How To Print To A Printer Via A Cord

How to print via the context menu

You can quickly print the finished text using the context menu. To call it, you need to find the required file for translation into paper form, then right-click on it.

Printing in any of the ways is only available when the printer is turned on: Make sure it is turned on in advance.

You will see a context menu of this document, in which you can click on the “Print” item. Activating the printer and printing the document will happen in the same way as in the previous method. without the possibility of setting.

Rules for setting up a printer to print from a desktop computer

To do a useful thing on an existing printer, it is important to connect the device correctly and set it up to perform its functions correctly. To do this, follow the instructions below.

There are several ways to connect the printer to a computer: using a USB cable, using a wireless connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or using a dial-up Internet connection. Today we will consider one of the most popular methods, which is customary to implement at home.

  • The first step is to start the PC and be sure to wait for the moment of its final boot (you can check this by responding to any operation, which should happen quickly enough after loading).
  • Then plug the power cord of the printer into an outlet, and the USB cable into the corresponding output of the computer system unit.
  • A notification about the search for a device will appear on the screen, and after the computer searches for the necessary drivers, you will receive a notification “The device is ready to use”.

If this message does NOT appear on the screen, then you will have to manually install the printer. To do this, insert the disc supplied with the printer into the drive, or download the driver for your device model from the Internet.

Many printing devices require additional software installation in addition to drivers.

Printers are responsible for the correct operation of the printer, as well as for high-quality printing, so pay special attention to this installation.

Next, a software installation wizard will appear in front of you, which will install the application in just a few steps with confirmation. Almost every printer model offers to print a test page at the end of the installation to make sure that the installation was done correctly.

Special cases of printing: output to the printer of pictures and pages from the Internet

It is often allowed NOT to convert information into a pure text format, but SIMply print it in the form in which you have it on your PC. Typically, such cases include the output to the printer of pages from the Internet or with the participation of Internet browsers. Consider several popular ways to print information.

How to print a whole page from a website without editing

Outputting information to a printer without additional formatting is one of the SIMplest options. To print a page from the Web, you need to right-click directly on the selected information, then select the “Print” item in the drop-down list.

You can, of course, make it easier: call the print menu using the keyboard shortcut CTRLP.

For pages from the Internet, it is better to use ink sparingly, which means that it sets black and white printing in the settings.

A window with settings opens in front of you, which clearly displays the number of output pages, the printing device used and other parameters, which can be edited if necessary.

Good to know!

If you use the virtual printer settings in Google Chrome or Yandex, then the print output time is halved. However, you must understand that the settings will differ depending on the type of browser.

We organize printing through the quick access panel

After finishing working with text in Word, it often becomes necessary to print text without additional settings. To carry out such an operation, follow our aLGorithm.

Illustration Action Description
Let’s find in our open file a checkbox at the top of the application, call the drop-down list, in which we select “Other commands”.
In the window that appears, select the “Quick Print” function, click the “Add” button, then confirm my actions by clicking on the “OK” button.

After these actions, a quick print icon will appear in the top panel. If you click on it, your document will automatically go to print without the possibility of previewing, therefore it is recommended to carefully check the document for errors before clicking the button.

How to print a document on a printer on both sides

To perform duplex printing on a printer, you can either use Word to set it up or take action using options in the printer itself. They are set differently for each device model. For example, we recommend that you watch the demo. Which our experts have selected for you.

All ways to print text from a computer to a printer Professional printing in your home

Table of Contents

  • 1 What can be printed on a home printer
  • 2 Rules for setting up a printer to print from a stationary computer
  • 3 How to print and print text on a computer with a printer installed
  • 4 What is print preview and what is it for
  • 5 Ways to print text from a computer: solving problems in different ways
  • 6 Special cases of printing: output to the printer of pictures and pages from the Internet
  • 7 Why the printer does not print: find problems with the device
  • 8 Problem solving using the example of the Epson Stylus TX210 / 219 printer
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Ways to print text from a computer: solving problems in different ways

Printing text documents It’s possible not only with applications that allow you to format text. Our experts have selected several more ways that you can produce on a personal computer.

What can be printed on a home printer

You can’t even imagine how many opportunities open up before you when you have a color printer in your house, and even a multifunction printer. With this device, you can easily convert electronic pictures, photos and text into printed form. The main thing here is to correctly set the parameters for printing. both for the object itself and for the printer as a whole. In addition to such basic printouts, which even a beginner can handle, your device can implement several more incredible functions.

