How To Print On Printer In Black

How to print in black and white on a color printer

A color printer is designed for color ink. In principle, that’s why it is called that. But he can actually print black and white sheets and photographs, but not always.

Is it possible to print only black and white images on a color printer?

The question can be answered unequivocally with one word “available”, but sometimes this is possible, only it will already depend on the printer company. It is worth trying if in the print properties settings (where the print is black) you fill it with other ink or check the box “print with black ink only”. Some models with empty ink block the function because the peripheral sees an empty cartridge.

How to print in black and white on a color printer

It happens that you really need to print a black and white document on the Color Peripheral device. For example, it is very urgent or you need to save paint. What to do?


  • If you use Canon, then in the additional functions of the case you need to check the box next to “Grayscale”. Next, you need to click “OK” in the settings window and print the desired document.
  • You can use other programs in which you can specifically specify which paints will be used. For example, in the Yandex browser, in the color printout item, you can select the type “black and white print”. And in Adobe Reader, you can only put a tick on the print in grayscale.
  • In the properties, through the panel control window, you can open the “black and white print” option. Everything is ingeniously simple!

To conserve color ink or for grayscale photography, it is worth changing the PC for HP settings. It uses exclusively a black ink cartridge. All colors of authentic photography (multicolored) come out in black and white. To get such an image at the output, you need to perform the action “black ink only” or scan in grayscale.

There is an option to make the transition through the operating system:

  • Select the “print” section in the application;
  • Find a device;
  • Open its properties (it can also be called “printer”, “parameters”);
  • Will be named the paper / quality tab or functions;
  • Go to “advanced”, print in grayscale, black ink only;
  • If you need high quality it can be done included the function “high quality printing in grayscale”.


In order for a familiar document to be printed by default, you need to do several actions in the computer itself:

  • Go to Start.
  • Then to the control panel.
  • In the upper right corner, you must click “devices and printers”. “view.” (in the equipment and sound section).
  • Find your printer and its model from the possible options.
  • By right-clicking the mouse, a window will appear. We are interested in the item “print setup”.
  • After opening the menu, you need to select “color”.
  • Then you need to apply the changes and call it “Ok”.

How to print texts on a printer? Step-by-step instructions for printing texts on a printer

Few people nowadays do NOT know how to print, photocopy or even Scan. In the age of modern technologies, when almost everyone in the family has their own laptop in every house, there is hardly a person who cannot print a letter of paper. But still, let’s talk about how to print texts on a printer. It is possible that you do not know all the secrets of printing, or you simply did not have to deal with printing certain documents before.


Before you start printing, you need to make sure the printer is turned on and connected to your computer or laptop. Yes, it may sound funny, but sometimes people forget about it. You also need to make sure that there is enough ink in the printer (check the identifier) ​​or refuel the device, count the sheets of paper. It is better to put a little more sheets in general, since sometimes the printer can pull several sheets at the same time, and if you do not notice this in time, then printing may be interrupted, and you will have to add paper and perform additional actions to resume it.

Be sure to check the print quality by printing one test sheet from this or any other document. It is possible that you will have to clean the printer (done using the “Maintenance” tab in the print window). We will tell you how to do all this a little later.

Calling the print window

So, we checked the printer’s performance and whether it is connected to the computer. Now let’s go directly to how to print a Word document on a printer. First you need to open the print window. There are several ways to do this.

Find the print icon on the panel. This option is usually available in earlier versions. For example, in the 2003 office package the print icon is located in the upper part of the panel and is quite noticeable.

Click “File” and select “Print” from the drop-down menu. This is a fairly well-known method that most personal computer users use. But it takes a long time.

Press the key combination CtrlP. Oddly enough, not everyone is known, although it is the fastest and simplest.

Setting the basic parameters

If you do not know how to print texts on a printer, then you should also remember what mandatory parameters should be specified when printing ordinary documents.

Number of copies if you need more than one copy of a document or letter.

Pages you plan to print.

Which printing do you need. single-sided or double-sided.

Page orientation. portrait or landscape.

Sheet size. A4, A5, other.

Size and parameters of fields.

Number of pages per sheet.

By default, text is printed on a page in one copy on one side. Orientation. portrait, A4 format. There is one letter per page, and the document itself is printed from the first to the last page.

Printer properties

The main properties of the printer include:

Print quality. Default. Standard, but if the printer is old and does not print clearly, it is recommended to set high quality.

