How to print on a printer with Wi-Fi

Printing a Screen Image to a Printer Using Paint

This image editor is included in the basic set of standard programs and is available on almost any computer or laptop. To print images not downloaded in advance using this program, you need to take a screenshot of the screen using the Print Screen (PrtScr) key or using the Alt PrtScr combination. The second option is suitable for printing only the currently active window without all other areas displayed on your monitor. So, the screenshot has been taken, now you need to open it in Paint. There are two different ways to do this:

  • Use Cntrl V hotkeys for paste.
  • Create a new file and use the “Insert” function.

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After the image is inserted into the working area of ​​the program, you can crop it, resize it, paint as needed, or change the color mode. Further, in the main menu of the program called “File” you need to go to the “Print” tab and set the characteristics you need. You can also use the already known combination Cntrl P to open this window. Please note that using both Paint and Photoshop, only printing a screenshot is possible, without the mouse cursor depicted on it.

Screen printing via Photoshop

Printing images through this editor is not much different from the printing method discussed above. Printing via Photoshop is the best option for those users who are used to working with this program and at least at the initial level understands many subtleties and nuances, which in this editor are quite large.

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Also, as in Paint, you need to take a screenshot of the screen or active window using a special key or keyboard shortcut. Then, in the desired program, create a new file and insert the required image. This program has the same hotkeys as the rest. You can also use the insert via the “Edit” menu.

IMPORTANT! Pay attention to one nuance that can greatly facilitate your task. The Photoshop editor can calculate the size of the new file itself and fit it to the working area of ​​your screen, which means that the size will completely coincide with the screenshot you took. To do this, when creating a document, in the “Set” drop-down menu, select the option called “Clipboard”.

This program provides the user with a wide range of options for editing drawings and images. This also applies to screenshots inserted into the work area. In addition to traditional cropping, resizing and color settings, you can stretch or narrow the picture, change the angle of inclination or rotation, display in the desired direction or cut everything except the area you need, whatever shape it may be.

After all the manipulations have been done, it remains only to print the image, which is also possible in this program. Use the keyboard shortcut Cntrl P or open the print window from the main menu.

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How to print from a computer screen to a printer

In addition to text documents, many users are able to print pictures and photographs saved in advance on a computer. But what if you need to print an image of the screen itself or the data displayed on it? Almost every device provides such a function as a screenshot of the screen, as well as printing the image displayed on the monitor.

How to print from the monitor screen using the “Print Images” application

If you need to print a page of a site or an image opened in a separate tab, just go to the desired tab and right-click to open all possible functions. In the window that appears, select the “Print” function.

IMPORTANT! If you need to print a full screen image with the taskbar, open Windows and tabs, then it is better to choose another method, since when printing using this application, your device will select only the open browser window.

Screen printing with PickPick

This program is an indispensable assistant in the event that you need to take a screenshot on which the mouse cursor will be displayed. It is necessary to download it in advance, since it is not included in the standard software package.

If this is relevant for you, after installing the program in the “Capture” menu, activate the function of copying the mouse pointer. The program settings themselves will be available after you click on the program icon located on the control panel with the right mouse button. Before that, do not forget to select the Russian interface language and make sure that the program is correctly installed on your device.

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Now, after pressing the Print Screen button, the program will automatically open the image editing window. After editing, you can either print the image right away, or save it to your device for further printing.

Also, the PickPick program allows the user to independently configure hotkeys, picking them individually, depending on how familiar or convenient it is for you. Instead of the PrtScr key, you can choose any other. These settings will operate only within this program and will not affect the operation of other applications that you are used to using for everyday work.

If you need a certain image or screenshot more than once, but you, like many others, sometimes forget to save work files, the autosave function of the image to your device will become an indispensable assistant. You can activate automatic saving in the “save” menu. This setting will continue to work with subsequent use of the program.