How to make color printing on a printer

Installing color printing on the printer

  • We go to “Start”, then “Devices and Printers”.
  • Open the dialog box of the printer on which we will perform color printing.
  • In the “Properties” tab, open the “Color” or “Paper / quality” options (depending on the brand of the printer) and uncheck the “Print in grayscale” checkbox or change “Only black ink” to the function of multi-color printing.

You can adjust the contrast and vividness of the colors to keep the print quality high. This is done in the “Additional parameters” tab.

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How to set printer preferences

You can set printer preferences such as color or black and white printing, draft printing (using less ink) or high quality (darker, sharper image), and more. Fortunately, you can change these settings once for all documents you print.

Select Start.> Devices and Printers (in the Hardware and Sound group).

The “Devices and Printers” window that opens will list all the printers you have installed.

Right click on the printer and select “Printing Preferences”.

The Print Settings dialog box appears. The options in the Printing Preferences dialog box may vary slightly depending on your printer model; color printers offer different options, for example than black and white printers.

Click any tab to display various settings such as Color.

Note that different printers may display different selections and different tabs in this dialog, but general settings include

Color / Grayscale: If you have a color printer, you have the option to print in color. Grayscale uses only black ink.

Change printer settings to color

Quality: You can print in fast or draft quality (these settings may be named differently depending on your manufacturer) to save ink, or you can print at a higher or better quality for your finished documents. Some printers offer a dpi quality setting. the higher the dpi setting, the better the quality.

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Paper source: If you have a printer with more than one paper tray, you can choose which tray to use for printing. For example, you might have 8½ “by 11” (Letter size) paper in one tray and 8½ “by 14” (Legal) paper in the other.

Paper size: Select paper size

Color and grayscale printing

When you normally print in color to a color printer, your printer will use a cyan, magenta, and yellow color cartridge to mix whatever colors you want to print. Black ink cartridge delivers black and gray where needed on the page.

If you are printing in black and white, your printer will often use so-called grayscale printing to approximate the light and dark aspects of an image using different shades of gray. Grayscale printing requires only black ink, so this does not require your color ink will not run out. Often, you can still distinguish aspects of designs and images with grayscale.

Remember, black and white printing. it’s not just one shade of black and blank areas of the page. Grayscale printing allows black and white to approximate color without the use of color inks.

How to put a color print on a printer?

If your printer supports color printing, then color printing is fairly easy to set up. To do this, you must change the settings. But first you need to check the status of the tri-color cartridge of your printing device. it may be empty or damaged (in this case, color printing is not possible).

Change printer default settings

If you are using Microsoft Windows, it is easy to change the configuration of your printer through the built-in settings menu. Click the “Start” menu, then click “Settings” and select “Devices” then “Printers and Scanners“. Find your printer in the list of printers, click its icon and click “Manage”.

From the Control Menu, click Print Options. Scroll through the menus to see the various configuration options and find the option to choose whether you want to print in color or black and white. Select “black and white” and set any other settings you want, such as paper size.

You can also access the Print Settings menu when printing from a standalone application. Click Settings in the Print Menu and change any required settings before printing. If you want to change a setting for one print job, you can do so in the Settings menu and then cancel it when you finish printing.

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Change preferences on Mac

If you are using a Mac computer, you can still set your printer to use color or black and white as you like. You can do this through the print dialog and save the settings as “presets” for later use.

Click File and Print in most programs to load the print menu. Click Show Details to view more information about your print configuration. Click the drop-down menu to see the various adjustment options and choose Color / Quality. Find and select a black and white grayscale option. The name will be slightly different from printer model to printer model.

Once you’ve chosen the correct color setting and made any other changes, you can save your settings. To do this, click the “Presets” drop-down menu and click “Save Current Settings as Preset.” “Give your new preset a name so you can find it later and choose whether you want it to apply to any printer connected to your computer, or just the current one. Click “OK”.

Next time you print, use the Presets drop-down list to find the gift of your choice and reuse those settings. You can create one preset with your desired options for color printing and one for black and white printing.

How to print in black and white on a color printer

It happens that you really need to print a black and white document on a color peripheral device. For example, it is very urgent or you need to save paint. What to do?

Is it possible to print only black and white images on a color printer?

You can answer the question unambiguously with one word “no”, but sometimes this is possible, only it will already depend on the printer company. It is worth trying if in the print properties settings (where the print is black) you fill it with other ink or put a tick on “print with black ink only”. Some models with empty ink block the function because the peripheral sees an empty cartridge.


  • If you are using Canon, then in the additional functions on the right you need to check the box next to “Grayscale”. Next, you need to click “OK” in the settings window and print the desired document.
  • You can use other programs in which you can specifically specify which paints will be used. For example, in the Yandex browser, in the color printout item, you can select the type “black and white print”. And in Adobe Reader, you can only check the grayscale print box.
  • In the properties, through the panel control window, you can open the “black and white print” option. Everything is ingeniously simple!
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To conserve color ink or for grayscale photography, it is worth changing the PC for HP settings. It uses exclusively a black ink cartridge. All colors of authentic photography (multi-colored) come out in black and white. To get such an image at the output, you need to perform the action “black ink only” or scan in grayscale.

There is an option to make the transition through the operating system:

  • select the “print” section in the application;
  • find a device;
  • open its properties (it can also be called “printer”, “parameters”);
  • click on the paper / quality or functions tab;
  • go to “advanced”, print in grayscale, black ink only;

ATTENTION. If you want to reduce ink consumption to a minimum, then you need to reduce their quality.

How to print in black and white on a color printer

A color printer is designed for color ink. In principle, that’s why it is called that. But he can actually print black and white sheets and photographs, but not always.


  • Go to Start.
  • Then to the control panel.
  • In the upper right corner, you must click “devices and printers”. “view” (in the section equipment and sound).
  • Find your printer and its model from the possible options.
  • By clicking the right part of the mouse, a window will appear. We are interested in the item “print setup”.
  • After opening the menu, you need to select “color”.
  • Then you need to apply the changes and click “OK”.

IMPORTANT. Not all Epson models support black and white printing. If no such parameter appears in the color window, it means that your printer does not have such a function.