How to print a3 on a4 printer

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Selecting a Paper Source to Fit the Document Page

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General settings

Below are the print settings available in General Settings:

Paper size

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Show Preprint Dialog Box

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Instructions for programs

  • Open the text or image you want to print in Word.
  • Go to the “File” tab and find the item “Print” in the list.
  • In the settings, select simplex, portrait orientation.
    print, printer
  • Where the A4 format is now indicated, you need to change to A3.
  • If this option is not in your list, then you need to add it.
  • Click on “Other Page Sizes” and manually create a custom one with dimensions of 29.7 cm by 42 cm.
  • In the last paragraph of the settings, select “1 page”, and then in the list “By size”. A4 format.
  • Now you can print text or a picture on two A4 sheets in A3 format.


  • Open what you want to print in Excel.
  • Go to the Page Layout tab and select A4 size.
  • The screen will be divided into several pages of the selected format.
  • Reduce the scale of the sheet with the CTRL key combination scroll the mouse down or down the slider.
  • Shrink or stretch whatever you want to print to the size indicated by the red box in the image below. In other words, the inscription must fit into two identical rectangles indicated by a dash-dot line.
  • We pass to the “File” section, and then to print. We choose one-sided and on A4 sheets.

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How to enlarge an image and print on multiple sheets?

  • Open the picture and press “Print” or CtrlP.
  • Select “Properties”, and in the window that opens. the tab “Page”.
  • In the “Page Layout” section, select “Print poster” from the list, click “Set”.
  • Choose the best breakdown option: for example, 3×3 or 4×4.

How to print a4 poster in Word?

Press CTRLP or open the Print menu and select the item of the same name. Set: printer, paper size (A4), Quality, Paper type and click on the “Options” link. In the window that opens, select “Printer properties”. On the tab or in the “Layout” section, check the “Multipage” checkbox and select “Poster Print”.

How to print a document on 2 sheets?

  • Prepare a Word document.
  • Go to the menu “File”. “Print” and select the appropriate printing device.
  • Go to the printer properties, select the A3 print format, and instead of the “1 page per sheet” item, which is the default, set the division of a large format into several small ones. “2 pages per sheet”.

How to change the format a5 to a4 in a Word?

Sheet size in Word: convert A4 to A5

  • Page Layout tab of the top panel.
  • Group “Page settings”.
  • Size button.

How to print a poster on a4 printer?

Click on the file with the picture with the right mouse button and select the Print line.

  • We set: printer, paper size (A4), Quality, Paper type and click the link “Options”.
  • In the window that opens, select “Printer Properties”.
  • On the tab or in the “Layout” section, check the “Multipage” checkbox and select “Poster Print”.

How to print an A3 document on two A4 sheets?

To print A3 on two A4 in Word, you should do the following:

  • Open a Word document, go to the print menu. Next, select the A3 paper size.
  • Select items: number of pages per sheet. 1, by page size.
  • Click on A4 print format.

How to take a photo on the whole A4 sheet?

The procedure for printing large formats on A4 is simple:

  • You need to open the image and click on print.
  • Select properties and page.
  • In the “Page Layout” item, select the poster printing and select the method of dividing A4 sheets.

How to correctly print A3 on two A4?

Sometimes it seems that the problem of printing A3 format on two A4 format is very difficult to solve and you cannot do without professional help. But in fact, there are ways that you can easily get one large drawing on two sheets of standard sizes.

Special programs for printing

To begin with, sometimes you just need to print A3 format on a regular A4 printer, that is, change the scale of the image and place it on a standard sheet of copy paper. To do this, you just need to go to the print menu and select the A3 format. After that, click the option “One page per sheet”, select “Fit to page” and put a tick on “A4”. All that’s left to do is start printing.

Now in more detail about the methods that will help you print A3 on two A4 sheets:

  • Program PlaCard. This software is specially designed to print large size posters on several A4 pages. The program has a function of splitting one large image into two or more fragments, which correspond in size to A4 sheets. PlaCard allows you to selectively print, edit and change graphic formats. With its help, you can easily download any picture from the Internet or a scanner.
  • Program Easy Poster Printer. Having downloaded it to your computer, you can print A3 to 2 A4 in just a few minutes. At the same time, you can easily control the quality of the printout, scale the image, adjust the marking lines and perform any other manipulations with the picture in order to achieve the desired effect.
  • Program Posteriza. This free software allows you to change the number of fragments of the picture in a special tab “Size”. With its help, you can quickly print any A3 drawing on two or more standard sheets.

