How To Print A File From A Phone To A Printer

One of the most convenient applications for printing text using this method can be called a service called PrinterShare. Its use allows you to print various text documents from SD card and Google docs directly from your phone to a network and local printer.

Even if the device does not support the ability to print via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB cable without a PC, you can install special software from the official website of the application and share the printer with the device. True, this will only be possible on computers running the Windows operating system. If you are printing to a remote printer connected to a computer, then you should install software on it and give general access.

Basic Rules

To begin with, there are several ways to do mobile printing. This can be done with:

  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Special applications for wireless printing;
  • Direct connection via USB interface;
  • The computer to which the printer is connected.

Here it should be understood that the phone and printer must have support for certain technologies and services in order to be able to print. For example, when choosing one or another printing method, you should make sure that the phone has a new version of the operating system that supports cloud printing or makes it possible to install special software on a smartphone.

The same applies to the printer, which must support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth depending on the selected printing method. If you want, for example, to reset a file to print to an old printer, then not all of the above methods will be available to you. Therefore, before using a particular type of printing, you should make sure that all devices support the ability to print with the selected method.

How to set up printing?

Before starting printing, you need to configure the equipment, otherwise the possibility of taking photos with your phone will not be available. Let’s take a look at the specifics of setting up equipment using an example of using a virtual printer called Google Cloud Print. There are a few key points here.

  • The application of the system type “Virtual Printer” must be installed and activated on the mobile phone. If this service is available on the mobile phone by default, then it can be found on Google Play.
  • The printer must support this type of technology. It is worth noting that most modern models have support for this technology initially.
  • The user must have an active personal Google account.

Now let’s go directly to configuring devices. First, you need to connect printing equipment to Google Cloud Print. If the model of the gadget for printing is equipped with Wi-Fi, then it can be connected directly to the router. This process is usually described in the instruction manual of the device. The most common method for connecting a device to a wireless network is the WPS protocol. But first, you need to start this service on the router. This is done as follows:

  • Open the device’s Wi-Fi settings;
  • We find an item called “Wireless Network”;
  • Click on the term called WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup;
  • We activate the protocol of the same name.

It also happens that the printer does not have a Wi-Fi module. Then it can be connected to the specified service via the computer. To do this, you first need to install a browser called Google Chrome, as well as create a personal account there. After that, the tuning aLGorithm will be as follows:

  • We find on the computer a section with system settings;
  • Open the menu where the printers are located;
  • Add a printer to your PC;
  • Open the above browser;
  • Enter the phrase chrome: // devices in the search bar and press Enter;
  • A section called “Cloud Printers” opens, where you should click on the “Add” button;
  • In the item “registered printers”, select the required device;
  • Now you need to click on the “Add Printer” button.

How to print documents?

Now let’s try to figure out some ways that will make it possible to print all sorts of materials: text, image, photograph, picture, ticket, file and so on. There are a lot of them and often they are suitable for printing both text and second types of files, so we will consider only a part of them.


If we talk about other types of files, then it should be added that one of the rather popular methods is Bluetooth pairing. To do this, you must first open the page in the Google Chrome browser or find the desired photo in the device gallery. Now we click on the “Share” button, then click on the Bluetooth icon, find your printer and send the document to print. But here it should be said that in this way you can print Not any type of files. For this reason, you should first check if there is support for this printing method for the files that you are going to print. If there is such support, then you SIMply will not see the Share icon.

Another application that you can use is called PrintHand Mobile Print. Its feature is a modern interface. This software makes it possible to print documents of various types directly from the online storage or a folder of saved documents on a smartphone. The advantage of the program is that here you can adjust the printing parameters and its size. Additional rendering software must be downloaded to print files in various formats. If you print via Google Cloud, then the program works for free. But other types of printing files will be available in the premium version of the program.

AirPrint and Cloud Print are quite SIMilar to each other. To print various files using such software, you need to follow a certain aLGorithm:

  • Install the application and then launch it;
  • Now you need to press the “Select” button;
  • Select the type of device, then start the search and wait for it to finish;
  • Now add the device you are interested in;
  • In earlier versions of these applications (if you are using them), click on the “gears” and open the “Printers” menu;
  • If this menu is empty, select the “Not selected” item;
  • Now click on the Wi-Fi item.

Samsung Mobile Print is a pretty good printing application. It will be an excellent solution for printing photos, Internet pages from a tablet or smartphone, and various types of documents. In addition, through the application, you can scan and save the received materials in JPG, PDF or PNG formats for easy and quick viewing on a smartphone. It is important that this application can be used on mobile devices running Android and iOS. In addition to the application, it is not required to install any additional software. And if the printer is compatible, then it is automatically detected. But here we are talking only about Samsung printer models.