Shades of gray. This property also increases the clarity of the print, especially if you are printing NOT text, and not very well scanned material.

These two parameters are set in the “main” tab. Another useful thing. Service tab. Here you can clean and check the print nozzles, clean the rollers and pallet, and select silent mode for the printer. We advise Pay attention to these properties, as they will be quite useful at the stage of preparing printing. Set all the parameters, click the “Print” button directly in the basic settings window, and the device will start working.

Two-sided printing

How to print texts and documents on a sheet from both sides? A function such as duplex printing was specially created for this. You can select it in the main print properties. All odd-numbered pages are printed first. The printer then asks you to turn the sheets over and insert them into the printer (usually the sheets are placed so that the beginning of the printed page is at the bottom). The software on your computer gives you hints on how to turn the paper over and insert it into the machine. After that, click the “Print” (“OK”) button in the dialog box, and the printer will print all even-numbered sheets. So you get a finished printed document on both sides of the sheet.

How long does it take to print

The time it takes to print the text will depend on your printer. Each device has a different print speed. Usually it is about 10 pages per minute, there are printers that work much faster. Again, it all depends on the manufacturer’s firm, model and year of manufacture. The purpose of the printer also plays a significant role. For example, home and office devices print at different speeds.

So, we figured out how to print texts on a printer, what parameters need to be set when printing and where to find them, how to start printing text. We also found out that speed, like print quality, directly depends on the printer, its type and release date. We determined that the older the device, the lower the speed and quality of printing and the higher the likelihood of various errors. We hope this information will be useful to you.

Printing documents in Microsoft Word

Modern document flow is increasingly carried out in the digital space. We have to deal with paper much less often, but from time to time the need to print a document on a printer still arises. Today we’ll show you how to do it in Microsoft Word.

Printing documents in Word

The process of printing text documents in the Microsoft editor is not much different from that in any other programs that provide a similar opportunity. The nuances are only in the preliminary design, preparation and some settings. Looking ahead, we note that Word allows you to print Not only standard A4 pages, but also a number of other formats.

Printing standard documents

If you are dealing with a regular text file, it will NOT be difficult to print it. The situation is similar with documents containing graphic objects.

  • First of all, make sure that the file you want to send to print is correct. The text and / or graphic data contained in it, and should not go beyond the printable area, the text itself should have exactly the form that you want to receive on paper in the future. The following article will help you to avoid possible problems with markup or fix them if found: Learn more: Setting margins in Microsoft Word
  • Open the “File” menu, clicked on the name of the corresponding tab of the quick access panel.
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If necessary, enable a preview of the document. this will help to double-check the correctness of the design. Read more: Preview documents in Word

See also: Hot keys for convenient work in Word

  • In the “Printers” section, select from the drop-down list a printing device connected to the computer that is known to be working and correctly configured. Read also:
    Network Printer Setup in Windows
    Installing Printer Drivers
  • In the block of options “Parameters” (formerly “Settings”) define the basic print parameters. The following are available:
  • The number of pages to be printed is all, individual pages or a range of such;
  • Printing type. one-sided or on both sides of the sheet (the latter is possible only manually)
  • Number of copies (optional)
  • Page orientation. portrait or landscape, but it is better to do this before setting up the print;
  • Page size. A4, A5, A3, etc. As in the case of orientation, this must be determined in advance so as not to disrupt the layout of the document. In addition, this feature depends primarily on the features of the printer;
  • Size and type of fields;
  • Number of pages per sheet.
  • Finished with the setting and, focusing on the preview window, After making sure it is correct, click on the “Print” button located at the very top.

    This is how easy it is to print documents in Word, but sometimes you can face much more serious tasks for the design and subsequent printing of text files. Their solution will be discussed further.

    Printing of non-formatted documents

    If a text document, like you are printing, has a standard A4 size and it is accurately formatted correctly, problems with printing it should not arise. But after all, Microsoft Word allows you to create non-standard text files, and often the process of printing them is fraught with a number of difficulties. Actually, the latter can arise even at the stage of creating a document of one format or another. We wrote earlier about the main ones, as well as the nuances of printing, just find the topic you are interested in in the list below, read the corresponding instructions, and as a result you will get a ready-made paper document of the required type. details:
    Create book format documents
    Creation of brochures and booklets
    Creating sizes other than A4
    Change the background of a document
    Create background and watermark

    The following article will help you to properly format a text document before printing it on a printer: : Formatting text in a Word document

    Solving possible problems

    Sometimes, when trying to print text documents, you can face all sorts of problems. Fortunately, the causes of most of them are easy to find and fix.

