How to make hidden notifications on iPhone

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Change notification settings

In most cases, you can configure different notification settings for each application. You can turn on or off app notifications, turn on notification sound, choose how and where notifications are displayed for each app when the device is unlocked, and customize other settings.

To choose when notification thumbnails appear on the screen, tap Show Thumbnails, then choose an option: Always, No Lock, or Never. (In some applications, you can configure to ignore this setting).

Thumbnails can display text (from Messages or Mail) and invitation details (from Calendar).

Tap Back, then select an app under Notification Style and enable or disable Allow Notifications.

If Allow Notifications is enabled, choose where and how to display notifications for this app (for example, on the lock screen or in the Action Center).

For many applications, you can also customize the banner style, sounds and notification icons.

Tap “Grouping” and choose how you want to group your notifications.

By application. All notifications from one app are grouped together.

Automatically. App notifications are grouped based on the sorting criteria in the app (for example, topic or thread).

To turn off notifications for specific apps, open Settings Notifications Siri Suggestions and turn off notifications in the apps you want.

How to hide message text on iPhone on the lock screen?

I don’t know how Apple got to this point, because I myself only recently found out that there is such an opportunity. over, it is possible to configure both for everything at once, and for a specific program separately.

How to hide the text of notifications on the locked screen of iPhone from strangers?

The option to preview the text of incoming messages on the iPhone lock screen is certainly quite useful. However, for some users of Apple smartphones, this function may not be so relevant, because the text of messages can be seen by third parties!

If you don’t need the notification preview option, you can easily disable it. here’s how!

How to easily protect your SMS correspondence by hiding / blocking the message text?

If you are afraid for your privacy and do not want someone else to view your private messages, or vice versa, do not want to receive them from certain people, regardless of the reason, there is a way by which you can easily block or hide messages on iPhone.

This does not require downloading third-party software and spending a lot of time, however, some methods have drawbacks that you need to know about.

AnyTalk. fast, secure, messaging

AnyTalk is a great option for iPhone, Mac and tablets.

This text hides the app syncing across your devices without having to store it on the server so you are the only one who can access your messages and chats.

For all applications

It is possible that you would like to hide the text of notifications of absolutely all programs. This is quite normal and in order to do this, follow these steps:

  • go to Settings and look for the Notifications item;
  • from above we go to the Thumbnail Show;
  • select the If unlocked item (I have a checkmark on the Always item, because there is no such need).

Now, absolutely all notifications will be hidden from prying eyes and you will only see the name of the application in which there is an alert. After unlocking the iPhone, the necessary information will be available.

How to hide notification content on iPhone on lock screen?

Privacy is a very important part of our life. Therefore, each device (including the iPhone) has a very large number of settings that help hide information from prying eyes.

If you are an avid iPhone owner, then there have probably been situations when, when you meet someone, you put your phone on the table and a notification or message comes. Well, according to the reaction, your friend can also see what came there.

To avoid this situation, iOS 11 has a very useful setting. So today you will learn how to hide the incoming notification on the lock screen of your beloved iPhone.

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As far as I know, on the iPhone X this is automatically implemented and the text is shown only after Face ID recognizes you. But this has been quite a problem on other models until this day. Let’s figure out what and how.

For all applications

It is possible that you would like to hide the text of notifications of absolutely all programs. This is quite normal and in order to do this, follow these steps:

  • go to Settings and look for the Notifications item;
  • from above we go to the Thumbnail Show;
  • select the If unlocked item (I have a checkmark on the Always item, because there is no such need).

make, hidden, notifications, iphone

Notifications. Thumbnail Display. If Unlocked

Now, absolutely all notifications will be hidden from prying eyes and you will only see the name of the application in which there is an alert. After unlocking the iPhone, the necessary information will be available.

How to hide message text on iPhone on the lock screen?

I don’t know how Apple got to this point, because I myself only recently found out that there is such an opportunity. over, it is possible to configure both for everything at once, and for a specific program separately.

