How To Print Document From iPhone To Printer

How to save a file from “WhatsApp

You can print the dialogue from “Vatsap” in text format and as a photo. The second option involves taking a screenshot. It is also suitable for printing a photo from a dialogue. The first way, to transfer correspondence for printing, will be the most optimal when only text is needed. The printed dialogue Will not contain unnecessary chat elements which will save paint.

To get a.Txt file for printing, you need to do some manipulations in the messenger dialogs. It should be borne in mind that when the file is saved from WhatsApp, the participation of the application ends. All further actions for printing will be carried out with the introduction of programs on the phone and computer. Direct printing from “Vatsap” is not provided.

To save a photo from the application, you need to go to the settings and select “Data”. In the menu, check marks are made for the types of files that need to be transferred to the phone. After that, all photos will be transferred to the smartphone in the gallery. Already from the phone memory, you can send photos to a printing device or transfer them to a PC and print from a computer.

To save textual correspondence in Votsap, you need to go to the “Chats” menu item, select the desired correspondence, call it “Menu”, then. “” and select “Export chat”. This will offer the option to save with or without media files. You need to choose the appropriate method and send the story by mail. After that, the file with messages will be sent to e-mail in.Txt format. For printing it is downloaded to a computer or phone.

Google Cloud Print for Android

For Android devices, use of the official Google Cloud Print service is provided.

For the program to work correctly, the following conditions must be met:

First, you need to connect your printer to Google Cloud Print. This can be done directly through a router or using USB.

With Wi-Fi support, Wi-Fi Protected Setup is launched on the router. You need to open the settings and select the “Wireless” tab. Then you should call WPS and move the slider to “ON” near the item “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”.

If the wireless connection is not supported, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the system settings of the PC, go to “Printers”.
  • Open the Chrome browser, enter chrome: // devices in the search bar.
  • In the “Shared Printers” menu, click “Add”.
  • Select the desired device and again call “Add Printer”.

Airprint for iPhone

Before you start using AirPrint, you need to check if your printing device supports the app. For correct operation, it is important that the printer and the phone are on the same Wi-Fi network.

How to print with the AirPrint app:

  • Open the application and go to the menu by clicking on the icon in the form of three stripes.
  • Named “Print”, then “Select Printer”.
  • Set parameters (number of pages, numbering, etc.).
  • Click “Print”.

Wireless connection

Wi-Fi Direct lets you print from a mobile device without a wired connection. The smartphone and the printer communicate directly. The phone should detect the printer and send the necessary files to it for printing.

There are conditions under which this option will work correctly. Requires the printer to be compatible with the latest wireless printing app and be freely discoverable over Wi-Fi.

Wireless Printing Applications

The most popular for wireless printing is the convenient PrintHand application. The principle of operation is SIMple. the printer supports a wireless Wi-Fi connection and the phone also, so they can be connected.

The app runs on multiple platforms including Android, iPhone and Windows. Allows you to connect the device in multiple ways, using wired and wireless connection. To work with PrintHand, you only need to download it to your device. No additional drivers required.

Instructions for working with the program:

  • Connect smartphone to Wi-Fi
  • Run the application, select “Add Printer”.
  • Will be named “Wi-Fi Printers”, then. “Manual”.
  • Enter any name in the “Printer name” field, “Protocol”. “RAW”, “IP”. the address of the router, “Port”. “9100”, after filling it will be called “OK”.
  • In the list that appears, select the desired device by name.
  • Click “Print test page”.

How to print a Whatsapp conversation

Saved WhatsApp correspondence can be printed on a printer using only a mobile phone. This requires special tools for the smartphone, which are freely available. There are several options for how to print a document from WhatsApp to a printer, depending on the desired file format and the equipment available.

How to set up a phone to print to a printer

To print out the dialogue directly from the phone, you need to configure the device and download a special utility. It should be borne in mind that the phone may NOT support some formats for printing, but this will NOT interfere with sending the file and printing it.

To print from a smartphone, you need to connect a virtual printer. For Android The best option is Google Cloud Print, for iPhone. AirPrint.


When the printing device for some reason is not detected over Wi-Fi or does not support a wireless connection, you can use printing by connecting to a computer or phone via USB. The PrintHand application has this additional feature.

This method differs from the previous one in that you need to connect the printer and device via USB. After connecting, the same steps are done to print the files.