Easy way to print in AutoCAD

This method does not require additional software and can be easily applied by anyone. printer:

  • Divide A3 sheet into two parts by two invisible frames (viewports).
  • We expand the two resulting frames by 1 cm each and shift in such a way that an overlap is obtained. this is for future gluing of the two halves of the image.
  • In the section “Print” in the A4 sheet format we enter the first half of the picture, and then the second.
  • It is imperative to check the scale. it must be the same for the two halves. By the way, if the frames are the same, then the scale is automatically equal to.
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How to print using Excel

This method is suitable for those users who know how to work with spreadsheets. Excel. Although not everyone can cope with this simple printing method.

  • First, we create a blank Excel document and add an image to it that needs to be printed on two A4 sheets.
  • Go to the “View” section and click on “Page Layout”.
  • Stretch the drawing so that it goes beyond the markers and is divided into two pages.
  • To make it easier to work and keep track of the borders of the image, you can zoom out using the option in the bottom corner of the page.
  • In the “Print” section, select the book format of sheets and set the size of the margins.
  • Before printing, we check the image using the preview function to avoid errors.

What is the best setting for printing on transparent paper with a Canon printer? | Small Business

Transparent paper or film. it is a thin plastic sheet. Make copies or print transparencies for brochures or transparencies for use with an overhead projector on this paper. However, not all transparencies are suitable for every printer. Both Canon inkjet and laser printers can produce text and images on transparent paper if you are using the correct media and printer settings.

Third Party Documents

Many third-party manufacturers produce transparent laser and inkjet papers, some types of which will print well on Canon brand devices. However, not all of their products are designed to work with Canon printers. Choose only brands that include instructions for use with Canon devices. If you choose to use a product that is not designed for Canon printers, you may experience smudges, jams, or other problems more often. If these problems occur, try experimenting with your printer settings.

Keep it simple: use a template

Start Word or click FILE New.

Type Return Address Label in the Search Online Templates field and press Enter.

Click the image of the template you want and click Create.

On the first label, click each line of the address and enter information for your return address. Word updates all labels as soon as you press a new line or click a field.

Print the test sheet on plain paper by pressing the FILE button Print Print.

If the test sheet looks good, load the return address label sheets into the printer and click FILE Print Print.

How to print a poster on a printer | Small Business

A poster announcing your newest product or service will help raise the profile of your company at your next business event. If your printer has poster options, you can create an enlarged image yourself from files in programs such as Microsoft Word or Windows Paint. This flexibility allows you to select the final poster sizes based on four or more sheets. Your printer settings and page layout allow you to compose your poster to standard-sized sheets of paper as an economical and time-saving advertising tool.

Turn on the printer. Download sheets for your poster.

Open the poster image file. Click the File tab on the command ribbon, then click Print to open the dialog box.

Click the Options or Printer Properties button to open the Printing Preferences dialog box.

Click your preferred Page Layout option, such as 4 Poster [2×2], 9 Poster [3×3], or 16 Posters [4×4], to select the poster size. The preview window displays a chart of the specified number of sheets that make up your poster.

Click OK to close the Printing Preferences dialog box, then click Print. Place the prints on a large flat surface in the correct order.

Trim your prints with a paper trimmer or straight edge and matte knife. Glue the tape to the underside of the sheets to create a poster.

[Solved:] How to print an A3 sheet on an A4 printer

In this note, I want to share information on how Word works, namely how to print A3 on A4 sheet

Again, I am writing a note, because I realized that in my office one department was confused by this elementary task.!

Well, in short, in order to print A3 format in Word on an A4 printer, you need to:

    Open the word document, go to print and select the A3 paper size (here we indicate the A3 paper size)

  • And then click on the menu. 1 page per sheet. Fit to page. A4
  • Now we go to the printer and rejoice!
  • In order to make it more convenient for you, I recorded a Video as it is done on word 2010, but the logic does not change from this!

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    PS In this way, you can save the nerves of more than one person) I hope my note was useful! Thank you all and bye! And like if my article helped!

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    How to Print Labels on an HP Printer | Small Business

    Turn on your HP printer. Print your label design on plain paper to make it look the way you want it. Remove all plain paper from the printer after printing.

