How To Make Duplex Printing On A Printer

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Functions of programs for working with PDF-files

The required documents are not always in text format, some of them are of the PDF type, which makes it impossible to open them through the text editors mentioned earlier. In such cases, you will need to resort to special applications for working with PDF, for example, Adobe Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat DC.

  • Open the required file and go to the print window by selecting the Corresponding item in the menu.

Select a suitable printer from the pop-up list.

Set “Odd or Even Pages” to “Odd Only”.

Start printing by clicking on the button.

When finished, insert the sheets upside down in the same order, and then Change the setting to “Even Numbered Only”.

As in the previous method, it is required to take into account the paper feed in order NOT to print the text on one side of the sheet twice. If the PDF software you are using has a built-in “Duplex Printing” tool, use it instead of manually selecting odd and even pages only if you have a machine that supports this technology.

Text editor functions

If you have typed the content yourself or have a ready-made document in a word processor, its built-in tools will allow you to properly set up duplex printing if you have more than two completed sheets. You will need to do the following manually:

  • Run the required document, for example, via Microsoft Word, then open the action menu.

Go to the “Print” section.

There, specify the printer that you want to use to print the selected document.

Enter additional parameters, if required, and then click on “OK” to start printing.

Before printing the desired file in the “Manual Print on Both Sides” mode when using devices without duplex support, it is advisable to perform a test operation in order to understand which side will need to load the finished sheets, where the content is only on one side. The principle of this function is to print out first odd pages, and then even ones, thus forming a book version of the project.

We carry out duplex printing on the printer

There are devices that support automatic printing on two sides of the paper, but there are quite a few such models and in most cases they are MFPs with a duplex copy function on a scanner. Below we will give instructions for just such equipment, and then we will tell you in a manual way of printing.

Performing duplex printing with the printer

Perform duplex printing on a printer Not only economically in terms of sheet costs, but sometimes it is very convenient, for example, when printing a book or magazine. Some users are wondering about the correctness of this procedure, since the manual method of flipping sheets is not always practical and takes a long time. As part of this article, we would like to reveal all the details of this topic, I will give visual guides for different programs.

Performing manual 2-sided printing

This method is suitable for those users who do not have the equipment mentioned above. In such a situation, all actions will have to be performed manually, indicating the required pages to the program when sending to print. For example, all odd-numbered pages are printed first (1, 3, 5, 7, 9.). in this order they are specified in the same text editor. After completing the procedure, the sheets are inserted with the other side into the tray in the same order and the printing of the even sheets (2, 4, 6, 8, 10.) starts. Unfortunately, there are other options for performing this operation, so you will have to Monitor the printing yourself.

You are now familiar with three methods of duplex printing on various printers. You just need to choose the right one and start to carry out the task.

Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat allow printing on both sides of the paper if your printer supports this feature. The printer driver controls the options, but not Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. For printer capabilities, see the printer documentation (also known as duplex, duplex, front and back, or double-sided printing).

Instructions to Enable or Disable Duplex Printing Using the CUPS Interface

Open the Terminal app on your Mac. Do one of the following in the app:

  • Click the Finder icon in the dock. Click Go Utilities. Open Terminal.
  • On the top-left menu of your Mac, click the Spotlight icon and type “Terminal.” Open Terminal.

When prompted, enter sudo cupsctl WebInterface = yes and press Return

Enter your Mac password when prompted and press Return.

Leaving the Terminal application.

Open Safari or any other browser, enter http: // localhost: 631 in the address bar and press Return. The CUPS web page appears.

Click the Printers tab and select your printer from the list.

In the Users drop-down list, select Set default options.

To enable 2-sided printing, select Binding Long Side or Binding Short Side for Duplex. Select Off to disable duplex printing.

Click Set default options to save your changes.

Your printer is set up. Open the PDF file in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader and print it.

(Mac) Double-sided printing in Acrobat DC, Acrobat Reader DC

Currently, the macOS print settings take precedence over the print settings in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. When attempting to duplex in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, the product does not print as specified in Acrobat / Reader. Therefore, you need to configure your print settings using the CUPS Admin Interface on Mac.

