How To Print To Printer From Phone

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Wi-fi printing

Connecting over wireless networks is much easier. Basic condition: the printer must support this communication technology. From your phone or tablet, you need to send a request for synchronization with a printing device. After a short compatibility check, both devices are synced and ready to work together.

Here is a short list of steps you need to follow to sync your devices over wi-fi:

  • Turn on wi-fi on your smartphone;
  • Turn on wi-fi on the printer (MFP)
  • Wait until the process of searching for devices available for connection is completed;
  • From the smartphone, it will invite you to connect to the printer, clicked on its name in the list of devices available for connection;
  • Wait for the synchronization check;
  • If synchronization is successful, open File Explorer or the appropriate printing application at the top.

The advantage of this connection method is its versatility. no additional devices are required. The downside is the greater chance of incompatibility at the hardware level, since K. Systems may SIMply not recognize each other, which is much less common when connected with a wire. However, modern software manufacturers work a lot in terms of the versatility of devices, so the problem of incompatibility will most likely affect devices that have been operated NOT for the first year and have not been updated for a long time.


The principle of operation of the application is SIMilar to “Virtual Printer”. By analogy with it, linking a Google account is required, and if there are several peripheral devices, then you need to set the one that will be used by default.

The advantage of the application is the expanded number of content sources. The user will be able to print Not only what is stored in the memory of his phone, but even SMS, data from the contact book, files from Google clouds, OneDrive, Dropbox, photos from and much more. After installation, the application is automatically integrated into the “send” section, so it’s easy to print any file.

Cloud Printing

Printing equipment sometimes has support for wireless networking or cloud storage. This means that from any device, even if you are tens of kilometers away from the printer, you need to enter the cloud to which it is connected and send the file for printing. An important condition. the printer must be in an active state and be connected to the Internet.

What information can be printed from a smartphone or tablet

Limiting a modern smartphone with an up-to-date printer can only be imagined. There are various ways to connect your gadget to a printing device. If you have the ability to connect via Wi-Fi (on both devices), then you don’t even need a power cord, the installed application will be enough. In this case, you can even print the file remotely.

Through the cloud, you can transfer the same list of media information as over the wire:

  • Text Document;
  • Digital photo;
  • Archive (format. Zip.Rar, etc., containing materials for printing).

There are several ways to connect your smartphone or tablet to the printer. Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.


In terms of functionality, Printhand most resembles PrinterShare. The possibilities here are SIMilar, but there are differences in the interface, many people think that the Hand utility is visually more pleasant and understandable. She also knows how to print pages from the browser, documents, SMS, phone book and more. It has its own browser, file manager and gallery. This makes it much easier to find the file from the application. In addition to Gmail, the program supports other sweat services and more. There is work here with OneDrive, Dropbox. Evernote, SugarSync and others. Another useful option is help with installing a new printer.


This utility is one of the most popular in PlayMarket. Developers Were able to implement a lot of useful functions, including printing Not only because of the cloud, but through a direct connection via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB. You can print almost everything in this utility. from the list of calls to events in the calendar or letters from e-mail.

The application has a database of drivers and constantly updates them, which allows it to work with a wide variety of devices. In case of problems, there is no difficulty in finding the driver yourself and installing it forcibly. This is relevant when connecting to old printers.

An internet printer is a useful option. In this case, on the official website of the developer, you need to download the utility and register in it, then add the printer and give the application access to it. Thanks to the utility, users can configure print settings via a PC and can preview the document, which is very convenient.

We print via USB

The first thing that comes to mind when you need to print a particular file is to use a standard wire. The most common connector today is micro-USB. The second most popular is the emerging (found on most flagship models) Type-C connector. There are fundamental differences between these connectors, except that the latter wins in terms of data transfer speed and charging time, but this does not greatly affect the fact of printing data.

The USB connector is also a charging connector, so you won’t be able to confuse it with something else (for example, with the headphone jack). Most often, it is located at the bottom of a phone, smartphone or tablet. A cord will be needed to connect your gadget to a printer. If you have a PC at hand, then the task will be much easier (it will serve as a kind of host). If you have a PC, you can do without it, because most printers and MFPs have long been equipped with a USB input (or several) for active connection of external devices.

Android smartphones are capable of hosting office equipment starting from version 4.0 (ICS) and higher. There is information that devices on version 2.3.6 also have this possibility, but it is NOT confirmed, so a lot depends on the device itself. Iphone (iPad) has this ability from the earliest versions of the operating system, so problems with the software stuffing should not arise. The connection process itself is very SIMple.