    Examine the label paper for damage, including tears, curls, or wrinkles that could cause paper jams or poor print quality.

    Lower the output tray. Slide the paper-width guide to the left of the tray.

    Load label paper into the printer. If you have an inkjet printer, fan the paper and load it label side down in the input tray. For laser printers, load paper label side up in the input tray. If your laser printer has a priority feed slot, load one sheet of label paper at a time.

    Adjust the paper guides on each side of the tray to align with the edges of the label paper.

    Open your label maker. Load labels, then click “File” and “Print” to open the printer settings window.

    Select Plain or Automatic as the paper type. Change the paper size if necessary to match the size of the paper you are printing on.

    Select the paper source, if applicable. For example, if you have an HP Deskjet, select “Upper Tray” as the source.

    Make any additional changes such as print quality, then click OK and Print.

    Laser Film

    Canon manufactures special “Type E” transparencies for use in the imageRunner, imageClass and CLBP laser printers. This transparencies are available in Letter size only and can be fed from either the bypass tray or cassette feeder. Manually set the media type to Transparency in the printer driver. Fan sheets slightly before loading into the printer to reduce jams and sticking. In humid or jammed environments, feed the transparent paper into the printer one sheet at a time.

    What programs can you use to simplify the task

    If you are wondering how to print A3 sheet on two A4 sheets, then apply some utilities such as PlaCard. This program is an excellent solution and was created specifically for pictures on several A4. Thanks to it, you are able to automatically decompose any picture into a certain number of divisions, and each of them corresponds to the size of A4 paper.

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    This application for pictures on A4 sheets includes the ability to activate selective printing, save parts to separate graphic files. It makes it possible to print an image in just 3 clicks and create graphic files using the clipboard or a conventional scanner, if you have one. Also, one cannot but tell about the inclusion of about thirty graphic formats in this utility.

    It should be noted that to answer the question of how to create an A3 poster on 2 A4 sheets, you can download and run an application such as Easy Poster Printer. It allows you to print posters of various sizes in a few clicks using only standard office printing equipment. Thanks to this application, you can adjust the quality, position of the paper, make a graphic document larger or smaller, adjust the width of the layout line, and the like.

    Another effective and easy-to-use application for a variety of pictures and other graphic files is Posteriza. This program provides a specific text block that allows you to type text. To remove this block, you just need to go to the appropriate section, then delete everything that is not needed and click on “Apply” in order for the new parameters to be applied.

    All functions related to the regulation of the number of fragments and the size of the future poster are located on the “Size” tab. Using one of the listed utilities, you can simply print any A3 file on A4 paper. Then you just need to take the finished sheets of paper and fasten them together.

    Instructions for printing on an A4 printer of A3 format

    Many printers are set to portrait mode by default. Switching this mode to landscape can be done in one of the two ways below.

    • Customize mode in page options.
    • Configure the mode in the printer settings.

    How to customize the mode in the page options?

    In programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer or others from which you can print, the layout of the sheet can be changed in the Page Setup tab.

    Microsoft Office 2007 and later:

    On the ribbon menu bar, click Layout or Page Layout. In the “Page Setup” tab, select “Orientation” and select “Landscape”.

    Microsoft Office 2003 and earlier, Internet browsers:

    Open Page Setup or Options after clicking Print and set the page layout to Landscape. After the change, you can see a preview to make sure the landscape format is being used.

    How to adjust the format in the printer settings?

    You can also change the Landscape and Portrait format in the printer settings. Enter the printer settings using the following steps.

    • Open the control panel and then the option “Devices and Printers”.
    • Find the printer in the window and right click on the icon with the mouse.
    • In the menu that appears, open “Settings” and find “Orientation” in the settings menu.
    • Change the setting to Landscape to set the printer to landscape by default.

    Note. If you change the format using the printer settings, the printer will use the mode you selected as the default. In other words, if you switch the printer to landscape mode, all programs will print in landscape format instead of portrait.

    How to print on A4 printer A3 format

    Printers can print in portrait or landscape mode. In portrait mode, which is the default, the printer prints pages 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches high. In landscape mode, the page is flipped sideways. This mode can be useful if you are trying to transfer a spreadsheet or wide character to paper.