  • Fun activities for children, such as colored pictures with assignments or mazes. Of course, this takes a lot of ink, but you can tweak the settings and arrange black and white printing. This is especially suitable for those who know how to work in a graphics editor.
  • Monthly baby stickers. They are usually made in delicate shades, so they will not consume much colored paint. In doing so, you must select the right paper for your printer model to ensure the clarity and durability of the image.
  • Portraits and interesting toys for children. Usually such templates can be found on sites dedicated to developing crafts. You can download and send for printing animals, insects and any items you need to get acquainted with the world around you.
  • Paper dolls with clothes for girls. Remember how we, parents, in childhood played with such dolls and independently built a house for them, dressed them? Now all these treasures can be found directly on the Internet and printed as templates.
  • Different ideas for crafts, again with children or for a competition. Print out and keep in front of you the instructions for doing Hand-Made.

Good to know!

If your printer has high-quality ink and is easy to refill, then you can print things and more serious, from the restoration of old photos, ending with the implementation of printing on fabric.

Printing text documents

When the document is completely edited, all typos have been corrected and the necessary footnotes have been added, all that remains is to send the document to print. This can be done using the hotkeys CtrlP.

In the window that appears, you can select:

  • Number of file copies.
  • Printer.
  • Print type: whole document, single pages, or specific spacing.
  • Printing type: single-sided or double-sided.
  • Page orientation. There are several options for how to print a page: portrait or landscape.
  • Sheet format.
  • Set fields.
  • Number of pages per sheet.

After the Appropriate settings have been made and the printer is turned on, the user can only press the “Print” button and wait until the machine does NOT give out the finished sheets with text.

How to print text on a printer: connecting a device and installing drivers

Any file can be printed using a laser or inkjet printer, black and white or color. The paper is placed in a special tray, a print command is sent to the computer, and after a while a finished document is in the user’s hands. This is how it is. In theory. In practice, almost all printer owners face problems related to how to print text on the printer.

So, the new device has been bought and delivered home. The power cord is plugged in, but the product still does not print text. Many people immediately call friends or craftsmen to fix the problem. But don’t panic.

First you need to check if the printer itself is connected to a personal computer. A special cord is usually supplied as standard. Also modern printers support Wi-Fi connection. It is enough to set the Appropriate settings and print files from any device connected to the network: computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Next, you need to install the drivers for the printer. The manufacturer includes a special disc with the device. But if it is lost, then you can find the drivers on the manufacturer’s official website. After installation, you can proceed to solving the problem sounded above. How to print text on a printer?

How to print text on a printer: Step by step instructions

Storing any information on paper is a more reliable option than making copies to your hard drive or cloud storage. The password from such a copy will NOT be lost, and the file will not be accidentally deleted from the hard disk.

There are many situations when a paper version of a document, photograph or file is needed. Submission of work at the university, printing out sheet music and tablature for playing musical instruments, printing photos. And of course, only paper versions of documents are certified by Real Estate.

Printing images

Often users are faced with a situation when it is necessary to print an image, and not being part of a text document. To print a picture on a Color printer or black and white, you need to right-click on the image. From the drop-down menu select “Print”.

The next step is setup. A dialog box appears in front of the user, in which you can make changes when printing. So, you can change the paper size and type, print quality. Also, the user can choose the location of the image on the sheet: full page, half sheet, quarter, and so on.

If the printer, like the image, is in color and the final printout is to be black and white, the user will need to go to Options and select Printer Properties. In the pop-up window, select “Specify a print cartridge”. Here you can choose what kind of image will be: color or monochrome.


Printing text files is more difficult. Before you understand how to print text on a printer, you need to familiarize yourself with a function such as “Print Preview”.

Before the start of printing, it is worth conducting a control check how the text will fit on an A4 letter. That’s what a preview is for. In the latest versions of the Word text editor, it is automatically turned on after pressing Print or the CtrlP keyboard shortcut. In older versions, you must use the combination CtrlF2.

Here the user can see how the document will look on paper. And if the need arises, correct the margins and select pages for printing.

Additional print options

Before printing an important document on a Color printer or monochrome, experts recommend that you carry out a test print. Preferably colored. This will help you determine which printer settings need to be changed.

To open the printer settings, you must:

  • Enter the Start Menu.
  • Drive into the search bar “Printers”.
  • Select “Printers Scanners”.
  • Click on the active device and select “Manage”.
  • Named for “Print Settings”.
  • In the “Home” tab change “Print quality” and “Color / intensity” in the appropriate values.
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You can change the parameters with any print. It is also important to occasionally clean the nozzles for better print quality.

Connecting a mobile phone to a printer via Wi-Fi

One of the most convenient technologies for connecting to a printer from a mobile phone is wireless Wi-Fi. Its advantage is that it is not necessary to be physically close to the printer to print. Also, no wires are needed to connect with the device.

What is needed to connect an Android phone to a printer via Wi-Fi:

  • The printer has a Wi-Fi adapter;
  • Connect your mobile device and printer to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • Install Android application to connect to a printer.


