How to print bw on a color printer

Can the printer print without color cartridges

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Some users of color office equipment think about the following question: can the printer print without a color cartridge? The fact is that sometimes, during the printing of the necessary documents, a message appears on the PC screen that the color consumable material of the device is running out and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. After that, the printer, as a rule, locks up, as a result of which the user has to replace his consumable.

Often people try to make their device work in order to re-print the rest of the necessary text materials using a black ink cartridge. In general, this task is not problematic, but there are certain subtleties. use one small trick described at the very end of the article.

But at the same time, it should be said right away that a printer without a cartridge (black or color without a difference) will not print. It may simply be empty, and in this case, when the document is printed, the color corresponding to the cartridge will not be displayed on the surface of the paper. Therefore, this consumable must be inside the device for printing. it acts as a kind of electrical plug so that the printer can determine by the chip that the consumable is in the right place. But in this case, you must be sure that you cannot print without ink on a printer with a built-in print head, otherwise the head may burn out. If the printer does not have a built-in print head and at the same time its cartridge is empty, then trying to make it work, you risk only consumables.

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How to print documents with a single cartridge inkjet printer?

Go to the Color Adjustment tab and select the cartridge that you have chosen to use at the moment. Then click on “Print with this cartridge only”. If necessary, select to use a black ink cartridge for black and white or grayscale printing.

But if the black ink has come to an end or the black cartridge is damaged, then it is better to change the color type. In this case, you can choose to print only with a color cartridge (if its tanks are not empty), which, in turn, will lead to mixing of colors, as a result of which the output will be the result of black printing. just what you need for text.

For a color laser printer, keep in mind that the printer will not print until a full set of four cartridges is installed. If you decide to start printing documents using one blank consumable, then keep in mind that soon its photo roll will wear out.

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Thus, the answer to the question of how to get the printer to print without a color cartridge is fairly straightforward. But please note that you should not remove empty consumables from the printer, otherwise the device will not recognize them, as a result of which it will not print.