How to disable Hidden Lockscreen Notifications on iPhone X


For a stand-alone application

Now let’s talk about the case when you want to hide the content of a message, for example, of a certain messenger. There can be absolutely any program.

  • again, go to Settings. Notifications;
  • leaf through and look for the application you need (in my case, I chose Viber);
  • at the bottom, select Show thumbnails;
  • well and again If unlocked.

Notifications. Viber (for example). Thumbnail display. If unlocked

Now your life will become a little easier and you no longer need to worry that someone will be able to hear the content of the notification on the lock screen of your iPhone.

If you want how it will be, then here is an example for you on the 10th iPhone. It will be absolutely the same: As you can see, at some points Apple thinks about users. It’s just that everything is usually quite limited and it can be a shame that it is impossible to do this or that action.

Manage notifications

To manage notifications from the lock screen or Action Center, follow these steps.

  • Swipe left on an alert or alert group.
  • Click “Manage” and choose one of these options.
  • Deliver Silent: Notifications appear in Notification Center but not on the lock screen, are delivered silently, and do not display banners or icons.
  • Disable: This option allows you to disable all notifications for a specific application. To turn them back on, go to the “Settings” “Notifications” section, select the program and click “Allow notifications“.

In the “Settings” section, you can also change the styles or settings of alerts for a specific program.

Changing alert styles

To add or change the alert style for notifications, follow these steps.

  • Open the Settings menu “Notifications”.
  • Select the program in the “Notification style” section.
  • Select the alert type and banner style.

You can also turn sound and icons on or off.

Opening in Notification Center

The Action Center displays your notification history, which you can scroll back to view missed notifications. There are two ways to view alerts in Notification Center.

  • On the lock screen, swipe up from the middle of the screen.
  • On any other screen, swipe down from the center of the top of the screen.

To clear your notification history, press and hold the icon. then select “Delete all notifications”. Or click the icon and select “Clear”.

Opening on the lock screen

To quickly see recent notifications on the lock screen, lift your iPhone or wake your iPad from sleep. You can also do the following on the lock screen.

  • Select one or several notifications of a particular program at once.
  • Swipe notifications to the left to view or delete them.
  • Manage alerts for specific programs.

To preview notifications on the lock screen, go to Settings Notifications Thumbnail Display and select Always.

Raise to Activate is available on iPhone 6s and later.

Displaying recent notifications on the lock screen

You can also open the Action Center from the lock screen.

Open Settings Face ID & Passcode (iPhone X and later) or Settings Touch ID & Passcode (other models).

Turn on Action Center (under Lock Screen Access).

Mute all notifications

Ask Siri. Say, for example, “Turn on Do Not Disturb.” Learn how to give commands to Siri.

You can also open Settings Do Not Disturb and turn on Do Not Disturb.

Turn on location-based notifications

Some applications use your location data to send notifications based on where you are now. For example, you will see a call reminder when you arrive at a certain place or leave it.

If you do not want to display such notifications, you can turn them off.

Open “Settings” “Privacy” “Location Services”.

Tap the app, and then choose if you want to share your location with the app while using the app.

Siri thumbnails and suggestions

At the very top, you will see the Show Thumbnails option. She is responsible for displaying thumbnails of notifications. Here you can choose from Always, No blocking and Never.

Below are Siri Suggestions. Here you can choose which apps will show the recommended Commands on the lock screen.

Now you can go to setting up notifications by application.

How to Hide Notification Text Previews on iOS 11 Lock Screen in iPhone. HINDI

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How to hide an app on iPhone? Just

Hiding an iPhone app, whether it’s a game or a simple program, can be done with a few simple tricks that you can easily do yourself.

Often such an opportunity is simply necessary, especially if several people use the iPhone or iPad at once. And I don’t want them to see your installed programs and games.

In the previous tutorial, you learned how to uninstall an app from an iPhone. Now we will analyze all the relevant and effective ways to hide an application or game on an iPhone or iPad.

