How To Print A3 Format On A4 Printer

How to print A3 on two A4 sheets. Overview of Specialized Poster Printing Software

How To Print A3 Format On A4 Printer

Sometimes users of printing devices have a question related to how to print A3 on two A4. At first, it seems that this kind of problem is very difficult to solve, but, in fact, this is far from the case. So, if you have to print A3 on two A4 sheets in order to get one large drawing, in this case you will have to use the help of several software applications.

If you need to print A3 on an A4 printer, i.e. To fit a document with this format on a regular sheet of paper, then in this case, SIMply call the print menu in Word using the CtrlP keyboard shortcut, and then select A3 from the list. Then click in the menu “1 page per sheet” = “Fit to page” = “A4”. Now you can name the button responsible for starting the print program, Using before this preview.

Programs for printing A3 on two A4

  • If you plan to solve the problem of how to print A3 on two A4, then use, as mentioned above, special programs, for example, PlaCard can be an excellent option. This software is intended for printing posters on several A4 pages. With its help, you can automatically split any image into several fragments, each of which will be equal to an A4 sheet. This program for printing posters on A4 has the ability to selectively print, save fragments in separate files of a graphic type, print a poster in just three clicks and receive images from the clipboard or scanner. It should also be added that this software supports more than three dozen graphic formats.
  • In addition, to solve the problem of how to print A3 on two A4, you can download and install software such as Easy Poster Printer. It allows you to print a poster of various sizes in a few clicks using ordinary printing office equipment. With this software, you can adjust the print quality, the orientation of the sheet, enlarge and reduce the image, set the width of the layout line, etc.

Using one of the described programs, you can easily print any A3 document on A4 sheets. After that, you only need to take the printed document and glue it from two A4 sheets.

How to print A1 to several A4

If you are faced with the need to solve such a problem: how to print a1 to several A4. in this case, you will NOT need to download and install additional software, because. You can get by with completely standard tools.

  • Open any desired document using the appropriate program, for example, Word and call the print menu.
  • Click on the “Properties” button which will open the properties of your printer.
  • Set sheet orientation to portrait or landscape and optimal page size.

Thus, the problem related to how to break an image into parts for printing is solved quite SIMply, and with the introduction of standard tools available in Word or other programs that are installed on most PCs.

But if you need to solve this kind of problem quite often and print large formats of images in the form of small fragments for posters or posters, then it is best to use special programs that will allow you to complete all the necessary work in a few clicks. over, there are many free options among them.

Easy way to print in AutoCAD

This method does not require additional software and can be easily applied by anyone printer:

  • We divide the letter A3 into two parts by two invisible frames (viewports).
  • We expand the two resulting frames by 1 cm each and shift so that an overlap is obtained. this is for future gluing of the two halves of the image.
  • In the section “Print” in the A4 sheet size we enter the first half of the picture, and then the second.
  • Be sure to check the scale. it should be the same for the two halves. By the way, if the frames are the same, then the scale is automatically equal to.

How to correctly print A3 on two A4?

Sometimes it seems that the problem of printing A3 format on two A4 format is very difficult to solve and you cannot do without professional help. But in fact, there are ways that you can easily get one large drawing on two sheets of standard sizes.

Special programs for printing

Let’s start with the fact that sometimes you just need to print A3 format on a regular A4 printer, that is, change the scale of the image and place it on a standard sheet of copy paper. To do this, you just need to go to the print menu and select the A3 format. After that, press the option “One page per sheet”, select “Fit to page” and put a check mark on “A4”. All that’s left to do is start printing.

Now in more detail about the methods that will help you print A3 on two A4 sheets:

  • Program PlaCard. This software is specially designed to print large size posters on several A4 pages. The program has a function of splitting one large image into two or more fragments, which correspond in size to A4 sheets. Placard allows you to selectively print, edit and change graphic formats. With its help, you can easily download any picture from the Internet or a scanner.
  • Program Easy Poster Printer. I downloaded it to your computer, you can print A3 to 2 A4 in just a few minutes. At the same time, you can easily control the quality of the printout, Scale the image, adjust the marking lines and perform any other manipulations with the picture to achieve the desired effect.
  • Program Posteriza. This free software allows you to change the number of fragments of the picture in a special tab “Size”. With its help, you can quickly print any A3 drawing on two or more standard sheets.

