How to print on both sides on a printer

All ways to print text from a computer to a printer: Print professional at home

It will be difficult to achieve good print quality without the correct printer settings.

How to print a whole page from a website without editing

Outputting information to a printer without additional formatting is one of the simplest options. To print a page from the Web, you need to right-click directly on the selected information, then select “Print” in the drop-down list.

Of course, you can make it easier: call the print menu using the keyboard shortcut CTRLP.

For pages from the Internet, it is better to use ink sparingly, which means. set black and white printing in the settings.

A window with settings opens in front of you, which clearly displays the number of output pages, the printing device used and other parameters that can be edited if necessary.

If you use the virtual printer settings in Google Chrome or Yandex, then the print output time is halved. At the same time, you should understand that the settings will differ depending on the type of browser.

What can be printed on a home printer

You can’t even imagine how many opportunities open up before you when you have a color printer in your house, and even a multifunction printer. With this device, you can easily convert electronic pictures, photos and text into printed form. The main thing here is to correctly set the parameters for printing. both for the object itself and for the printer as a whole. In addition to such basic printouts that even a beginner can handle, your machine can implement several more incredible functions.

  • Fun activities for children, such as colored pictures with assignments or mazes. Of course, this takes a lot of ink, but you can tweak the settings and arrange black and white printing. This is especially suitable for those who know how to work in a graphics editor.
  • Monthly baby stickers. They are usually made in delicate shades, so they will not consume much colored paint. In doing so, you must select the right paper for your printer model in order to ensure the clarity and durability of the image.
  • Portraits and interesting toys for children. Typically, these templates can be found on sites dedicated to educational crafts. You can download and send for printing animals, insects and any items you need to get acquainted with the world around you.
  • Paper dolls with clothes for girls. Remember how we, parents, in childhood played with such dolls and independently built a house for them, dressed them? Now all these treasures can be found directly on the Internet and printed as templates.
  • Different ideas for crafts, again with children or for a competition. Print and keep in front of you the instructions for doing Hand-Made.

Interesting toys, useful tasks and puzzles that you can choose yourself are easy to print at home.

If your printer has high-quality inks and is easy to refill, then you can print more serious things, from the restoration of old photographs to the implementation of printing on fabric.

How to print pictures on a home printer: step by step instructions

Pictures or photos are printed on the printer without special settings. To perform such an operation, do the following.

  • Open the selected image with two mouse clicks.
  • Then, in the opened viewer or graphic editor, click on the “Print” icon (usually located at the top of the window).
  • The window for setting the printing of photos and images has opened in front of you.
  • Make the necessary changes in the wizard, set specific parameters.
  • If necessary, select a printer and click on the “Print” button again.

Printing photos must be done with the right choice of photo paper, because not only the correct settings, but also the quality of the media determines how bright and natural the picture will be.

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How to print a document on a printer on both sides

To do duplex printing on a printer, you can either use Word to set it up or take action using options in the printer itself. They are set differently in each device model. As an example, we recommend that you watch the introductory video that our experts have selected for you.

Rules for setting up a printer to print from a stationary computer

To do a useful thing on an existing printer, it is important to connect the device correctly and set it up to perform its functions correctly. To do this, follow the instructions below.

Often, Windows 10 automatically configures and makes the printer ready for use.

There are several ways to connect the printer to a computer: using a USB cable, using a wireless connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or using a dial-up Internet connection. Today we will consider one of the most popular methods that it is customary to implement at home.

  • First of all, start the PC and be sure to wait for the moment of its final loading (you can check this by responding to any operation, which after loading should occur quickly enough).
  • Then plug the power cord of the printer into an outlet, and the USB cable into the corresponding outlet of the computer system unit.
  • A notification about the search for a device will appear on the screen, and after the computer searches for the necessary drivers, you will receive a notification “The device is ready to use.”.

If this message does not appear on the screen, then you will have to manually install the printer. To do this, insert the disc supplied with the printer into the floppy drive, or download the driver for your device model from the Internet.

Many printing devices require additional software installation in addition to drivers.

The printer drivers are responsible for the correct operation of the printer as well as for high-quality printing, so pay special attention to this installation.

Next, a software installation wizard will appear in front of you, which will install the application in just a few steps with confirmation. Almost every printer model offers to print a test page at the end of the installation to make sure that the installation is correct.

Why the printer won’t print: finding problems with the device

There was a need to urgently print a document from a computer, but the printer does not give in and answers you with a refusal, or does it display the information on paper incorrectly? Perhaps the device is out of paint, or it is completely disconnected from the stationary PC. Let’s see what the problem is.