Configuring Print Options in the CUPS Administrator Interface

CUPS (formerly Common UNIX Printing System) is a network printing service used by Mac computers. This allows you to configure printers on the network and set printer options. CUPS web interface is disabled by default on Mac.

Print options specified in macOS interface take precedence over print options in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

(Mac OS) Double-sided printing with Acrobat, Reader 10 or earlier

Click File menu Print.

(Reader X / Acrobat X) Click the Printer button at the bottom of the Print dialog box, and then click Yes when prompted.

Make sure the Print Dialog Box is in extension mode by clicking the arrow to the right of the Printer pop-up menu.

In the Print dialog box, choose Layout from the pop-up menu.

Print dialog box with Layout selected from the mode pop-up menu. Long Edge Binding is selected in the Duplex pop-up menu.

From the Duplex pop-up menu, choose an option for binding.

Click the Print button and then the OK button in the main Print dialog box.

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Two-sided printing. How to setup?

Often, when working with a printer, you need to print newsletters, booklets, postcards, which are double-sided and you need to use both sides of a sheet of paper.

Some printers provide step-by-step instructions for duplex printing on how to manually turn pages and print on the back side. Other devices support automatic two-sided printing. And there are printers that DO NOT support this function at all.

How to do duplex printing

Before setting up and performing duplex printing, check the following:

  • The rear cover of the printer is closed and the paper tray is properly installed;
  • Paper quality and stacking (It should not be curled)
  • The settings set paper in A4, Letter, Legal sizes;
  • We use plain paper. It is advisable NOT to use bond paper. The device will be able to perform the specified operation if the media is plain paper with a weight of NOT more than 100 g / m2.

Duplex printing on the WorkCentre MFP

This printer model can be configured both manually and automatically. This is done as follows:

  • Go to “File” and click on “Print”;
  • Select the printer in the list and click the “Properties” button;
  • In the “Double-sided printing” window of the “Paper / Output” tab, select the option for page binding;
  • Choose the type and size of paper;
  • In the “Print settings” window, click OK, and to start printing, the “Print” button.

Please note that starting the manual mode the window “Setting up manual duplex printing” will appear. DO NOT close this window to complete the action. Once closed, it cannot be reopened.

Duplex printing on an HP printer

This setting is suitable for HP printers with front and rear paper loaded.

Load enough paper into the input tray of the printer to complete the entire job without exceeding the printer‘s maximum capacity.

We open the document on the computer. Press the CTRL and P keys SIMultaneously to open the system Dialog box.

Select a printer from the drop-down menu.

Further in the paragraph, which on different models can be called. Printer Properties, Printing Preferences, or Options.

Go to the “Functions” tab or, if this tab is not available, go to the “Layout” or “Finishing” tab.

Selecting “Print on both sides” or “Double-sided printing”.

In the menu or item “Print on both sides” or “Two-sided printing” select the required binding or flip pages.

Selecting Side Binding creates booklet-style prints with the same text orientation on each page.

Top Binding creates tablet style prints with opposite text orientation on each page.

Press the OK and Print buttons.

If the printer automatically prints on the other side of the page, the operation will be performed without user intervention.

If the printer prints on one side only, rather than removing the stack until all the pages are ejected.

When removing pages from the output tray and banging the stack on a flat surface.

Downloads the pages to the printer again.

Most rear-loading printers need to flip the pages with the blank side up and the bottom, short edge to load first.

For most front-loading printers, load the stack with the bottom edge towards the printer and the clean side down for booklets or top edge into the flatbed printer.

Click “Continue” on your computer.

The other side of the pages is printed and until the job is complete.

Duplex printing on a Canon printer

Please note that this function on the printer is only possible in cases when:

  • The selected paper option is Plain;
  • The document has margins;
  • Letter or A4 paper size.

Before you start Do not forget to load paper into the printer, and then proceed as follows:

  • We tear off the necessary document;
  • Press CTRL and P SIMultaneously;
  • We enter the item “Properties”;
  • In the section “Additional functions” select the item “Duplex printing“.
  • Click OK and “Print”.

