How to print to a printer via a phone

How to set up Epson Email Print (Cloud Print)?

  • Download Epson E-Print and install it on your computer;
  • Connect your printer and PC to the same wireless network;
  • Register your Epson printer on a special server (the driver will automatically request registration during the installation process);
  • Attach the document or photo you want to email and send it to the device’s email address you received. The letter and its attachments will be printed on your printer.

Device compatibility

MFP for printing color A3 documents with a record low cost per page

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Printing wirelessly with Epson Connect

Epson Connect is a service that provides extensive wireless capabilities for Epson devices from tablets and smartphones. Print and scan documents and photos remotely using Epson iPrint and Epson Email Print.

Print from anywhere with Epson!

Wi-Fi wireless photo printer with record low cost price

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print allows you to print cloud using a Google server.

You can find out more information here.

Branded application of the smartphone manufacturer

Many smartphones and tablets have built-in functionality for printing documents and photos. World-renowned smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei have made sure that the print app is available on the Android operating system.

Here we are talking about an app preinstalled on the Samsung Galaxy A50. If your smartphone was created by another company, then you have to use a different program, although the actions will be similar. The option is not excluded when the device does not have utilities intended for printing at all. In this case, proceed to the method described in the next section. installing a universal app.

  • To print a photo or document, you need to select the appropriate menu item. In our case, we opened a snapshot, clicked on the ellipsis in the upper right corner, and then got access to the corresponding button. You may need to press the Share button beforehand.

Next, you will be taken to the “Prepare for Printing” window. It is implemented differently on smartphones from different manufacturers. But the essence is the same: you choose the required number of copies, the color of the print, whether it should be two-sided, the number of pages, the orientation and size of the paper.

The next step is to click the “Select Printer” button. If you are doing all this for the first time, then, most likely, you will additionally have to click “All Printers”.

In the next window, you need to click the “Add Printer” button. Now, finally, you will get access to the services pre-installed on your smartphone. We have already installed additional programs, so our list is very rich. By default, Samsung smartphones have only the “Samsung Print Service Module” and “Default Print Service” (similarly to devices from many other manufacturers). We choose the first.

If your printer is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, then it should be detected by the application automatically (Wi-Fi Direct technology is used). In some cases, you will need to enter the IP address of the printer (if it is connected to a router). You can find out the IP in the admin panel of your router.

If you connected the printer to the router via USB, then the program will be useless, as with the OTG connection to the smartphone itself. In this case, you will need to install a third-party program.

Versatile smartphone printing application

If you use an atypical connection between the printer and a smartphone (for example, via a USB cable) or you are not satisfied with the pre-installed application (or it is not available at all), then welcome to Google Play! There are many versatile utilities to be found here. For example PrintShare. In our example, we will use the NokoPrint program.

Printing from Android smartphone via OTG connection

  • Install the NokoPrint app.
  • Connect the printer via OTG cable (if it is not equipped with a Wi-Fi module).
  • After connecting, run the program.
  • If you see a request to connect a printer, then click “Accept”, “Allow” or “OK”.
  • In the main window of the application, you should see the name of your printer (or the name of the series to which it belongs). In this case, you can proceed to the next steps. But it is possible that you will see the corresponding request later. it all depends on the version of the program and the specific smartphone.
  • Click “Photos or Pictures” if you want to print an image, or “Documents” if you are preparing some text material for printing.
  • Next, you will be taken to the file manager. Select the images or documents you want to print. When you have selected them, click the “Select” button. If there is only one photo, then just click on it once.
  • Next, you will be taken to the pre-press window. If you have started the program for the first time, you must press the corresponding button to select the printer on which the process will be carried out. The printer should be looked for in one, two or all three tabs. it all depends on what types of connection it supports.

    • The first contains the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network;
    • In the second, you can find a printer that supports Bluetooth connectivity;
    • In our case, the third tab is interesting. it should contain the printer connected at the moment with a USB cable.
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    How to Print from any printer in Android Phone With USB Cable। Print from mobile to Canon Printer

    You may also be asked about the driver. Select “Use Generic Driver”.

    When you have selected a printer, it’s time to click on the button that serves to go to the print settings.

    Here you can select the paper size, image position, number of copies and some other parameters.