Method 3. hide it in a folder

Alternatively, if you want to hide a certain application from prying eyes, without deleting it. You can make a folder on your home screen with different software and games. Make it easy to hide what you want to hide among the icons.

Interesting! In such a folder, move the desired icon to the second page, so it will not be visible from the desktop.

Method 2. hide the whole screen

In IOS 14, you can hide the entire desktop with programs and created folders at once.

Press your finger on an empty spot of the home screen and hold it until all the icons start to shake and they have minus icons on the top left.

Click on the page counter icon in the bottom middle (see picture) and uncheck the box from the desktop you want to hide. Everything that was on it will be transferred to the library.

Additional measures

Disable notifications

In order not to give ourselves away, turn off notifications. Return to the previous page and go to the “Notifications” section.

Disable the “Allow Notifications” feature. So they won’t bother you anymore.

Disable Search in: Suggestions, Siri, and Search

Frequently used software is shown in a special panel of the phone from above, from there it also needs to be removed so that no one accidentally sees.

Open your phone settings, scroll down the page and open the desired program or game in the list.

Open the Siri & Search section. Disable two items: “App suggestion” and “App when searching”.

Now it will simply not be in search and in Siri. But, remember, it is still impossible to hide anything from the library at the moment.

How to turn off the notification curtain?

In order to turn them off, you need to go to the browser you are using and open Settings. Site settings. “Notifications”. Turn off all notifications, and you’re done.

How to View Hidden Messages on iPhone?

The necessary toggle switch is here: “Settings. Notifications. Messages. Show thumbnails”. Now messages are hidden.How to View Hidden Messages Without Unlocking iPhone

  • A message / notification arrives on the iPhone.
  • We put the finger “registered” in the system, wait for the Touch ID to work.
  • Now the contents can be viewed.

How to prevent messages from showing on iPhone?

How to hide text notifications on iPhone with Touch ID

  • Go to Settings. Accessibility. Home button.
  • Disable the Open with a finger.
  • Go to Settings. Notifications. Show thumbnails.
  • Change the value from Always to No blocking.

How to hide text and sender name on iPhone?

How to hide message text on iPhone in iMessage / SMS:

  • open Settings. Notifications. Messages
  • disable the Show thumbnails option

How to Hide Message Text on Samsung Lock Screen?

  • Click “Settings”, select “Notifications”.
  • Tap on the gear icon in the top line.
  • Specify the tab “On the lock screen”.
  • Click on “Hide personal data”, “Show notifications” or “Do not show notifications”.

How to hide messages on iPhone locked screen?

How to Hide Notification Text on iPhone Lock Screen

  • Open “Settings”, then “Notifications” and click on “Show thumbnails”.
  • Select the desired display method.

How to hide a call on iPhone

The iOS interface has always been quite user-friendly and enjoyable. However, even he had a number of minor flaws that, if not annoying, then at least made him dream of the best. One of these flaws was the design of an incoming call, which covered the entire screen and forced you to be interrupted if someone called you, to whom you did not want to answer.

In iOS 14, an incoming call will no longer interfere with using your iPhone

IOS 14 introduced a compact incoming call interface, which is presented in the form of a small banner at the top of the screen with answer and reject buttons. Thus, it will be possible not to pick up the phone if you do not have a desire for this, and not to interrupt the execution of the tasks you have begun, which is very convenient. Apparently, Apple still looks at the concepts that are created by enthusiastic designers, and reads the wishes of users.

Airpods update

Despite the fact that Airpods have their own firmware, almost all the innovations that they received after the release, as a rule, do not contain new functions, but were aimed solely at increasing the stability of the headphones. The ability to connect two pairs of Airpods to one iPhone at once and voice messages. all this appeared as a result of the iOS update. Therefore, it is not surprising that iOS 14 has expanded the functionality of Apple branded headphones.

Airpods Pro will learn to recognize head movements

Airpods 2 and Airpods Pro have received support for the mechanism of automatic switching between devices. Thanks to him, if an iPhone, iPad or Mac from the same network is disconnected, the headphones will automatically establish a connection with another device in the vicinity. And Airpods Pro, in addition to this, will acquire a surround mode that will track the position of the user’s head and change the sound depending on this, creating a theatrical effect.