How to print using Excel

This method is suitable for those users who know how to work with spreadsheets Excel. Although not everyone can handle this SIMple way of printing.

  • First, we create a blank Excel document and add an image to it that needs to be printed on two A4 letters.
  • Go to the “View” section and click on “Page Layout”.
  • Stretch the drawing so that it goes beyond the markers and divides into two pages.
  • To make it easier to work and keep track of the borders of the image, you can reduce the scale using the option in the bottom corner of the page.
  • In the “Print” section, select the book format of sheets and set the size of the margins.
  • Before printing, we check the image using the preview function to avoid errors.

All of the above methods allow you to independently print an A3 format picture on two or more standard sheets. You can try any of them and decide on the Most convenient one for you personally.

How to print a drawing on a printer

  • Open the graphic file. To call the printer menu, click on “Print” or SIMultaneously hold down the CtrlP buttons.
  • Click on “Properties”.
  • In the window that opens, click on the “Page” tab.
  • In the “Page Layout” block, select “Print poster” from the list and click on “Set”.
  • Specify the breakdown method. To cut into 4 parts, he puts down 2×2, but the format can be different: 3×3, 4×4.

In a Canon printer, to select a breakdown format, go to “Page Layout” and click on “Poster 2×2” (“Poster 3×3”, “Poster 4×4”).

Preparing to print

Selection of the picture. For clear printing, the image must be selected with a large expansion. The larger the poster, the higher the expansion should be.

Printer settings. In some models for borderless printing, the device settings check the box next to the phrase “Borderless printing” and the like. There are a number of models where the slider is moved for this, stretch the image over the entire area of ​​the sheet. When the connection of sheets is planned NOT end-to-end, but with an overlap, then turn on the “Cut lines in the margin” option. With its help, markup is made on each page and the area that needs to be deleted is indicated.

Print from Photoshop online

  • Trust the program for the ability to print a picture of the format you need.
  • Launch and go to the “File-Print” section.
  • Choose a printer from the available equipment.
  • Provides the number of A4 sheets.
  • Choose a pagination method.
  • Decide on color preferences.
  • Choose the orientation of the sheets.
  • Specify the source of goods receipt.
  • Set the quality of Photoshop.
  • Checking the resulting breakdown and printing the drawing.

Easy Poster Printer

Select a picture using the “Poster Image” function. Configuration is done using the following options:

  • Dimensions. allows you to change the dimensions of the poster;
  • Paper scaling. increases (Scale Up) or decreases (Scale Down) the split picture to save paper;
  • Paper orientation. changes the orientation of the page;
  • Quality. adjusts the quality of picture playback;
  • Cut-lines. corresponds to the width of the marking line.
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To start printing, click on Print Poster.

Excel Print

  • Create a new document in Excel.
  • In the “Insert” menu, select the “Picture” block.
  • Find the picture file.
  • In the “View” tab, click on “Page Layout”.
  • Stretch the image vertically and horizontally by pulling it out by the markup. For convenience, when zooming out, move the slider at the bottom right.
  • Open “File”, select the “Print” option.
  • Determine the page orientation. Set the width of the fields.
  • Preview the image to check if the large image is split correctly.


Can be installed for free on a computer or use a portable version without installation.

  • Run the program.
  • In the language menu, click on “Russian (RU)”.
  • Click on “Open photo”, find the picture.
  • To delete an Unnecessary text block, open the “Texts” tab, delete the unnecessary ones and click on “Apply”.
  • In the “Size” tab Change the size of the poster, indicate the required number of fragments.
  • Print the picture.


  • Download software, install and run.
  • Open the desired picture.
  • In the “New Size” panel, set the required size of the future poster.
  • We print fragments or save them to the Hard disk for further printing.

Printing a picture from Paint

The program is available in all versions of Windows. The poster is sent to print through Paint without changing the printer settings.

