How To Print From iPhone To Printer

and more popular now is the printing of photos through special boxes. In this case, you just need to insert money into the receiver, go to your page on the social network and select the required photo. The photo will be printed in just a minute. When using this method, you need to select the desired photo on the iPhone, and then click “Share”. After that, the photo is added to the desired social network on the user’s page. Then it can already be printed out through the box described above.

The easiest way

Perhaps this option is the most common among users. connect the device to a computer or laptop through a special cable and transfer the photo as from a regular flash drive. Then everything will depend on the technical capabilities of the user. If he has a printer at home with the function of printing photos, then he just needs to start printing the necessary images. If there is such an opportunity, dump them on a USB flash drive and go to any photo studio. By the way, many such establishments now provide the ability to print photos directly from the device. in this case, you can SIMply come with a gadget and connect it to a computer in the salon just like a USB flash drive.

How to print photos from iPhone?

If we talk about how to print photos from iPhone, then it is worth noting that this device is distinguished by functions and capabilities that allow you to print photos from iPhone in various ways. It is enough for the user to SIMply choose the one that is most acceptable for him in this situation, namely:

  • Transfer data via Wi-Fi directly to the printer
  • Reset photo to computer;
  • Upload the photo to the social network and then print from there.

That is, printing photos from iPhone can be done in any convenient way. Everything will depend only on whether it is technically possible to print photos of the house and where the user is now (sometimes it is easier to go to a photo studio, for example, if a person is in another city on vacation or on a business trip). For convenience, in this case, it is worth sorting the necessary images into a separate folder in advance, so that later you do not spend a lot of time searching for the necessary photos in the salon.

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How to send data to the printer

A lot of modern printers and MFPs allow you to transfer information to them directly from the device. But at the same time, the printer itself must also be equipped with a Wi-Fi function and, of course, be able to print photo. To do this, it is enough to turn on Wi-Fi on the printer and smartphone and select the photo transfer mode (in this case, you should first set the “Print Photos” function, and then select the method). The main thing is that the devices are synchronized. In this case, everything is SIMplified as much as possible, it is not even necessary to use a computer. a printer and a phone are enough.

Printing features

Probably, this point is worth paying attention to in advance. You should consider in what format the picture will be printed. The fact is that if the photo was originally taken in a small format, then when you enlarge it, the whole image will be too blurry. If we talk about scaling in the opposite direction, then there are problems. A large photo will NOT lose its clarity when reduced, but if it was small, then in order to preserve the clarity of the picture, it will be necessary to print it in the same format as it was originally set when shooting.

Previously, users reduced the size of a photo so that it took up less memory on the phone. This problem was especially relevant if there was no possibility of transferring them directly to the computer. Now all phones have memory cards, which allow you to place all the necessary files without any problems. That is why, when setting up your phone, at the very beginning, you should set the largest photo size in order to avoid problems with printing in the future. In relation to this, this argument is even more weighty, since it is often impossible to further increase it even in poor quality.

Printing from iPhone to printer is possible

Many people have ever had to print various documents: whether they are photographs, texts, pictures, or something else. This operation had to be performed exclusively with the help of a computer and a printer, which are connected to each other by bulky wires. But times pass and technologies change. In our time with you, you can print absolutely any document using a smartphone and a printer, which work without any wires, only using a local network.

You can print a document using a well-known gadget. iPhone 6. over, this operation is quite easy, as, for example, send an SMS message from the device. In order to print files with high quality using an iPhone, you can ask for help both to the built-in functions of the smartphone and to specially designed programs for this.

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Printer Pro convenient option

As a last resort, if you do not have a printer that supports AirPrint, or a computer with OSX, you can use the Printer Pro for iPhone program, which also serves to print various documents from the iPhone.

This development is paid, but before the purchase you can download its trial version in order to make sure that it is compatible with the printer. Printer Pro for iPhone allows you to print four sample documents, in addition, it can be used to test the functionality of the application itself and calibrate the area to be printed. As for the full version of the program, it does not work like the two above. To carry out the printing process, the iPhone user will need to open documents already in the program and print, of course, also in the program. PrinterProforiPhone has a rather interesting function that allows you to print from second programs, for example, PDF Reader, Dropbox. To do this, click the “Open in.”

In addition, with the help of this development, you can carry out any other actions, including the rotation of the format, and its choice, printing SEPARATE pages, and much more. In general, in short, this program works in the same way with a printer.

Help program for printing. Handy Print

In addition to the standard function that supports printing to a printer using iOS on the iPhone 6, there are also specially designed programs. So in the event that the device is not AirPrint compatible, you can safely do it with Handy Print. This development is quite common among iPhone users, as well as very practical and convenient. There are two types of this program. a beta version and a paid version. There is no difference, just a beta version. It will not work for a long time and after the end of the trial period, iPhone users will NOT be able to do anything with it. Handy Print is compatible with all versions of iOS, including iOS8, which runs iPhone 6. So after installing it, a printer located directly on the network will be displayed on the iPhone screen.

In order to print the desired file, the user will have to do everything that he did with AirPrint.

The only drawback, besides the beta version, is that when printing, you need to carry out the smooth operation of the computer, otherwise nothing will come of it.

Familiarize yourself with the standard printing features of your printer

To understand this process, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the standard function of the AirPrint iPhone. Wireless printing technologies have made this function available to absolutely all users of the gadget. In addition, this development is compatible with almost all printers. Often, a printer that supports AirPrint will automatically apply the correct settings. Otherwise, you need to configure everything yourself. To do this, just go to the system settings of the devices, and then enable the desired function.

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After direct configuration, if required, you can print the required files. To do this, first of all, you should select the desired file and click the “Share” button in it. After that, a window will be seen in which many different options for further actions are displayed, among them there will be the “Print” function. If you did everything correctly, then you should select the desired printer from the list and call it “Print”.


But what if you want to buy a program that prints to a printer? For this, the developers of the printers themselves and programmers of various companies have created special programs that will help the iPhone owner to do what he wants. A colorful example is the development of Epson Print. Its advantage is that it automatically finds devices that will be compatible with the iPhone 6 directly on the local wireless network. Epsonprint allows you to print various documents, which can also be opened in Dropbox, Google Drive and other programs using the “Open in.”

How To Print From iPhone To Printer

This development is also inherent in a built-in browser for direct download, as well as printing web pages, moreover, you can register in a special service, with which you can print files on various printers, which support printing functions via e-mail.

Google Сloud Print new features

It’s no secret that all developments have made a big step forward. Including for printing to a printer from the iPhone 6. But, in addition to using the above programs, there is another way with which you can print from an iPhone to a printer. This is Google Gloud Print, which makes any printers compatible with the iPhone.

In this case, the selected printer connects to the Google cloud, which allows you to reduce the steps for setting up printing. To print a document, you need to log into your personal Google account on the iPhone.

So with the help of various means, you can safely print the necessary files from the iPhone through the printer without using wires, but exclusively over the local network.