Another option for selecting duplex printing is when entering the Dialog Box, select Print on Both Sides and one of the two display options.

Automatic duplex printing

Sometimes automatic duplex printing is required. To set this function as default change the printer settings

  • In the “Start” menu, select “Devices and Printers”;
  • Right-click on the printer icon;
  • Select the item “Printer Properties”;
  • On the “General” tab, select the “Settings” item;
  • In the “Layout” tab, select “Double-sided printing” and the required page flipping parameters;
  • Press the “Apply” and OK buttons;
  • Close the “Devices and Printers” window.

How to use duplex or duplex printing with Windows

Only models that support duplex printing can automatically print on both sides of a sheet of paper. This setting is enabled in the printer properties in the printer driver or in a software application such as Microsoft Word. For models that DO NOT support duplex printing, you can manually print on both sides of a sheet of paper, feed the paper back into the printer using the manual feed slot.

To print a two-sided page, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Devices and Printers. It’s in the Control Panel in the Start Menu when using Windows 7 or All Apps when using Windows 8.
  • Right-click your printer, then select Printer Settings.

Figure: Settings

Below Duplex Printing, select Long Edge or Short Edge depending on your preference.

Pattern: Duplex printing

Long Edge is for book bindings while Short Edge is for media such as calendars.

Even and Odd Pages Printing

You can also use the following procedure for duplex printing:

Click the File tab.

Click Print.

In the Settings section Click Print All Pages At the bottom of the gallery Click Only Print Odd Pages.

Click the Print button at the top of the gallery.

After the odd-numbered pages have printed, turn over the stack of pages, and then, under Settings, click Print All Pages. At the bottom of the gallery Click Print Even Pages Only.

Click the Print button at the top of the gallery.

Note: To make sure the pages are printed in the correct order when printing odd or even numbered pages, click File. Specifications. Advanced and under Print Click either Print on Front of Sheet for 2-sided printing or Print on Back of Sheet for 2-sided printing.

Samsung laser printers. How to use 2-sided or duplex printing on Mac

Only models with built-in duplex printing can automatically print on both sides of a sheet of paper.

For models with automatic duplex printing, follow these steps:

    Select Print from the File menu.

Check the Two-Sided checkbox and click Show Details to further customize the options.

Make sure the correct printer is selected.

Select Layout from the dropdown under Orientation.

Select the binding orientation for Duplex Printing.

Long Edge is for book bindings while Short Edge is for media such as calendars.

For models without automatic two-sided printing:

    Select Print from the File menu.

Click Show Details.

Make sure the correct printer is selected.

Select Paper Handling from the dropdown under Orientation.

Next to the pages to print Click the drop-down list and select Even-numbered only.

Next to Page Order Click the dropdown list and select Reverse.

Click Print. To start printing on the first side of pages.

If the total number of pages is odd, add a blank sheet so that the last odd page has a letter to be printed.

  • Click Print to finish.
  • If it is a duplex printer, but this option does not appear when you open the print dialog box, make sure this option is checked in System Preferences Printers Scanners Options and Supplies. Option. As shown in the following picture:

    Figure: Options

    Find out if your printer supports automatic duplex printing

    To find out if your printer supports duplex printing, you can check the printer manual or consult the printer manufacturer, or you can do the following:

    Click the File tab.

    Click Print.

    In the Preferences section, click Single Sided Printing. If Print on Both Sides is available, the printer is configured for duplex printing.

    If you are printing to a combined copier and printer and the copier supports duplex copying, it probably supports automatic duplex printing.

    If you have multiple printers installed, it is possible that one of them supports duplex printing and the other. No.

    Set up your printer to print on both sides of a sheet of paper

    If your printer does not support automatic two-sided printing, you have two second options. You can use manual duplex printing or print odd and even pages separately.

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    Printing with the introduction of manual duplex printing

    If your printer does not support automatic two-sided printing, you can print all the pages that appear on one side of the paper and then, after prompted, turn the stack over and reload the pages into the printer.

    In Word, follow these steps:

    Click the File tab.

    Click Print.

    In the Options section, click Single Sided Printing. And then Click Manual Duplex.