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Hidden iOS 14 features that Apple didn’t talk about at the presentation

The presentation that Apple opened at WWDC 2020 was one of the company’s most unusual events in recent years. Not only was it filmed in a very cinematic way, but also the speech of the speakers was as laconic as possible. It is clear that everything was rehearsed in advance, and every word was carefully verified, but this only made the event, firstly, more interesting, and, secondly, more informative. Despite this, during the almost two-hour presentation, the presenters simply did not have time to tell about everything that clearly should have been told. Bridging the gap.

iOS 14, as you’d expect, contains quite a few implicit features

How to take a screenshot on iPhone

Unlike Android smartphone manufacturers, Apple has never considered the iPhone’s body as a control. Therefore, all the manipulations that were allowed to iOS users took place exclusively on the screen, but perhaps with the help of the side power button calling Apple Pay. But no sensitive side edges, no trackpad on the back of the screen, nothing.

Now you can call the action you need by double tap on the back cover of the iPhone

However, surprisingly, iOS 14 introduced a special add-on that allows you to customize one of the many commands executed by double-tapping on the back of the iPhone. As simple as that. You knock your index (or whatever is convenient for you) finger on or near the apple logo and take a screenshot, call Siri, open the notification shade and much more. it all depends on your choice.

Replace stock apps for iOS

Apple has always been very sensitive to the software content of its devices and did not allow third-party software to be replaced. Use in parallel. please, but replace one with another. in no case. Thus, explained in Cupertino, the company is concerned about the security of user data, which. at least one hour. can be stolen by a third-party program. But it was like this before, and now the rules have changed a little.

On iPhone and iPad, it will be possible to replace standard applications. It is a pity that not all

In iOS 14, Apple allowed users to replace the stock mail and browser apps with third-party ones. These are the only programs that can be used to find alternative solutions and make them run by default instead of the standard ones. What exactly is the reason for this limitation, Apple does not specify. Perhaps Cupertino simply responds to user requests, but does not want to allow them to change all programs, as this will reduce the company’s influence.

Add a device to Latitude

This year, the Tile company, frightened by the imminent launch of the AirTag beacon, accused Apple of not allowing it to use the Locator application to interact with branded trackers. For this, Tile even turned to the US Congress, stating that Cupertino was violating antitrust laws, and demanding that the executive body oblige the company to open access to Locator for third-party gadgets.

Locator will now support third-party gadgets, for example, Tile

Without waiting for a decision from Congress, Apple decided it wouldn’t be a big deal if it allowed users to search for third-party devices. To this end, the company launched the Find My Network Accessory Program. It will allow brands like Tile to tailor their search beacons for Locator and search for lost items using Apple’s proprietary app. True, it is not known whether this initiative is Apple’s own desire or is still a proactive response to the claims of Congress.

Longreads for you

As expected, Apple made a big announcement, but that’s not exactly what we were expecting. The company announced the launch of new projects aimed at helping black professionals and entrepreneurs. But is it really pulling for a “big announcement”?

One of the main features of the new iPhone 13 may be the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Apple has two ways to implement it. Let’s take a look at exactly what features will appear in the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s.

Since 2019, Apple has researched Hearing Health of its users and came to the conclusion that people do not go deaf from exceeding loud music in headphones. Hearing impairment is caused by other factors that we simply ignore

Dededed01, That is, you are not interested in what will happen to your data and the ability to use the software. And in general, with the performance of the phone as a whole. The main thing is a long discharge!
I’ve always been surprised by such paranoia about the battery. Well, charge a little more often. what’s so criminal about that. In the end, buy a power-bank. now they are for every taste and wallet. This is at first. while the new system will, so to speak, settle on your device.
What do you keep repeating about the battery every time ?! Doesn’t hold a charge. go to the service. If the battery is dead, neither the 14th nor the 20th iOS will help you.