How to Make Figures Out of 3D Pens

DIY 3D pen from a glue gun. What can be made from a 3d pen. 3D pen 3Dali plus. Learning to draw is easy: kot_de_azur

The 3D pen is the first step towards making the dream of owning a fabulous object, a magic wand come true.

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You can use it to paint in the air. It is designed to receive colored inscriptions, drawings and volumetric figures, which can be used to decorate your home, workplace, or to present to relatives and friends as a gift.

Do you think that this is magic, witchcraft? In fact, this is another technological innovation in 3D modeling. A 3D pen is like a compact 3D printer for “printing” with molten plastic that cures in air. Drawing shapes in three-dimensional space is fun and interesting, but more difficult compared to creating drawings on a plane. Therefore, at first you will need training in Mastering this process.

Inside the box 3D-HANDLE 3DALI PLUS:

  • Several skeins of plastic;
  • Power adapter;
  • 3D Pen;
  • Instruction

3D pens will allow you to develop your child’s creativity. They are also used with pleasure by adults, for example, to create three-dimensional models, beautiful ornaments and items for interior decoration, as well as to fasten loose knots or restore damaged plastic parts.

To create a variety of figures, the handles have several functions. This is:

  • Smooth adjustment of density and feed speed of plastic threads;
  • Quick replacement of a thread of one color for another for drawing multi-colored shapes;
  • Change of nozzles of different diameters.

The device is NOT a danger to children. The only care is required at the location of the nozzle. Plastic is fed under high temperature, therefore contact with the nozzle is highly undesirable.

For the handle, you can purchase a palette with 10 spools of plastic of different colors, and not touching and NOT getting confused with each other.

The 3D palette is a compact case where it is convenient to store a 3D pen and everything you need to get three-dimensional drawings. After finishing drawing, you need to close the lid and put the box to the side.

Let’s try?

Drawing process and preparation

We expose the position of ABS or PLA. Depending on what kind of plastic we use.

Below, I’ll show you the difference. We set the temperature, for example 190 degrees.

We are waiting for the green indicator to light up and fill the end of the coil into the hole.

Press the button forward and the handle inside picks up the plastic and drags it to the nozzle at the tips.

To remove the coil, just press the back button.

Side slider, allows you to adjust the plastic feed speed.

Now we can draw. The most convenient way is obtained by stencil. And so that the plastic does not stick strongly, you can use parchment paper.

The nozzle can be pulled out, but gently. This is to clean the plastic left in the handle.

During use, I did NOT get stuck.

The nozzle at the tip of the pen is hot, be careful not to handle it.

The process of creating a stencil house from a 3D palette.

We wanted to make SpongeBob, but Watson plastic doesn’t fit for it. It is almost transparent.

Used PLA plastic to create a fairytale character

The color palette contains 10 colors.

Each color of the 3D palette (PLA) contains 10 meters of plastic.

Only 100 meters. The palette is specially marked with PLA mark. Remember to move the knob to the PLA position

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When using PLA, select the “PLA” mode. The material is very bright. Flowers. Suitable for drawing horizontal and three-dimensional figures. The creation of three-dimensional patterns is provided by instantly hardening vertical “sticks”. Plastic is plastic and non-smelling.

But if you want pieces that look like jewelry, WATSON transparent plastic will suit you

Watson plastic has a high light transmittance (93%).

For example, you can make a Celtic Tree of Life.

The material is ideal for imitating glass and precious stones, and also has greater ductility than PLA plastic. Does NOT exude any odors. If Watson plastic is used, the temperature control must be set to “ABS”.

Also 10 colors.

Marking on the box.

Each color is available in 10 meter coils.

In light, the plastic looks transparent.

Works performed with WATSON plastic

Any palette contains stencils and a place to store a 3D pen.

In summary, the 3DALI PLUS 3D PEN is a great gift for a child aged 7 and older. And adults are even more drawn into creativity. The exciting process of creating figures and models will help develop the imagination and fine motor skills of the child. Allowed for children from seven years old and even for adults!