    The product does not print documents
    In the event of problems with printing, the first step is to check the equipment responsible for this simple process. Perhaps the point is its incorrect configuration or the lack of an up-to-date driver. Mechanical damage is NOT excluded. Find out the exact cause and get rid of it. The materials presented on the links below will help. details:
    Resolving problems with HP and Epson printers
    Printing documents to a printer in Windows

    Does NOT print only Word
    If, however, you are convinced of the operability and correct setting of the printing equipment, and even checked it in other programs, you can only blame Word. Sometimes this text editor itself unambiguously makes it clear that it cannot print documents (typical failures, errors), but it also happens that the problem is buried much deeper. in software or system components. Our detailed article on this topic will help to identify it and probably solve it. Read more: What to do if Word does NOT print documents

    Not all content is printed
    It also happens that a document is Printed, but some of the elements contained in its pages are NOT printed (for example, images, shapes, or a modified page background). In this case, you just need to check the print parameters and, if necessary, activate the disabled items in them.

      Open the “File” menu and go to the “Options” section.

    On the side panel, go to the “Display” tab (previously this section was called “Screen”) and in the “Print settings” block check the boxes next to those items whose description corresponds to what you want to print in addition to the main content of the document.

    Click “OK” to save the changes and try to re-initiate the printing process.

    As you can see, even the most serious problems with printing documents in Word can always be detected and eliminated. Strict adherence to the instructions outlined in the first part of the article will help to avoid them altogether.

    It will NOT be difficult to print a file in Microsoft Word even for an inexperienced user. over, this text editor allows you to create and print on a printer Not only standard document formats, and now you know how to do it.

    Why the printer can print black sheets

    Today we will talk about another frequency problem that may arise when a printer or an all-in-one printer is running. We are talking about the appearance of black sheets when printing. Of course, this happens extremely rarely, but still some users are forced to struggle and try to somehow fix this problem. Therefore, we will talk about the reasons why black sheets appear, and what to do in such a situation.

    Why black sheets appear when printing and how to deal with it?

    If the printer produces black sheets during printing, you should not immediately despair or give the device to a service center. You can try to fix the problem yourself at home. However, before proceeding with the “recovery work”, you must understand the reasons why the printer prints black sheets. There may be several of them:

    • OPC drum light. This is the most common reason. As you know, a photodrum (or photodrum) is a part of a cartridge to which information is transferred from a computer, laptop or other device. Information for subsequent printing. However, he is very sensitive to light. Therefore, all work related to the removal of this part is carried out in a dark room (sometimes toner replacement). Light accidentally hitting the drum can disable it, and this, in turn, can cause the appearance of black sheets. What to do in such a situation? Either replace the drum unit (since repairing it is too expensive), or wait a little. the sensitive layer may recover.
    • Contact part malfunction. For example, the contacts of the power supply on the cartridge itself are dirty. In some models, the spring-loaded contact begins to get stuck at all. It simply turns out 30-40 degrees due to improper operation. Let’s say the cartridge is often and unnecessarily pulled out of the printing device.
    • The wrong size paper is being used. For example, some users are trying to print on fax paper. However, it turns black when printed, even due to slight heating.
    • Corotron missing. Perhaps you gave the printer to a service center for repair or changed the ink yourself. At the same time, during such work, they simply forgot to install the charge roller (aka corotrons or input shaft) back.
    • The high voltage unit of the printer or other parts of the printer is out of order. Yes, do not discount the printing device. The printer, like any equipment, can break down. The high-voltage unit breaks down especially often. It is not difficult to diagnose a breakdown of the printing device itself. If possible, try inserting the cartridge into a different printer. If there are black sheets, then the matter is in the device itself.
    • A low-quality cartridge is used. Some models sin with their leaks. In total, some of the toner scatters, Marat and sheets during printing. Usually after a while, the printer starts printing normally. If, after 10-20 print sheets, black sheets continue to come out, then the cartridge should be replaced.

    Repair yourself or give it to a service?