How to print to a printer from your phone?

  • Basic Rules
  • How to set up printing?
  • How to print documents?
  • Possible problems

With the development of modern technology, our life is becoming easier and SIMpler. The actions that required efforts 5-10 years ago are now performed in just a couple of minutes. Photo printing is one such example. They can be quickly printed on a printer with only one device needed. your personal phone.

Possible problems

If we talk about possible problems that may arise when printing to a printer from a phone, then we can name the following:

  • Incorrect software configuration;
  • Incompatibility of the smartphone with the printer;
  • Software errors;
  • Incorrectly selected driver;
  • Bad connection of cable and adapter.
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To fix the problems described, check the printer immediately. It is important to ensure that the machine is turned on and ready for use. Then check the amount of ink or powder and make sure you have paper. In addition, the indicators should not light up or flash: this indicates the presence of errors.

To resolve the problem, you must restart all devices and try again to print. Make sure the distance between devices does NOT exceed the limit. Usually we are talking about an indicator of 22 meters for a concrete building with partitions. If the distance is greater, the devices will NOT detect each other.

It will not be superfluous to update the firmware of devices to the latest versions, because it is the outdated firmware that is quite often a common prerequisite for problems with detection. If you are printing via USB, check the cable for possible deformation. Check the serviceability of the OTG adapter, if used. It also happens that in some cases the device for printing may be incompatible with the smartphone itself or the version of Android that the phone is running.

How To Print A File From A Phone To A Printer

In general, it should be said that printing on a printer from a phone can be done in quite a few ways. The main thing is that this or that printing method is supported by both the smartphone itself and the printing device. Everything here will depend on specific models of equipment. But there are still a lot of ways, so you can find a solution for printing from a smartphone with almost any device configuration.

In the next, you will visually familiarize yourself with the process of printing to a printer from a phone.

How to print through the program

In order to print a PDF file, you need to install software that allows you to open files. Then double-click to open the document, and select “Print” in the “File” menu.

If the document does not open with a double click, you should:

  • Open the program for PDF, choose from the menu “Open” and specify the location.
  • In the “Select Programs” dialog box, set the program to open PDF as the default program.

After selecting the “Print” command, a dialog box with print settings will appear. The “Printer” column should indicate the device for printing. Below is the number of planned copies when printing.

Also in the settings it is possible to print the entire document, specific pages or a range of pages. To do this, in the “Pages for printing” section, put a marker over the corresponding task.

In the “Properties” item, additional settings are made, such as setting black and white or color printing. For duplex printing, select the Corresponding item on the “View” tab. It is recommended to first open the document for preview. It is this function that allows you to exclude reprints to eliminate imperfections.

Printer does not work with PDF. what to do?

Many people encounter such misfortune when the printer prints text files perfectly, but PDF is available. The first thing to do is check the connection of the printing device, then you should check the presence of ink and paper in the device.

Try printing a second size document. If the same problem occurs when printing the second elements, you need to update or reinstall the drivers on the printer.

Basically, a printing error occurs in the following cases:

  • Does NOT print individual PDF files;
  • DOES NOT print all documents with pdf extension.

Doesn’t work with standalone PDFs. In this case, the printer for separate files, when printing, gives messages with various errors. This is most likely related directly to the selected document, and not to the software or printing device.

Most likely, the document was damaged at the time of downloading or an error was made while saving. To solve this problem, you need to download the file again, or contact the owner of the original version of the file and re-save it in PDF format.

Does NOT print all documents with pdf extension. If the printer prints all kinds of document, and the problem only occurs when printing PDF, then it is most likely software-related. To troubleshoot the problem, reinstall the program to read or edit files. Then you need to restart your computer, open the document in the installed program and send it to print.

In many cases, the error in printing documents is the incorrect installation of the software. Also, problems can arise when using pirated or hacked versions of programs. Therefore, it is recommended to update or reinstall the software in case of frequent pop-up errors.

Features of a PDF file

Portable Document Format is a cross-platform open format for documents in electronic form. Developed by Adobe Systems in order to create a universal file, which will make it possible to display a document on different devices identical to the original.

Mainly used for office needs as storing text or graphic information. The PDF file allows you to preserve and convey the originality of letterhead. In addition to text documents, it supports clips and sound signals. With its multifunctionality, files Takes up a minimum of physical memory.