  • Open the drawing in Paint. You can start the graphic editor through the context menu of the picture with the item “Change”. Or first go to Paint through the built-in Windows search, and then open the file.
  • In the “File” menu, click on “Print”.
  • Click on “Page Settings”.
  • Set portrait or landscape orientation.
  • In the “Fit” item, indicate the number of fragments in the horizontal and vertical row. If the poster needs to be cut into 4 A4 sheets, the value 2×2 is selected.
  • The correctness of the breakdown is checked on the preview.

Programs for printing posters on A4


The standard graphics program allows you to print images in various formats. The aLGorithm of actions is SIMple:

  • Open an image in a graphics editor.
  • Select the “File” menu and go to the “Print”. “Page setup”.
  • Set the required parameters: page scale. 150%, “Fit”. 1 on 2 pages. The orientation should be landscape, if we print a letter in the format 297x420mm, and vice versa. portrait, if the source should be 420x297mm.
  • Print image.

Changing the scale will allow you to get a picture without loss due to borders. But texts and other documents cannot be printed in this way. True, you can first take a screenshot of the image on the screen, and then send it to Paint. but the quality of the result will be low.

Printer software

To print on a larger format than the printer allows, you can use its regular software. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open an image saved in the correct format (JPEG, PNG). To do this, you can select any built-in utility. for example, the Windows photo viewer.
  • Go to the print menu and select the printer model, quality, type and size of paper (in this case. A4).
  • Open the printer properties and set a check mark opposite the “multipage” label on the multitasking tab.
  • Select poster printing, specify its size and go to settings.
  • Set poster options. select which sheets that will NOT be printed, cut lines, alignment marks or overlap.

Set all the settings, you can go to print. The result will be an equally large image printed on standard size sheets. After careful gluing, A3 is obtained from it. Although, if frames are selected, the actual size will be 5-10 mm less on each side.

You can also find yourself from overlapping the image. then the dimensions of the print will be standard (297×410 mm). However, white stripes (borders) will remain at the edges, and there is only one way to glue the sheets together. with adhesive tape from the back of the paper.

If the settings of your printer differ from those described, you can use other methods of printing A3 on a device for A4, in which we describe below.

How to print a speaker on an A4 printer on two sheets

If you need to print an A3 format document, you do not need to buy a new and rather expensive plotter or large format device. It is enough to know how to print an A3 format or even a larger image on an A4 printer.

Most home and office printers are designed for standard A4 sheets only. This is usually enough for printing work papers, pictures or, for example, school essays. However, sometimes you want to print a large file. a poster or a drawing. Fortunately, the ability to use a printing technique to print one picture or document on multiple sheets provides many programs. that’s Word in AutoCAD.

MS Word

Another way to print AU on an A4 printer is associated with the introduction of the office program Word. It allows you to work with both text and images. However, before printing, the picture must be inserted into the document.

  • Prepare a Word document. Insert an image or text into it.
  • Go to the menu “File”. “Print” and select the appropriate printing device.
  • Go to the printer properties, select the A3 print format, and instead of the “1 page per sheet” item, which is the default, set the division of a large format into several small ones. “2 pages per sheet”.

The method will not work in all printers, but only on those where you can select or manually set the A3 print format. But this option makes it possible to print not only images, but also texts. This may be necessary, for example, when creating a poster with inscriptions.

Adobe Reader PDF

If a document or image is saved with the PDF extension, a small instruction will help you figure out how to print the AZ format on a regular printer:

  • Open document in Adobe Reader and go to print menu.
  • Select a poster mode and adjust the mode so that the image fits over several letters.
  • Set portrait orientation.

Now it is enough to press the print button and wait until the electronic document is printed on two sheets. Likewise, large images of any size are printed.


If the user has an AutoCAD drawing program at his disposal, he can easily print sheets of almost any format. This feature has been added for printing primarily drawings, which rarely have A4 dimensions. And it is suitable for any printer, including those designed only for small sheets. The printing process is as follows:

  • The image on sheet A3 is divided into parts by viewports (invisible frames).
  • The resulting frames are expanded by 10 mm in each direction and shifted so that when printed, the pages can overlap. This will allow you to glue images on two or more sheets without losing detail at the edges.
  • The print section opens. First, the first part of the picture fits into the A4 sheet size, then the second (and all the rest, if a larger image is printed).

Before sending the image to the printer, make sure that the same scale is selected for all parts of the split image. This will avoid problems when connecting pages. Also, the alignment of scales can be SIMplified by making the same frames.

