How to prevent iPhone from draining quickly

Normal wear and tear of the battery

Any battery is a consumable item. This means that batteries are short-lived and need to be replaced periodically. After a certain period of operation, they tend to lose capacity and it becomes almost impossible to use the device without a cord. In the case of a battery, the symptoms are immediately clear. But I strongly advise against trying to change it yourself.!

It is better to contact the service, where they will quickly and efficiently fix the problem so that later you do not have to come with more serious expensive damage. (One of the most frequent calls to the service is after an independent repair attempt. Before trying to repair it yourself, think about whether you are ready are you going to no effect?)

Set up rules for using mobile Internet

You may have noticed that when using only the mobile Internet, the phone sits down faster. Everything is simple here: a 3G / 4G modem consumes more power than WI-FI.

See a list of all apps and the amount of mobile traffic they’ve used lately.

I can see on my phone that the Calendar app was using 450MB of mobile data. I do not use the calendar, so I turned off synchronization via mobile Internet.

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Calendar exhibits suspicious internet activity and drains battery

Look for abnormal mobile internet usage by apps. Perhaps some program is eating up your mobile traffic and battery.

I also recommend disabling the automatic download of software updates so that they are downloaded only in the WI-FI coverage area.

You can disable downloading updates via the mobile Internet in:

Settings ▸ iTunes Store & App Store ▸ Cellular Data

Disable app updates via mobile internet

Which practically does not affect the battery charge

Disable these options only with the most severe economy, when everything else has been disabled for a long time, but you need to hold out for another extra 30-40 minutes without recharging. In all other cases, these measures will not be very effective.

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Working Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Apple has long learned to make energy efficient wireless modules. In addition, to disable it will not be enough to press the corresponding switches in the lower curtain.

With iOS 11, this only temporarily disconnects devices from connected networks and paired gadgets. A complete shutdown is possible through Siri or from system settings.

It is inconvenient to turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on and off every time, and it will not give a big increase in autonomy.

Many do not use widgets in iOS, mistakenly believing that they drain the smartphone a lot. The device is discharged only by widgets that actively interact with the network or geolocation.

Even such informers spend power while displaying them to update the data. If you do not open the panel with widgets on the desktop or lock screen every five minutes, their impact on battery power will be minimal.

Automatic content download

Disable data downloads along the Settings path. iTunes Store and App Store should only be used by the most active iPhone users who have several apple gadgets and more than a hundred installed applications in their arsenal.

For owners of 1-2 devices with 20-30 applications on board, automatic downloading will practically not affect the autonomy of the gadget.

Animation and transparency

Another setting that is often recommended to be turned off is along the path Settings. General. Accessibility. Reduce Motion / Increase Contrast. You should not count on a real increase in battery life after disconnection.

Only in combination with the above options, disabling animation will give a serious result.

Disable unnecessary notifications

If you go to Settings ▸ Cellular ▸ System Services. you will see how much traffic goes to notifications from applications via the mobile Internet.

Over the past month, only 109 MB of mobile Internet were spent on Push notifications

  • “Lights up” the screen of your phone or tablet;
  • spends mobile Internet if there is no WI-FI connection;
  • plays sound from the speaker.

All this wastes the battery. Therefore, to disable unnecessary notifications, go to:

Now just turn off all that distracts and hinders you for a long time.

Turned off intrusive notifications from the Opera Mini browser

What to do if the battery capacity is below 80%

It is worth thinking about replacing it. The battery can be changed at any certified service center.

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If the battery capacity is 70–75%, it’s time to replace it. With such a battery, the iPhone will work significantly less in time and slower in performance.

Personally, I love poking around in electronics, so I bought an iPhone 7 battery on Aliexpress for 19 and installed it myself.

The battery can be changed by yourself, but it is better to take the phone to a service center

If everything is good with the capacity, and the iPhone is still running out of power quickly, then the problem is in its settings.

Vlad Gorokhovsky

often than not, the iPhone runs out of power quickly because it is not properly configured. It is enough to skim through the settings to identify and eliminate what is eating up the battery.

But, if your iPhone is more than a year old, then it will not be possible to return it to its former agility solely by setting. Most likely he will have to change the battery.

Now I will tell you how to independently identify battery “fatigue”, as well as find the applications and services that drain the iPhone battery the most. And, of course, I’ll tell you how to fix it.

Cellular quality

If you find yourself in a place where the connection is poor or there is no LTE coverage, a reasonable action would be to turn it off and use 3G. Select the item “Cellular” “Data options” “Voice and data” in the settings and switch from LTE to 3G or, if necessary, 2G.

Set up background content refresh

Almost all programs can update their content even if they are not running. The thing is convenient, but the mobile Internet eats up, which means it drains the battery.

You can save a little internet and battery if you only allow background app updates via WI-FI.

Settings ▸ General ▸ Content Update ▸ Content Update

We only allow background app updates via WI-FI

Increasing the data load period

When downloading data from a mail account and calendar, the iPhone is also discharged to what extent. It all depends on the setting of the check time interval. If you do not use this data constantly, then you can set a longer period. As a result, messages will almost sync less frequently, resulting in lower power consumption.

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Settings. Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Loading data

Automatic content downloads

If you have other iOS devices besides your iPhone, all purchased applications, music and books will be downloaded to them immediately thanks to the automatic download function. Useful, but can cause significant battery drain with heavy use.

You can disable automatic downloads completely or only for the selected content type in Settings → iTunes Store and App Store. Another option is to allow downloads only over Wi-Fi by turning off the “Cellular Data” toggle switch.

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Disable sending diagnostic and usage data

When the Send Diagnostic and Usage Data feature is activated, your activity information is automatically sent to Apple to help improve the company’s product and services. For safety reasons and if the smartphone starts to discharge quickly and after a long charge, this function should be disabled.

Settings. Confidentiality. Diagnostics and use.Do not send.

Disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Hotspot and Airdrop

These three connection methods should be included if actually needed. Especially the Hotspot and Wi-Fi functions can be turned off in principle to save battery power. Also, Bluetooth, which noticeably drains the battery, needs to be turned on only during active use.

If you leave your home outside of Wi-Fi coverage, then the wireless network should be turned off. Otherwise, the iPhone will constantly waste energy looking for it and drain the battery.

Backlight options

The longer the screen backlight remains active, the faster the device is discharged. If you have not configured it in such a way that it does not work in vain, do so.

Go to Settings → Display & Brightness. Select the Auto-lock option and set it to a minimum value so that the backlight turns off as soon as possible on its own if you forget to lock the screen manually.

Also, turn off the Raise to Activate option if available on your device. The backlight will stop turning on automatically when you pick up the device, and as a result, it will work less often unnecessarily.