For pdf files, it is possible to configure security. The most common and available settings are: prohibition of transferring to paper, as well as prohibition of document editing and the use of an electronic signature. But to use additional functionality, as a rule, it is necessary to use an editor, which is almost always paid.

PDF files are very difficult to edit text documents as they are very difficult to edit. The text is perceived as an image. This provides an opportunity to transfer your developed developments to third parties. Which are easy to demonstrate, but difficult to edit, making it difficult to steal intellectual property. And to view it, it is enough to install a free version for reading PDF on the device.

How to print a PDF file to a printer

PDF is one of the most widely used formats today. Files with this extension are well protected in terms of information integrity, but sometimes some difficulties may arise when printing them. The article will tell you about the features of this format.

Why PDF does not open

The reason for the refusal to work with the document may be the lack of the necessary software. If the installation of the program did not help, and the files still DO NOT open. Probably the cause of the problem is to save the original item during which the error occurred. Also, when downloading files from the Internet, a connection failure may occur, which leads to errors when opening.

For archived documents, the most common problem occurs due to improper unpacking, or Incorrect archiving.

What programs are there for PDF

The most optimal and proven program is Adobe Acrobat. There are versions for both reading and editing PDFs. Also one of the leading places among pdf software is SODAPDF. In addition to the standard set for opening text documents, it has 3D reading technology. When installing the program, there is a trial license that will allow you to fully use for some time for free.

PDF-XChange Viewer the advantage of the program lies in a free license, support for the Russian language and the presence of great functionality. Convenient and SIMple navigation that allows you to view, print and edit documents.

STDU Viewer can be referred to as a universal program that additionally allows you to open files with the extension BPM, JPEG, GIF, PNG, DCX, DjVu, etc. There is the ability to edit text, and there is also a function to add bookmarks. Has a free license.

Famous and widespread reading programs include: HamsterPDF Reader, MovaviPDF Editor, Foxit Reader, FreePDF Reader, etc.

The following programs can be classified as PDF editors for professional purposes: ABBYYPDF Transformer, WondersharePDF Editor, NitroPDF Reader Foxit AdvancedPDF Editor, etc.

How to upload a photo to your computer from Viber?

You have already saved the photo, you just need to find it. Go to the file manager, select the phone memory (most likely it will NOT be on the flash drive), find the Viber folder, there will be more folders in it, look for the photo there (maybe in the pictures folder). Connect to a computer and along the same path you will find the cherished photo.

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If you want to download a photo from Viber to your computer, you can do the following:

1) Connect your device to your computer using a standard USB cable. Viber saves all photos to a folder:

All that remains is to find the desired photo and transfer it to your computer.

In addition, the photo may have already been saved to the “Gallery” section of your phone. This is due to the fact that in some devices the function of saving to the “Gallery” is configured automatically (if there is such a function, then you need to select a photo and “Save to the gallery”).

2) Another option is to upload the photo you need to the Cloud service, then you can save it from there to your computer.

An even more non-standard way is to send a photo by email to yourself or save it to your account in any social. Networks.

Everything can be done very SIMply all the photos viber stores in the viber / media folder, or on some phones you can view the photos saved in applications through the gallery. After you have found the desired photo, or rather its storage location on a mobile device, you can transfer the photo to your personal computer in several ways: through a direct connection of your smartphone to a computer, through a memory card and a card reader, you can also upload your photo to the cloud or to the mail and send it in a letter to yourself, and then go to your mail from a PC and download a photo from there, well, or the SIMplest option, upload a photo to your account on a social network, and then download a photo, go to the social network from a PC.

How to save files from Viber to phone and computer?

All files, photos or records sent from the second user are stored directly in the device memory by the receiving party. After all, the service does not have its own server for storing data. All files are saved to an ordinary folder on your computer or phone. If you accidentally deleted the files you need. then read this article, it tells how to recover deleted data.

There is nothing complicated about saving files. There are three methods to get the desired result:

  • Automatic saving. Users can enable or disable this function at any time in the program settings. To do this, you need to:. go to the parameters tab;. in the menu that appears, select the switch “save to gallery”, and select the desired position of the checkboxes; Now all files sent to you from users will be automatically saved to the internal memory of your device. If you DO NOT want to fill the memory, then Disable this function.
  • Manual download. The principle of operation is SIMple. Click on the photo or record received in the chat, the file will open and the download button next to it. After pressing the required button, the file will be saved to the memory of your device. But this method is not always good. It is ideal for receiving single file messages. And if there are several of them? You will have to repeat the same actions for everyone. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for all versions of V iber.
  • The third way is SIMplified as much as possible. Here the consumer only needs to press one save button. The downloaded file will be in the correct folder. This function is available only for applications with software version 5.6 and higher on Android and IOS platforms.