  • Now all that remains is to press the blue “Print” button! The document is immediately sent to the printer, the printing process will start in a few seconds. You can exit the program.
  • How to Print from Android Phone to Printer

    How to print documents from an Android smartphone to a printer

    An increasing number of people in everyday life use a smartphone, which allows you to solve many tasks, replacing a computer. But what if you need to print a document? Looking for a print shop? Give it up! You can use the printer without a PC! Let’s find out how to print photos and documents from your phone to a printer.

    Connection methods

    To print a document from an Android smartphone, you must first connect the printer correctly. And this is a topic for a separate material, here we will briefly go through the main types of synchronization with a printer:

    • The device is connected to the router via “twisted pair” or via Wi-Fi, which means that it is a local network node and has its own IP address.
    • The printer is connected to a smartphone via Wi-Fi. in this case, Wi-Fi Direct technology is used (as if you decided to distribute the Internet from one smartphone to another).
    • The printer is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. this type of equipment communication is similar to a Wi-Fi connection, but a different wireless technology is used.
    • The device is connected to a smartphone via a USB cable. this can be done using an OTG adapter. Many modern models in this case calmly define the printer.
    • The printer is connected to the router using a USB cable. the worst option. Most likely, in this case, none of the applications will help you, you will have to print only from the computer.

    Depending on the method chosen, this or that application will be used for printing. However, there are also universal programs that will be considered in this material.

    Print apps from printer manufacturers

    If the development of the creators of the smartphone does not suit you (for example, Samsung Mobile Print provides a small number of settings), and you do not like the universal program, then you can try to install the application from the manufacturer of your printer:

    • Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY. provides not only a print function, but also a complete prepress preparation. In particular, you can create a collage from several pictures at once on one sheet and perform other actions. And if you have an MFP, then you will have access to scan and copy functions.
    • Epson iPrint. also provides access to most of the functions of a printer or MFP. The disadvantage is the English language of the menus and settings. Also, the application may not see some older Epson printers, even though they support Wi-Fi.
    • HP Print Service Plugin. installed by default on many Android smartphones. Provides the simplest prepress, nothing more.
    • Brother iPrint Scan is a good application that allows you to take advantage of almost all the functionality of your connected Brother machine, from printing to faxing. Application interface. English.

    On Google Play, you can find programs from less well-known or more highly specialized manufacturers. For example, let’s not forget about Xerox. a brand that is now focused on professional printers.

    As you can see, the process of printing a document from Android is not difficult at all. Often, you don’t even need to install additional apps for this, as the smartphone manufacturer could take care of you.

    Information available for printing from a mobile device and tablet

    You can print files from a smartphone to a printer in different ways.

    If you have a printer with built-in wireless connectivity, you can print everything that is available for traditional PC printing from a mobile or tablet. That is, you can send any Word file, photos and pictures, archived files (regardless of the type of archive), web pages, emails, SMS messages, call lists, etc. to print from your phone.

    Note! You can print this or that information from any modern phone, regardless of its operating system. This is because any OS, be it iOS, Android or Windows, supports the function of transferring data to printing equipment.

    Digital Printing Apps for iPhone

    To print data from iPhones, the Apple airPrint program is often installed. With its help, you can send both text documents and photographs for printing. The interface is quite user-friendly and simple. There are also no complaints about the application itself. However, Apple airPrint still has one drawback. this is the need to purchase special equipment.

    Handy Print, Printer pro, Epson iPrint, HP ePrint Enterprise and others are also used for printing from iPhones.


    The PrinterShare application greatly enhances the user experience. And thanks to it, you can print data both from the clouds and when connected via Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth.

    There are also no restrictions on the file format for printing. Therefore, you can print absolutely everything: from Word text documents to emails and calendar events.

    Printing via USB cable

    Printing from a phone via a USB cable is one of the most common methods, as it is convenient and familiar. And a USB cable, as a rule, is also a charger, which is always at hand.

    The USB connection option is available to all iPhone and iPad users, regardless of the iOS version. And the owners of Androids must make sure that the version of the operating system of the device is at least 4.0. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this method and connect to the printing device.

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    Printers, in turn, must have an appropriate connector. If not, use an adapter. Either connect your smartphone to a PC or laptop and use the computer as a host.