    When you print, Word will prompt you to flip the stack over to feed the pages back into the printer.

    Note. When printing in manual duplex mode, you may need to run a test to determine the correct page reloading method for the printer you are using.

    Even and Odd Pages Printing

    You can also use the following procedure for duplex printing:

    Click the Microsoft Office Button. And then Click Print.

    In the lower left corner of the Print On Demand Print dialog box, select the odd-numbered pages.

    Click OK.

    After Odd Pages Print Turn over the stack of pages, and then select the even-numbered pages from the Print list.

    Click OK.

    Note. Depending on your printer model, you may need to return and reorder the pages to print the other side of the stack.

    .Samsung Laser Printers

    Printing with the introduction of manual duplex printing

    If your printer does not support automatic 2-sided printing, you can select the Manual 2-sided printing check box in the Print dialog box. Microsoft Office Word will print all the pages that appear on one side of the paper and then prompt you to flip the stack over and feed the pages back into the printer.

    How to cancel duplex printing on a printer

    Two-sided printing method or duplex is a way in which information, without your help, is reflected on paper from two sides. This technology saves you the trouble of manually flipping documents. Sometimes it saves a lot of time, because the output is a printed sheet on both sides. The advantage of duplex is to work with large volumes, when manual paper feed is extremely inconvenient and requires your constant presence. But if you use the printer for domestic purposes, or most of the printed information is required in a one-sided format, then the “duplex” function is extremely inconvenient.

    Cancel duplex printing depending on Windows

    Programmers work tirelessly to create operating systems that can make PC easier and more comfortable for any user. For our convenience, the “Print” option in new versions of Windows does not undergo global changes.

    Therefore, the above undo aLGorithm is relevant for Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

    Open the “Control Panel”, click “Devices and Printers”, Select the model of your printer, launch the context menu and uncheck the “Two-sided printing” checkbox. Saving the changes made.

    Canceling Duplex Printing: Methods

    Suppose most electronic material assumes an image on one side, while the printer is automatically configured for duplex printing. It seems to be okay, but, firstly, time is wasted on the empty run of the second side, plus frequent jams of higher density paper.

    Many MFP users face such a problem when, when trying to print several pages of an electronic document, the printer, arbitrary, produces text on both sides.

    In this case, please use the Multiple Ways to Cancel Duplex Printing:

    • Using the Windows operating system, go to the “Control Panel” and select the “Devices and Printers” icon. In the dialog box that opens, find the brand of your printer and right-click the context menu. Next, in the “Print” tab, click and uncheck the checkbox ” Double-sided printing “, completes the operation by confirming” OK “, at the bottom of the window, and celebrate the victory. All further information will be in one-sided format by default.
    • The second option is related to the printer settings, when the default “Print” profile is printing on both sides. To do this, in the “Printer Properties” select the “Profile” tab. Expand Default Settings for manual adjustments. In the appeared dialog window “View settings” Changing “Print style”. Uncheck the box set by default, two-sided, and confirm the changes with the OK button.

    What to do if printing on both sides is NOT canceled

    All the cancellation tips have been followed, and the settings are saved only until the printer is restarted or the computer is turned off. DO NOT slurry from the settings of the “Control Panel” and the printer, drives the letter from both sides.

    In such a situation, it is advisable to do a factory reset. In the menu, select the “Copier” tab, then “Functions” and Clear the default settings “Clear All”. Reboot the system and forget about the problem forever.

    Alternatively, try downloading a different driver from the network. Usually older modifications do NOT conflict with the given parameters.

    How to cancel duplex printing on a printer

    When you need to print documents in which an image or text is located on both sides of a sheet of paper, double-sided printing (aka duplex) saves a lot of effort and nerves. You do not need to turn the sheets over, Watch the top and bottom of the sheets, make a test print, so that later you DO NOT have to reprint the entire work. The computer and the printer will do everything themselves, the operator’s concern is to send the file for printing and make sure that there is enough paper. But what if the printer is configured for duplex, and you need to print a document in which only one side is required?