The process of saving on Iphone and Ipad is exactly the same as on the stationary desktop version. There are also three ways. On the computer, all files are saved in the folder specified in the settings. The save path can always be changed or put by default in the program directory.

How to send a file from Viber to email or vice versa?

Let’s say they sent you something to Viber. A photo or message that you would like to email someone else. Can this be done, and if so, how exactly? Can we show an example on an Andro-based device

First of all, select the message or file that you want to send by mail, for which open the chat, press and hold on it, for example:

A small menu will pop up on the screen with a Share button. Click on it.

In the list of applications, select e-mail (E-mail).

A page will open with an already added message (photo, audio, whichever you choose). You will need to enter the email address of the user to whom you are going to send the letter, indicate the subject title and click “Send”. Nothing complicated.

If Almost not configured, configure it by entering your mailbox address and password for synchronization.

How to download a file from Viber to your computer

Viber application is one of the most popular in all parts of the world. Thanks to it, you can call each other, write text messages and share photos and other files. Sometimes you need to save a photo or a note that a close friend sent. But how can we keep it? How to download photos from viber to a computer? How to send via YouTube to Viber? Problems and questions often arise in such a situation. Do not rush to write a letter of complaint to the technical support service. In this article you will find all the answers on this question.

How to print a document from Viber? Viber benefits

The operation of Viber is associated with a huge number of opportunities, which are constantly being improved and supplemented by developers. Service users receive a number of benefits:

  • Free data exchange;
  • High quality level and fast information exchange;
  • Huge set of functions;
  • Many account management tools are available;
  • There are calls to landline and international numbers, as well as to people who are NOT users of the messenger for a moderate fee;
  • You can hide the visit time from other contacts.

Viber is among the most popular applications, since quality is combined with constant development. This is one of the few messengers where there is a communication function.

4 ways to print documents from your smartphone and tablet

Printing has become a paradoxical technology. On the one hand, it has never been so easy to print: most paper documents at home, at school and in the office can be used directly from the screen of a computer, smartphone, tablet or e-book. On the other hand, she is also NOT going to die completely: so far, almost all companies and organizations print something every day. and although the volume of paper pulp is decreasing every year, according to experts, it will take another quarter of a century for the office to become completely paperless.

And since then, agreements, contracts, e-mails, and various daily obligatory and optional trifles will be printed on paper. And that means it’s time to learn how to type.

I’m NOT joking about learning. Ten years ago there was no problem: everything was printed from a computer. But since then, something has changed fundamentally. There are more smartphones and tablets than personal computers; a significant part of the workflow now passes through mobile devices. Hence why not print directly from them?

Is this even possible, you ask? Maybe. However, the task is still non-standard and it is useful to know the details, so that at the right time NOT to shade, but confidently use the available functions. So here are four of the most modern ways to print documents from your mobile device. sorted in ascending order of difficulty. In the same order, I recommend them and apply them: go to the next one only if the previous one did NOT work!

The most versatile. Most likely your smartphone (at least its software, which is regularly updated) and printer are modern, that is, they were released three or less years ago. In this case, they support one of the two Most common universal printing technologies: Google Cloud Print (for Android devices) or Apple AirPrint (for iOS).

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Both are great because you don’t have to think about drivers: you just need to tell your smartphone which printer to use and you can print. But first, make sure that the printer has the Corresponding Logo (indicating that it supports the technology you want) and that the printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the smartphone or tablet from which you intend to print. Your further actions depend on what mobile device you have.

On Android, open Settings. System. Printing. Virtual Printer “. There, look at “Settings. Add Printer ”, where your printing device should appear. If you have multiple printers on your network, select the one you want. By the way, if there is only one printer, you may not need to configure anything, it will connect itself. But on the old Androids there was no built-in support for Google Cloud Print, so if this is your case, you will have to install it additionally, Using the Official Google Application.

On Apple devices, this step can be skipped, everything will happen, as IT specialists say, “automatic”.

Then I just open the application, the document from which you want to see on paper, look for “Print” in its functions, Set the desired size and other characteristics, and. Print! Everything is like on a computer, with the only difference that not all mobile applications are able to print yet. Office documents, web pages, photos can be output to a printer, but, for example, correspondence from social networks is problematic.