How to print from iPhone 11 / X (s / r) / 8/7/6 to printer via Wi-Fi

In this article, let’s look at how to connect your iPhone to a printer and print a photo or text document over Wi-Fi to a printer connection.

This article is suitable for all iPhone 11 / Xs (r) / X / 8/7/6 and Plus models on iOS 13. Older versions may or may not have the same menu items and hardware support.

AirPrint Printing

If your printer supports AirPrint, you can quickly resolve your iPhone printing issue. Before printing the file, you should check the following points:

  • Printer and iOS gadget are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • The printer supports AirPrint technology. This information should be in the technical documentation. supported models can be viewed on the Apple website.

Setting up the printer to work with AirPrint. With certain printer models, the technology can be used in unattended mode, while other printers must be configured first. We check if it is necessary to make changes to the printer settings to be able to work with AirPrint.

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We launch the application on the iPhone with the AirPrint function. In most of the programs that Apple created, this function is present, for example, in iPhoto, Safari and Mail. IPhone can print emails, documents and photos.

Now we open the information that you want to print, click “Share”, then “Print”. Clicking on “Share” will open a menu with different options for “Send as a message”, “Send by email”, etc. In this menu, select the “Print” option.

To print an email, you need to click on the arrow that points to the left (located at the bottom of the screen). You can print a web page by clicking on the icon that looks like an arrow and a square pointing to the right. A menu will appear where you need to select “Print”.

Choosing a printer. Click “Print”, after which the screen should display a list with available printers. Choosing a printer that supports AirPrint technology. We enter the page numbers that need to be printed, indicating the number of copies and makes changes to other parameters, if required.

Click “Print”. An open email, photo or document will be sent to print.

Wi-Fi and Apps from Manufacturers

Above, we examined how to print a document from an iPhone using the method proposed by Apple. If the necessary conditions are met, but printing is not performed, then you need to try to perform the following actions:

  • The printer will move closer to the router.
  • Restart the printer and router.
  • We install the latest firmware version on all devices.

Then how to print a digital document from an iPhone if the equipment does not support AirPrint? If the printer has the option to create a Wi-Fi network, this will not be a problem:

  • Press the Wi-Fi button on the device for printing.
  • Open iOS settings, go to the “Wi-Fi” menu.
  • Specify the network with the name of the printer.

Most of the major printer manufacturers have developed their own applications for printing documents and photos from the iOS environment. For example, if you are interested in how to print a file from an iPhone to an HP printer, then you need to install the HP ePrint Enterprise utility on the gadget. This software can print on HP printers that are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Supports work with cloud services: Photos, Box and Dropbox.

There is also a dedicated application for Epson printers. The developers did not experiment with the name of the program. Epson iPrint detects independently compatible devices for printing and establishes a connection with them if they work in the same wireless network.

Iprint can print documents, photos from the gallery, documents from Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote, Box, as well as any files added to the application using the “Open in.” function. The software has a built-in browser with the option of registering in the online service and sending documents for printing by e-mail to other printers from Epson.

An active user of “Apple” products, able to repair any Apple gadget and give advice on the work.

Have questions? Ask in the comments to the article.

Airprint how to set up on iPhone or iPad

AirPrint for both iPhone and iPad includes the following technology:

  • Check if the printer is compatible with this function. This can be done through the settings of the office equipment itself, as well as on the site It provides a list of compatible models.
  • Make sure the printer has a Wi-Fi connection. Using the instructions for it, connect the device to the network.
  • Launch an application that supports printing on your phone or tablet. All text and photo editors have this function. Among them: Safari, Keynote, iBooks, Photos and many more.
  • Open a file that you want to print (photo, text file, PDF, etc.).
  • Find and click the “Share” button. Next, a menu opens, at the bottom of which there is an option “Print”. The absence of the “Print” button means that the application does not support this function.
  • Click on the “Select Printer” option, after which a list of devices on the network that support it will appear. Configure print options. After the printer has been selected for the iPhone, several options will be offered: define the print range, set the number of copies, etc.
  • Press the “Print” or “Print” button. The file will be launched for printing.

How to print a document from your phone

Printing with AirPrint

Before you print a document on a printer from an iPhone or iPad, you need to configure them. The procedure involves a number of stages. First you need to turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the desired network.

Advice! If the network parameters are not known, you can go to the search section for the wireless network password.

Check the printer is connected to the same network. If the device has a touch screen, you must click on the wi-fi icon or open the “Network Settings” menu. For printers without a screen, you will need to SIMultaneously press on “Wireless network” and “Information”.