The second popular printing method is Bluetooth pairing. The aLGorithm is as follows:

  • Open a page in the Chrome browser or a photo in the gallery.
  • Find the Share button in the menu.
  • Click Bluetooth and select your printer.
  • Send your document to print.

Not all documents can be printed with android in this way. If the Bluetooth icon is not available in the “Share” menu. alas, you will have to look for another option.


A SIMple application with an intuitive business interface. Prints photos, maps, Instagram posts, web pages. We could not find it in the Play Market. Can be downloaded from the official website of the developer. for instructions on how this program works, see the end of the article.

What to do if the phone does not see the printer?

The main reasons why a connection might NOT work:

  • Printer incompatibility with smartphone.
  • Incorrect software configuration.
  • NOT a suitable driver.
  • Software errors.
  • Bad connection of cable and adapter.

Samsung Mobile Print

Free application to print photos, documents, web pages from your smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to scan through the MFP and save in JPG, PDF or PNG formats for quick and easy viewing on a smartphone.

Supports Android, iOS, iPod Touch and Tablet PC. Connects the mobile device to the network to which the Samsung printer is connected, or to a wireless printer via a Wi-Fi hotspot. There is no need to install additional drivers. Compatible printers are automatically detected.

How to Print from Android Phone to Printer

Author: Yuri Belousov 07/18/2019

Topic: How to print a document, photo, text from Android phone to printer via Wi-Fi, USB or computer.

Despite the fact that we live in the age of digital technologies and paper media are gradually losing their relevance, they still have NOT completely outlived their usefulness. And sometimes people still have to face the need to print a document or photo. But now it is much easier to do it, there is a need to use auxiliary intermediate means or devices in the form of a computer, laptop, USB-stick or a second removable drive. You can easily print from Android phone to printer directly. And in this article we will figure out how to do it.

Direct USB connection

If your printer only works with a USB cable, try connecting it to your phone with an OTG-USB cable. The order is:

  • Make sure the printer and phone are turned on.
  • Connect their USB-OTG cable.
  • The Print Service Plugin window appears on the Android device.
  • Click “OK” to activate.

Branded applications for printing from Android phone to printer: download

For printers of well-known brands such as HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung and others, there are branded applications for printing from Android devices.

They are much more functional than “Virtual Printers” from Google, they have more settings and different configurations for printing documents and photos.

Download branded applications for:

Wireless Printing Applications

If you do not want to bother with setting yourself, entrust all the work to the program. I will show the 6 best apps for 2020 here, but there are a lot of them in the Playmarket. It may be better to choose software for your device.

Wi-Fi printing

Printing from a phone via Wi-Fi can also be attributed to the easiest ways. The main thing is a router and a smartphone Must have a direct air connection, be within line of sight, so that nothing could interfere with the connection.

In order to print photos from your phone, it is better to use the “Wi-Fi Direct” function. All modern smartphones and printers support it. You can enable it in the advanced settings of the wireless network. To connect to the printer from your phone, you need to start the Wi-Fi search and go to the settings, and then to “Wi-Fi Direct”.

The search procedure will then begin. The found devices will be displayed on the screen. It remains only to select the one you need to start the connection process. Next, you need to select a photo for further printing or scanning MFP.

You can connect from a smartphone as follows:

  • Find a sticker with a code on the body of the router. As a rule, the combination consists of 6-8 numbers or letters.
  • Connect the WPS function on the router. There is a special button for this. It is usually located at the back of the case. Alternatively, the function can be connected via a PC. To do this, you must enter the address in the browser, “admin” is used as the default password.
  • Enable WPS mode on the printer with the corresponding button.

Now all that remains is to set up the printing itself. For most Android smartphones, modules must be installed to print images. This can be done by going to the “Settings” and selecting “Print”. After that, the “Play Market” will open, where all available applications will be collected.

To print a photo from your phone, you need to install a module from the corresponding manufacturer. For example, in “HP” you can print a photo if you install the ePrint application and add your printer to it.

The print request can be stored on the server for up to 24 hours if the connection to the device is not available. The same is with other firms. In HP it is also necessary to register the device on the website so that it will be assigned a unique electronic number. It will be displayed in the control panel.

How to Print a Document from Your Phone to a Printer: From Connectivity to Troubleshooting

Hello everybody! Printing a photo from your phone is NOT a problem now. This can be done both through a PC and using various applications that allow you to control the printer. Modern smartphones, in addition to high-quality photos, can print images. And so: how exactly from the phone to print on a printer: a picture, photo or document. you will need to figure it out in more detail for those who do not yet know about the main methods.