    USB can be used as a smartphone charger

    The process of pairing the device to the printing equipment itself is quite simple:

    • Connect the USB cable to the smartphone and printer, respectively.
    • Receive connection notification. It can be a beep or a marker on the phone screen.
    • Then, using the previously installed software, send the files for printing. If there is no such application, install it. Recommended utilities for installation. Brother iPrintScan, PrinterShare, etc.
    • Press the “Start” button on the printer to start printing.

    Important! If printing does not start, you need to check the cable connection, restart the application and then repeat the process again.

    Virtual printer

    This is a free Google cloud printing application. With its help, the user can easily send data for printing. over, by logging into the Google account to which the printer or MFP is connected, through this program, you can receive information about the queue of files for printing, and manage the order of these documents. It is also allowed to perform various settings, etc.

    In order to print data through a virtual printer, you need to do the following:

    • Open the program and click on the “printing equipment” icon.
    • Specify the path to the document for printing.
    • Click on “Send file”.
    • Mark the required printing device for printing.

    Note! Using this utility, you can simultaneously manage multiple printers from different Google accounts.


    PrintHand is one of the more popular GooglePlay apps. Optionally similar to the previous PrinterShare utility, however, it has a more convenient and simplified interface. For this application, you can download the official software for popular brands of printing equipment, such as Samsung, Epson, HP, Kyocera, Xerox, etc.

    Printing files using cloud services

    Some modern printers are endowed with such technological features, thanks to which their users are able to print any information from devices remotely, that is, being even tens of kilometers from the printing equipment. This method is carried out using cloud services, provided that the printing equipment is working at that moment and its Internet connection is active.

    Wireless connection

    If your device has the ability to print wirelessly, it makes things easier. Consider two options.

    Even if you don’t have a router or network to connect, you can print from mobile devices to some printers using Wi-Fi Direct. The phone and printer must be on the same network or have a direct air connection. Wi-Fi Direct must be enabled.

    Not all devices are compatible with this technology. Individual firms release their own applications: Samsung Mobile Print, HP Smart, Canon Print, etc.

    To add to the print service, you need the printer’s IP address.

    PrinterShare Service

    Print documents (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XSLX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, TXT) from SD card and Google Docs, Gmail, photos, contacts, agenda, SMS / MMS, call log and web pages directly from phone to local or network printer.

    Printing via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB cable without PC. If your printer does not support or does not have this capability, you can install the software from the developer’s website and share the printer (Windows only).

    If you print to a remote printer that is connected to a PC, you also need to install software on it and share it.

    I selected Google Cloud Printer and tried printing a photo. At first, a red light near the printer was on and printing did not work. Restarting the laptop helped, I think it caused a failure in the print queue. Retry was successful, the indicator was green. the printer was online.

    At the first attempt to print, a warning appears that the free version has limited functionality. But even he has several options for using the program, which should be enough for an ordinary user.

    How to print documents and photos from your phone: a practical guide

    Sometimes a document comes to the mail that needs to be shown to the authorities tomorrow. Or is it a certificate that is needed in paper form. Or a poem in MMS that needs to be saved for memorization. But here’s the bad luck. there is a phone with a document and a printer on hand. But there is no computer. How to be?

    The phone for many is the main tool that stores photos, books, notes, videos. Therefore, I decided to write this article as a guide. In it I will tell you how to print a document from a phone to a printer via a wire and via wi-fi.


    In some cases, the printing device you are using may not be compatible with your smartphone or Android version, even if it supports wireless technology. To check, go to the manufacturer’s website. If the device is old, use a USB cable.

    Wireless Printing Applications

    If you don’t feel like bothering with setting up yourself, entrust all the work to the program. I will show the 6 best apps for 2019 here, but there are a lot of them in the Playmarket. It may be better to choose software for your device.


    Restart all devices first and try to print again.

    Make sure that the distance between the gadgets does not exceed the allowable air connection. Values ​​vary and depend on the model, target 20 meters for a concrete building with partitions.

    Outdated firmware is another common cause of detection problems. Install the latest update.

    If you are printing via USB, check the cable for possible damage. The OTG adapter may also be buggy or loose.

    Phone Printing

    Click the three dots icon at the top of your phone browser and select Share. Then click on the print icon and you will be taken to a preview page with a list of possible devices.

    Make sure you have Cloud Print, a dedicated application from Google, installed. Nothing will work without him.

