How To Make A Scanner From Printer To Computer

How to scan a document through a scanner to a computer: step by step

Before You Begin Make sure the printer is multifunctional, that is, it is capable of performing the functions of the device. If the device is just for printing, it will NOT work. First, we need to connect the printer to the computer. It has two wires: power (plugged into an outlet) and USB (plugged into a computer’s USB connector).

How To Make A Scanner From Printer To Computer

Through Paint

  • We put the document into the device.
  • We go to “Start”. We choose “Paint”. If you can’t find it, enter in the search bar.
  • Choose “File”.
  • Click “From scanner or camera”.
  • We choose the device we need (if there are several of them).
  • Making scan settings.
  • Click “Scan”.
  • The transferred image should appear on the screen.
  • Save it.

Using ControlCenter4 Software

This application is specially designed for this purpose, processing and transmission of a document via fax.

How to properly scan through a photo scanner: step by step

For transferring photos, the Paint resource is more suitable. We need to do the following:

  • Open the menu.
  • Select the section “From a scanner or camera”.
  • We have a window where we need to select the parameters of the transferred image (as when scanning documents, step 3). Choosing a color or black and white image.
  • Save photos in any format convenient for us.

How to open a scanner on different versions of Windows

There are many free applications on the Internet that help transfer both documents and photos. They have a lot of processing possibilities and a user-friendly interface. Programs can be either paid or free.

Most often, the applications and migration aLGorithm are the same for different versions of Windows. We will look at the example of Windows 8.

How to scan a document to a computer using a scanner

There are times when you need to scan a document or picture onto a computer. Let’s find out how to use the scanner and what to do if the standard apps DO NOT help.

Standard method

  • We put the document in the printer field.
  • Press the “Scan” button on the printer itself. It can be in different places and look different depending on the model of the device. But in most cases there is “scan” next to it or it can be identified by the printer icon.
  • The Settings Wizard starts automatically. We only need to select what exactly we want to transfer (for example, a color image or black and white text) and click “Next”.
  • An electronic copy must be saved on a computer or sent by mail. Document ready.

There is another way. if the setup wizard did not start automatically. We start it manually. For this:

  • Open “Start”.
  • In the search bar, enter “Faxes and Scanning”.
  • We continue to work.

Fax and Scan

  • We put the document in the printer.
  • Open “Start”.
  • In the window with applications, we are looking for the image of a white arrow down in circles. We choose it.
  • If there is an icon, just click on the window with the right mouse button and select All Apps.
  • We are looking for the section “Windows Fax and Scan”.
  • Our window will light up. In the upper left corner of this window, click “New Scan”.
  • We choose the device we need (if there are several on the computer).
  • Push
  • In the new window, configure the parameters.
  • Click “Scan”.
  • The image that was scanned appears on the screen.
  • Save it.

There is another easy way, which is present in all types of Windows systems. We do the following:

  • We go to “Start”.
  • Select the section “Devices and Printers”.
  • We are looking for a device connected to the computer.
  • Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Start Scanning”.
  • We should highlight the image settings window. You can experiment with contrast and brightness by moving the sliders in different directions.
  • Now click “Scan”.
  • We have a window showing the progress of the procedure. We are waiting for the strip to fill.
  • After the end of the process, nothing needs to be closed. We will be automatically transferred to the window where we will Save the document. We enter its name. Everything, work is over.
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What to do if the scanner won’t scan

The problem, why the device may NOT work, most likely lies in the fact that standard applications are not enough. For example, you need text recognition, special quality settings, or save in a format that is not in the list. For such cases, there are applications for this process:

  • ABBYY FineReader. Will be able to recognize pictures and text. The program is paid, but there is a free trial period.
  • Suitable, if you need to transfer several documents.
  • OCR CuneiForm. Also for recognition. Supports multiple foreign languages. The app is free.
  • Allows to process photos transferred to a computer. The program is free.
  • Allows you to save migrated documents in PDF format. Free of charge.
  • Can save transferred objects in different formats and create whole galleries from them.
  • The program is suitable for processing. Can read a picture from the tablet screen. Supports over 100 languages.
  • Can connect to many digital devices and multiple devices at the same time.