MS Excel

The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor can hardly be used to print a large image. But with its help, you can easily split documents into several parts. over, such a program is not only the easiest, but almost the only way to print a table on an A3 poster on an A4 printer.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Go to the page layout tab and select A4 size.
  • Make sure the screen is automatically split into separate pages. If necessary, you can adjust the borders and change the scale, reducing or stretching everything that needs to be printed. The letter will fit what is bounded by the dotted lines.
  • Go to “File”. “Print”.
  • Select single-sided printing and A4 sheets. Print document.

The ability to split a spreadsheet into parts for printing on sheets of different sizes works on any printer. The number of sheets and the size of the resulting document can be adjusted using the scale. It is advisable to make the text large enough to be readable.

Additional software

Understanding how to print the AZ format on a regular printer, you can use other programs:

  • Placard. Specially designed for poster printing. Supports over 30 graphic formats.
  • Easy Poster Printer. A utility with many settings to SIMplify printing. Allows you to send part of the picture to the printer.
  • Posteriza. Free software for printing and image processing (including adding text).
  • Foxit Reader. Free analogue of Adobe Reader, also allows you to print on multiple sheets of smaller format.
  • Libreoffice Calc. A program with which you can print spreadsheets on multiple sheets. An excellent analogue of Excel for users who do not have MS Office installed.

The choice of software for printing an A3 sheet on two A4 sheets depends on the type of document. In addition, it is desirable to take into account the cost of the software. If the utility is needed only for a one-time printout, it’s hardly worth buying. it’s easier to find free analogues.

How to print a picture on several A4 letters?

Printing a picture on several A4 letters allows you to make a poster, advertising poster, a large geographical map or even a board game using an ordinary home or office printer. The drawing can be printed even without installing additional programs. just a device driver and standard software included in Windows operating systems.

Printing a poster using Paint

Paint is included with all Windows operating systems and does not require additional installation. With this program, you can print a picture on several A4 letters, and without changing the properties of the printer.

  • Open the picture in Paint.
  • Select from the File menu, then Print and Page Setup.
  • In the window that opens, set the desired orientation. portrait or landscape. Then select “Fit” and specify the number of horizontal and vertical pages. For example, if you want a poster of 9 A4 sheets, choose 3×3.
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To ensure that the program has correctly split the picture into parts for printing, use the preview. If there are errors, you can start making a poster.

With Paint, you can print a poster on several A4 sheets in just 5 minutes. This is a good solution to the problem if there is no time to understand the printer settings.

How to print a poster on a printer

In most cases, all the necessary settings can be configured in the device menu. The aLGorithm is SIMple:

  • Open the picture and press “Print” or CtrlP.
  • Select “Properties”, and in the window that opens. the tab “Page”.
  • In the “Page Layout” section, select “Print poster” from the list, click “Set”.
  • Choose the best option with a breakdown: for example, 3×3 or 4×4.

This setting allows you to print a large drawing on several A4 pages without using Special Programs. But, unfortunately, this option is NOT for everyone: the menu of some printers does not provide the option to print a poster. In such cases, you cannot do without additional software.

Preparing to print

First of all, you need to choose the right drawing. The pictures must have a sufficiently high resolution so that when printing on several sheets, the image retains clarity. The larger the poster, the higher the resolution should be.

The next step is choosing a device. All printers are more or less suitable for printing posters, but some models are much more convenient than others. Let’s give an example. Often it is required to print a large picture onto several A4 sheets and combine the sheets end to end. This requires borderless printing, but not all printers have this option. If the device has the desired function, you will have to crop the margins after printing. This is not always convenient, and the size of the poster is reduced as a result.

Whether there is such an option in your printer and how to enable it, you can find out from the instructions. There is no universal setting option. In some cases, it is enough to check the “Borderless printing” checkbox, in others, you need to move the slider, increase the size of the image on the sheet, etc. The setting features depend on the manufacturer and the device model.

Also, some printers have an option “Cut lines in the margins”. When activated, the device will mark each page when printing and indicate the part of the sheet to be cut and the borders of the repeated sections. Such markup is convenient if you plan NOT to join the sheets end to end, but to overlap each other and glue them.