    As you can see, there are many reasons why black sheets appear when printing. However, they are all easily diagnosed and eliminated. It should be remembered that this error is more typical for laser printers. By the way, from any manufacturer. be it HP, Samsung or the same Canon. Nobody is insured when black sheets appear when printing. over, most often such an error is detected after refilling the cartridge or other manipulations with the device.

    The actual question is whether it is worth immediately contacting the service center or is it better to try to restore the printer on your own. In our opinion, everything is obvious. You should try to eliminate the black sheets when printing yourself. It’s not difficult at all:

    • Check what paper is in the tray (to eliminate the possibility of using fax paper)
    • Clean the contacts (both printer and cartridge) and make sure they are working;
    • Try to restart the device;
    • Check if the cartridge is installed correctly, and if they forgot to put the input shaft, etc.

    If you have done all of the above, but the printer continues to print, then you should contact the wizard for help. After all, most likely, the problem is quite serious. out of order:

    • Photo drum;
    • Power Supply;
    • Controller board;
    • Laser assembly or some other important detail.

    Rules for printing documents on a printer

    It is very easy to get the printed text if you have some knowledge of working in a particular program. However, sometimes such knowledge may not exist and then the question arises. how to print a document on a printer. Let’s take a look at the details of such an important process.

    • The basics of printing. working with text files
    • How to print a photo or picture
    • Print directly from the Internet
    • How to print data from a smartphone
    • How to do duplex printing
    • Own book

    The basics of printing. working with text files

    First of all, to print documents on a computer, you need to find out if the program supports printing. However, this point is simple. most utilities have such an obvious function on all supported operating systems.

    As a start, let’s test the print job on the printer. To do this, you need to insert a letter, find a special button in the program of a specific printer model or on its very surface and press it. This process is called test printing, which helps to know before starting work if everything is in order with the printer. if there are errors, if ink is refilled.

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    Next, suppose we have text on our computer. As an example, consider the standard Windows text editor Word, since it is the most popular, and, most often, all other programs have a similar interface. Let’s open a text file that we want to print. This can be done using the key of the same name in the “File” section of the text editor, then you need to find our file and click on it. After that, click on “Print” in the context menu “File”.

    Now, one can finally answer the main question. how to print text from a computer to a printer. After clicking the “Print” button, a new window will open where you can configure printing features. In this window, you can select the number of sheets, sheet size, and more. To do this, click on the “Properties” button, then the selected printer for printing will appear. Here you can choose page dimensions with millimeter precision. Now everything is ready for printing documents and it remains to click OK to start the process. Remember to add sheets of paper as they disappear inside the machine.

    How to print a photo or picture

    Now it’s time to get acquainted with a more complex question, which nevertheless often arises in practice for many people. how to print a photo. In fact, the process is not much different from ordinary files and the rules remain almost the same, so if you can print texts on a printer, then the pictures will be easy to master.

    Changes are only a few features of the settings and the file processing program. Can be printed on paper as well as on special photo paper.

    It usually has special dimensions, similar in size to the A5. Such paper is divided into two types. matte or glossy. The choice of the specific of the two options is only a matter of taste, it is worth looking at both methods, choosing the most suitable one and printing the one you like.

    Now that we have configured all the necessary technical characteristics of the photos, we can start printing to the printer using a specific program. If we talk about Windows, then again we will talk about the standard picture editor. The interface is essentially not much different from Word. you also need to find the print button, which is located in the “File” menu.

    After finding such an icon and passing through the settings already familiar to us, you can print the pictures. Another lesson is over and, I hope, the reader understands that the question “how to print a picture?” you can answer succinctly “yes exactly the same”. To do this, just download the required file from the Internet or from another device and repeat all the above steps.

    Print directly from the Internet

    A situation often arises when you need to print documents found on the Internet on a printer. Many people may wonder. how to print a page from the Internet on a printer? Although most of the time the instructions will be the same, it is worth considering all the popular browsers today and understanding this important endeavor.

    • Google Chrome. to transfer information from the computer screen to a material form, just open the Google browser, find the required document and click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the window. Then click Print and the process will begin. If it doesn’t work, you can use the hot key combination. Ctrl P. Next, select the Required settings, our printer and click OK.
    • Opera. printing to a printer from a computer in this browser is also possible, and with very fast access. The only difference from Google Chrome is that you should not look for three dots, but gears, which will open the settings. What to do next, I think it’s not worth explaining.
    • Yandex. since the browser is similar to Google Chrome in most interior features, it will not be difficult to print a document. just apply exactly the same instructions.