  • If the device does not print after successful PC print settings, and does not give any signals at all, most likely the matter is in the wrong setting. Check the reliability of all wired connections, check the software, replace the drivers or update them.
  • Lack of ink in cartridges. You can understand this if a message is displayed on the screen of the printer or computer from the printing program, which clearly indicates a low level of ink cartridges. Refill or replace cartridges and test print so excess ink remains on draft.
  • Printhead problem or contamination. If all sheets are printed with stripes or the text is not visible at all, and you clearly know that you have recently changed the ink in the device, this is usually the reason. You need to go to print options and clean the print head.

Options for setting up two-sided printing in Word

How do you set up duplex printing if your printer cannot do it automatically? First, you should print those pages that should be on one side of the sheet, then turn them over, reload them into the feed tray and print the rest:

  • Open file”
  • Click “Print”
  • Select “Options”
  • Select “One-sided printing”
  • Click “Print manually on both sides”

We recommend that you first perform a test print in order to figure out how to feed sheets into the device.

print, sides, printer

You can also try to print even and then odd pages separately. To do this, you should:

How To Print On Both Sides (Manually) Easy Way to Print Both Side Use Any Printer Two-Sided Print

  • Open file”
  • Click “Print”
  • Select “Options”
  • Select “Print all pages”, and at the bottom find and click “Print odd pages only” and send them to print.

After they are printed, do the same, only at the end click “Print even pages only”.

print, sides, printer

How to print on the printer on both sides of the sheet. How to print on the sheet on both sides printing on both sides Software

If the printer does not support automatic 2-sided printing.

In this case, you also need to set the corresponding checkbox “Double-sided printing”. But unlike the previous option, you will have to turn the paper over manually. To do this, after the printer prints information on one side of the pages, take the stack and insert it into the output tray according to the instructions on the monitor screen. For example, according to the image in the figure below, the paper should be inserted with the blank side facing you and the top of the page down, i.e. the text on the back should be upside down.

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The main error in duplex printing on the printer occurs due to incorrect loading of paper in the tray for printing the second side. Be careful. If you are not sure, print 4 pages before printing bulky documents to make sure that you will do everything correctly when printing the entire document.

Two-sided printing

In the event that the printer supports the duplex printing function, then to print it is necessary:

How to print Two-Sided Manually: Duplex Printing l Both side printing, by your home printer l

  • Launch the text editor Microsoft Office Word;
  • Load the required document using the “File” command. “Open”;
  • Open the print menu using the “Ctrl” “P” key combination or by opening the “File” menu and selecting the “Print” item;
  • In the dialog box that opens, select a printer;
  • Set a check mark on the “Two-sided printing” parameter and set other print parameters;
  • Click “OK” and wait for the printing to complete.
  • In the dialog box that opens, select a printer;
  • In the “Scale” section, set the “Number of pages per sheet” parameter to “2 pages;
  • Click “OK” and wait for the operation to complete.
  • Setting up duplex printing in Excel

    Double-sided printing in Excel, unlike Word, can be more difficult to implement, since it does not always work correctly even with the automatic duplex function. Especially, problems arise if you print not one sheet of the Excel workbook, but two separate.

    In the first case, the sheet automatically goes to the back side of the page. for this, you just need to select the “Duplex printing” value when printing. In the second case, the printer often prints two sheets on different pages, even if you specified in the settings that you need to print on both sides of one. In order for the document to print the way you just need to make the print settings separately for each sheet:

    • In Excel, select the first sheet you want to print by clicking on the sheet tab.
    • In the print options, click on “Duplex Printing”
    • In Excel, select the second sheet.
    • In the print options, click on “Duplex Printing”.
    • Select, while holding down the CTRL key, both sheets and send to print.

    Fascinating entries:

    Word settings

    It is not difficult to output text from both sides to paper if you understand the Word commands.

    • Select “file”, then printout. A window appears on the monitor.
    • Specify in the window the settings required, for example, for a contract. Select a printing unit that is connected to the computer system.
    • Place a marker on both sides of the printout and specify the required range of sheets to be output from the machine. In the “number of copies” tab, set the required number of copies.
    • Click “OK” to start the printing process. Sometimes the device does not support double-sided text printing. Then you have to turn the paper over and put it back into the machine. If the device has the function of double-sided printing, the sheet will be output without human intervention.