The 3D pen can be purchased here with a 10% discount promo code: DPD2. You can also choose WATSON palette or PLA palette

DIY 3D pen from a glue gun

And we advise you to start by watching the author’s video

Consider the list of required materials:. glue gun. black rods. clamps. small cooler. crocodiles. rechargeable battery.

First you need to disassemble the glue gun. In the middle of the glue gun is a mechanism that pushes the rods and the heating element. We don’t need the mechanism, so it can be removed from the pistol. Next, in a neat way, we take out the heating element so as not to tear off the wiring that goes to it. If in your case there is an elastic band on the element, then you also need to remove it. The nose of the glue gun itself needs to be slightly flattened. This can be done with pliers, but you should be careful not to overdo it. If, as the author, it turns out that the spout is made of plastic, then after flattening it can be wrapped with tape, which is resistant to temperature. This way we have reduced the space for the glue and the output will be much thinner. Next, take the parts of the glue gun body and attach them to each other. The handle needs to be sawed off. The remaining part after this will be the basis for the future pen. The heating element must be pushed back into the gun. So that the wire coming from the heating element does not accidentally break out, it can be glued. Putting the case back, you need to attach crocodiles to the wiring coming from the cooler. According to the author, he uses crocodiles only in order to avoid soldering, so in their absence, you can easily use a soldering iron. The cooler must be attached to the handle itself using clamps. In order for the clamp to hold better on the handle body, you can make a shallow cut. The cooler must be attached so that it blows towards the spout. Now you need to attach the rechargeable battery to the handle. It can also be secured with a hose clamp. It remains only to make a system that will feed the rods, because we removed the factory one at the beginning of the work. The system can be made with an elastic band, fastening it to the clamps and fixing it to the body with one button. A simple 3D pen is ready. It works according to the following principle. The cooler blows out the air, which immediately cools the glue and allows you to get three-dimensional structures. Become the author of the site, publishes your own articles, descriptions of homemade products with payment per text. details here.

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3D pen. You have not seen anything like this!

Perhaps someone has already seen I would NOT be surprised if these are your advanced children. But most of the readers, I think, like me, will get acquainted with this miracle of technology for the first time.

So what exactly is a 3Doodler 3D pen? This is a small device that allows you to draw three-dimensional pictures on any surface and even in the air:

We used to draw this in 2D. on paper, canvas and other flat surfaces. Now any child can create a tangible drawing for himself and immediately start playing with it, be it a house, a man or a toy car.

For needlewomen and craftswomen, a 3D pen may somewhat resemble a glue gun, it is made according to the same principle. The original material is inserted into the pen body. thin strips of plastic of different colors, which quickly melt under the influence of high temperature and just as quickly freeze in air. The result is a fairly durable plastic construction. In this way, you can create three-dimensional models of buildings, structures or furniture. You can draw 3D characters for children’s games. both real and fictional. You can make interesting accessories for dolls or jewelry for little fashionistas.

An entertaining 3D pen from a glue gun with your own hands

This video tutorial shows how to make a 3d handle from a glue gun by assembling it yourself. This requires a glue gun, a black rod, cable ties, a small cooler, crocodiles and a battery. First you need to disassemble the glue gun. There is a mechanism that pushes the rod, and there is a heating element inside the case. We only need a heating element, which we carefully remove from the case so that the wiring does not come off.

We also remove the rubber band, if there is one on the tip. Now you need to flatten the nose of your glue gun a little. This can be done with pliers. Here you need to be very careful so as not to pinch the nose and so that He does not break. The narrowing of the spout is necessary so that a much smaller amount of glue was supplied from it, which is needed not for connecting parts but for drawing volumetric objects. Now you need to take the body parts and attach them to each other. Next, we saw off the handle to get a similar tool suitable for drawing. The heating element now needs to be placed again inside the update of the case. To prevent the wires from coming off, it can be reinforced with hot melt glue. The 3d pen is almost ready, you can assemble it into the body.

