How To Print A Document From Viber On A Printer

How to annotate a comment in Word 2010

If you do NOT want to change an existing note, but you need to Add it, you can create a note to the Note:

Open the Word document with notes and click on its text.

Click on the “New Note” icon in the “Review” menu.

Enter additional note text.

Click anywhere in the document to exit the note editing mode.

You can create multiple nested notes. They will be connected to the same piece of text.

How to delete all notes of one user in Word 2010

If several users worked on the document, you can delete all notes for each of them. For this:

Open a Word document with a note of two or more users.

Open the list of Reviewers in the Show Changes section of the Review menu.

Leave checked those commenters whose notes you want to erase.

Select any remaining note.

Click “Delete Displayed Annotations” in the list of “Delete Comment” button under the “Review” section of the menu.

To return Existing Notes, check the “All Reviewers” option in the “Show Changes” section of the “Review” menu.

On a note! You can also include notes of only one or a few selected users, put a checkmark in front of their names.

How to delete all comments in Word 2010

If the work on the document is completely finished, you can quickly clear it of all user notes:

Open the Word document in which you want to delete all notes.

Click on any note in the document.

Click on “Delete All Notes” in the drop-down list of the “Delete Note” button in the “Review” section of the menu.

All users’ notes will be removed from the file.

Find out information with Step-by-step instructions on how to work in a Word for dummies from our new article.

Print a document in Word

Before printing, you can preview the document and specify which pages you want to print.

How to print a photo or document from your phone

How to print a photo document from your phone? Let’s imagine the following situation. You are in the city, from the gadgets at hand you only have a phone. You will receive a message with a photo or document to be printed by e-mail or messenger. How to do it Using only your phone?

What you need to do to print a photo document from phones Using applications for printers.

Documents usually come in files of different Microsoft office formats. The first thing to do is download and install the appropriate software on your phone. If, for example, you use standard programs (installed by the manufacturer or a supporter), there is a chance that the document will not open at all, or will open, but in the wrong key. In other words, you will NOT see anything other than incomprehensible characters or hieroglyphs. Therefore, we recommend using special software.

  • .Doc or Docx = Microsoft Word
  • .Xls or.Xlsx = Mocrosoft Excel
  • .Txt or.Rtf or.Odt = Text Editor / Notepad
  • .Pdf = PDF Reader format for scanned images, texts, etc.
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You can download applications that open this or that extension in the Google Play Market by entering the corresponding request. Not every application has the ability to open all extension formats. Rather the opposite. A specific application opens a specific extension. After you install the application you need, open the downloaded document. It will automatically launch in the required application.

Click on the “print” button. Select the print area, the number of print sheets, etc. in the print settings. We select a printer, if there is a printer in the list, we search automatically through the search. The phone will search the network for a printer as it searches for a bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Once the printer is found, a print file button will appear.

Sample phone printout

If the phone does not find the printer, click on the “add printer” button. You will be offered a “system print service” in which you can enter the IP address of the printer, or use the printer search wi-fi Direct.

Or, as an option, use the recommended print services. You will be transferred to Google play from where you will download the printer detection module you need.

Epson Iprint interface.

Epson Iprint offers us a wide range of possibilities.

  • Printing photos. Just select an image from the gallery on your phone and print (size 1015);
  • Printing of documents. Select the document you need for printing on your phone;
  • Cloud print. We select your cloud storage from those offered by the application. We log in. We are looking for a file for printing. We print;
  • Scanning. We put an image or document in the scanner and press the Scan button on the phone. The resulting image will be downloaded to your phone, you can save the image, send it to print, send it to any messenger or mail in pdf or jpeg format;
  • Capture an image. I photograph the desired object. We do manipulations to adjust the image if necessary and print;
  • Copying. Everything works exactly like scanning.

Epson Iprint interface

Example of Epson Iprint Application.

Download the application from the Google Play Market link.

We print files from the phone using Epson Iprint

Next, we will be asked to agree to the terms of use and Read the information about conducting a user survey. Anyone who wishes can read the software license agreement as well as the privacy statement. Who is too lazy to do this, just click “Agree”. After you read and agree to all agreements, the main menu will open.

Selecting the printer in the main menu of Epson Iprint

First of all, you should choose a working printer with a working Wi-fi module connected. In the proposed tabs, select the desired one:

  • Local (will automatically show a valid home network printer with shared access).
  • IP. addresses manually (enter IP addresses if we know)
  • Remote (to work with the printer turned on remotely, for example, while in another city. Special settings are required. Fee may be charged).

Choosing a printer for printing on the Epson Iprint phone

Printer is connected, you can work.

In order to print a photo document from your phone, you need a printer or MFP.