  • The corresponding cord connects to the smartphone and to the printer (MFP).
  • If the connection is made, the Corresponding marker will appear on the screen or a signal will sound.
  • Then you need to resort either to the preinstalled explorer to work with printers, or download the appropriate program, which can greatly SIMplify the printing process (see below).

If the printer has detected a device connected to it and received files in the queue for printing, then after pressing the “start” button, printing of information will begin. If this does not happen, you need to check the wire (whether it is tightly connected to the socket), restart the application from the phone or from the tablet.

The advantage of connecting a phone via USB is convenience and SIMplicity, no software incompatibility, as well as the versatility of this method. A disadvantage can be considered the fact that not all printing devices are equipped with the corresponding sockets, you may need the help of an adapter.

Virtual printer

Google’s official cloud printing utility. It will not only help you send the file for printing, but also give information about the status of the printer. you can find out which documents are in the queue, change the order or cancel the job. To do this, you need to sign in to the Google account to which the printer or MFP was previously connected.

There are two ways to print.

  • The junk should be named according to the printer symbol and specify the path to the file that you want to print. The selection can be made through a third-party application. browser, file manager or gallery.
  • Open it in an application suitable for the type of file and call it by the button “send”, then it remains to indicate “virtual printer”.

Depending on the device, you can make different kinds of print settings, for example, specify page orientation, paper type, print in color or monochrome, etc.

Digital Printing Apps for iPhone

  • Apple airPrint. Perhaps the most famous printing application. Installed this program, you can print from the iPhone Not only text information, but also a photo, moreover, you can do this in several convenient ways. A clear drawback is the need to purchase special equipment, which in our reality does not look like the most productive solution. However, complaints about the work of the application itself in the User.
  • Handy Print. Almost completely duplicates the application mentioned above. There is a possibility of a test mode during the first two weeks, you will have to pay for further use. The obvious disadvantage is that for correct operation, you will still need a PC on which this application is installed.
  • Printer Pro. This program looks much SIMpler than the previous two. It allows you to print files directly from your own explorer, just select “open in” and specify the required program, for example, the well-known Dropbox. User-friendly interface and intuitive menus make Printer Pro so attractive.
  • Epson iPrint. This program is developed by manufacturers of printing equipment. After installing it, the application will find all the devices it can connect to and offer to synchronize with them over the wireless protocol. The abundance of settings and capabilities make working with this program affordable and productive. If you are looking for functionality and manufacturability, then this is what you need.
  • HP ePrint Enterprise. Another branded application from the manufacturers of the relevant equipment. Synchronization from the device occurs via the Internet. It is possible to work with cloud services, as well as queuing up for printing via e-mail. The menu perfectly scalable on the smartphone makes the application extremely convenient in everyday use. It is worth trying it once, and you will have a clear feeling that you have been using it for a long time. the menu is organized SIMply, clearly and ergonomically.
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Keyboard shortcut

To address this issue, the Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office software package will be selected. However, the described method will be relevant Not only for this set of software. it also works in other text editors, in browsers and programs for various purposes.

  • First you need to open the file, which you want to print.
  • After that, you must SIMultaneously press the key combination “CtrlP”. This action will bring up a window with settings for printing a file.

In the settings, it is important to check parameters such as the number of pages to print, page orientation and the connected printer. They can be changed in accordance with your own preferences.

The document will print as long as the printer requires. These characteristics cannot be changed.

How to print a document from a computer to a printer

The number of computer equipment is growing every year. Along with this, which is logical, the number of PC users is increasing, Who are just getting acquainted with many functions, which are quite often useful and important. Such as, for example, printing a document.

Quick Access Toolbar

Memorizing a key combination is not always convenient, especially for people who type so rarely that such information SIMply does not stay in memory for more than a few minutes. In this case, use the quick access panel. Let’s look at Microsoft Office as an example, in other software the principle and procedure will be the same or completely coincide.

    First, click “File”, this will allow us to open a window where the user can save, create or print documents.

  • Immediately after that, it is necessary to perform all the actions regarding the print settings, which were described in the first method. After that, it remains to set the number of copies and click “Print”.
  • This method is quite convenient and does not require much time from the user, which is quite attractive in conditions when you need to quickly print a document.

    Printing a document from a computer to a printer

    It would seem that printing a document is a fairly SIMple task. However, newbies are NOT familiar with this process. And NOT every experienced user can name more than one way to print files. That is why you need to figure out how this is done.

