the functions of the used machine.

How to properly scan and photocopy on a printer. Ways to scan document from printer to computer

How do I scan a document from the printer to my computer using the Scanner Wizard? Scanning documents using special software and Paint.

Transferring information from an all-in-one printer or a printer to a PC is possible in several ways, differing in the implementation of various software and additional files. The general principle of operation of all methods is almost identical, with the exception of a number of nuances. Knowing them, you can get the highest possible quality of the image results with the ability to correct text or photos according to the specified parameters.

Scanner Wizard

After connecting a printer of any manufacturer, drivers are installed on the PC. To do this, perform the following manipulations:

  • Many manufacturers use Plug and Play technology. It helps Windows recognize hardware and automatically installs it. If the specified function is present, after connecting the scanner, the message “Found new hardware” will be displayed. The inscription is highlighted in the lower right corner of the taskbar.
  • Further installation is performed automatically. If this does not happen, all-in-one printer (all-in-one printer) Plasma specified technology or OS does not find a driver for the device. It is necessary to name the new hardware window with the mouse and continue installing the driver.
  • In the search engine icon, click on “Yes, only now”, then activate the “Next” section. It should be noted that the specified window will work only if you enable automatic updating of the operating system through the update center.

If a driver disc is used, it must be inserted into the drive and will be called the “Next” window. After that, Windows itself will find the necessary drivers and install them.

After connecting a universal DeskJet printer or an analogue to the computer, making the specified settings for installing the drivers, enter through the “Start” to the “Control Panel”. In the search section, the term “Scanner” is introduced. Several links will appear on the screen, from which they select “View Cameras and Scanners”.

The easiest way to scan a document from a printer (all-in-one printer)

  • Go to the “Control Panel”, select the section “Hardware and Sound”, “Devices and Printers”. Activate the window with the display of the available printer, select the “Start Scan” item.
  • After specifying the required parameters for copying, click the “Preview” icon. If you are satisfied with the final result, click “Scan”. The information obtained is saved on a PC or printed.

Scanning with Paint

The easiest way to transfer files from a printer to a PC is to learn how to use this program. Paint is included in the standard set of options for the Windows operating base. The step-by-step instructions are given below:

  • You can start the Paint program through “Start” or in the second convenient way. The display will show an empty window with icons. It is necessary to select the white rectangle, placed in the top left corner. In Windows 7, this window is called “File”.
  • Click the item “From camera and scanner”. This makes it possible to transfer material to the working base of the program with a single click.
  • Another window will pop up, offering several options for copying the document. The fastest and easiest way is to choose either color or black and white without additional settings.
  • Included in the “Scan” or “View” section. If the presented version suits all parameters, activate the “Scan” button.
  • The result will be loaded into the Paint working window, which will make it possible to quickly assess the quality of the work performed. To save the selected material, you must re-name the button in the upper left corner, select the “Save as” item.

This algorithm is relevant for “Windows 7”.

Using special software

Any printer or all-in-one printer is supplied with a disk with drivers and software specially designed for a particular model of the device. Installation of such programs makes it possible to get the most effective interaction with the device along with high quality parameters.

Actions when using special software:

  • After installing the hardware and software, open the list of programs.
  • Find the application for the version of the printer you are using and launch it.
  • Click on Scan.
  • Among the proposed parameters, choose the type, format, color and resolution.
  • Using Explorer, indicate the path for the destination folder where the files are stored. For the convenience of searching and reading a document, it is advisable to immediately give it a name.
  • Removable media can act as a keeper.
  • After previewing the file, correct the shortcomings and problem areas, and then click on the “Scan” button.
  • After fixing the data, the device confirms the next action by pressing the “Save” button.

Some standard applications DO NOT save processed pages. They just open them in the image view section. In this case, the combination of keys “Ctrl” and “S” will help to correctly configure the process, after pressing which they select the folder for storing the document.

