How To Print The Last Document On A Printer

Setting options for printing an address on an envelope

First of all, you need to create a document in a text editor that will be understandable to the printer. It is convenient to do this using the Microsoft Word 2016 editor. Using this editor as an example, we will consider how to print the address on envelopes. Other SIMilar programs are also suitable, but when using them, nuances that are NOT considered in this manual may arise. For example, the programs may not have enough functionality and you will have to search and install additional utilities.

In Microsoft Word 2016 editor you will need the Mailings tab. I called her, you will see in the upper left corner an icon with the words “Envelopes”. In earlier versions, you may need to additionally use the “Create.” menu item and select the desired menu item already in it.

The program will prompt you to enter the recipient and sender addresses. But first you need to make settings.

At the bottom of the “Envelopes and Labels” window there is a “Options.” button. It has two tabs. “Envelope Options” and “Print Options”. We’ll need both.

Let’s choose the size of the envelope. Measure the length and width you have. Find the designation of the required format in the drop-down list. There are many of them, and the probability of finding the right one is high. If the required format was not found, then the very last item on the list will come in handy. “Custom size.”. Here you can enter the measurement results yourself.

The same tab allows you to select the size and typeface of the font, which the address will be printed with, but the time for aesthetics will come a little later. Now you need to set up printing.

In the “Printing settings” tab, the program will offer you 6 options for placing envelopes in the printer tray 3 transverse and the same longitudinal, 2 each on the left, right and in the center of the tray. Choose one of them and place the envelope strictly in accordance with the drawing. Necessarily Considering where it is up and where is down. If you are wrong about this, it is likely that it will be easier to correct the shortcomings with the help of the program, rather than the configuration of the paper position.

It’s time for a test print. Everything is good? Great, it’s time to fill out the address. Did not work out? Look for a mistake, it is either in the dimensions of the envelope, or in its location in the tray.

How to print an address on an envelope through a printer

In the age of information technology, paper letters seem to be a rarity, but even now in many organizations there is a need to send paper letters, and often in the form of mailing. Companies send documents to each other only in paper form. Direct marketing agencies use this method to deliver information to the addressee.

Business etiquette often involves sending personalized invitations to events. In all THESE and many other cases, the performer is faced with the need to write hundreds of addresses by hand, while accurately filling in the fields with the data of the recipient and the sender. The capabilities of modern text editors will help significantly save time and effort if you know how to print an address on an envelope through a printer.

How to create and print an address on an envelope using a printer

When all the necessary print parameters are configured and saved, you need to correctly write the data of the sender and recipient. After filling in the “Sender’s address” field, the program will offer to make it the default address and add it to the address book. Agree: the program will do half the work for you. By the way, if you have to change the address, you will be asked to remember it again.

The recipient data will have to be filled in manually, but you can certainly copy them.

After entering the addresses, click the “Add” button. The program will show the layout, where you can make edits in the same way as you format the text: change the font and size, break down the deadline, create a block to arbitrarily place it on the page. If you need to print the address on pictures with a picture, then formatting is especially relevant, and in addition, you will need a test print on white envelopes of the same size.

Printing on envelopes with some skill turns out to be much easier to double-sided. But if you can’t cope with the task in any way, you can try to solve it through the next menu. “Stickers”. The filling process is SIMilar in both cases, but when printing labels, it is impossible to make a mistake with the position of the paper in the tray, and the layout looks more understandable.

Program for printing WordPad text in Windows

Wordpad. It is a program for creating, modifying and saving text on a Windows computer. Supports the following text document formats: TXT, ODT, RTF. Texts created in this text editor can be decorated with different fonts. Symbols can be highlighted in color and have different Outlines. You can insert a picture or photo into the text.

The appearance of the WordPad program

The appearance of the text editor WordPad resembles Microsoft® Word, but contains a minimum of tools. There is a ruler at the top of the document. You can use it to set a red deadline in a paragraph. And the preview function will allow you to see the entire page.

How to print text on a computer

After purchasing a computer, users usually get a bare system with a minimal set of applications. How to print text on a computer if there is no text editor. AND NEWS users first of all starts looking for ways to install a Word from Microsoft. What do you need it for? Well, if you are really a professional, then you need this program. But why is she a beginner? To write a few lines of text and that’s it.

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The functionality of the office suite from Microsoft is huge and is needed for professional use. In order to write small notes and articles, a text editor is quite enough, which is already in the Windows system. You probably did NOT even suspect that you already have such a program. And no need to buy or use the unlicensed version.