    Select the device that was added in the previous paragraph. Check the pages you want and click on the yellow printer icon. After that, the files will be uploaded to the Cloud Print servers, and from there will be sent to your device.

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    Solving Potential Problems

    Sometimes, when trying to print text documents, you can run into all sorts of problems. Fortunately, the causes of most of them are easy to find and fix.

    Printer does not print documents
    In case of problems with printing, the first thing to do is to check the equipment responsible for this simple process. Perhaps the point is its incorrect configuration or the lack of an up-to-date driver. Mechanical damage is also possible. The materials presented on the links below will help to determine the exact cause and get rid of it. details:
    Resolving problems with HP and Epson printers
    Printing documents to a printer in Windows

    Only Word does not print
    If, however, you are convinced of the operability and correct setting of the printing equipment, and even checked it in other programs, you can only blame Word. Sometimes this text editor itself unambiguously makes it clear that it cannot print documents (typical failures, errors), but it also happens that the problem is buried much deeper. in software or system components. Our detailed article on this topic will help to identify it and probably solve it. Learn more: What to do if Word won’t print documents

    Not all content prints
    It also happens that a document is printed, but some of the elements contained on its pages are not printed (for example, images, shapes, or a changed page background). In this case, you just need to check the print parameters and, if necessary, activate the disabled items in them.

      Open the “File” menu and go to the “Options” section.

    On the side panel, go to the “Display” tab (earlier this section was called “Screen”) and in the “Print settings” block, check the boxes next to those items, the description of which corresponds to what you need to print in addition to the main content of the document.

    Click OK to save your changes and try to re-initiate the printing process.

    As you can see, even the most serious problems with printing documents in Word can always be detected and eliminated. Strict adherence to the instructions set out in the first part of the article will help to avoid them altogether.

    Printing standard documents

    If you are dealing with a regular text file, it will not be difficult to print it. The situation is similar with documents that contain graphic objects.

    • First of all, make sure that the file that you want to send to print is formatted correctly. The text and / or graphic data contained in it should not go beyond the printable area, the text itself should have exactly the form that you want to get on paper in the future. The following article will help you to avoid possible problems with markup or fix them if found: Learn more: Setting margins in Microsoft Word
    • Open the “File” menu by clicking on the name of the corresponding tab on the quick access panel.

    Note: In versions of Word up to and including 2007, the button that must be pressed to go to the program menu is made in the style of the old Microsoft office suite logo.

    If necessary, enable a preview of the document. this will help to double-check the correctness of the format. Read more: Preview documents in Word

    Note: Going to the “Print” section of the text editor in question can be much easier. just press the “CTRLP” keys, which are universal for most programs endowed with similar functionality.

    Having finished with the settings and, focusing on the preview window, making sure it is correct, click on the “Print” button located at the very top.

    Note: Next to the “Print” button, you can also specify the desired number of copies of the document.

    This is how easy it is to print documents in Word, but sometimes you can face much more serious tasks for the design and subsequent printing of text files. Their solution will be discussed further.

    Printing documents in Word

    The process of printing text documents in the Microsoft editor is not much different from that in any other programs that provide a similar opportunity. The nuances are only in the preliminary design, preparation and some settings. Looking ahead, we note that Word allows you to print not only standard A4 pages, but also a number of other formats.

    Printing of non-formatted documents

    If the text document that you print has a standard A4 size and is accurately formatted, there should be no problems with printing it. But after all, Microsoft Word allows you to create non-standard text files, and often the process of printing them is fraught with a number of difficulties. Actually, the latter can arise even at the stage of creating a document of one format or another. We wrote earlier about the main ones, as well as the nuances of printing, just find the topic you are interested in in the list below, read the corresponding instructions, and as a result, you will receive a ready-made paper document of the required type. details:
    Create book format documents
    Creation of brochures and booklets
    Creating sizes other than A4
    Change the background of a document
    Create background and watermark

    The following article will help you correctly format a text document before printing it on a printer: : Formatting text in a Word document

    Printing documents in Microsoft Word

    Modern document flow is increasingly carried out in the digital space. We have to deal with paper much less often, but from time to time the need to print a document on a printer still arises. Today we are going to show you how to do it in Microsoft Word.

    Even for an inexperienced user, it will not be difficult to print a file in Microsoft Word. over, this text editor allows you to create and print on a printer not only standard document formats, and now you know how to do it.

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