To simplify the operation, you need to choose software with automatic saving of information, proven by time and users (Adobe Reader or DjvuReader). They make it possible to deduce the format for the image and select the storage. The device can copy the specified file with black outlines, which must be cropped before saving to the PC using the editor. The optimal resolution is 150 dots per inch, for the Official Documentation. 300. The configuration of the final file is affected by the format of saving the scan (jpg, bmp, tif).

How to scan from a printer on a computer

When working with multifunctional devices (all-in-one printer), which are presented on the market of office equipment, today it is very easy to make a scan of a document or image placed in the corresponding compartment.

To do this, you can use both standard operating system tools and installed software.

Scanning and saving to a computer

The action is NOT difficult, but to be honest, there is software on the network with a set of features better than standard solutions, but more on that later. To make a scan, follow these steps:

  • Of course, you should worry about pre-installing the drivers for the device to function normally. How to perform this action, you can study other reviews on the Internet.
  • Next, we place the document or image in the compartment for scanning so that the side with the content (text, picture, etc.) is turned towards the glass. It is worth knowing that this is mainly down towards the surface on which the all-in-one printer is installed, but in some models of certain manufacturers, the glass may be located on top.
  • The next step is to enable the all-in-one printer, but in fact it may already work and should not be disabled after each scan.
  • Now you can Scan. To do this, you must choose one of the possible ways:
  • You need to enter the “Devices and Printers” section, which is located in the “Control Panel”, if the view mode is configured correctly. small / large icons. Next, right-clicking on the printer icon will open a context menu in which you should select the “Start scan” term. In the window that appears, you should set the scanning parameters and start the process, but if you want to preview what the result will be, you can click the “View” button.
  • Use the standard graphics editor Paint. This utility in Windows also allows you to make a scan. To do this, you need to run Paint. The shortcut is located along the path “Start”. “All Programs”. “Standard”, but in the case of versions 7, 8 and 10, you can use the search bar. Next, in the “File” menu, you need to select the term “From scanner or camera”. Then you can also select scan options and start the process.

Scan parameters

The most important parameter when working with the scanner and the resulting images is DPI. This abbreviation means the resolution that will correspond to the resulting picture. The higher the value, the better the scan will be. The most common values ​​are:

  • 100-200 dpi. fast, but the lowest quality recognition;
  • 300-400 dpi. great for working with text pages;
  • 500-600 dpi. maximum detail and frame transmission.

It is worth saying that, for example, the Paint graphic editor makes it easy to change the parameters that affect the image quality.

Scanning on Mac OS

If you are the owner of Mac OS, then the steps are almost the same, but you can enter the printers menu by following the “System Preferences”. “Printers” route from the Apple main menu. Then you can act intuitively, since all actions are sequential. You can also easily find an overview of the scanning process in Mac OS on the Internet.

Scanning software

Applications such as VueScan or CuneiForm are the most popular among users. They have the simplest functionality, and it is quite easy to recognize any fragment. Also, this function is included in the more global complex software ABBYY FineReader, but it is much more difficult to work with it and in order for an ordinary user to figure it out, you will need to read more than one review or training video.

From the above, it becomes clear that using the all-in-one printer as a scanner or a separate device is not so difficult, and there are many opportunities for this, both in the operating system itself and on the Internet in the form of various software: paid with a large set of functions, a more stripped-down free, etc.

How to scan a document using a printer

Scanning documents and photos allows you to transfer the image to electronic form, process it and send it to a second person. This is one of the fundamental parts of professional activity. Previously, scanners were produced separately from the printer, but modern technology includes several devices in one rhinestone. In this article, we will look at several ways to scan a document on a printer.

Preparatory stage

Devices for printing and scanning from different manufacturers do NOT differ in the principle of operation. Instructions on how to make a scan on a printer, relevant for a printer of any company.