    How to cancel duplex printing depending on Windows

    Cancellation of duplex printing is the same in any version of Windows, from XP to 10. In XP, the name of the very first menu is different. not “Devices and Printers”, but “Printers and Faxes.” Such nuances can be found in different versions of Windows, but intuitively. where exactly to look for the settings you need, the work will not be.

    Canceling Duplex Printing: Methods

    If the printer is configured for duplex printing, then in order to correctly print the document on one side, after each letter, you can add a blank to the document using the “page break” tool. But this is a laborious way, with the use of which the user wasted unnecessary time on preparing the document, on the second run, which takes a few seconds. Higher energy costs, higher risk of paper jams.

    It is easier and more correct to use one of several correct ways to cancel a duplex:

    • The first option is for Windows PCs:
    • Use the key or icon with a flag to enter the “Control Panel” menu;
    • Select the “Devices and Printers” submenu;
    • Find your device, specify its make and model;
    • Click on its icon with the right mouse button;
    • In the drop-down menu, find the term “Double-sided printing” and uncheck the box next to it;
    • Confirm your choice by clicking “OK”.

    From now on, printing will be one-sided. You can return the duplex, Let’s perform the same set of actions and return the checkmark to the option “Two-sided printing”.

    In addition to the OS settings, you can change the settings of the printer itself

    • Complete the first 5 points of the previous instruction;
    • Go to the “Printer Properties” submenu
    • Select the “Profile” tab, in it. “Default settings”;
    • Change the print style in the view settings, unchecked the double-sided option;
    • We will make a test print with new characteristics or print the entire document.

    If you need to save just such settings for further use of the printing device, then do the following:

    • Go to the printer settings;
    • Select the item “Preliminary settings”;
    • You need to select the “Save current settings as preliminary” option. To speed up the setup process next time, save this set of options under any name you can understand.

    What to do if printing on both sides is NOT canceled

    You have met all the conditions, but if you restart your computer (or turn it off and on), the product still prints on both sides? This is rare, but it happens. This means that something happened with the settings of the printing device itself, and you need to return them to the factory settings, or the driver is to blame.

    To update your driver:

    • Remove the printer from the list of devices (the first 5 points of the instructions, then, by right-clicking, select “Remove device” and confirm the choice);
    • If you have installed programs to manage the printer on your computer, uninstall them (Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs).
    • Go to the manufacturer’s official website and find on it a driver for a specific model, suitable for a specific system (there may be differences Not only between Windows versions, but also between 32- and 64-bit systems)
    • Installing the downloaded driver and software, if necessary for your model.
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    There are two ways to reset the settings of a printing device: software and hardware. Hardware must be looked for in the instructions for a specific printer model, if it has been preserved. Most often, there is no paper instruction for a long time, but it can be found on the manufacturer’s website. To do this, you need to know exactly the model of the device. It is indicated on the printer itself, and in addition, you can find this data in the “Devices and Printers” tab.

    The software method involves the use of software that was installed on a computer. Programs differ depending on manufacturers and models, and it is best to find the item “Restore factory defaults” in the software help.

    After resetting the settings, you will need to check if everything is set as you need. But duplex is not included in the list of default settings in any manufacturer of printing devices.

    Setting up printing on different models

    Manual printing on a printer without duplex

    Print PDF document

    • Open a pdf file through Adobe Reader DC, Adobe Acrobat DC or any other program that can run a file with this extension.

    Some programs for working with pdf documents have a duplex print function. The function can be used if the technology provides such an opportunity.

    Duplex Printing Methods

    In printing technology, there may be duplex technology, which is of two types.

      Automatic. In the settings, the page layout and the possibility of double-sided printing are set. First, the text is applied on one side, then the rollers transfer the paper to the other compartment, where the data is printed on the other side, then the sheet comes out. All remaining pages of the document are printed in the same way.

    Kyocera printers

    • Go to the properties of the device.
    • To print on both sides of the paper at once, choose Manual Duplex Printing.
    • Indicate the side on which the binding will be located.
    • Print text on one side.
    • Turning the sheet over with the printed side down.
    • Continuing inference from the other side.

    Canon printers

    You can set up printing through the Canon My Printer control panel. In the software Specifies the paper thickness, sheet size and distance for indentation from the edges.