Basic typing techniques

Print all or part of an individual document Print a range of pages On the File menu, click Print. In the Pages box, specify the portion of the document that you want to print. If you select the Numbers option, you must also specify the page numbers and ranges you want to print. Note. In addition, you can print the selection of the document. On the File menu, select Print, and then the Selection option.

Print only odd or even pages From the File menu, click Print. In the Print list, select Odd Pages or Even Pages.

Printing specified pages and sections It is possible to print specified pages, one or more sections (Section. The part of the document that has specified page formatting options. A new section is created when you need to change settings such as line numbering, number of columns or headers and footers.), As well as a range pages from one or more sections. From the File menu, select Print. In the Pages group, select the Numbers option. In the Numbers box, enter additional instructions for printing one of the following options. Multiple pages at a time Enter the page numbers, Separating them with commas. If you want to enter a range of pages, concatenate the hyphen with the first and last page numbers of the range. Example: To print pages 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8, enter 2,4-6,8 Page range within one section Enter p page number s section number. Example: To print pages 5 to 7 from section 3, enter p5s3-p7s3 whole section. Enter s section number. Example: Enter s3 Multiple Sections in Break Enter the section numbers, Separated by commas. Example: Enter s3, s5 Range of pages in multiple sections in a row Enter the range of pages along with the section numbers by concatenating the first and last pages of the range with a hyphen. Example: enter p2s2-p3s5

Printing a document in a different format printing a draft Draft mode does not print formatting and most of the graphics that slow down the printing speed. Some printers do NOT support this feature. On the Tools menu, select Options, and then the Print tab. In the Mode group, select the Rough.

Printing Document Pages in Reverse Order Document pages can be printed in reverse order, that is, the last page will be printed first. DO NOT use this mode when printing envelopes. On the Tools menu, select Options, and then the Print tab. In the Mode group, check the Reverse order.

Printing multiple pages on one sheet of paper To see how multiple pages of a multipage document will fit together, you can print the entire document on one sheet of paper. To do this, the pages are reduced to the appropriate size and grouped on one sheet. From the File menu, select Print. In the Scale group, select the option you want from the Pages per sheet list box. For example, to print a four-page document on one sheet, select the 4 pages option.

Printing to File Printing a document to a file allows you to print a document to any printer. For example, if you need to print a document using professional printing equipment, then you can print the document to a file, and then print on a printer that provides high resolution. Note. When printing to a file, you must first select the printer, such as PostScript, on which the file will ultimately be printed. From the File menu, select Print. In the Name list, specify the printer on which you want to print the document. Select the Print to file check box, and then click OK. In the Print to File dialog box, in the File name box, enter a file name. When printing to a file, the breaks into terms, pagination are saved (Page break. The place where one page ends and another begins. In Microsoft Word, automatic pagination is performed (inserting “soft” page breaks), but you can independently break the text across pages by placing “forced” (hard) page breaks.) and data on the fonts used.

Printing multiple copies or multiple documents Printing multiple copies On the File menu, click Print. In the Number of Copies box, enter the number of copies you want. Note. To start printing the first page of the next copy after the first copy of the document has finished printing, select the Collate check box. If you prefer to print all copies of the first page first, and then all copies of each of the following pages, clear this check box.

Printing multiple documents at the same time On the toolbar, click the Open button. Open the folder containing the documents you want to print. Select documents to be printed. Click the Tools button and choose Print.

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How to print a document on a printer ?

It is very easy to print a document on a printer if you are familiar with the program being used and it provides for printing. Below is a basic guide to printing documents for most programs and operating systems.

How to avoid printing problems

Make sure your printer is installed correctly. You will need a printer that is ready and capable of printing. This means it must be properly connected to the computer, all necessary drivers must be installed and the printer must be refilled with both paper and ink or toner.

Remember to plug in the printer and turn it on.!

In addition, you need to understand what type of printer you are using: inkjet or laser. These devices print in different ways, and some types of paper may work for some printers and NOT for others. It should also be borne in mind that most of the currently used home laser printers cannot print in color.

  • Choose the appropriate paper and ink. Before you start printing, you will need to decide what type of paper you want to use. Choose heavy paper for more formal documents (such as invitations or resumes), and thinner paper for flyers, leaflets, announcements, and other prints for rough use or mass distribution. Make sure the type of paper is correct for your printer. Paper must be placed in the Appropriate Tray before printing. You also need to determine in advance whether you need color or black and white printing.
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    Document printout

    Open or go to the document you want to print. You can open a document, such as a Word file, from the appropriate application, or by double-clicking in Explorer. If a document is already open, for example a web page, then SIMply click on the corresponding tab in the browser. Be that as it may, what you want to print should be open and visible on the computer screen. If the document is not open, it cannot be printed.