    To continue, I think, is not worth it. on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (or now Microsoft Edge), setting up and starting the process is carried out according to absolutely similar rules, in browsers there are special pictures for the convenience of the user. Thanks to modern technology, printing is quick and easy.

    How to print data from a smartphone

    There are two main methods, depending on the specific printer model. It depends on the presence of a Wi-Fi module in the printer.

    The first option. let’s assume that your printer is modern and can connect to a Wi-Fi network, to which your smartphone is safely connected. Then, in order to print various files from the phone on the printer, it is enough to select the Required file, hold down for a long time and wait for the context menu, which will offer to print the selected one. You need to select a printer to print, set up printing characteristics and press Start.

    The second option is suitable for absolutely any printing device. Earlier, we learned how to print from a computer to a printer. Now it is enough to connect the smartphone with a USB cable to the computer, transfer the required files and repeat the above manipulations.

    As a result of some specific method, you will definitely be able to carry out your plans.

    How to do duplex printing

    Many works, such as coursework, require the material to be on both sides of the sheet. For such cases, you need to learn how to print from both sides.

    And this is done very simply. Earlier we figured out how to print text on a printer. Here we must act according to similar rules. We do everything according to the instructions that we learned earlier, but now, before pressing the print button, we will first check the operation mode. And there can be several modes, one of which is double-sided, while the default is normal printing.

    Now you can easily print the existing text on the computer, taking into account all the wishes of the user. The main thing is not to forget to turn over and insert the same sheet, and on the right side. Usually there are special pictures on the machine for the convenience of the user, but if they are not there, then you have to think for yourself. Place the end of the text you just printed on the paper output tray. Then we will get the correct work. Such a skill can help to print a book on a printer, but more on that later, in the article on how to print a document in the form of a book.

    Own book

    Now we have the text to write our own authoring material, we know how to write from both sides on the printer. Then we are completely ready.

    Selecting all the text, which will be the material for the book, go to the “Print” menu. Next, select the “Landscape” mode. The default is normal, portrait orientation, but books are usually horizontal. It is also important to select the print type “book” from the drop-down menu, which will automatically distribute the available text in the desired form for correct reading of the book.

    Now it is enough to use the tips that we have already mastered, namely double-sided printing, and everything is ready to release the book on the printer. You can create and show off your own books to friends.

    Thus, we learned how to perform absolutely all aspects of the printing business. With such a database of tips and instructions, you will never get into a mess and will be able to perform any required operation with documents!

    Printer HP does not print in black. What to do?

    Very often users are faced with the fact that the HP printer does not print in black. In truth, some people immediately panic. But you shouldn’t do that. Perhaps everyone who has a printer at all faces this kind of problems. But why is this happening? What to do in this case? Let’s try to understand our today’s unforgivable question.

    Damage to printheads

    The first option, which is quite common. This is damage to the printheads in the printer. In this case, even a new cartridge will work with the equipment. True, it can be difficult to diagnose the problem.

    Your HP 3525 printer does NOT print in black? Then it’s time to take your equipment to a specialized service center. Tell us about your suspicion of head malfunction. If the “diagnosis” is confirmed, then you will be offered a choice of several options for the development of events. First. Replacement of a broken part (often malfunctions can be corrected), second. Buying a new printer.

    Don’t panic. Damage to printheads is very common. And it’s not a fact that the HP printer does not print in black precisely because of this. If you first want to exclude simpler reasons, then you should postpone the visit to the service center for a while.


    The next scenario is great for home remedies. If the HP 5525 printer does NOT print in black, what to do. You don’t know, but you don’t want to carry the equipment (not only 5525, but also other models) to the service center, you can independently check what happened.

    Try to print a test document. Did not work out? Although the settings show there is black ink in the printer? Then try using a dedicated printer flushing solution. Drop it on the printhead and wait a little. After cleaning up, try again. Happened? Then it is no longer necessary to puzzle over why the device does not print in black. HP or whatever. Not important. The main thing is that the problem is found and fixed.

    But what if rinsing the head does not work? Of course, look for the reason for this kind of behavior somewhere else. Let’s try to figure out what else can cause this phenomenon.

