How To Make Windows 10 Default Printer

How To Make Windows 10 Default Printer

Removing Windows permission to manage printers

When this option is enabled, the operating system will supply the main one with the technique that was connected and used last. Therefore, with frequent reconnections, Windows will set a new printer by default every time.

The function in the top ten for “Parameters” is disabled, the check mark is removed from the corresponding item.

How to choose a default printer (make it the main one). Default installation in Windows 10

The SIMplest option is the printer context menu.

First, go to the “Devices and Printers” section.

In the window that opens, find the desired printer, right-click on it and set “Use as default”.

You won’t be able to uncheck the box. The only way is to designate the second device as the main one.

Depending on the sorting, go to the desired item:

  • “Equipment and Sound”, then. to the list of devices (if “Category” is set);
  • Directly to “Devices and Printers”, if the output of large or small icons is configured.

The second way is through the “Options” menu in Windows 10. It is located in “Start” and is indicated by the gear icon.

In the options window, go to “Devices”, “Printers and scanners”. Select the desired device, click on it and go to “Management”, where there will be a SIMilar function.

The third way is the command line.

  • Winr. “Run”. “Cmd” (or via search).
  • To view the names of all devices, copy and paste into the line “wmic printer get name, default”.
  • Opposite the current printer, which is set as the main one, there will be an inscription “True”. From here we rewrite the name of the desired device for further configuration.
  • Run the following command “wmic printer where name =”. “Call setdefaultprinter”. Replace highlighted in red with the name of the new technique and press “Enter”.
  • You can check the result of the work, registered the command from the second point. If the assignment is successful, you will see the word “True” opposite the desired name.

How to set Microsoft Office Word as default on Windows 10.

Published: 14 November 2018 Updated: 25 November 2018

Do you want to set Microsoft Office Word application as default on Windows 10? Want to set Word as the default for a specific file type on Windows 10? In this guide, we will see four ways to set Office Word as the default text editor on Windows 10.

When you install MS Office on your computer, the setup program automatically installs Word as the default program for certain file types. But not for all types of files that it supports. For example, it supports PDF out of the box, but is not installed as the default viewing and editing application.

If you want Word to be used by default to open the second file types, you can do so by following the recommendations in one of the following methods.

Method 1 of 4

Set Word as default using the context menu

Right-click the file (file type) for which you want it to open in Word as the default program, click “Open with” and click “Choose another application”.

Check the box. “Always use this application to open the file type.” Select Word if it appears. If not, click the Apps link at the bottom of the list to see Word in the list. Click on the Word entry to set the default program for the selected file type.

Method 4 of 4

Set Word as default on Windows 10 using the Settings app

Open the “Settings” application, to do this, SIMply press two keys SIMultaneously. the key with the Windows logo and the letter I. Go to the “Applications” → “Default applications” settings group. Click on the Set Application Defaults link to open a page with all installed applications and programs in Windows 10.

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Scroll down the page until you find the Word entry. Click on it to open the hidden “Control” button. Click the “Control” button.

On the page that opens, you will find all file extensions (file types) supported by the Word editor and installed as the default program for all THESE extensions.

To set Word as the default for a file type, click on the program icon next to it, and then click on the Word program from the list to set the program as default.

Method 2 of 4

Another way to set Word as the default test file editor on Windows 10

Go to Applications page → Default Applications and then click Select Standard Applications by File Type.

As you can see, the page displays the file types and associated programs. To set Word as the default for a specific type, click the icon or program icon next to the file type, and then select Word from the list.

Method 3 of 4

Use “DefaultProgramsEditor” to set Word as default.

There is a free third party utility called “DefaultProgramsEditor” that allows you to easily change file associations in Windows 10. The program implements the classic built-in “Default Programs” window, which has been removed from the current version of the system.

Computer literacy with Hope. How to always open with a convenient player in Windows 10

In the Windows operating system, files can be opened using programs that can work with such files, that is, they can show and SIMultaneously play sound. Such programs are sometimes also called players. Next, let’s look at how to make the player the default in Windows 10, so that the viewing is convenient.