    If you need to print a web page, look for a link on it, which is usually indicated either as a printer icon or as a “Print version”. If the page contains links to a printable version, you may need to copy the content and paste it into a World document (although this is NOT absolutely required). Copy to Word document is especially true for printing emails (except Outlook).

    Go to the File menu. If there are print buttons on the program bar, Click on the “File” menu tab, which should be located at the top of the window.

    Preview the page. Preview allows you to evaluate how the printed document will look and make adjustments if necessary. In many programs, preview is turned on by default and opens after clicking on the “Print” button. If it is not enabled, you can click on the “Preview” button, or skip this step entirely.

    Click the “Print” button. In the “File” menu, select the “Print” command, and then the print menu will appear.

    Make settings in the print menu. In the print menu, select your printer, number of pages to print, landscape or portrait paper orientation, number of copies, etc. Make sure all settings are set to the position you want.

    Click the Properties, Printer Properties, or Preferences button. Find the button that will allow you to access the advanced settings. The window that opens will allow you to change the paper type, print quality, print type (color or grayscale), select one-sided or two-sided printing, as well as give access to a number of other options, depending on the equipment used. As you make all these adjustments, make sure you get what you want. When finished, click the “OK” button to return to the print window.

    Press the “OK” or “Print” button. In the print menu, after making sure all the settings are correct, just start printing by pressing the corresponding button.

    Useful Tips

    Print one page first. If you make a mistake or set the wrong print settings, you probably won’t need ten unusable copies. Therefore, before starting full-fledged printing, print only one page and make sure this is what you need.

    Monitor the ink or toner levels in your printer. DO NOT start printing large and important projects if you are not sure if you have enough dye to complete it.

    If printing DOES NOT start, Check if there is paper in the printer. Some printing devices have closed trays or multiple input trays. Therefore, it is better to make sure that there is paper in the correct tray.

    Basic Rules

    For modern users, the question is very important Not only to find the required information: diagrams, notes, illustrations, articles on the Internet, but also to print the content on paper in order to be able to continue working. Printing the content of a blog, site is slightly different from copying, because in this case you often have to edit the material transferred to a text editor.

    To avoid various amendments in the document, when the picture often goes over the edges, and the text is displayed incorrectly or with underlays, encodings, it is necessary to use printing. Another reason that pushes users to refuse copying is the inability to perform such an operation.

    To print a page from the Internet on a printer, the first step is to:

    • Turn on the computer;
    • Open a browser of your choice, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or another;
    • Check for the presence of dye or toner;

    This is a quick checklist of how to prepare to print international content.

    The ways

    It should be emphasized that there are no big differences when printing illustrations, text pages from the Internet in the process of using different browsers. For such purposes, you can select the default browser, for example, Google Chrome. The aLGorithm of actions is reduced to SIMple rules, when the user needs to select the text he likes or part of it with the left mouse button, and then the key combination will be called ctrlp. Here you can also view the print version and, if necessary, change the parameters. the number of copies, the removal of unnecessary elements and use additional settings.

    Another equally SIMple way is to open the menu with the right mouse button on the selected page on the Internet and select “Print”. The same can be done through the browser’s working interface. The entrance to the control panel for each browser is located in different places, for example, in Google Chrome it is located at the top right and looks like several vertical dots. If you activate this option with the left mouse button, a user menu will appear, where you need to click on “Print”.

    There is another method to print a picture, article or drawings. In essence, it is copying material with subsequent printing. To use this method, you need to select useful information on the site page with the left mouse button, press the ctrlc key combination, open a word processor and insert ctrlv into a blank sheet. Then turn on the printer, and in a text editor on the “File / Print” tab select “Print file information on paper”. In the settings, you can increase the font, sheet orientation, and more.

    Often on the pages of many sites you can find a very useful link “Print version”. If you activate it, the appearance of the page will change. In most cases, only text remains, and all sorts of images will disappear. Now the user will need to set the “Print” command. This method has a key advantage. the selected page is optimized for output to the printer and will be displayed on the sheet, in the word processor correctly.

    To print a document, text or fairy tale from the Internet, you can use another SIMple way. This requires:

    • Open a browser;
    • Find an interesting page;
    • Select the required amount of information;
    • Go to the settings of the printing device;
    • Set in the “Print selection” parameters;
    • Will start the process and wait for the printing to complete.
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    To print the content of pages directly from the Google Chrome browser, you need to open the menu. at the top right, you will left-click on several vertical dots and select the “Print” item. The letter preview mode is activated, which will be printed.