    Sun paint

    The most commonplace. This is when the printer runs out of ink at all. With all this, the computer may NOT inform the user about this event. Then the HP 5525 printer does NOT print in black. What to do? By the way, this concerns not only the listed printer models, but all printing equipment. When it runs out of paint or has already run out, you will have to collect it and install it in the device.

    Quite often, the cartridge is simply replaced. This is done either independently or in service centers. In addition, some models of printers require direct refilling already. Installing the cartridge using a specialized syringe and ink. This procedure is carried out at home mainly.

    After you refill the cartridge, shake the equipment a little and check. HP 5510 printer does NOT print in black (or any other model)? Then the reason is not at all in the paint. The problem is resolved? Great, keep an eye on how much black ink you have left.

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    Poor refueling

    Sometimes, as practice has shown, printers refuse to print even after they have been “poured” ink of the corresponding color. In our case, black. This can be caused by a lot of problems. But often this is NOT anything else but a poorly performed process. What is it about?

    You or you have not fully inserted the cartridge into the equipment or poorly sealed the existing one. In this case, everything is fixed extremely quickly and easily. Insert the cartridge firmly into the printer. Until a light click. If you were “pouring” ink into the already inserted equipment, then you will have to take adhesive tape and stick it tightly to the “injection” site. So you can fix the situation with the printer’s refusal to print in black.

    After completing the steps, try to test the hardware operation. Often, for a while, you will no longer be bothered by problems with printing documents. But this does not always happen. Your HP 3525 printer does NOT print in black? What to do. Do not know? Then it is advisable to check some more rather interesting options for the development of events. And only then make a conclusion about the breakdown of the printer as a whole.


    If the printing equipment is not used very often, but suddenly it stops working, try cleaning the nozzles inside. Indeed, very often the prerequisite for such behavior is Nothing more than drying paint on these parts. In this case, your printer HP does not print in black.

    Don’t be scared. The nozzles are cleaned with alcohol and a cotton pad. Wipe them off and then let dry. Only then proceed with testing the printer. Users say that on most printing equipment, the nozzles have to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, it will soon refuse to work.

    It’s not that

    Also, problems can be observed in the case of using low-quality printed materials. This also applies to ink and cartridges, and even paper. Often, the HP printer does not print in black due to incorrect selection of components for this venture.

    To avoid problems, it is enough just to buy exclusively high-quality materials, as well as components identical to those inserted into the equipment. If there is a suspicion that you have not bought something correctly, then it is enough to take the printer to a service center for diagnostics. There you will quickly confirm or refute the put forward theories. So to panic when the equipment does NOT print in black is not worth.


    The last reason the HP 5510 printer does NOT print in black (or any other model). It is a computer problem. In particular, drivers for printing equipment. In this case, it is best to reinstall them. Anyway, reinstall the drivers immediately after the first manifestations of problems with the printer.

    After the action is completed, you will have to check your equipment. A test page will be printed. From it it will become clear whether the printer prints in black or not. Not very often, but reinstalling the drivers does help. Especially when the printer is brand new.

    Malfunctions and breakdowns

    If your equipment is still within the warranty period, then take it to a service center. There you should be diagnosed with a breakdown and offered a new similar printer or alternative options (cheaper or more expensive). As a rule, this is the only solution to the problem with a broken printer. A new model after setting it up on a computer will NOT give you any trouble.

    Advice for the future. Promptly clean the printer from dust and dirt, and monitor the amount of ink in it. This will help avoid many situations in which the equipment stops printing in black.

    What to do if the printer stops printing in black

    The fact that the device does not print in black is often encountered by users of these devices. Problems of this kind can be caused by various reasons. They are typical for HP, Epson, Canon and others. The most serious from the point of view of repair are mechanical damage to parts, for example, printheads. In such cases, you will need to seek help from the service center specialists. But most of the reasons are simple enough to eliminate on your own, without outside help.

    Damage to printheads

    Very often prints black in the printer due to damage to its printheads. It is quite difficult to determine this problem. If suspicions of this kind arise, it is better to take the used device to the manufacturer’s service center. When confirming damage to the printheads, there are two ways to solve this problem:

    • Replacement of an old part with a new one;
    • Acquisition of new printing equipment.

    But before contacting the service, you need to check other Possible reasons to exclude them. This will avoid unnecessary actions and possible costs if the device is not under warranty. Often in this way, the issue is independently resolved.