Now let’s take a cooler. Crocodiles must be attached to its wires. Crocodiles are used in this case in order not to use a soldering iron. It is advisable to use a soldering iron in the final design. This cooler must be attached to the handle itself with a clamp. To make the clamp better hold, you can make a cut.

Now we need to attach the battery to the handle. It is convenient to secure the battery with a clamp. It remains only to make a system that will feed the rod. This system can be done with buttons and an elastic band. You can also fasten the elastic over the clamps. To prevent the elastic from running, it is advisable to reinforce it with a button. This is the 3d pen from the thermal gun.

Operating principle.

The rubber band pushes the rod, which after heating comes out of the narrow spout, and the cooler cools the mass. In order for the glue to flow NOT permanently, you need to hold the gum with your finger in the direction on the video.

Now you can check how the pen draws it. To do this, connect the cooler to a power source, which will be Krona.

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Wd handle water cooled

Look at the material in the package with a 3D printer.

What can be made from a 3D pen

The main disadvantage is the lack of a power adapter in the factory kit. It is supposed that the pen will connect to an existing PowerBank or to a smartphone charger (with a detachable USB cable). Please note that the device is designed for a current consumption of up to 2A, as most PCs or laptops through their USB connectors, at best, are simply not able to provide.

Fascinating 3D Drawings: Step by Step Lessons for Beginners

Today, 3d drawings on paper are becoming more and more popular, you can look at them for a long time and admire them. It is not only talented artists who can create such masterpieces, but also those who are just getting acquainted with the fine arts. It’s never too late to learn to draw, everyone can make spectacular 3d drawings.

The tools that you need for 3d are the simplest: a pen, pencils, a marker and a piece of paper. By the way, it is best for beginners to draw according to the cells in a notebook, this way it is much easier to draw figures.

It is worth noting that the image is created on paper in stages, the main thing in this matter is consistency, even if simple and uncomplicated pictures are reproduced.

Many are interested in how to draw a 3d drawing on paper with a pencil brightly and realistically. To do this, you should use photo instructions or video, which will clearly show all the technique of recreating a 3D drawing.

Let’s walk through pencil drawings step by step for beginners. For clarity, print out the drawn images to make it easier for yourself. Please note that the first acquaintance with the 3D technique can cause ambiguous impressions, there is no need to rush, smooth movements and exposure are the main assistants of a novice artist.

So, let’s get down to business, we will learn how to draw beautiful 3d drawings.


A simple diagram will allow concepts of how to draw with a 3D pen an amazingly beautiful insect. Check out this technique and draw the miracle drawing yourself.

  • The easiest way is to create drawings by cells, therefore, initially, mark out the letter of paper, draw guide lines.
  • Now you need a tent outline of a butterfly.
  • Detail the painted wings.
  • Add some elements of the very decoration of the wings, draw the abdomen.
  • You will need to remove the guide lines, do the coloring.
  • Draw the wings completely, then tone the image.
  • Draw a shadow, using a light pencil tone, in the final step, darken the shadow tone.
  • Along the dotted line, cut out a portion of the sheet as shown in the photo. Now you have learned how to draw a 3D drawing in a simple way.
  • Steps

    If you do not know what exactly can be drawn in 3d with a pen or pencil, then start with the simplest. After all, it is not at all so difficult to make the images look realistic.Check in the photo tutorials below.

    Image creation steps:

    • Draw a figure in the same dimensions, which are indicated in the photo, then select the case of the triangle and pentagon.
    • Draw parallel lines from the upper and lower corners of the pentagon, focusing on them, draw longitudinal and transverse stripes. You need to make a grid inside the pentagon.
    • Draw steps at the bottom of the shape.
    • Shade several areas with a pencil and pen.
    • Finish hatching the remaining areas of the shape.
    • As you can see, the volume of a 3d drawing with a pencil can be given by using various shading techniques.
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