    In the interface menu, let’s set the number of copies, change the layout. instead of the “Portrait” parameter, select “Landscape”. If you wish, you can check the box next to “SIMplify the page” to remove unnecessary elements and save on paper. If you need high quality print, you should open “Advanced settings” and in the “Quality” section set the value to 600 dpi. Now the last step is to print the document.

    To print pages using the second popular browsers. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, in the Yandex browser, it is advisable to first find the context menu to call the required parameter. For example, to open the main interface in Opera, you need to name the left mouse button on the red icon O, located at the top left and then select “Page / Print”.

    In the Yandex browser, you can also activate the required mode through the browser interface. At the top right, left-click on the characteristic horizontal stripes, select “Advanced” and then “Print”. Here, the user also has the ability to preview the material. Next, configure the parameters as described above and start printing.

    However, there are situations when you cannot print a poem or a picture, because the author of the site has protected his content from copying. In this case, you can take a screenshot and paste the content into a text editor, and then use a printer to print the document onto paper.

    It makes sense to talk about another very interesting, but not the most popular way of printing the content of pages. printing with the connection of resources of the foreign, but free online service Printwhatyoulike. Com. The interface, unfortunately, is in English, however, working with the context menu is intuitive and will NOT cause any difficulties for users.

    To print a page, you must:

    • Enter the site address into the browser search bar;
    • Open an online resource window;
    • Copy the link into the free field;
    • Complete protection from bots;
    • Click on Start.

    We must pay tribute to the resource. Here you can set the printing of the entire page or any part of it, because the user has a small settings menu located at the top left side.

    How to print a page from the Internet on a printer?

    With the development of modern technology, it has become possible to customize the operation of the printer for virtually any task. Using the peripherals of the device, you can easily print the contents of a file located on a computer, smartphone, tablet onto a paper medium, as well as print an interesting web page directly from the Internet.


    If you need to quickly type any text from the Internet, it is advisable to use a combination of the above buttons. In the second examples, it makes sense to carefully adjust the print settings to get a high quality document.

    If you can’t print the content, you can try taking a screenshot and pasting it into a text editor, and then printing it. It is very easy to print the required page from the Internet. Even an inexperienced user can cope with the task.

    For details on how to print a page from the Internet, see below.

    Microsoft Outlook

    The procedure for sending letters to print from MS Outlook in an email program:

    • Select the letter you want to print;
    • In its menu bar, find the “File” section and the “Print” option in it;
    • If your computer has the ability to send printing to several printers, then at this step you will need to choose where to send a print request.

    The procedure for sending letters to print from MS Outlook in a web application:

    • Double-click the left mouse button on the letter you want to print. It will open in a separate window;
    • At the top of the new window, click the “Print View” button;
    • In the dialog box that appears, configure the appropriate set of parameters for printing

    How to print email on a printer

    In the modern world, communication has reached a new level. Now, letters are not only not written manually, but they are exchanged instantly. Thanks to e-mail You can not only quickly and beautifully congratulate someone on their birthday or other holiday, but also send important documents that often need to be printed.

    To access the e-mail, either a special mail program or a web application can be used. Let’s get acquainted with the options for sending letters to print from the Most popular mail applications.


    From a mailbox registered with Gmail, you can print both one letter and the entire chain of communication with a specific addressee.

    To print the content of one message, you will need:

    • Open the letter that you want to print on paper;
    • Press the button with the arrow, which is located to the right of the “Reply”;
    • Select the “Print” option in the window that appears, which will allow you to access the print settings and send the text of the letter to print.

    To print the entire chain of message exchange between addressees on paper, you will need:

    • Open the required dialogue;
    • Press the “Print All” button located on the right side in the window;
    • In the browser print window that opens in the menu bar, select the sequence of options “File → Print” or press the keyboard shortcut CtrlP.

    To print a letter in a mailbox registered to. It is necessary:

    • Select the letter whose text you want to print on paper;
    • Press the “Print” button located under the search bar in the Web application, or press the ShiftP key combination;
    • In the window of print parameters that appears, set the required set and click “OK”.
    How To Print The Last Document On A Printer

    As you can see, the output of the text of letters to print in almost all web applications is the same and very SIMple, therefore, having completed the Necessary sequence of actions once, there will be NO problems with printing letters.

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