    To switch to landscape mode before printing your document, open the Page Setup dialog box (File, Page Setup), then select the desired option (Portrait or Landscape) by clicking one of the icons in the Orientation section.

    What problems can you face

    The main disadvantage is that it is impossible to immediately print an A3 format poster on a conventional printer, since when the sheets are glued, some irregularities may appear that can affect the image as a whole. But if you approach the connection process with special care, then you can achieve a fairly good result.

    How to print A3 format on A4 sheets

    In the absence of a printer that can print on A3 media, you can use the programs and print A3 on one, two or more A4 sheets. If necessary, it will turn out to print a large image on several A4 sheets.

    Some images in the article are taken using Windows 10 and newer versions of programs as an example For example, we show screenshots of the 2019 version of MS Office.

    Easy Poster Printer

    In addition to the ability to print A3 on two A4, the program has the following advantages:

    • easy to set up and control the quality of the printout;
    • you can scale the picture;
    • marking lines are regulated;
    • can print only the desired fragment of the document;
    • any actions with the picture are performed.

    Adobe Reader PDF

    To print PDF on several A4 sheets, use the “Poster” mode, which is selected in the print settings window. The picture is automatically divided into several fragments, which after printing can be combined into one picture.

    To call the settings, press the CtrlP button combination or click on the printer icon on the toolbar.

    • Choose the right printing device.
    • In the block “Setting the size and processing” click on the tab “Poster”.
    • Check the box next to “Split large pages only”.
    • Set orientation to “Portrait”.


    • Open the required document.
    • Divide drawing A3 into 2 parts using two invisible frames, in the program they will be displayed as two visible screens.
    • Each frame expands by 1 cm to create an overlap for future gluing of the printed halves.


    • File opens via Excel.
    • Go to the “View” section.
    • In the “Page Layout” tab, click on the A4 size. The screen will automatically be divided into A4 fragments.
    • If necessary, the scale of the picture is reduced by pressing Ctrl-Scrolling the mouse roller down, or by moving the slider at the bottom of the program window to the right.


    • Run the file through Compass.
    • Open the preview mode.
    • Adjust the parameters of the picture so that it fits into two rectangles of the required format.
    • Print the image on A4 paper.

    How to print A3 format on A4 printer?

    The vast majority of users have standard printing devices at their disposal. Often, similar situations develop in offices. But sometimes the answer to the question of how to print the A3 format on an A4 printer becomes relevant. As a rule, the most rational approach in such cases will be the use of special software products. These utilities allow you to place a picture or document on two sheets, which will remain to be printed and folded into a single whole.


    Understanding how exactly you can print A3 format on a standard A4 printer, it should be noted that such peripherals and MFPs can print in two modes: portrait and landscape.

    The first option prints pages 8.5 and 11 inches wide and 11 inches wide, respectively. When using Word to go into landscape mode, you need to change certain page settings. In addition, the mode can be selected in the parameters of the printer itself or the multifunctional device.

    It is important to remember that in the overwhelming majority of cases, printing equipment and related software are focused on the portrait orientation of the page by default.

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    To make the required changes through Word, you must:

    • click “File”;
    • open the “Page settings” window;
    • select in the “Orientation” section “Portrait” or “Landscape” (depending on the version of the text editor used).

    To adjust the page orientation directly on the printing device itself, you will need:

    • go to the PC control panel and open the “Devices and Printers” tab;

    Many users find it easiest to print large format to standard peripherals directly from Word. In this case, the aLGorithm of actions will look like this:

    • open the document using the specified text editor;

    It is important to take into account one nuance of changing print parameters in the settings of the printer itself. the selected mode (portrait or landscape) will be used by the device by default.

    Useful programs

    Developers of specialized software are trying to simplify as much as possible many operations, including printing documents and pictures of various formats on standard printers and MFPs. One of the popular utilities in this case is PlaCard. This program has established itself as an effective tool for printing on multiple A4 sheets. At the same time, the image and text documents are decomposed into the required number of components in automatic mode without loss of quality.

    PlaCard provides the function of selective printing and saving each of the parts as separate graphic files. At the same time, the utility is characterized by maximum ease of use. It is also worth noting that the user is offered about three dozen graphic formats.

    Another effective tool in high demand today is the Easy Poster Printer program. It provides the ability to print posters of various sizes on standard peripherals with maximum quality in just a few clicks. Among other things, the utility allows you to adjust the position of the paper, the size of the graphic document, as well as the parameters of the layout lines and much more.

