How to Print To Deskjet 2130 Printer

Instructions on how to scan a document on a computer from a printer

Make sure the computer has the drivers you need for the printer. This is done in the tab “device manager”, “imaging device”.


  • Open and run fax and scan tools.
  • On the top panel, check the “new scan” tab and set its parameters.
  • Mark what needs to be scanned. photo or text document.
  • Start scanning with or without preview of the result. Click the “Scan” button. After that, the document became available in the “scanned documents” tab.

Additional software

It is more convenient to scan a document, you can install the “ScanLite” 3 MB program on your computer.

The program is easy to use, but allows you to perform a minimal set of options:

  • Enter the name of the document. this will have to be done constantly;
  • Mark the folder where the document will be saved;
  • Scan, pressed the start button.

Can save scan results to applications:

  • Microsoft Word;
  • Excel;
  • Powerpoint;
  • Adobe Acrobat;
  • Wordperfect;
  • Openoffice Writer.

ABBYY FineReader has a user-friendly interface, supports about 200 languages ​​and dictionaries.

For more advanced users, the program to scan a document to a computer from a printer allows you to use the “settings” tab and select the format, color and quality.

If you want to get a good quality photo, you should use the product “VueScan”.

Printer and multifunctional device HP Deskjet 2130, Minolta, Nikon, Polaroid, Epson L210, Canon PIXMA MP 250, Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 are good friends with this program.


  • – automatically removes defects;
  • – suppresses grain;
  • – allows you to save files in a raw file and work with them when the device is turned off;
  • – the program works great with negatives, slides, second transparent images.

Features of connecting various brands of equipment

Scanning a document to a computer from a printer can be difficult, especially given the connection specifics. A lot depends on how well the computer sees the printer, copier, scanner, multifunctional devices.

How to scan a document to a computer from a Canon printer: turn on a computer, a printer with a scanner, install the necessary software, open the scanner lid and put the document on the glass surface and press “start scanning”, if necessary, preset its characteristics. After seeing the result on the monitor, click the “import” tab. If the document is a picture, then this is enough, if it is a text, then it must be recognized using ABBYY FineReader, then saved to your computer.

How do I scan a document to my computer from an HP printer? The procedures to be followed are NOT different from those for Canon. But there is one peculiarity: the HP Deskjet 2130 is an inkjet multifunctional device that not only enables Scan and Copy, but also contains a printer. There is a possibility of color and photo printing. Speed ​​from 5.5 to 7.5 pages per minute. It all depends on the budget, appearance, and what kind of interface you like. Scanning a document to a computer from the Deskjet 2130 printer will allow the same program as for Canon.

You can scan with the Epson L210 with this by no means budget device, which is great as a printer and leaves much to be desired in its ability to scan a document. In terms of photo scan quality, inferior to HP.

When choosing between the MF3010 and the Deskjet 2130 for a home or small office, consider that both are made from inexpensive plastic. ergonomic dimensions of the MF3010, print and scan quality, worse than Deskjet 2130, but better than Sumsung.

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When making a purchasing decision, consider the PIXMA MP250, which uses a new ink nozzle technology to print grain-free documents and images. The MP250 turns on quickly, can automatically detect the document by size, scan and print. But there is a certain danger in this, when 1 document is set to print on the computer, it can print several.

Scanning tricks

To scan a document, you need to know the little nuances:

  • – set the resolution to 300 dpi;
  • – outline the area to be scanned;
  • – save in tif or bmp format, because Jpg has a smaller format.

When scanning a photo, be sure to use the preview function in order to make changes in time. You can choose any orientation of the image, but the resolution will determine the quality of the picture. How can the printer deliver this Sharp and Detailed Image? Is it possible to send this photo by mail, or will it weigh a lot and still have to reduce the file size? By answering these questions correctly, you can save your time when scanning photos.

In order to choose the right printer, you need to understand why it is needed: for home, office, school, print photos, text files, what kind of computer is available, what are the quality requirements. What should it be laser or inkjet? Currently there is a compact printer, which has a built-in battery, it can be easily synchronized with a tablet, phone, laptop via Wi-Fi. A mobile printer allows its owner NOT to depend on the constantly changing circumstances of our life.

Nowadays you can choose a computer for gaming and professional, for ordinary daily needs and serious tasks. When the hardware is compatible with the devices attached to it, the owner’s life becomes carefree and enjoyable.

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Instructions for refilling cartridges for the HP Deskjet-2130 printer

HP DeskJet2130 belongs to the budget class of the printer and all-in-one printer, with built-in printheads (hereinafter PG) in the cartridge. When users buy printing devices at a low price, after using up ink, they learn about the cost of new consumables and think about how to save on printing. One way not to spend extra money is to refill HP 2130 cartridges at home.

The printer contains two cartridges, black and color HP 123 cartridges. By their example, we will show you how to refuel the HP DeskJet-2130 printer yourself. For a successful refueling result, you need to make sure that the cartridges are working. The most common problems are a dry printhead or faulty electronics. In the first case, you need to clean the steam generator with a special flushing liquid, and in the second case you need to buy a new one.
Refilling the HP DeskJet2130 cartridge with your own hands is not a complicated process, below we will show how this can be done. In a black cartridge, it is best to insert the needle into the center hole. In Tsvetnoy, first, you need to determine the location of the colors. Several options are possible, one of them is shown in Figure 2.