Yes, of course, in order to print something, you need to find something to print it on. What you may need to make a printout from your phone:

  • A cable that connects to the phone and to a computer or printer. (UBS will work fine from your charger).
  • If there is no cable, we are looking for a printer with a Wi-fi module in it.
  • At worst, use the flash card installed in the phone. But in this case, the photocopy center must have a card reader to insert your micro SD flash drive into a laptop or pc.
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As a rule, many modern photocopy centers have the same modern printing equipment. If there is such a comment, the first method with a USB cable will help you. Just plug the cable into the phone and let the photocopy office manager connect the phone in mass storage mode. Open the file and click print. If you are denied connecting your phone via a USB cable, ask about a card reader and pull out a Micro SD card. Move the desired file to the SD card beforehand. If you are lucky enough to find such a center where there is a printer with wi-fi, just find out which company is the printer with the wi-fi module and download the corresponding application from the Google Play Market. Applications of different brands are, in principle, SIMilar to each other, so let’s look at an example of work on an Epson printer.

How To Print A Document From Viber On A Printer


We hope our article helped you with this issue. Any of the suggested methods helped you to print the file you need using your phone. If you know of any working options for printing files from your phone, please share them in the comments.

Printing documents in Word

The process of printing text documents in the Microsoft editor is not much different from that in any other programs that provide a SIMilar opportunity. The nuances are only in the preliminary design, preparation and some settings. Looking ahead, we note that Word allows you to print Not only standard A4 pages, but also a number of other formats.

Solving possible problems

Sometimes, when trying to print text documents, you can face all sorts of problems. Fortunately, most of them are easy to find and fix.

The device does not print documents In case of problems with printing, the first thing to do is to check the equipment responsible for this SIMple process. Perhaps the point is its incorrect configuration or the lack of an up-to-date driver. Mechanical damage is NOT excluded. Find out the exact cause and get rid of it. The materials presented on the links below will help. Learn more: Troubleshoot HP and Epson printers Printing documents to a printer in Windows

Only Word DOES NOT print If, however, you are convinced of the operability and correct setting of the printing equipment, and even checked it in other programs, you can only blame Word. Sometimes this text editor itself unambiguously makes it clear that it cannot print documents (typical failures, errors), but it also happens that the problem is buried much deeper. in software or system components. Our detailed article on this topic will help to identify it and probably solve it. Read more: What to do if Word does NOT print documents

Not all content is printed. It may happen that a document is printed, but some of the elements contained in its pages are NOT printed (for example, images, shapes, or a changed page background). In this case, you just need to check the print parameters and, if necessary, activate the disabled items in them.

    Open the “File” menu and go to the “Options” section.

On the side panel, go to the “Display” tab (previously this section was called “Screen”) and in the “Print settings” block, check the boxes next to those items, the description of which corresponds to what you need to print in addition to the main content of the document.

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Click “OK” to save the changes and try to re-initiate the printing process.

As you can see, even the most serious problems with printing documents in Word can always be detected and eliminated. Strict adherence to the instructions set forth in the first part of the article will help to avoid them at all.

Printing standard documents

If you are dealing with a regular text file, it will NOT be difficult to print it. The situation is SIMilar with documents containing graphic objects.

  • First of all, make sure that the file that you want to send to print is correct. The text and / or graphic data contained in it, and should not go beyond the printable area, the text itself should have exactly the form that you want to receive on paper in the future. The following article will help you to avoid possible problems with markup or fix them if found: Learn more: Setting margins in Microsoft Word
  • Open the “File” menu, clicked on the name of the corresponding tab of the quick access panel.

If necessary, enable a preview of the document. this will help to double-check the correctness of the design. Read more: Preview documents in Word

Finished with the setting and, focusing on the preview window, After making sure it is correct, click on the “Print” button located at the very top.

This is how easy it is to print documents in Word, but sometimes you can face much more serious tasks for the design and subsequent printing of text files. Their solution will be discussed further.

Printing documents in Microsoft Word

Modern document flow is increasingly carried out in the digital space. We have to deal with paper much less often, but from time to time the need to print a document on a printer still arises. Today we’ll show you how to do it in Microsoft Word.

Printing of non-formatted documents

If a text document, such as you are printing, has a standard A4 size and it is accurately formatted correctly, problems with printing it should not arise. But after all, Microsoft Word allows you to create non-standard text files, and often the process of printing them is fraught with a number of difficulties. Actually, the latter can arise even at the stage of creating a document of one format or another. We wrote about the main ones, as well as the nuances of printing, just find the topic you are interested in in the list below, read the corresponding instructions, and as a result, you will receive a ready-made paper document of the required type. Learn more: Create book-sized documents Create brochures and booklets Create sizes other than A4 Change the background of a document Create a watermark and watermark

The following article will help you to properly format a text document before printing it on a printer: : Formatting text in a Word document

Printing a file in Microsoft Word will NOT be difficult even for an inexperienced user. over, this text editor allows you to create and print on a printer Not only standard document formats, and now you know how to do it.