To quickly and successfully scan a document from your multifunction device, follow these tips:

  • Download and install drivers for your device if there was no disc included
  • Attach the front of the document clearly according to the drawing on the printer glass
  • On your computer, go to Toolbars under “Devices and Printers”
  • RMB call the context menu on the device icon
  • Set custom parameters
  • Click “Start Scan”
  • Wait for the end of the scan.
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How to scan a document to a computer from a printer

Many people use multifunctional devices for printing primitively, do not delve into deep functions. Sometimes the process of knowing the printer even reaches the built-in function of the scanner. In fact, you can use it in a few simple ways.

How to use the scanner using programs

On the Internet there are a large number of programs that are designed to work with scanning documents and photos. Special functional tools solve the problem of processing scanned documents, photos, etc.

The first and most common utility is ABBYY FineReader, which is provided by default in the Windows operating system. This is a handy program that recognizes about 150 languages ​​of the world. It is reliable and easy to use. For the average user, ABBYY FineReader is a great option.

Vuescan. suitable for many all-in-one printers, saves documents in various formats (JPEG, TIFF, PDF, and others). Vuescan has a built-in OCR system. Initially, VueScan has standard settings for scanning, and most often users are satisfied with these settings.

For a high-quality result of transferring documents to the digital version, use the settings before starting work. Open the settings, align the document or photo around the edges so that it looks neat in the electronic version.

Of the free options for such software, you can use CuneiForm. Rich functionality, working with tables, various fonts, all this includes CuneiForm. Recognizes text in several dozen languages.

Paint program

To make a scan, the standard Paint program can help you quickly. It is available on all Windows operating systems. Follow a few simple steps to scan:

  • Install the printer and connect it to the computer
  • We attach a document or photo with the front side to the printer glass
  • Launch Paint
  • Find the “File” section
  • Item “From a scanner or camera”
  • The window that opens will offer several functions
  • We select the parameters suitable for your requirements
  • Click “View” to make sure that the changes have occurred correctly
  • Click “Scan”
  • At the end of the task, the image will be displayed on the Paint screen
  • Saving the satisfactory result, clicked “Save as”
  • Select file format to save.

This is a very quick and easy way. It does not require software installation or any other additional steps. The method is available to all Windows users from 7 to 10 versions.

How to scan from printer to computer via Windows 10, 8, 7

The first two methods may not work, so in this case it is worth trying to use the capabilities of the Windows system. To do this, follow the directions below:

  • In the “Start” menu go to “Devices and Printers”
  • Find the name of the printer connected to your computer
  • Right click on the icon, then click “Start Scanning”
  • In the window that opens, specify the profile, feed, color format, file type, resolution, brightness and contrast
  • Preview function for preliminary check
  • After that, click “Scan”
  • The page is scanned and the import image and video window appears.
  • Import by opening the parameters before
  • The finished file is sent to the destination folder.

When working with photographs, keep the scanner glass clean and transparent. With a slight contamination, the pictures will not be of high quality. During the scan, do not open the lid so as not to light up the photo. Use graphic editors after running in the scanner.

All described methods will be clear to ordinary computer users. In some cases, it is easiest to use the mechanical buttons on the printer to scan the document. In this case, device drivers and software must be installed on the PC to support.

How to scan document from Canon printer to computer

Canon multifunctional printer, as a rule, can not only print, but also scan and copy. In Canon, many models allow you to scan the necessary documents Not only to your computer but also to any other gadget.

If you want to know how to Scan on a Canon printer, you first need to install a printer on your computer in order to be able to save the information already scanned by us in the required format and then, if necessary, transfer it to your other device. How to turn on the scanner on the printer.
From a printer Scanning your documents, photos to your computer is quite simple. To do this procedure, you just need.

Install the drivers required for your printer to work. There are two options for installing them: either you can install them from Dix, which you bought with the printer, but you can also install them without a disk.
In the first option, if you have a disc at hand that was given out at the time of purchase as a kit with the printer, you can safely use it. First, turn off the printer, put the disk in the right place, and wait a few seconds. When the folder with the files opens, find the file there with the extension [.Exe] and run it (usually this file is easier to find, it is called Setup.Exe). During installation, simply follow the steps, with the wizard’s prompts, carefully reading everything to avoid errors.