This method is also good because it does nothing. If the device is not found, wait a few minutes. That’s all you can fix here.

Through a proprietary application. You can always try to find the native mobile application written by the printer manufacturer. Here is Epson iPrint, Canon Print, HP ePrint, Brother iPrint, and so on, all of which are usually available in both Android and iOS versions.

The printer, again, must be connected to the same wireless network as the smartphone / tablet. But here the printing is performed only from the proprietary application itself, which means that the range of documents that can be printed in this way is limited to only a few popular formats. But such applications often allow you to use the printer’s functionality one hundred percent: for example, they can check the ink level or Scan if the printer is combined with a scanner.

If the printer is quite old, Plasma Universal Printing and does not have a proprietary application, you can try to revive it using mobile direct printing applications. In this version, a program is installed on the smartphone that can access printers directly via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB cable, or see it on the network if it is “shared” on the computer. These are, in particular, PrinterShare and Printer Pro.

Since Android and iOS themselves cannot do this, these applications are usually paid. Even worse, they only understand a limited range of formats and do not know about all printer models. Therefore, it is worth checking whether they are specifically compatible with your printing device: you can do this by printing a test page in free versions of programs.

Print to file. This method allows you to Receive instead of a paper copy of an electronic document (in PDF format), which will look the same on any device and operating system. Perhaps it is even better than a paper version, because such a document can be sent over the network, and printed on the spot. The settings are made in exactly the same way as in the first method, only a printer is not needed here: during selection, SIMply select the “Save as PDF” option.

If you liked the article, recommend it to your friends, acquaintances or colleagues related to municipal or public service. It seems to us that it will be useful and pleasant for them. When reprinting materials, a link to the source is required.

Transfer files from phone to computer

There are situations when you need to open a photo that was sent to you on a mobile version on a personal stationary computer, send a file from a vibe to a computer. For such purposes, synchronization of the mobile agent of the application and the agent on the computer is provided. You just need to log into your account on a computer using the same phone number as on the mobile version of the application. All Photos that are added to the vibe on the phone will also be available on the PC. Further, the service will do everything for you itself, in automatic mode. But there are unpleasant cases when, for some reason, automatic synchronization is not carried out. In such cases, you will have to do everything manually:

  • Connect a mobile device (phone or tablet) to a computer, via a cable or via a third-party Internet resource.
  • Find the necessary photos from Viber in the phone directory. They are usually stored in the “media” folder.
  • Transfer files from the phone’s vibe to a computer via cable or Wi-Fi.

Synchronization problems are quite rare and they are most likely associated with the congestion of the mobile device itself.

The process of sending files itself is SIMilar in its SIMplicity to sending emoticons and stickers. To send a photo via vibe from a computer or mobile phone, you need:

  • Go to any chat, group or personal.
  • At the bottom, near the text box, there is an icon in the form of a paper clip. Click on it.
  • A window will open in which you must select the file to be sent.
  • Select file and send.

This article presents all the main methods of downloading and transferring files in the viber service. Like the program itself, all the actions associated with it are very SIMple. If you know other ways to transfer files, write below in the comments.

Copy and forward correspondence

If it becomes necessary to forward a received or sent message to the interlocutor from the second dialogue, you need to find out the features of this procedure. This is done quite SIMply, you need to follow a SIMple aLGorithm of actions:

    Go to the Viber application, Using the icon on the desktop of your phone.

Select from the list of available chats the conversation from which you want to send an SMS to the second subscriber.

Among the letters, select the one that you want to send to the second contact. Click on it and hold for a few seconds until an additional panel appears.

Go to item. Forward via Viber.

A list of available chats, contacts and groups will appear where you can send SMS. Select the contact you want to forward the specified message.

  • The end of the process will be the appearance of the same SMS in the dialogue with the specified user.
  • A significant advantage of this function is that the sent letter will be displayed to the interlocutor as a regular message. There is no identification that you copied it from another dialogue and forwarded.

    To forward correspondence from a chat with one subscriber to a second interlocutor, you will need:

      Open the required dialog in the list;

    Press next to messages and hold your finger a little;

    Additional options will appear and the ability to select an area for forwarding, indicate the points of correspondence;

    Once everything is done, click on the button in the form of an arrow framed in a square;

  • Set the subscriber to whom you will send letters.
  • Upon completion, the friend will receive all the messages that you wanted to show him. The forwarding system, as you can see, will NOT cause much trouble. Copy You can not only text data, but also media files.

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