    Performing manual 2-sided printing

    This method is suitable for those users who do not have the equipment mentioned above. In such a situation, all actions will have to be performed manually, indicating the necessary pages to the program when sending to print. For example, all odd-numbered pages are printed first (1, 3, 5, 7, 9). in this order they are indicated in the same text editor. After completing the procedure, the sheets are inserted with the other side into the tray in the same order and the printing of even-numbered sheets (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) starts. Unfortunately, there are no other options for performing this operation, so you will have to monitor the print yourself.

    You are now familiar with three methods of duplex printing on various printers. You just need to choose the right one and start implementing the task.

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    The ability to print text on both sides of the sheet allows you to save paper, and also makes it possible not to lose leaflets with texts or documentation. For example, a contract, a visa, a questionnaire must occupy two sides of the page. But, is it possible to print on both sides of the sheet? A modern printing apparatus allows you to do this quite quickly and efficiently.

    How to print from both sides

    Duplex printing on a printer is not only economical in terms of sheet costs, but sometimes it is very convenient, for example, when printing a book or magazine. Some users are wondering about the correctness of this procedure, since the manual method of flipping sheets is not always practical and takes a lot of time. Within the framework of this article, we would like to reveal all the details of this topic, providing visual guides for different programs.

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    Functions of programs for working with PDF-files

    The required documents are not always in text format, some of them are of the PDF type, which makes it impossible to open them through the text editors mentioned earlier. In such cases, you will need to resort to special applications for working with PDF, for example, Adobe Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat DC.

    • Open the required file and go to the print window by selecting the appropriate item in the menu.

    Select a suitable printer from the pop-up list.

    Set “Odd or Even Pages” to “Odd Only”.

    When finished, insert the sheets upside down in the same order, and then change the setting to Even-Numbered Only.

    As in the previous method, you need to take into account the paper feed so that the text does not print twice on one side of the sheet. If the PDF software you are using has a built-in “Duplex Printing” tool, use it instead of manually selecting even and odd pages only if you have a machine that supports this technology.

    Two-sided printing

    For duplex printing, it is important to have skills in setting up the printer. Print functions are set in the settings, and the position of the text on the sheet is controlled by a computer text editor.

    • You need to open a text editor and insert the necessary document into it for printing. Go to the “file” tab and select the “print” button. If Word is installed in a newer version, look for the Office button located in the upper left corner. Run print command.
    • Enter the dialog box, place the cursor in the form of a marker in the “printer” tab. Confirm the upcoming actions in the appeared field “double-sided printing”. The count of the pages present in the document appears first. You have to wait until all the odd-numbered pages are printed, then turn all the sheets to the back side. The missing even pages will be printed.
    • You can reach the same result in another way: go to the “print” tab, then “enable”. Using the menu that appears, set the command “odd pages” in the “print” tab. When the sheets come out of the printer, you need to sort them so that the first sheet is on top. Then. by count: the third, fifth, seventh, etc. Place the sheets in the printer (in the tray) with a clean surface to your face and select the “print” button, then click on the “even pages”.

    We carry out duplex printing on the printer

    There are devices that support automatic printing on two sides of the paper, but there are quite a few such models and in most cases they are MFPs with a duplex copy function on a scanner. Below we will provide instructions specifically for such equipment, and then we will talk about the manual printing method.

    Word settings

    It is not difficult to output text from both sides to paper if you understand the Word commands.

    • Select “file”, then printout. A window appears on the monitor.
    • Specify in the window the settings required, for example, for a contract. Select a printing unit that is connected to the computer system.
    • Place a marker on both sides of the printout and specify the required range of sheets to be output from the machine. In the “number of copies” tab, set the required number of copies.
    • Click “OK” to start the printing process. Sometimes the device does not support double-sided text printing. Then you have to turn the paper over and put it back into the machine. If the device has the function of double-sided printing, the sheet will be output without human intervention.

    Text editor functions

    If you have typed the content yourself or have a finished document in a word processor, its built-in tools will allow you to properly set up duplex printing if you have more than two completed sheets. You will need to do the following manually:

    • Run the required document, for example, via Microsoft Word, then open the action menu.

    There, specify the printer that you want to use to print the selected document.

    Enter additional parameters, if required, and then click on “OK” to start printing.

    Before printing the desired file in “Manual Print on Both Sides” mode, when using devices without duplex support, it is advisable to perform a test operation to understand which side will need to load finished sheets, where the content is only on one side. The principle of this function is to print first odd pages, and then even ones, thus forming a book version of the project.

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