Place the document on the scanner glass. In the vast majority of cases, put the printed side down, but for HP ENVY Multifunction Printers, face up.
3.Turn on the printer and wait 30 seconds until it is detected in the system.
4. Scanning. There are various ways how to Scan a photo to a computer using a Canon printer: Go to Control Panel Hardware and Sound Devices and Printers.

Click on the printer icon with the right mouse button and select “Start Scanning”. In the window that opens, set the desired parameters, click “View and if everything suits us, click” Scan. The 3rd video on the left shows this option using a Canon all-in-one printer as an example. Open the special scanning software that is installed on the computer with the driver for your all-in-one printer. Usually a shortcut appears for it on the desktop. There you can open the settings and set the desired ones. Paint. This utility is bundled with Windows. You can start it by opening the Start menu. All Programs. Accessories. Paint. Expanding the File menu (or click on the down arrow button in Windows 7). You can easily cope with how to scan from a printer to a Canon computer. We select “From a scanner or camera”. In the window that opens, you can select the type of scanned image. Many users also face the question of how to render a document on a Canon printer. If there is no time and you need to quickly scan something. immediately select the desired type and click “Scan. If you have time, you can select “Adjust the quality of the scanned image and make more appropriate settings. 5. Save. After the scanned image appears in the program Expanding the menu File. Save As. Image in JPEG format. Select the directory or folder to save the document on the computer, set the file name and click “Save. We look if the scanner does not work on the printer.

How to scan to a Canon printer, enable, configure and use the scanner

DPI. Resolution or dots per inch. The more. the higher the image quality, the higher its resolution (the number of pixels in length and width) and the more it will “weigh, take up space on the disk of your computer. The higher you set the resolution, the longer the printer will process or scan a document.
100-200 dpi. if you need it quickly and you will not recognize documents.
300-400 dpi. suitable if you need to recognize text.
500-600 dpi. if you need the smallest details of the document.

At 600 dpi, the father scans old family photographs that he can get his hands on. There you need the maximum resolution for the quality of the photo from 20-30-40 years.
It’s convenient for me to Scan at 300 dpi. The photo quality is good and the text can be recognized if necessary.
There is one more nuance here. You can always lower the resolution of the scanned file in the same graphics editor Paint. But you won’t be able to increase the resolution. Have to scan again.
If you cannot find where you saved your scanned document, try searching in the Scanned Documents folder. When you install the printer software, it may create a “scanned documents” folder on your computer.
Visit our website to read the instructions for your printer, if you cannot find a brochure at home, and instructions on how to use your Canon scanner. Search the website for your printer model and read Product Overview and Specifications. If you want, you can download the information you need to your computer.
You can also use other applications on your computer to understand how to Scan a document to your computer using a Canon scanner. Try graphics editing software or Preview software on Mac. Select the action “Import from Scanner” and then follow the sequence of actions described above.

How to make photocopies on a printer?

Many people have the misconception that a printer can only print files. However, new generation multifunctional devices can also cope with photocopying of documents.

Basic Rules

To be able to make photocopies on a printer at any time, you will need to initially purchase a modern device that has a copy or scan function. As a rule, such an all-in-one printer is simultaneously a scanner, a copier, and a printer. Both laser and inkjet devices can transfer scanned data to a computer.

How to photocopy?

Before copying a document on the printer, it is necessary to properly prepare the device being used. The first thing to do is check if the printer is connected to a PC or laptop. As a rule, for this, a USB cable is used, which is not always included in the kit and purchased separately.

The printer is then plugged into an electrical outlet and its power button is activated. A disc containing the copier’s software is inserted into the computer’s disk drive. Recently, an alternative to it is a USB flash drive with drivers that comes with the printer itself.