Excel printing

You can even print a drawing on several A4 letters using spreadsheets. Open a blank Excel document, go to the Insert tab and click the Picture button. Then select the image you want to print.

Click the View tab and click Page Layout, and then stretch the drawing outside the handles. At the same time, the image can be stretched vertically and horizontally, changing the proportions. To make it easier for you to work with the drawing, Zoom out. This can be done by moving the slider in the lower right corner of the program.

Stretch the image to the required number of pages horizontally and vertically and send to print.

Please note: in the “File”. “Print” tab, you can select portrait or landscape orientation, as well as set the size of the margins.

Thus, with the help of Excel, you can print the image on several A4 letters by choosing the appropriate settings. A preview will help you make sure that all parameters were set correctly.

Additional options

There are also various online services and programs for printing large images on A4. These include Poster Printer, Posteriza, Rasterbator. Each program has its own advantages: for example, Poster Printer allows you to specify gluing and cropping fields when printing, and Posteriza allows you to add a background image, text, frame. It is worth exploring these features in order to choose the right service.

Some programs with which you can print a large image on A4 leaves do not have a free version. That is why they are most often used by people who have to regularly make posters, large drawings or maps. For one-time use, it is better to prefer a free service or one of the methods described above.

What programs can you use to SIMplify the task

If you are wondering how to print A3 sheet size on two A4 sheets, then apply some utilities such as PlaCard. This program is an excellent solution and was created specifically for pictures on several A4. Thanks to it, you are able to automatically decompose any picture into a certain number of divisions, each of which corresponds to the size of A4 paper.

This application for pictures on A4 leaves includes the ability to activate selective printing, save parts to separate graphic files. It allows you to print an image in just 3 clicks and create graphic files using the clipboard or a conventional scanner, if you have one. Also it is impossible not to tell about the inclusion of about thirty graphic formats in this utility.

It should be noted that to answer the question of how to create an A3 poster on 2 A4 sheets, you can download and run an application such as Easy Poster Printer. It allows you to print posters of various sizes in a few Clicks, Using only standard office printing equipment. Thanks to this application, you can adjust the quality, position of the paper, make a graphic document larger or smaller, adjust the width of the layout line, and the like.

Another effective and easy-to-use application for various pictures and other graphic files is Posteriza. This program provides a certain text block, which makes it possible to type text. To remove this block, you just need to go to the Corresponding section, then delete everything that is not necessary and click on “Apply” in order for the new parameters to be applied.

All functions related to adjusting the number of fragments and the size of the future poster are located on the “Size” tab. Using one of the listed utilities, you can SIMply print any A3 file on A4 paper. Then you just need to take the finished sheets of paper and fasten them together.

How to print on A4 printer A3 format

Printers can print in portrait or landscape mode. In portrait mode, which is the default, the printer prints pages 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches high. In landscape mode, the page flips on its side. This mode can be useful if you are trying to transfer a spreadsheet or wide character to paper.

To switch to landscape mode before printing the document, open the Page Setup Dialog Box (File, Page Setup), then select the desired option (Portrait or Landscape), clicked one of the icons in the Orientation section.

Instructions for printing on an A4 printer in A3 format

Many printers are set to Portrait mode by default. Switching this mode to landscape can be done in one of the two ways below.

  • Customize mode in page settings.
  • Configure mode in printer settings.

How to customize the mode in the page settings?

In programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer or others from which you can print, the layout of the sheet can be changed in the Page Setup tab.

Microsoft Office 2007 and later:

On the ribbon menu bar, click Layout or Page Layout. In the “Page Setup” tab, select “Orientation” and select “Landscape”.

Open Page Setup or Options after clicking Print and set the page layout to Landscape. After the change, you can see a preview to make sure that the landscape format is used.

How to adjust the format in the printer settings?

You can also change the Landscape and Portrait format in the printer settings. Enter the printer settings by following these steps.

  • Open Control Panel and then the option “Devices and Printers”.
  • Find the printer in the window and right click on the icon with the mouse.
  • In the menu that appears, open “Settings” and look for “Orientation” in the settings menu.
  • Change the setting to Landscape to set the printer to landscape by default.