Printing photos from iPhone or iPad

The connected devices are ready to print, while the rest require the next step. The printer needs to be configured to connect to the network. For devices with screens, select: Settings. Network. Settings Wizard. Followed by instructions for connecting.

If the device does not have a screen, it is recommended to press and hold “Cancel” and “Wireless” at the same time until the network light starts flashing. If you plan to connect the printer Tango, press and hold the wireless button to activate the indicator.

How to print a document from an iPhone or iPad to a printer via USB

If you have a USB cable at hand, you can connect it to your iPhone and PC. After a few seconds, when the computer’s operating system recognizes the device, all settings are automatically performed. A new disk will appear in the My Computer folder, represented by the file system of the phone. Then you just need to select the necessary document or photo and send it to print.

Important! When the phone is connected via a wire, it is important that iTunes is downloaded and installed on the computer.

Description of AirPrint on iPhone

If office equipment was purchased a couple of years ago, and the iPhone and iPad have the latest operating system update, then documents can be printed by direct connection. This requires Air Print. direct printing technology.

How to print documents from iPhone

If earlier it was difficult to print a document from a mobile device. It was sent by e-mail from the phone and downloaded to the computer. Now Apple technology users are carrying out such long and inconvenient manipulations are NOT required. Print wirelessly from your phone with AirPrint app.

Note! If the printer supports Air Print, there will be a sticker on the printer or the specifications will mention this feature.

The technology is distinguished by its SIMplicity. To print a file, you need the phone and the printer on the same Wi-Fi network. In this case, installation of additional drivers or programs is NOT required. If the printer is suitable for iPhone 6s, 7 plus, 8 and second models, the print function will be activated automatically. If synchronization has not happened, you will need to manually configure the phone and printer.

Direct print technology

On the official Apple website, several models of Epson, Canon, HP (including the Laserjet series) and brother are recommended for printing from their devices. Their cost starts from 99 dollars and more.

How to print from iPhone to printer. AirPrint description

It’s no secret that Apple technology produces multifunctional devices. So, having a digital medium or a computer at hand, the necessary photo or document can be printed from an apple device. Both built-in functions and third-party applications provide such capabilities. There are several ways how to print from an iPhone to a printer, which allows you to choose the most suitable for yourself.

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How to connect a printer to an iPhone via Wi-Fi

Before setting up the printer to print via iPhone, THESE devices must be connected to the network. First of all, the inclusion of Wi-Fi, connection to the phone and the printing device is checked.

After that, a number of manipulations are performed:

  • Epson iPrint launches on iPhone.
  • In it, from the proposed options, the required printer is selected. Print preparation completed.
  • Next, the necessary photos or text files are selected.
  • Customizable print options to print double-sided from an iPhone, portrait or landscape orientation, multiple copies, and more.

Connecting devices over the network

Now mobile devices and tablets made by Apple make life easier, but also work moments. If previously you had to sit at your PC and send documents for printing, now modern technologies allow you to be free from a stationary workplace.

Everyone can set up their iPhone or iPad for printing on a printer, knowing and following SIMple recommendations. And with the Official Epson iPrint App, it just gets easier. Other articles printing away from the printer is NOT a myth, but a reality.

How to print a document from WhatsApp on a printer

What to do if you urgently need to print a text document or image, and even a printer is available, but there is no possibility to transfer data to a computer from a phone in a classical way due to the absence of a PC nearby? Use WhatsApp to help solve the problem.

How to print documents from WhatsApp: instructions

In fact, WhatsApp is far from the only way to transfer files you need for printing to a printer without a computer. But the use of this program is considered one of the most popular ways and more or less convenient ways to transfer data. You cannot print not only an image or documents, but also correspondence for use as reference information or anything else.