In the event that the disc is missing, you need to go to the manufacturer’s website, enter the full name of your device in the search box and download the most current driver. You should focus on files with the exe extension. When the drivers are installed, the operating system will most likely recognize them.

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If necessary, you can go to the “Printers and Faxes” section and find the name of your device. Completed synchronization, you should decide with which program will be used to photocopy the document. Most often the choice is between Adobe, XnView and VueScan.

Documents and photos

In order to photocopy photos and documents, in addition to refilling the all-in-one printer, you will need suitable paper. Basically, everything happens as follows.

  • The printable paper fills the input tray, and the document is placed face down on the cleaned glass. It would be nice to immediately check it for fingerprints, scuffs or dirt.
  • By aligning the copy paper along the edge of the guides, that is, along the lines drawn around the glass, you can close the printer cover.
  • Press the buttons on the control panel to select the print shade. Then either the “Start” or “Copy” button is pressed and then “Start”.

It is also possible to use the arrow keys. To change the paper size, the Paper button is most often activated. There is also an option to Arrange several copies of a document on one sheet. After finishing the work, the resulting copies are removed from the corresponding tray, and the source is taken from the scanning compartment.

By the way, in order to photocopy a document from both sides, at the setup stage, you must select the “Sides (duplex printing)” item. In the menu, the first number will indicate the number of sides of the original, and the second will indicate the number of sides of the copy.

detailed instructions can be viewed on the example of a Canon printer.

  • After preparing the machine for use, you load A4 or Letter size paper in the tray. The original is placed with the side to be copied down and aligned with the registration mark.
  • After closing the lid, press the “” button as many times as required to make copies. The number will appear on the LED display and increase by one with each press. If an F appears on the screen, it indicates that the user has set 20 copies. I pressed the button again, you can change the quantity again by 1 copy.
  • The Paper indicator lets you set the paper size. You can use standard A4 size, A4 photo paper, Letter, or 10 x 15 centimeters photo paper.
  • If the copy to page function is enabled, you can create copies of the document, enlarged or reduced to fit the page. If necessary, the original will be added fields.
  • The “Color” button will allow you to copy the document in color, and the “Black” button. to get a black and white copy. It is important to keep the lid closed during operation.

It is necessary to add that photocopying can be done in a more complicated way. scan the document, and then print the edited version.

  • The document is laid out on a clean glass and covered with an all-in-one printer lid.
  • On a laptop through “Start”, “Control Panel” is selected, after which you need to open the “Hardware and Sound” tab and go to the “Devices and Printers” section.
  • By right-clicking on the icon that symbolizes the all-in-one printer, you must select the “Start Scan” function. To configure the settings, immediately before scanning, you will need to select “Preview”, and then “Scan”.
  • The finished document is saved and then printed.

The higher this indicator, the clearer the picture is, but the scanning procedure itself will take a little longer. Second, color saturation or chroma should be checked. Typically, the choice is made between black and white text, gray and color. The higher this indicator, the longer the scanning process will take.

The passport

Before making a copy of your passport, it is important to remove all stickers, cover and even if necessary, remove existing staples. Next, in the “Settings” you should select “Options”, and then in the “Grayscale” will set the required resolution.

The passport is placed with the photocopied side on the glass in such a way that a tuner equal to 3-5 centimeters is kept from the edge. After closing the lid of the device, you must press the start button. Working in the correct program will allow you to select the Required area with the help of the frame, leave empty fields outside the working area.

Possible problems

If the printer does not print well, then the first thing to check is whether the rules of operation are followed. In this case, we are talking about possible temperature fluctuations, the level of humidity, as well as the filling of the all-in-one printer, that is, the amount of ink. It is important to regularly clean the device from dust and dirt, and it is also necessary to monitor the condition of the printheads.