    In addition to the already listed software products, the multipurpose Posteriza application occupies a leading position in popularity ratings. One of its features is the presence of a block in which you can type text. In this case, the user can deactivate this function at any time. To do this, you need to go to the settings, disable unnecessary options and click “Apply”.

    The parameters of future pages, including the number of fragments, are configured in the “Size” section. With just a few clicks of the computer mouse, you can print any file in A3 format. After that, the user will only have to wait until the print is complete and fasten together all the resulting elements.

    Possible problems

    All the difficulties that can be encountered when printing A3 sheets on a conventional printer or multifunctional device are due to the presence of several components of the text or image. In addition, all elements must have gluing points. In some cases, mismatches and distortions are possible.

    Now users have access to more than a wide arsenal of specialized software. These programs will help you to print an A3 page with a minimum amount of time, which will consist of two A4 pages.

    Most often, the solution to all problems lies in the correct settings of the utilities used, as well as the peripheral device itself.

    How to print a poster on an A4 printer, see the video below.

    Printing in Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Adobe Acrobat Reader is a program for working with PDF documents, thanks to which you can not only print ready-made works, but also create them. The advanced functionality of the application allows you to perform various printing, including A3 on two sheets. To do this, you need to do the following:

    • Open print page;
    • Click on the printer icon in the context menu;
    • Specify the printer with which the work will be performed, since in the future this setting will become inactive;
    • Open the “Poster” menu;
    • On the right side of the preview map, adjust the image scale;
    • Uncheck the box next to “Cut marks” so that there is no separation strip between the two sheets;
    • On the left, select the necessary print parameters, if any;
    • Send to print.

    Note! Image processing may take a long time depending on the resolution of the original document and the power of the computer.

    Using Posteriza

    Posteriza is an affordable and feature-rich tool for creating large posters of various sizes. The program can be downloaded for free in Russian directly on the developer’s website using a direct link. It is great for situations where you need to make non-standard printouts with only regular printers or documents.

    Note! The program will help not only print, but also create the necessary poster. It is not necessary to use other complex software to make the required image, in Posteriza you can overlay text over the picture yourself, add a frame or crop the picture.

    Here is an instruction on how to make A3 format using Posterize, having only an A4 printer:

    • In the application, select the required document using the top buttons “Open” or “Create”;
    • If necessary, add text or additional photos through “1. Texts “and” 2. A photo”;
    • Select “4. The size”;
    • Opposite the line “Paper” indicate “A4”;
    • Next, select the number of pages to be printed horizontally in “Width”;
    • If necessary, correct the display in the preview on the right (there will be no strip between the pictures, it is shown in the application for convenience);
    • Click “Printer settings”, here specify the desired gadget, set the number of copies and print range;
    • Go back, choose “Print”.

    This will create a large poster using a few A4 sheets. Thanks to this application, you can generate both A2 and even A1 formats, and if necessary, set an empty area in some areas, and then trim it with scissors, which will give a unique format.

    How to make an A3 sheet using a conventional printer

    To create such a document, you can print two A4 sheets, and then connect them with improvised means.

    Additional Information! Usually they use scotch tape or apply both sheets tightly to each other so that the picture sticks together into a common whole.

    For such a task, it is necessary to cut the document into two parts so that there is no deviation at the junction. This will be helped by special settings in MS Word, Adobe Acrobat Reader or separate programs like RonyaSoft Poster Printer. We will analyze the most popular methods of printing one document on several A4 sheets, which will allow us to make a complete document as an A3 sheet.

    Print with Word

    In Word, printing the A3 format on two A4 is extremely simple, you just need to open a document and make the following settings:

    • Click “File” at the top left and select “Print”;
    • A list of formats will appear, but you need to select the hyperlink at the bottom of the “Page setup”;
    • Then go to “Paper size”;
    • In the first line, indicate sheet A3;
    • Then return to the “Fields” and opposite the item “Multiple pages” select “2 pages per sheet”;
    • Print by selecting the appropriate printer.

    So we figured out how to print A3 on an A4 printer, if it can only print ordinary A4 sheets. This method is not ideal, since it will be difficult to fold two sheets into one, but there is no other option. To print a full A3 sheet, you should contact special services where there are large printers, which will not cost so cheap.

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