First of all, you should install the update of this program as late as the firmware of the device allows. Now you need to do the following in turn:

  • If we are talking specifically about a chat, then you must first turn it into a file that is convenient for printing. It is enough to start WhatsApp, go to the “Chats” section and press the required item while holding your finger on the screen. The monitor brightness will change slightly and the highlight will remain on the selected item. If the user needs it, at such a moment he has the ability to select one or more correspondences, added them to the selection. After everything you need is selected, you need to click on the archive icon in the upper right part of the screen.
  • After THESE actions, you need to go to the “Settings” mode, select the “Chats” section and mark the “Send by e-mail” function. When using a gadget with an Android operating system, the interface will ask the user about sending a chat file immediately after archiving.
  • In e-mail, you can specify your own or, if convenient, someone else’s. A chat will be sent to the mail as a file.
  • From this point on, we will talk about documents, pictures, text, and other files that need to be printed. Files must be transferred from the program to the internal memory of the phone. This is done with one click.
  • Now the files need to be found in the internal memory and uploaded to the cloud. Android system uses Google Cloud Print. On her example, the method of printing will be shown.
  • Requires Installed Google Chrome browser with an authorized account. You need to open any window in this browser. The top bar contains an icon with three dots. Clicking on it opens a drop-down list, where in this situation you need the item “Settings”.
  • Scrolling down the list slightly, click the “Show additional”.
  • At the very bottom of the new page there is a “Virtual Printers” section.
  • It remains to sequentially click “Configure” and “Add”, select a printer from the list of proposed ones and wait for the registration to complete.
  • Install the Google Cloud Print app from the standard market.
  • Select the function “Share” and “Print”. If the printer supports wireless communication, then it will print then. What was chosen.

What format can I print documents?

The range of supported document and image sizes depends on the printing device. Their list should be indicated in the instruction manual. Even if the phone is not able to open any file, it will send it to the printer, which, in turn, will figure it out. The only condition is that the format must be included in the file name. this is important for recognition.

How to make double-sided printing?

By using two-sided printing, you can reduce paper consumption and reduce the volume of text documents. This is why consumers are more likely to buy printers with automatic two-sided printing. If the peripheral device supports this option, then it will NOT be difficult to make two-sided printing:

  • Open the document, press Ctrl P or go to the print menu in any other available way.
  • Select a printer, put a tick in front of “double-sided printing” and confirm the action.

You can also print text on two sides of one sheet using a conventional printer. However, in this case, you will have to tinker a little more:

  • Go to the print menu.
  • Specify all the necessary settings (number of copies, printer selection, etc.), after which, in the “Enable” section, select the “odd pages” item and confirm the action.
  • We are waiting for the printer to finish printing the document, then turning the sheets over, immersing them in the tray and re-enter the print menu. In the “Enable” section, select the “even pages” item and confirm the action.

As you can see, it is quite easy to print text on both sides of the sheet. However, beginners can make the mistake of repositioning the paper in the tray. Therefore, first it is better to practice on small files.

Questions from newbies

Choosing the right MFP for home use can be incredibly difficult. During searches, one has to take into account the possible workload, the desired quality of the results, and many other parameters. However, newbies are often interested in other questions.

Printer connection instructions

As you can see, typing is pretty easy. This process will NOT cause particular difficulties even for beginners. However, before choosing one or another printing method, you must connect the printer to your computer or laptop. Otherwise, the PC will offer to save the file in PDF format as a kind of print result or give another error.

Context menu

Another option that allows you to print a file from a computer to a printer as quickly as possible. The method is useful in cases where you need to print a lot of documents. The user needs to click on the file needed with the right mouse button and specify the “Print” item in the context menu.

The command will be sent to the Default Printer. It will not work to make any corrections to the text of the document. This method allows you to print files without first opening and viewing them, which helps save a lot of time.

How to print a web page?

It will not be difficult to print a web page from a computer on a printer. In this case, you can act in several ways. To type using a key combination, you need:

  • Open the page and hold down the Ctrl P keys.
  • Set the desired settings and click “Print”.
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If necessary, you can also print through the browser settings:

  • Open the page, go to the browser settings and click on the “Print” button.
  • Set the required parameters and confirm the action.

Quick Access Toolbar

You can print a Word document to a printer from a computer using the Quick Access Toolbar. The procedure is pretty SIMple too:

  • Click on the Office button.
  • Select the “Print” section and indicate the way in which you need to print the document.
  • Selecting the “Print” option will open a Dialog box where the user will need to specify all the Required parameters and send a command to the printer to print the document.
  • The “Quick Print” option will send the text to the default printer without the possibility of making any changes.

Shortcut keys

Naturally, if the keyboard does not work on a laptop or computer, this method is clearly not suitable. In this case, it will NOT be possible to print the text on a printer or MFP. However, if everything is functioning normally, it is better to use this particular technique:

  • Open the document you want to print, and press the key combination Ctrl P.
  • Select the printer, specifying the number of copies, make other necessary settings and press the OK button.

