How to print a document from a MacBook on a printer

How to connect a phone to a printer via USB

You can use a regular USB cable to set up printing. However, this option is not suitable for all models of printers and smartphones, therefore it is not universal. It is necessary to clarify whether the mobile device has a USB-HOST output. You will also need suitable drivers, which can be difficult to find. After all, there is not enough printing technology with programs customized for Android. In some cases, the installation of the “USB connection Kit” application helps. After the device has become visible, any document can be sent to print.

The only company that has paid attention to the issue of data transmission over a wire is HP. With the specially designed ePrint app, you can see almost all types of printers on tablets and phones. Menus, icons, and location of print settings vary by Android version.

ATTENTION! The connection is made only via a fiber-optic USB cable. It is he who allows you to transfer photos and other media files.

Wireless Printing Applications

To print from a phone, the same Cloud Print and AirPrint will do. But there are other applications as well. For example PrintShare for Android.

  • Install and run it.
    print, document, printer
  • Tap on “Select”.
  • Select the type of device. Search starts.
  • Add device.
  • In earlier versions, you need to click on the “gear” and open the “Printers” menu.
  • If it is empty, tap “Not selected”.
  • And then. Wi-Fi.
  • You can now print data from your phone.
  • Check if your phone has a USB Host port.
  • Connect it to the MFP.
  • Find drivers for it.
  • Or put the USB connection Kit APP.
  • If it works, the smartphone will “see” the external USB device.

For models from HP there is a personal program. ePrint. You don’t need to set up anything with it. Just connect your devices to each other. To print via phone to a printer, install a dedicated application or use the built-in functions. This way you will not need to turn on the computer to get the finished picture or document.

Cloud Print: Printing from Tablet

  • First, download the Cloud Print program, then log in to it with the same account for which the printers were added on the computer (you can have many accounts on the tablet at the same time).
  • Documents are printed by clicking on the button in the upper corner. A menu will appear where you have to select source. The source can be not only your files, but all your documents from cloud services (Google Drive or Dropbox).
  • After selecting the files, specify which of the installed printers you want to print. The number of printers is unlimited: home, work, friend, etc.
  • In the third dialog box, you must select the print quality, document orientation, number of prints and other pre-print settings.
  • That’s all! Use the “paper plane” button to send the document to the Google Print service for printing.
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Now you know how to print to your tablet. Everything is much simpler than it seems at first glance. By the way, after installing Google Cloud Print, you can print entire web pages from your browser. You can also print Gmail mail, but only if you are logged into it in the Chrome browser.

Virtual printer

This app is the official Google client for cloud printing service. The program allows you to send files to print, as well as view the status of the printer and manage jobs. To use the application, you need to sign in to your Google account with a peripheral device already connected in advance. The utility has support for several accounts, each of which can be assigned to a specific printer.

There are two ways to print a document:
– click on the printer icon and through other applications, for example, a file manager, gallery or browser, select the file that you want to print;

Depending on the printer and the driver installed on it, the user has access to certain print settings: page orientation, paper size, duplex printing and printing in color. Other, equally important parameters, such as preview, selection of a specific page, number of copies and print quality, are not available in the application. And if with documents it is more or less acceptable, then with the printing of photographs it is not good anywhere. Users of Android 4.4 devices already have Google Cloud Print preinstalled as a plug-in, so they encountered a problem with the Cloud Print application. For owners of devices with an earlier version of Android, cloud printing is seamless.

Is it possible to print documents on the tablet and how

The tablet has penetrated not only into private life, it has fully penetrated into business, education and other practical areas of life. That is why it was necessary to implement the possibility of printing to a printer directly from a tablet. Let’s consider whether it is possible to print documents on a tablet, what tools you may need for this.

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Today, almost all the latest tablets have the ability to print from a printer that is not even connected to a computer. Printers, of course, must be equipped with radio transmission modules (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). Best of all, printing from a tablet to a printer is implemented by Google’s Cloud Print technology. The best part is that the device (and / or any other gadget) doesn’t have to be special. This also applies to the printer. You just need to configure everything correctly. Let’s take a closer look.

HP printers. print wirelessly from laptop, phone or tablet

Use the HP ePrint App or HP ePrint Software to print to HP Public Print Locations. Standard print / copy fees may apply.

Cloud printing requires an Internet connection or a network to an HP ePrint-enabled printer.

Mobile devices require an internet connection and email. Wireless access point may be required. Separately purchased plans or usage fees may apply.

Internet connection required to access cloud services. Wireless access point may be required. May require third party subscription with separately purchased service contract.

iPhone, iPad, or iTouch using Apple AirPrint or the HP ePrint App

PC and Mac mobile devices with HP ePrint software

Android mobile devices using the HP ePrint app or HP Native Printing Solution for Android (Jelly Bean and later)

To download the HP ePrint app to your computer, you must manually sync with your phone or tablet.

Included in the firmware of select HP printers. Firmware update may be required to enable Cloud / Internet printing directly from Windows or Macintosh applications.

Printing devices built into Android include Kindle Fire HD / HDX, etc.

Not compatible with Windows RT tablets. Use the InOS driver.

HP built-in printing for Android is not available on Android OS 4.3 or earlier, except on select devices.

Although Wireless Direct connections can be used, Wi-Fi Direct connections are not supported.

Install google print driver for local printing via google cloud to print from third party application such as MS Word to google cloud printer.

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Print selected text

All browsers support the ability to print selected text. Select the text you want to print on the page and press Ctrl P on a PC or Cmd P on an Apple computer to open the print options. In the print options window, select from the available options “Selection Only” or “Selection”.

You may need to click Additional settings or Extra options. before there is a choice.

How to print a poster on a printer | Small Business

A poster announcing your newest product or service will help raise the profile of your company at your next business event. If your printer has poster options, you can create an enlarged image yourself from files in programs such as Microsoft Word or Windows Paint. This flexibility allows you to select the final poster sizes based on four or more sheets. Your printer settings and page layout allow you to compose your poster to standard-sized sheets of paper as an economical and time-saving advertising tool.

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Turn on the printer. Download sheets for your poster.

Open the poster image file. Click the File tab on the command ribbon, then click Print to open the dialog box.

Click the Options or Printer Properties button to open the Printing Preferences dialog box.

Click your preferred Page Layout option, such as 4 Poster [2×2], 9 Poster [3×3], or 16 Posters [4×4], to select the poster size. The preview window displays a chart of the specified number of sheets that make up your poster.

Click OK to close the Printing Preferences dialog box, then click Print. Place the prints on a large flat surface in the correct order.

Trim your prints with a paper trimmer or straight edge and matte knife. Glue the tape to the underside of the sheets to create a poster.

How to print a document, image, or other file

Each file and document, as well as the programs used to open them, is different. Therefore, we can only give a general overview of the printing stages. These steps are general guidelines and may not apply to the document or file you are trying to print. However, many programs use the standard printing method.

If you still cannot print

Some programs (often only older ones) may also use the keyboard print screen or the prt scrn key to print. If your program does not work with the previous steps, try pressing this key to print your document or file.

Finally, if you can find a print option but it is grayed out or you get an error, you are probably having problems with the printer or its drivers.

How to print a document from a computer to a printer

The number of computer equipment is growing every year. Along with this, which is logical, the number of PC users who are just getting acquainted with many functions, which are quite often useful and important, is increasing. Such as, for example, printing a document.

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