Glass, being the most sensitive part, must be protected as much as possible from scratches, dirt and abrasions, otherwise the quality of the digitized material will significantly decrease. In addition, occasionally wipe the surface with a soft cloth such as synthetic suede.

During operation, under no circumstances should you put pressure on the glass cover. When cleaning, avoid large amounts of powder, which scratches the surface, as well as excess moisture that could wet the device.

In the event that the device cannot cope with the creation of a photocopy, the reason may be that the program does not respond corny. Most often, the issue is resolved by a simple reboot of the printer. If this did NOT work, you can turn off the device, wait at least a minute and turn it on again.

When an error occurs in the scanner, you need to clarify its code, and then fix it. This indicator is determined by diagnosis. In most cases, the error code is either displayed on the printer display or displayed in messages on the computer. Further, the way to solve the problem is determined depending on what caused it.

It is necessary to add that the scanner can operate in service mode, but it will NOT photocopy at this time. You can activate this mode, for example, in the all-in-one printer Canon, if you press the reset key five times.

In order to quickly photocopy, you can cancel the previous task and go to the current one, or just wait until the last one is completed.

The reason for the unsatisfactory operation of the printer may be a “flying” scanner driver. To solve the problem, it will be enough to restart the software. In some cases, solving the problem is even easier. the user needs to remove the cable from the computer and the all-in-one printer and insert it again.

Experts believe that when all else fails, it is worth trying to reset the printer to factory settings. To do this, you need to open the operating system menu and select the “Reset settings” item or use the hardware method and follow the instructions.

Before taking the printer to the Repair Shop, you should try to connect it to a second computer, reinstall the drivers and try to copy the document.

The following video will tell you how to make a copy of a two-sided document.

How to make photocopies with a printer

If you decide to learn how to make photocopies on a printer, then for this you will need to purchase a device that supports copying documents or photos. But at the same time, please note that when copying, you will NOT be able to change the quality of text or pictures, because This procedure is performed in normal print mode. The detailed instructions below will help you learn how to make copies using a printer or an all-in-one printer really high quality and quickly.


  • So, if you decide to copy the desired document using a printer with the appropriate function, then first load plain paper into the input tray. Then turn on the device if you haven’t.
  • Lift the scanner cover of the machine and place the desired document / photo face down on the special glass.
  • Try to align it as much as possible with the guides that are applied around the glass.
  • Close the lid gently and press the button for black and white or color copying located on the control panel of the device.
  • To increase the number of copies, press this button several times according to the required number of copies. Or you can click on the plus button, if available on your device’s control panel. The number of copies that can be set at one time depends on the model of the printer or multifunctional device, for example, on some devices, it can be made within 1-20 copies.
  • To change the paper size, press the “PAPER” button or any other that is responsible for this function on your device. Next, the display will show the paper sizes available for printing: plain A4 paper, A4 photo paper or 10X15 cm photo paper. Made in the size of photo paper.
  • In the end, you will be satisfied with the result.

Converting the scanner into a copier

If you have a scanner and a printer and want to make copies with them, then for this you need to take and scan the original document, then process the resulting image and send it to print. Of course, making copies this way is very difficult and boring. Therefore, it became necessary to automate this process. To solve this problem, use absolutely free software called KseroLite.

  • Download this program from any thematic resource and install it on your personal computer.
  • Launch KseroLite and select the item with settings from its left list.
  • Click on “Select Scanner”, then mark the source of the image.
  • Next, open “Select a printer” and mark the device that will be used for printing. However, it must be selected in the “default” system. To do this, go through “Start” in the “Devices and Printers” menu, find the desired device among the presented list and, by right-clicking on it, click on “use as default”.

Thus, from the printer and scanner, you could get a photocopying machine. In general, solving the problem related to how to photocopy on a printer is not so difficult as it might seem to many beginners at first glance. The main thing is that your device supports this option, or at least has the ability to Scan documents in order to subsequently send them to print as described in the second half of the article.