Most programs have a SIMilar aLGorithm, only the interface is different. Let’s take a look at how VueScan works:

  • We put the document into the device.
  • Launches “VueScan”.
  • Checking quality settings.
  • Now we process the settings for the image that will result.
  • Scanning.
  • Save on your computer.
  • We process if necessary.

The problem can also appear in the following cases:

Paint program

This program is standard and easy to understand. To use it, you need to follow a series of SIMple steps:

  • Launches the application using the special Start button;
  • Click on the “File” tab;
  • Choose a scanning method. in this case. from a camera, but there is also an option. from a scanner;
  • Wait until the scan preparation process starts;
  • Select the type of file;
  • Adjust the resolution, as well as determine the optimal image brightness parameter.

After starting scanning, the user will see the picture he needs on the screen, or a scan of the document. All that remains to be done Subsequently is to save the document in the required graphic format. The main advantage of this program is that there is no need to download and install auxiliary products. That is, to get started, it will be enough to activate the “native” option and perform the SIMplest actions.

SIMple and clear ways to scan documents from printer to computer

Almost every computer user at least once in his life faced the need to update a flash player or “translate” a document into electronic format. Many people think that doing this is problematic. In fact, everything is SIMple if you follow certain instructions. It will be presented in this article.

  • Preparatory stage
  • Windows standard tools
  • Paint program
  • ABBYY FineReader
  • VueScan program
  • Scanner wizard
  • The SIMplest way
  • Special software
  • Possible problems

The SIMplest way

To use it you need:

  • Go to the control panel, select “equipment.”, “devices.”, “start.”;
  • After selecting THESE parameters, press the preview button and the “Scan” item.

The information obtained can be saved to a personal computer or printed.

Scanner wizard

After the scanning device is connected to the computer, you need to install the drivers. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Application of “Plug and Play” technology, if the required option is present, the monitor will indicate “Found new hardware”;
  • You need to click on this item and Read the information;
  • Click on the search engine icon “Yes, only now”;
  • Click “Next” until the system finds the tool and DO NOT start installing it.

Special software

Any printer or MFP in the complete set has a disk on which drivers and software are installed. When using this method, the following actions are performed:

  • Opening the list of programs;
  • Search for an application;
  • Launch;
  • Pressing the scan button;
  • Choice of type, format, brightness and resolution;
  • Specifying the storage location of the destination folder;
  • Correct shortcomings, if any.
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Windows standard tools

This method is the most convenient and proven. You use the capabilities of this system, you can solve the problem, spent a minimum of time on it. The procedure is as follows.

  • Visit the Start menu, search for Devices and Printers.
  • Finding the name of a specific printer that is currently connected to the computer device.
  • Clicking on the icon and then clicking on the button “Start Scanning”.
  • Specifying information such as profile, color format, pitch, file type, resolution, contrast and brightness setting.
  • Using the Preview Option for Pre-Checking.
  • Clicking “Scan”, waiting for the process itself and the subsequent appearance of the window for importing images and clips.
  • Import with preliminary opening of parameters.
  • Sending the finished file to the folder where it will be located.

In the process of working with a photo, it is necessary to monitor the purity and transparency of the glass of the device. After all, even if it is slightly dirty, the pictures will be of poor quality. During the very beginning of the scan, you should not open the lid so that the photo is not exposed. It is advisable to use graphical tools after they have been run in the scanner.

Preparatory stage

Before proceeding directly to the scanning procedure, preparatory measures should be taken. This approach will prevent further difficulties and errors of a technical nature.

  • Make sure the device has the appropriate option. The modern office supplies market has a ton of multifunctional devices. However, it is not uncommon to find models that can be scanned. You need to read the instructions for using the device, which must be present in his passport.
  • Next, you need to make sure that the device is connected correctly. Modern technology provides users with a lot of opportunities, therefore, “connected” with a computer, you can perform any manipulations. Despite this, not everyone in PCs and MFPs is capable of supporting this format. As a rule, when purchasing a scanner or printer, the box already contains a USB cable, which must be used to activate interaction with a PC.
  • After that, you need to make sure that the device is connected correctly by pressing the device button. If the indicators DO NOT manifest themselves in any way, it is worth double-checking the correct functioning of the technique. Some devices require the installation of drivers, so it is quite possible that you will have to deal with this issue as well.
  • From the moment the paper is in the scanner, you need to tightly close the lid and launch a button to start the process.