By the way, the presented keyboard shortcut works Not only in Word, but also in many other programs. The user can also copy and paste using the keyboard, save the document and perform a number of other actions. The specified printing method is suitable for those who are used to controlling different programs precisely through the commands on the keyboard.

How to print text on a printer?

Most people use only one printing method. However, there are several ways to output a document to a printer or MFP. You can print text from a computer in different ways:

How To Print Document From iPhone To Printer
  • Using a key combination;
  • Through the quick access panel;
  • Through the context menu.

over, each option has its own advantages, features and disadvantages.

How to preview before printing?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to figure out how the document will look on the sheet after printing. This can be done using the preview. You can enable this option in Word in a couple of mouse clicks:

  • Click on the Office button.
  • Select the “Print” section and the “Preview” subsection.

Preview is automatically turned on when printing web pages.

AirPrint Printing

If you have a printer supporting AirPrint technology, then the question of how you can print a file from an iPhone to a printer will be solved in a few seconds. Before trying to print a file, check two points:

  • The printer supports AirPrint technology. This information should be in the technical documentation. As a last resort, you can check the supported models on the Apple website.
  • IOS device and printer are on the same Wi-Fi network.

If both conditions are met, you can start printing the document. Please note that not all programs can work with AirPrint. So even if the printer supports the technology, the limitation may be on the side of the iOS app.

  • Open the program from which the file will be printed.
  • Find the print function among the general options (usually invoked by a button with three dots). The send to printer option can also be part of the Share function.
  • Select an AirPrint-enabled printer.
  • Specify the number of copies and specify other print options.
  • Click “Print”.

Using the program selector, you can View the print queue and cancel jobs. these functions are available in the Print Center.

Send documents and photos from iPhone to printer

How to print from iPhone to printer without transferring file to computer? We use direct printing: there is a digital document or photo on the phone, but we will transfer it to paper.

Wi-Fi and Apps from Manufacturers

We figured out how to print a document from an iPhone to a printer in the way that Apple suggests. If the conditions you want are met, but printing does not occur, try the following:

  • Restart the router and printer.
  • Move the printer closer to the router.
  • Install the latest firmware and manufacturers on all devices.

But how to print a digital document from an iPhone to a printer if the equipment has AirPrint support? If the printer can create a Wi-Fi network, then there will be no problems.

  • Press the Wi-Fi button on the device to print.
  • Open iOS settings and go to the “Wi-Fi” section.
  • Select the network with the printer name.

Most major manufacturers have their own apps for printing photos and documents from the iOS environment. For example, if you’re looking for how to print a file from an iPhone to an HP printer, install the HP ePrint Enterprise software on your phone. She can print to HP printers connected to a wireless network, and also works with cloud services: Dropbox, Box and Photos.

There is also a special application for Epson printers. The developers did not experiment with the name of the program. Epson iPrint independently detects compatible devices for printing and establishes a connection with them, provided it works in the same wireless network.

Epson iPrint can print photos from the gallery, documents from Box storage, Evernote, OneDrive, Dropbox, as well as any files that are added to the application through the “Open in.” function. The programs also have a built-in browser with the ability to register in the online service and send documents for printing by e-mail to other Epson printers.

Other printing methods

If your printer has software from the manufacturer, you can use one-stop solutions. To solve the question of how to print a photo or document from an iPhone on a printer, try three applications:

  • Handyprint.
  • Printer Pro.
  • Google Gloud Print.

Handyprint offers functionality SIMilar to AirPrint. The program is distributed shareware: after 14 days of use, you need to donate at least 5 to developers to continue printing files.

The program is installed on a computer with OS X. After installation, all computers connected to it will be visible on devices with iOS. This is the main drawback of the application: you can send a document or photo for printing only when the computer is turned on.

If you have an OS X computer, install the Printer Pro printing application directly on your iPhone. Before buying the full version, be sure to use the free demo mode, which allows you to print four documents and calibrate the print area.

The program works a little differently than handyPrint. All documents that you want to send to print must be opened through Printer Pro. If you want to print a page from Safari, replace http with phttp in the address. the page will open in Printer Pro.

If you need a completely universal and free solution, go to Google Cloud Print. With its help, you can make available for printing any printers that are connected to computers with Internet access and registered in the Cloud Print system.

To send a document to your device for printing, you need to log into your Google account on iOS through Google Docs, Chrome or another browser.