How To Print A3 On A4 Printer

How to print a poster on A4 using Paint?

Paint is a standard software for common graphics tasks included with the Windows operating system. It will help you create a SIMple drawing and print it. The program also allows you to print other pictures. And she does it quite well. This SIMple editor can print any image across multiple emails. This can be done SIMply. In this case, the aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

  • In the start, you need to find the Paint program. We launch the application and open the image in it. You can also open the image using this program.
  • Open the “File” menu. “Print. Page Setup”.
  • We set the required page parameters, determine the orientation. In the item “Scale” you need to select “Set 100% natural” or increase the scale.
  • Go to the file, Print. Checking the image and sending it to print.

All that remains is to print the image according to the Usually scenario. It will be placed on several A4 sheets.

Preparing to print

How to print a poster on A4 photo paper? To print the image, you need the picture itself. over, it must have a high resolution, because enlargement and the next print can reveal large image distortions. You also need to pay special attention to the printer. It should print without borders. All printers are suitable for printing posters, but some models are much more convenient than others.

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You also need to worry about the cartridges. They must be fully fueled. Otherwise, the ink for the printer will run out and instead of a poster, you may end up with a SIMple picture with stripes.

You also need to think about the software with which you will be printing. The printer driver must be the latest version. Otherwise, errors and other troubles may appear.

How to print a picture on several A4 letters?

Printing an image on multiple A4 letters allows you to print a poster, large poster for advertising and a map using a printer. The image can be printed without installing Special Applications. a printer and usual software are enough for this. Consider how to print a poster on several A4 sheets.

How to print a drawing on 4 sheets?

Usually the desired settings can be found and set in the device menu. The procedure for printing large formats on A4 is SIMple:

  • You need to open the image and click on print.
  • Select properties and page.
  • In the item “Page Layout” Select print a poster and choose a method of breaking A4 sheets.

This setting allows you to print a large poster on several A4 letters without the use of Special Programs. However, some printers have poster printing functions. In such a situation, you will NOT be able to do without installing additional software.

How to print A3 format on A4 leaves in Word? To print a poster in a Word, you need to choose how many sheets the drawing will be printed on, stretch it and send it to print.

How to print A3 on A4 printer via Excel?

How to print A3 letter on A4 printer via Excel? To do this, open a blank document through a spreadsheet program and open an insert. Next, click on the “Picture” section. Then select the picture you are going to print.

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Go to the “View” tab and click on the page layout, and then Enlarge the image, displaying it behind the markers. The picture can be stretched by changing the desired proportions of the picture. In the right corner of the program, you can reduce the scale of the picture for convenient work with it. Place the image on the required number of sheets and print it.

Specialists in printing often use programs that are created to design images and posters. Special drivers have convenient settings that allow you to predict all the flaws and violations that may appear on A4 leaves.

How To Print A3 On A4 Printer

Excel. Adobe Reader PDF

For printing PDF on several A4 letters, the “Poster” mode is used, which is selected in the print settings window. The picture is automatically divided into several fragments, which after printing can be combined into one picture.

To call the settings, press the CtrlP button combination or click on the printer icon on the toolbar.

  • Choose the right printing device.
  • In the block “Setting the size and processing.” click on the tab “Poster”.
  • Check the box next to “Break only large pages”.
  • Set orientation to “Portrait”.


  • Open the required document.
  • Divide drawing A3 into 2 parts using two invisible frames, in the program they will be displayed as two visible screens.
  • Each frame expands by 1 cm to create an overlap for future gluing of the printed halves.
  • Checking that both parts are the same.
  • We print each part on an A4 printer separately.
  • By gluing the printed canvases into one A3 format.

Easy Poster Printer

In addition to the ability to print A3 on two A4, the program has the following advantages:

  • Easily configured and monitored print quality;
  • You can scale the picture;
  • Marking lines are regulated;
  • Can print only the desired portion of the document;
  • Any actions with the picture are performed.
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Printing in MS Word

  • Required document opening in Word.


  • Run the file through Compass.
  • Opening preview mode.
  • Adjust the parameters of the picture so that it fits into two rectangles of the required format.
  • Print the image on A4 paper.


  • Run the application.
  • Opening the file.
  • Go to the “4.Size” tab.
  • Set the scale and parameters of the image. The terms “Width” and “Height” indicate the number of A4 sheets of which the poster will be composed. To print A3 on two A4, the width is set to 2, and the height is 1. If necessary, set sufficient margins along the edges of the sheet in the “Margins” line and set the A4 paper parameters. Orientation. book.
  • You can change the default printer by clicking the Printer Settings button.
  • In the top horizontal menu click “Print”.
  • Check the specified settings and click “OK”.

How to print A3 format on A4 leaves

In the absence of a printer, which can print on A3 media, you can use the programs and print A3 on one, two or more A4 sheets.

PlaCard program

The software is designed for printing large posters and posters split over several A4 pages. You can print fragments selectively, edit and change graphic formats, save parts of the image in separate graphic files. The program can easily download an image from the Internet or from a scanner.