If the process is described figuratively, then files can be called a chest on which a lock hangs. To open the lock and finally see what is in the chest, you need a suitable key. So it is with files: to open them, you need a suitable player program.

How to make the player the default in Windows 10

  • It is necessary to name RMB (right mouse button) on any file (1 in Fig. 1).
  • A context menu will appear in which you have to click “Open with” (2 in Fig. 1).
  • Then they will call the option “Select another application” (3 in Fig. 1).

A window will appear asking “How do you want to open this file?”:

You need to select the program that will now open-file instead of the previously specified program by default. In fig. 2 the program “Cinema and TV” is selected, it is marked with the number 1.

It is worth paying attention to the slider in the window (2 in Fig. 2). It is also called a slider or slider. If the slider is a feat, then new options will appear for choosing the program that will open on your device. That is, in the small window that opens, sometimes, not everything is visible at once and all programs at the same time, with which you can open this file.

Now an important point, which concerns the checkbox next to the option “Always use this application to open. Mp4 files”. If there is a check mark, as indicated by number 3 in Fig. 2, this means that the selected player program will not only open our file at the moment, but in the future will always open all files. Without a check mark, it is set to open only once and only the file we have selected. With a tick, a new “default” mode is set, and the selected program will always open SIMilar files in the future.

Let us explain in more detail. If you DO NOT check the box next to the option “Always use this application to open. Mp4 files”, then the selected player will open only once. But this will NOT change the program that was previously set by default. This option is suitable for checking whether you like the work of the player or not. You can put the indicated checkbox after the experiments with the choice of the default program are completed.

The most important button that allows us to save any of our choices, with or without a check mark, is a click on “OK” (4 in Fig. 2).

What does “default player” mean?

The default player is the one that always automatically opens on your device. The default playback program is initially selected and assigned by the developer of the Windows operating system, but the user can change this choice at will.

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On a computer (laptop, tablet) there may be several player programs that can play. Let’s imagine a situation. There is. Which the user wants to watch, and there are several player programs that can open that. How to choose a convenient player from several programs, which will open “without further ado” ?

To avoid tormenting users with “unnecessary” questions and wasting their precious time, the Windows developers have found such a way out of this situation. They independently chose one of several programs and set it as the player that will automatically open almost any file, except for the most exotic ones with very rare extensions.

This approach, when developers make a decision for the user and set one or another program at their own discretion, is called the “default” choice. This means that the user, if He does not keep silent, does not pass by, can change the choice that the developers of the operating system have already made for him.

In other words, the user can set another program “by default”, which will always “automatically” open any file. over, the developers made it so that the user had such an opportunity. to choose a different program and install it as a “favorite” program that the Windows 10 operating system will automatically launch to play.

By the way, the method that I suggest below for changing the default program is suitable Not only for files, but also for any other types of files: for pictures, texts, documents, etc.

“Two ways to make the player the default in Windows 10″

Here are two ways to make the player the default:

  • Using the RMB (right-click) on the file;
  • Via Control Panel.

Filling in the gaps. Expanding horizons!

We now know Windows 10’s handy feature to change the default program for open-files. You can always use this opportunity to make working on a computer more convenient.

For files of the second type (not), you can also use the method described above to select and set the default program.

Instructions on how to make a default printer in Windows 10 and second

This article describes in detail all the methods of how to set the default printer in Windows 10 and for earlier versions of the OS such as 7 or 8. The steps give an aLGorithm for each operating system separately. These recommendations will help to cope with the task quickly and easily, even for inexperienced users.

How to make a printer networked in Windows 10

In order not to run from computer to computer with documents on a flash drive or upload files for printing to the cloud once again, Microsoft has built in Windows the ability to use a shared network printer and shared network folders. In this manual, we will tell you how to make the printer networked so that you can print to it from another computer, and not directly connected to the printer.

Windows 8 instructions

In the case of installing the device on a PC with this operating system, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Move the mouse cursor to the upper right corner of the screen and click on the search icon in the menu presented.
  • In this option you need to enter the query “Hardware and Printers”.

How to connect a printer to a laptop via Wi-Fi in Windows 10

Modern office equipment supports work via a wireless network. Only a confident user can configure the equipment. Despite the SIMplicity of the process, the procedure raises many questions, so we have created detailed instructions.