  • How to print an image using USB
  • Wi-Fi printing
  • WPS
  • How to print a photo from your phone via cloud storage
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How to print an image using USB

It’s easy to print photos via USB directly from your phone to a printer. All you need is a cable and a USB port for the printer. Setting up your phone and printer can be done just as easily. OTG adapter may be required. Brief instruction:

  • Make sure both devices, smartphone and printer are turned on.
  • Connect the phone to the printer using the “USB-OTG” cable.
  • The machine displays the Print Service Module window.
  • Click “OK” to activate the module and start choosing an image for printing.

In some cases, it is possible to identify the phone as a regular storage device with files. So the user can only select the desired images and print the document without a computer.

Also, it may be impossible to connect the phone via USB due to: hardware incompatibility, the presence of software errors in the application, or SIMply uninstalled drivers.

How to print a photo from your phone via cloud storage

To print, you need to install the “Virtual Printers” plugin. It can be found and downloaded from the Play Market. Working with Google Drive will be given as an example. Therefore, to perform further manipulations, the user may need to create a Google account in order to get access to the cloud storage. You will also need to link your printing device to your account. For this you need:

  • Open Chrome Browser.
  • Enter in the address bar: “chrome: // devices”.
  • Find a printer in the list of new devices.
  • Click on “Customize” next to its name.
  • In the window that appears, click on the “Register” button.
  • Follow further instructions.

Now the instructions for printing a photo:

  • Install plugin.
  • Open gallery.
  • Find photo.
  • Click on the “Share” button.
How To Print To A Printer Via A Cord

  • Select “Save to Disk”.
  • Go to Google Drive.
  • Open the image you want to print.
  • Click on the context menu button (looks like three dots).
  • Click on “Print”.
  • Click “Select printer”, specify the number of sheets and type of paper.
  • Click on the “Add” button.
  • Select print service.
  • Wait for the search to complete.
  • Choose your printing device.

Remote printing to a printer via the Internet

Remote printing using the Internet can be done in one of the ways to send a file to a PC connected to a printer. via a messenger, cloud. Naturally, this method is for isolated cases, and for permanent work in a large company this cannot be put on stream.

Adding a printer

To get started with this service, you first need to connect to your Google account the equipment that is connected to a laptop running on Chromebook OS, Windows. Mac. On the device, you need to open Chrome and log into your Googl account.

Then you need to go to the settings, which are in the browser. Here in the search engine we find “Google Cloud Print”. Click “Configure”. Now we press “Add equipment”.

A list of devices will open, which are designated in the OS as hardware. In unnecessary devices, uncheck the boxes and leave only the required equipment. In order for all devices connected to the main PC to be tied up in automatic mode under this account in the future, and to be able to use them for remote access, you need to check the box for automatic connection of printers. Then click “Add equipment”.

Then go to the “Manage Printers” menu. Through this menu, go to your Google account. After that, it will be possible to enter it by indicating the name of the service in the search engine or by clicking on the button to go to the account on its page. Work printer added.

How to print to a printer over the Internet

To be able to print files on remote equipment, which is located anywhere, Google has developed an option. “Google Cloud Print”.

Connecting the Printer to a Remote Desktop

For the device to be available to those who use the local network, you must first configure it. To do this, you need to add to the corresponding group all PCs for which access is required.

  • Make sure that the printing equipment connected to the host computer is working: for which you need to print a test page;
  • Set up general access on computers included in the group, then specify the name of the equipment;
  • Remove password that protects access, and save.

Setting up remote access to the printer

Before connecting to a remote PC, you need to make settings. Then, when connected to a computer, the printer will be able to print files located on remote PCs.

All the specified data is saved so that during the subsequent connection they do not need to be changed:

  • Go to the menu “Connect to remote computer”.
  • Click on “Options” and go to “Local devices”.
  • Check “Printers”.
  • To get started, click “Connect”.
  • After that, you need to make sure that the selected device is in the “Print” menu when transferring.

Remote printing

On Mass laptops, only web pages that have the Print function are sent to print. At the same time, with Windows, you can remotely print from a web page in a browser window, even separately located files that are open by Windows.

Remote device support in the operating system is provided by software. The application is free and is located on the site of the same resource. On your service page, you need to go to the Applications menu, after that you need to find Windows in the list of devices. Devices and through the link download the application.

The software is installed on the system like any other application. The app supports all Windows versions.

For all Windows devices there is a requirement. the installation of an authorized Chrome. You need to log in from the account that is connected to the equipment.

Then we do the same as during the usual sending of the page for printing: the document is opened in the required application and SIMply printed. You need to make sure that the remote equipment is specified in the settings.

When the file is sent, the Chrome tab automatically opens, in which you need to specify the required remote equipment.

Setting up equipment over the network is very easy and does NOT take much time. The most important thing is to correctly configure the devices by finding the required software and open access to the required hardware. There are big differences when installing in different versions of Windows.