What problems can you face

The main disadvantage is that it is impossible to immediately print an A3 format poster on a regular printer, since when the sheets are glued, some irregularities may appear, which can affect the image as a whole. But if you approach the connection process with special care, you can achieve a fairly good result.


Understanding exactly how you can print A3 on a standard A4 printer, it should be noted that such peripherals and MFPs can print in two modes: portrait and landscape.

The first option prints pages 8.5 and 11 inches wide and 11 inches wide, respectively. When using Word to go into landscape mode, you must change certain page settings. In addition, the mode can be selected in the settings of the printer itself or the multifunctional device.

To make the required changes through Word, you must:

  • Name “File”;
  • Open the “Page settings” window;
  • Select in the “Orientation” section “Portrait” or “Landscape” (depending on the version of the text editor used).

To adjust the page orientation directly on the printing device itself, you will need:

  • Go to the PC control panel and open the “Devices and Printers” tab;
  • Find the printer or multifunction device used and installed in the list;
  • Name the equipment icon with the right mouse button;
  • In the “Settings” menu, find the “Orientation” item;
  • Select “Landscape” to change the orientation of the printed pages as needed.

For many users, it is easiest to print large format to standard peripherals directly from Word. In this case, the aLGorithm of actions will look like this:

  • Open the document using the specified text editor;
  • Use the print function;
  • Set 1 page per sheet to fit to page;
  • Add a document or picture to the print queue and wait for its results (as a result, the printer will issue two A4 sheets).
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Useful programs

Developers of specialized software are trying to SIMplify many operations as much as possible, including printing documents and pictures of various formats on standard printers and MFPs. One of the popular utilities in this case is PlaCard. This program has established itself as an effective tool for printing on multiple A4 sheets. In this case, the image and text documents are decomposed into the required number of components in automatic mode without loss of quality.

PlaCard provides the function of selective printing and saving each of the parts as SEPARATE graphic files. At the same time, the utility is characterized by maximum ease of use. It is also worth noting that the user is offered about three dozen graphic formats.

Another effective tool that is in high demand today is the Easy Poster Printer program. It allows you to print posters of different sizes on standard peripherals with maximum quality in just a few clicks. Among other things, the utility allows you to adjust the position of the paper, the size of the graphic document, as well as the parameters of the layout lines and much more.

In addition to the already listed software products, the multifunctional application Posteriza occupies the leading positions in popularity ratings. One of its features is the presence of a block in which you can type text. In this case, the user can deactivate this function at any time. To do this, you need to go to the settings, disable unnecessary options and call “Apply”.

The parameters of future pages, including the number of fragments, are configured in the “Size” section. Literally With a few clicks of the computer mouse, you can print any file in A3 format. After that, the user will only have to wait until the print is complete and fasten together all the resulting elements.

How to print A3 format on A4 printer?

The vast majority of users have at their disposal standard printing devices. Often, SIMilar situations develop in offices. But sometimes the answer to the question of how to print A3 format on an A4 printer becomes relevant. As a rule, the most rational approach in such cases will be the use of Specialized software products. These utilities allow you to place a picture or document on two sheets, which will remain to be printed and folded into a single whole.

Possible problems

All the difficulties that can be encountered when printing A3 sheets on a conventional printer or multifunctional device are due to the presence of several components of the text or image. In addition, all elements must be glued together. In some cases, there may be discrepancies and distortions.

Now users have access to more than a wide arsenal of specialized software. These programs will help you to print an A3 page, which will consist of two A4 pages, with minimal time.

How to print a poster on an A4 printer, see below.

The third task. Print fragment.

I was already thinking about finishing two tasks, but I remembered how some of my partially blind employees asked to print a piece of text or a drawing in an enlarged format.

It’s very easy to do

Open the required document (show it in the same drawing)

And you enlarge the fragment you want to print. Just enlarge, as you see it on the monitor screen, this is how it will look in printed form.

Now go to the print menu and select Advanced Options. Current View.

Click the Print button and get an enlarged fragment of a piece of the document.

First task. Big to small

In all our manipulations, only one tool is required. Adobe Acrobat Reader version NOT lower than 10.