    After the basic setup, opening the document, select the print function. Setting the required parameters.

    Some models of Canon printers have a function for automatic two-sided image output to the media. To activate the function in the settings, check the box next to the “Duplex” option.

    HP printers

    • Opening the file.
    • Press CtrlP.
    • Click on “Properties”.
    • Including the “Layout” option, select Print On Both Sides.
    • Specify the format of the page or how information should be displayed on it. If you select the Binding side option, the data will be displayed in the portrait layout. Binding on top. the option displays the text on the back of the sheet in the opposite direction according to the principle of a tear-off calendar.
    • Having chosen the format, send the document for printing.

    How to print on both sides of a sheet on a printer

    In MS Word

    • Launches a text editor and open the required file.

    If your device cannot print text on both sides at the same time, you can set Word to manually print on both sides. The user needs to pre-print one page and concepts of the principle of flipping the sheet to display information on the second side. After enabling this option, odd and then even are printed first. The result is a book-sized printed sheet. The process is described in more detail below in the text.

    How to do duplex printing on a printer

    If, while using an MFP or inkjet printer, you need to print on both sides of the sheet, you first need to figure out if they have this function. To do this, SIMply read the instructions or look at the specifications of the required HP, Canon, Epson or Brother model on the manufacturer’s website.

    Another option is to open any file, click “Print”, when you see the values ​​”One-sided printing” and “Two-sided printing”, click on the second, if it is active, then duplex technology is available to you. It can be implemented:

    • In automatic mode, when the printer itself turns A4 pages;
    • In manual mode, when the manual is attached, how to turn the sheets over to correctly print the information on their back side.

    If you have several printers, it may be that one of them supports duplex printing, and the other is available

    Options for setting up 2-sided printing in Word

    How can you set up duplex printing if your device cannot do it automatically? First, you should print the pages that should be on one side of the sheet, then turn them over, reload them into the feed tray and print the rest:

    How To Make Duplex Printing On A Printer
    • Open file”
    • Click “Print”
    • Select “Options”
    • Select “SIMplex Printing”
    • Click “Print manually on both sides”

    We recommend that you first perform a test print in order to figure out how to feed sheets into the device

    You can also try to print even and then odd pages separately. To do this, you should:

    • Open file”
    • Click “Print”
    • Select “Options”
    • Select “Print all pages”, and at the bottom find and click “Print odd pages only” and send them to print.

    After they are printed, do the same, only at the end click “Print even pages only”.

    Setting up duplex printing in Excel

    Duplex printing in Excel, in contrast to Word, can be more difficult to implement, since it does not always work correctly even with the automatic duplex function. Especially, problems arise if you print not one sheet of an Excel book, but two SEPARATE.

    In the first case, the letter automatically goes to the back side of the page. for this, you just need to select the “Duplex printing” value when printing. In the second case, the printer often prints two letters on different pages, even if you specified in the settings that you need to print on both sides of one. In order for the document to be printed the way you just need to make print settings separately for each letter:

    • In Excel, select the first sheet that you want to print by clicking on the letter tab.
    • In the print options Click on “Duplex Printing”
    • In Excel, select the second sheet.
    • In the print options Click on “Duplex Printing”.
    • Select, hold down the CTRL key, both letters and send to print.

    Setting up two-sided printing to PDF

    When you want to print PDF files from Adobe Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat DC, you must not only turn on Print on Both Sides of Paper, but also select the edge you want to turn the pages on. It is worth noting that this function may NOT appear in the dialog box, then just open the printer properties and mark the need for duplex printing there.

    If you cannot configure duplex automatically, then you need to:

    • Open file”
    • Click “Print”
    • In the pop-up window “Set” in the “Print range” check “Even pages only”.
    • Select “invert pages”
    • Click “Print”

    In the event that you have an odd number of files, add one blank page. When the required sheets are printed. Place them in the tray, right side down, and then:

    • Open the File menu
    • Click “Print”
    • In the Set pop-up box, under Print Range, check Odd Pages Only
    • Skip the “invert pages” option, click “Print”
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