VueScan program

This universal software, which is compatible with many types of equipment, provides the ability to fine-tune and process images. He also does an excellent job with documents. The application is constantly updated, so it is NOT difficult for it to maintain multiple scanner models. Setting basic scan parameters does NOT take much time.

Thanks to its extensive functionality, this program will allow you to provide flexible preparation for all processes and get excellent results. The application is universal, it will be an excellent software alternative. Its principle of operation is quite SIMple. You just need to download and install the utility, and then start scanning and wait for the result. He will appear in just a few minutes.

ABBYY FineReader

This program is designed to recognize text from scanned images in PDF format. There are versions in different languages, including Russian, in just a few clicks you can recognize and compare files. The latest version contains an automation tool called “Hot Folder”. With its help it will NOT be difficult to assign a folder for processing documents.

ABBY Fine Reader has many advantages over competitors’ products:

  • High degree of recognition accuracy, equal to 99%, which is associated with the work of progressive OCR technology;
  • Decent speed of work. one sheet takes about 15 seconds of time;
  • An impressive number of input file formats and documents to save;
  • SIMplicity of the Russian-language interface;
  • The possibility of machine learning, which leads to an improvement in the quality of recognition;
  • Digitization of documentation in just one click;
  • Ability to process papers in accordance with the schedule.

It is quite SIMple to work with it. You need to download and install the utility on your computer, then enter it, press the button to start the scanning process and wait for the result. The product itself contains detailed instructions to avoid mistakes.

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Installing the Scanner

After turning on the scanner, you must install the driver for this device so that data transfer between the computer and the scanner becomes possible. Start by connecting the scanner to a USB port on your computer. (Read the instructions for using your scanner and figure out how to connect it to your computer.)

  • Turn on the scanner. Many scanners use Plug and Play technology, which allows Windows to recognize and install hardware. If your scanner supports this technology, Windows will display a “Found new hardware” message that appears in the notification area at the lower right corner of the taskbar. Most Plug-and-Play devices are installed automatically, so nothing else is required from the user. If the driver did not automatically install, it may mean that the scanner does not support Plug-and-Play technology, or Windows has not found a driver for this device. In this case, Click on the messages “Found new hardware” and continue installing the driver.
  • In the Find New Hardware Wizard window, which will appear only if the automatic connection of Windows to the Update Center is not prohibited, first click on the Yes button, only this time, and then on the Next button.
  • If you have a scanner driver CD, insert it into your CD-ROM drive and click Next. Then Windows will find the drivers for the scanner and install them.
  • Run the command Start Control Panel. In the search box, enter the word scanner. Several links will be displayed. Click the View scanners and cameras link. In the Scanners and Cameras window Click the Add Device button.
  • In the opened window of the scanner or camera installation wizard Click the Next button. In the next window of the wizard Click on the list of scanner manufacturers displayed on the left side of the window and select your scanner model from the list displayed case.
  • Follow the instructions in the Scanner Model Installation Wizard if your scanner came with a CD or DVD containing drivers and software. If such a disk is available, Windows will help you download the programs you need from the Internet. When all the necessary steps to install the scanner have been completed, Click the Finish button to complete the installation.

Changing Scanner Settings

After installing your scanner, you may want to review your settings or change the default settings. To do this, run the command Start Control Panel. In the search box on the control panel window, enter the word scanner and press.

  • In the control panel window Click on the displayed link View scanners and cameras.
  • The Scanners and Cameras window displays a list of installed scanners. First click on any scanner in the Scanners and Cameras area, and then on the Scan Profiles button.
  • In the Scan Profiles dialog box, select your scanner and click the Change button. In the Change Default Profile dialog box, SEE the settings, which may include (depending on your scanner model) color management for correct reproduction of scanned colors and resolution settings. (The higher the resolution, the clearer and cleaner the electronic document will be, but it may take longer to scan).
  • Click the Save Profile button, and after returning to the Properties Dialog Box, double Click the Close button to close the Scan Profiles and Scanners and Cameras windows.

Once you’re ready to turn on the scanner, place the document you want to scan into it. Depending on the scanner model, this document can be placed on the scanner and covered with a lid or passed through the tray. Look in the instructions for the scanner how to start the scanning procedure (for example, click on the Scan or Start button). The computer will automatically detect the start of the scan process, display a Dialog box showing the scan progress, and prompt you to view and save the scanned item.