    Clogged printheads or dry nozzles

    The following common reasons for the printer to stop printing in black are:

    • Clogged printheads;
    • Drying paint into the nozzle.

    Clogged printhead nozzles

    Cleaning the printheads is carried out as follows:

    • Check the black ink level in the printer settings;
    • If available, perform a test printout;
    • When it did not bring any result. the print head is washed with a special solution;
    • Give the composition time to take effect (about 15 minutes);
    • Go to the settings of the printing device and select the head cleaning item;
    • After the process is completed, perform a test print of any document.

    If nothing happened the first time, then all the steps must be repeated again. When the second attempt did not bring the desired result, then you should deal with the nozzles. They often dry up with infrequent use of the technique. To remove dried paint from the nozzles, wipe them with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. Only after drying is the test document printed.

    When you get a satisfactory result, you can start working with the technique. Please note that nozzles and printheads need to be cleaned periodically to prevent clogging or ink drying.

    Lack of ink or incompatible ink

    The simplest precondition for the device to stop printing with black ink is the banal lack of ink. The computer may NOT notify due to various user failures in the incident. Solves the problem of adding ink:

    • About 2 cubic centimeters of paint are injected into the cartridge with a syringe;
    • Testing;
    • If the result is positive, then you can still add the same amount of ink and print documents.

    When refueling yourself, you should remember that in some models it can be done only after installing the cartridge in its place in the printer. For the procedure, you will need a special syringe.

    Also, the equipment used may NOT print in black if the ink used and applied are NOT compatible with each other. Therefore, before refueling, you should carefully study the label on the ink bottle. Such information is always indicated there.

    Replacing your cartridge with a new one that matches your model is an even easier solution to this type of problem. But doing refueling with your own hands will cost several times cheaper.

    Poor refueling

    It happens that after adding high-quality black ink, the technician still refuses to print. This may be due to a poor-quality refueling: the cartridge was incorrectly inserted or sealed. Then the malfunction is eliminated simply:

    print, printer, black
    • The cartridge is removed and reinserted into a click;
    • Before or after installation, the hole from the syringe needle is sealed with adhesive tape (adhesive tape);
    • Then check if the device works.

    All manipulations should be done carefully so as NOT to accidentally break anything.

    Disabling ink level control and zeroing the chip

    A number of printing equipment models are equipped with an ink level control function. Therefore, when the latter run out, the device does not print in black, it is blocked. To fix the problem, you must turn off the level control function. Do it in several ways.

    • When a message appears stating that the ink is low, then press the button responsible for the paper feed, hold it for at least 10 seconds.
    • You can go to the computer in the printer menu, select the “properties” tab there, deselect the item that allows two-way data exchange, confirm the actions.
    • For SEPARATE models, install special programs that reset the ink consumption counter, for example, iptool and mptool.
    • Zero the chip on the cartridge.

    Zeroing is recommended after self-refilling. To do this, use a programmer (resetter). You can also purchase disposable or auto-reset compatible chips that work on Select Models.

    There is a less costly way to reset the cartridge counter. for this, the Corresponding contacts are sealed. The problem of practical implementation is finding them. Different cartridge models use different contacts. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

    • Include equipment;
    • Take out a black ink cartridge;
    • They put it on the table, directing it with the nozzles towards themselves, and with the contacts. up;
    • Glue the upper left contact with tape;
    • Insert the cartridge, press “OK”;
    • Print out the verification document;
    • Take out the cartridge back;
    • Glue any contact on the bottom right;
    • The cartridge is installed in the slot;
    • Check the equipment performance;
    • Remove the cartridge and peel off the first contact;
    • Put it back in, expect recognition;
    • Then take out the cartridge and remove the second tape;
    • Wipe all contacts with cotton wool soaked in alcohol
    • Put back.

    After the performed manipulations, the ink identifier should show 100% of their level. If this did not happen, then you can try to glue the second time instead of one lower right contact at once 3 upper ones. All Further actions are carried out in the same way.

    Driver problems

    At home, you should also check the operation of the hardware drivers. In this case, they do the following:

    • Reinstall the Appropriate Programs;
    • Print test text.

    In order for the technique to serve for a long time, you should regularly clean the printheads and nozzles. You should also use compatible, high quality ink. If the equipment is idle, then once a month it is required to print any document to prevent ink drying. It is recommended to use several cartridges of each color, then after refilling they will be perceived as new.

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