You can download the latest version here if someone else doesn’t have it. Only uncheck the box Uncheck if McAfee is included with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is also installed by itself. So don’t forget to uncheck.

Let’s say we have a drawing or a large table in PDF format. This file can be created in several different ways, about which I have written more than once and you can read it here, but the best thing in this case is a virtual printer and I highly recommend PDF Creator.

For example, I stole from work a piece of drawing in A2 format.

The aLGorithm for creating from large to small format is as follows.

You send the original file for printing, but choose a virtual one as a printer and choose the paper size in which the drawing was made. In no case do NOT make the format smaller, all line thicknesses will “float” and your document will not be readable. So, if you have an original document of A2 format, then you need to print on a virtual printer in A2.

Thus, we get a drawing in PDF format with all proportions, weights and font sizes preserved. And then it remains only to print the received file on a standard printer.

Foreshadowing the logical questions “Why be so perverted?” I explain. Here’s the situation. You have created a Word document in A3 format. Such a beautiful poster, and if you start formatting it for A4, then you will have to redo everything: from the size of the fonts to the size of the pictures. But if you make a PDF file from this poster in its original format, then in the future it will be possible to print on paper of any size: from A0 to A5.

Print PDF files

Often when faced with printing PDF files on different devices, from printers to plotters, I decided to write an article in which I will tell you what problems there might be when printing non-standard formats. For example, do you know how to print an A1 drawing on a SIMple printer? Here! I will tell you about SIMilar problems in this article.

In fact, as usual, nothing complicated, you need to understand a little about the settings of the Adobe Reader program

I will try to write not very long, otherwise, as Sergei ruskweb.Ru said, in writing articles “Size matters!” I will try to keep within 3-4 kilos, but how will it go.

For everyone else who accidentally came across this article, I suggest reading something else. For example, my epic with the registration of citizenship of my own child, or, here’s another, how to properly expropriate other people’s things.

So, in the continuation of the “Secrets of PDF” section, and I want to share with you one way to print PDF files on different paper sizes.

Sometimes you need to print an A3 document on A4 size or vice versa. Not everyone needs this, but most often it is the engineering and technical workers who need to be perverted with the documents.

You need to print out a fragment of a document or a huge drawing of A2 format. Get it on a sheet of A4. That’s what I’ll tell you about.

  • First task. Big to small
  • The second task. From small to large
  • The third task. Print fragment.
  • The fourth task. PDF file does NOT print.

The second task. From small to large

While writing the article, I had to use this method in practice.

If you have a plotter, then of course you will not need this method, but I often only have an A4 printer. Well, how can you print something big on it? Do not know? Now I will tell you. Naturally, the resulting sheets will have to be glued. Here, everyone chooses for himself: to glue the sheets or run with his tongue hanging out in search of a plotter.

So, open the required file in Adobe Reader and go to the File. Print menu.

We see such a window

And in this window we need the Poster button. You can of course use the Size button, but Poster is much SIMpler. Click on the Poster button.

And using the Scale section we adjust our letter to the required number of pages.

You can, by the way, put a tick on the clipping marks item. Thus, you will get special marks on the printed sheet, by which it is convenient to cut sheets.

And then you just have to click the Print button and remove the required number of pages from the printer.

With the help of scissors and office glue (scotch tape), a couple of A4 pages are turned into one A3 sheet. Well, or four A4 leaves in one. A2, here it depends on what is required Get at the exit.

Perversion, of course, but sometimes nowhere without it.

The fourth task. PDF file does NOT print.

Sometimes it happens that the PDF file is not printed as it should. precisely Printed, but instead of the normal text on the printed sheet, all sorts of krakozyabry appear.

I have met such, though for a long time, I have not seen such a thing recently. Most often this is due to incorrect encoding, that is, printer drivers cannot correctly determine which language the text is written in and, accordingly, they print on paper how God puts it on their soul.

There is a way to work around this problem.

In the Print menu, click the Advanced button

And in the window that appears, put a check mark “Print as image”

All. The program “thinks” that the file contains not text, but a picture, and prints it like an ordinary image. The only thing in earlier versions of Adobe Reader this function was called. “Print as on screen”

Something like that. When you know everything is SIMple.

Now, let me take my leave, I hope the article was useful to you. Good luck to all!

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