To connect a device to a laptop via Wi-Fi, you must adhere to the following aLGorithm:

  • WPS is activated in the router. On some models with a large button on the case responds. If it is absent, then the configuration is performed through the address bar of the browser, by making changes to the router.
  • Office equipment is connected to the network (the Wi-Fi button on the body is pressed or held in the indicator color configuration).
  • The Options menu opens on the computer.
  • In the search bar, the query “printers” is written and “Printers and scanners” is pressed.
  • The inscription is pressed: “Add printer or scanner”, after that the search begins. Moves along the lines highlighted in blue.
  • To make the technique work wirelessly, select the corresponding radio button (Penultimate) Highlighted in the screenshot below.

The operating system will automatically search for available hardware, and the user just needs to select it from the list provided. Now you know how to add a printer to Windows 10 on your own, rather than asking for help from a specialist.

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Setting the default printer in Windows 10. How to connect and configure a network printer

Configuring a printer over a local network begins with a computer to which the printer is physically connected, that is, with a USB cable. Make sure all the correct drivers are installed, the printer is on and working.

Important: network printing will not work if a computer with a physical connection to the printer is disconnected.

    Click Win I and go to Devices. Printers Scanners. Click on your printer and then click Manage. I use a printer, so this article is written using the example of the Send to OneNote 2016 “printer”. Don’t be confused by the strange name. The procedure will be exactly the same for traditional printers.

After that, your network printer will be listed in the list of all devices and you can send your documents to it from applications.

Windows 10 support information from printer manufacturers

Below I have collected information about what popular manufacturers of printers and MFPs write in the operation of their devices in Windows 10.

  • HP (Hewlett-Packard). The company promises that most of its printers will work. The one that worked in Windows 7 and 8.1 will NOT require a driver update. In case of problems, you can download the driver for Windows 10 from the official website. Additionally, the HP website has instructions for solving problems with printers from this manufacturer in new operating systems: http: //
  • Epson. promise support for printers and MFPs in Windows The necessary drivers for the new system can be downloaded from a special page
  • Canon. according to the manufacturer, most printers will support the new OS. Drivers can be downloaded from the official website by selecting the required printer model.
  • Panasonic. promises to release drivers for Windows 10 in the near future.
  • Xerox. write about the absence of problems with the operation of their printing devices in the new OS.

To eradicate all problems that interfere with normal printing in your Windows 10, run the Print-Spooler-Repair-Tool as administrator and press the “Repair” button, you will receive the result in a minute, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the printer starts working as good as new.

In addition, I also advise you to clear your spooler, with this script, so that the specified.

If none of the above helped, I recommend using Google search (and I recommend this search for this purpose) for a query consisting of the brand and model of your printer and “Windows 10”. It is very likely that your problem has already been discussed in some forums and a solution has been found. Do not be afraid to look at English-language sites: they come across the solution more often, and even automatic translation in the browser allows you to understand what is at stake.

Adding hardware manually

When the OS could not find the device, you need to know how to connect the printer to a Windows 10 laptop. To do this, select the line “The required printer is not in the list”.

The last radio button is activated in the window that appears. For clarity, see the screenshot below. Pressing the button “Next”.

The port selection window opens. No adjustments are made here and everything is left by default. Click “Next”.

Now a specific manufacturer and model of the printing device is selected, which is connected to the PC. This procedure allows you to install the correct driver for everything to work stably.

The one given in sequence helps to learn how to connect a printer to a computer without a disk on Windows 10 and additional utilities. The next step involves entering the name of the equipment. The entered data will be displayed to the second users who want to print over the network.


For a successful addition, you must select the general access, if you intend to use office equipment Multiple computers.

How to add a printer in Windows 10

To understand how to add a printer in Windows 10, you need to have a good knowledge of this operating system. Inexperienced PC users always face SIMilar problems, so this article will be useful.

There are several ways to connect office equipment to a computer or laptop. Depending on the manufacturer of the printing device, the configuration is carried out via a wireless Wi-Fi network or a local network. Let’s consider both options separately.