You can determine the location of colors in different ways:

  • Under the sticker, carefully look at the sponge in the filling holes and see traces of ink.
  • Make a PG print on a sheet (The color in the middle of the print is always at the top, and the colors on the left and right of the print are respectively the print in the cartridge. (Figure 2)).
  • We start refueling HP 2130 cartridges, we collect paint in the syringes, it is better to take 4 syringes and fill them with ink (Black, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan), you can use 10 or, as in our case, 20 ml. Syringes.
  • Carefully remove the stickers from above, if you have not done so before.
  • We insert the needle of the syringe into the filling hole. Inserts deeply is not necessary, 10-15 mm is enough. (Figure 3)
  • Inject ink slowly until ink appears in the filling holes, approximately 3 ml is needed. For black and 9 ml. (3 ml. In each color) for color, then pump the excess ink back into the syringe, always It is better not to add ink than to pour. (Figure 3.)
  • We fill in all colors and Clean the surfaces from ink with a dry napkin.
  • Stick the labels in place (if necessary, you can use scotch tape).
  • We make an imprint with the printheads on the sheet, they must be clear. (Figure 2.)
  • We install the filled cartridges in the printer, we do the cleaning of the steam generator.
  • Pay attention to the contacts (Figure 4), they must be dry, if you install consumables with wet contacts in the printer, your electronics will burn out.
  • If you are refueling for the first time, then you need to cancel Difficult for consumables, to do this, press and hold the Cancel button (Red X or Triangle) on the printer for 15 seconds. After canceling tracking, your printing device will signal that the ink has run out, but it will print.
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How to print photos of different sizes on a printer

Modern technologies some 20 years ago seemed like an unattainable dream. This attitude was also towards photographs. In the present, people daily “remember” their lives in hundreds of pictures, often using a simple telephone for this. And most importantly. after all, pictures are so easy to print without expensive equipment.

Special photo printers have now been developed. They are produced by well-known technology companies. Epson, Canon and HP. You can print a photo through a regular printer, but the printing process is not as simple as it seems at first glance. And although you can get high quality photos, you need to “fill your hand” before this, having studied the possible errors.

Before printing

Before you decide to print a photo, it is worth finding out the capabilities of your technique. It is very important to know what printing technology it supports.

There are two types of printing in total, ensuring high quality

Inkjet printer printing

You can get the best quality from inkjet printers: specialized and professional for photography. However, it happens otherwise, for example, a regular Deskjet 2130 printer can give the same quality as professional equipment.

Specialized photo printers are mainly models with thermal transfer of dye and are well suited for printing photos no larger than 10×15 cm.However, other models are designed for panoramic images up to 13×18 cm in size.You can print both small 3×4 cm pictures and whole stretch marks up to 200 cm.

Professional models are very expensive. They are designed for different sizes, but more often up to 33×48 cm. And they are intended only for printing photographs, using them for the second set means it is useless to waste paint.

When operating printers from manufacturers Epson, Canon, HP, you need to use paper from them. If, even when using it, it is not possible to print the image without errors (stretched size, color fading, etc.), then something was done wrong.

Recommendations for photo printing

There are many nuances that you need to pay attention to before printing photos.

  • Use Direct Print mode. Direct Print mode allows the printer to print photos directly from a flash card. However, camera printout is supported too. At the same time, the quality of the photo can differ significantly. in color and overexposed details.
  • Auto-correction function. Universal modern printers HP or Canon have an automatic correction function. The printer analyzes the photo itself, changing parameters for better quality. contrast, brightness, gamma.
  • Pre-print. Before printing, you need to view the photos by making the desired selection. When printing directly from a memory card, the image is displayed on the built-in monitor. It is more profitable to use the monitor for preview. it does not waste ink and paper. A summary letter is chosen if there are similar photos with slight differences. miniatures will allow you to evaluate the final result.
  • Editing function. This feature is available in printers with a built-in display screen. It is very limited: you can crop a photo, change color or contrast, add frames and remove red-eye.
  • Special photographic paper. Photo quality is much higher on specialized paper. However, for printing small photos in 3×4 cm and 10×15 cm, you can also use the office one. The quality will come out quite good. There are two types of paper: glossy and matte. They are equally good for photography, but matte creates a different effect by altering the colors. Many manufacturers produce paper for technology. the output quality, color rendition are literally “fitted” to the printer.
  • Setting up the printer. It is necessary that the printer is set for the type of paper used. office or photo paper. In addition, it should be the size you need: 3×4, 10×15 or even x200 cm.Some large manufacturers (Epson, Canon) install a special sensor in the device, which signals the wrong paper.
  • Editing programs. High quality and color reproduction are obtained when printing directly from photo editing programs. This allows you to correct the shortcomings by sending an already good picture for issuance. For example, 3×4 photos are usually taken for use in official documents, so all 6 photos need to be printed the same. For this, a special grid is created in the editor for centering images. Many manufacturers support photo editing software. For example, Google Picasa, when installed, connects to technology, saving galleries of printed images.
  • Device driver. Drivers for equipment usually have their own settings, which can affect the quality of images. It is necessary to study the parameters of “firewood” and choose the optimal ones. Detailed instructions for configuring driver settings can be found in the video with instructions.
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The most difficult thing is to print a 3×4 photo on a printer, you need to pay attention to the location of the picture. Usually, before that you need to check the picture in a photo editor. On the contrary, it is much easier to print a 10×15 photo on an inkjet printer, this is the standard size.

The instructions for printing to photo printers or even an all-in-one printer Deskjet 2130 are simple:

  • Refill the printer with special paper and ink;
  • Edit the photo in a special program or through the built-in monitor;
  • Send to print.

After taking into account all the little things and the settings made, you can start printing pictures in excellent quality, even if they were taken with your phone. Avoiding mistakes will NOT work right away, but everything comes with experience.