    Context menu

    This method can be used only in cases where you are completely sure of the printing settings and know exactly which printer is connected to the computer. It is important to know if this device is currently active.

    • Right-click on the file icon.
    • Select the item “Print”.

    Printing starts instantly. You can no longer set any settings. The document is transferred to physical media from the first to the last page.

    Thus, we have analyzed three ways of how to print a file from a computer to a printer. As it turned out, this is quite SIMple and even very fast.

    Universal Android Print Apps: Download

    There are also universal Android applications with which you can print information to a printer. As a rule, they are paid and cost 100-300 rubles.

    Download universal apps:

    Before purchasing a license key, users have the opportunity to test printing in a test mode to make sure that the application is compatible with the printer.

    How to connect a printer to an Android phone or tablet

    There are several ways to connect the printer to Android devices:

    • Using a USB cable;
    • Bluetooth;
    • Wi-Fi;
    • Via computer.

    Different types of printers, as well as different applications, can support one or several types of connection, or all at once. For more information, see the manual for your printer model, as well as the description for the selected application.

    How to Print from Android Phone to Printer

    Author: Yuri Belousov 07/18/2019

    Topic: How to print a document, photo, text from Android phone to printer via Wi-Fi, USB or computer.

    Despite the fact that we live in the age of digital technologies and paper media are gradually losing their relevance, they still have NOT completely outlived their usefulness. And sometimes people still have to face the need to print a document or photo. But now it is much easier to do it, there is a need to use auxiliary intermediate means or devices in the form of a computer, laptop, USB-stick or a second removable drive. You can easily print from Android phone to printer directly. And in this article we will figure out how to do it.

    Connecting a mobile phone to a printer via Wi-Fi

    One of the most convenient technologies for connecting to a printer from a mobile phone is wireless Wi-Fi. Its advantage is that it is not necessary to be physically close to the printer to print. Also, no wires are needed to connect with the device.

    What is needed to connect an Android phone to a printer via Wi-Fi:

    • The printer has a Wi-Fi adapter;
    • Connect your mobile device and printer to the same Wi-Fi network;
    • Install Android application to connect to a printer.

    Connecting Android Phone to Printer Using USB Cable

    Connecting an Android phone or tablet to a printer via USB is the easiest way to print. Modern office equipment already has built-in components for creating a connection between a mobile device and a printer, scanner.

    How To Print To Printer From Phone

    To connect to older models, you need to use Android apps. Best of all. proprietary applications from the printer manufacturer. If the branded application does not support USB printing, then you can use universal.

    Connecting your phone to a printer via Bluetooth

    Some of the above Android applications allow you to connect between a smartphone and a printer via a Bluetooth connection.

    This requires a Bluetooth interface supported by the printer.

    Printing from Google Drive with “virtual printers

    Next, using an example of a photo, we will consider how to print from an Android phone to a printer using the cloudy Google storage and the “Virtual Printers” application.

    You need a Google account to use Google Drive. If you do not have it, then you should register. And also. a virtual printer connected to the account.

    Instructions for setting up printing to a printer via an Android smartphone:

    • Install the “Virtual Printer” plugin on your mobile device;
    • Open image gallery;
    • Select the desired photo;
    • Press the “Share” button;
    • Select the item “Save to disk”;
    • Open Google Drive;
    • Open a photo to be printed;
    • Open the context menu by clicking on the icon with 3 vertical dots;
    • Select “Print”;
    • Click “Select printer” and, if necessary, specify the number of copies, as well as the paper size;
    • Click “Add printer”;
    • Select the “Virtual Printers” printing service;
    • Wait for the search for printers, or add manually;
    • The results found will display all printers that are connected to the “Virtual Printers” service, as well as printers that are located in the same local network with a mobile device.
    • You need to select the desired printer, after which the photo will be sent for printing.

    If, after the search, the notification “There are printers in the list” is displayed, then you need to connect the printer to the “Virtual Printers” service (link to instructions).

    If the printer is on a local network, make sure the mobile device is also on this local network.

    When working with documents, as a rule, programs already have a built-in function of sending to print, so there is a need to use Google Drive.

    The advantage of using the “Virtual Printer” application is that the device and the device do not need to be located on the same local network or Wi-Fi network, you can send a document or photo to print to a printer located in another part of the world.

    How to print from Android phone to printer

    There are several ways to print from Android phone to printer:

    • Using Google Drive and the Cloud Print app;
    • Using a proprietary application;
    • Using universal apps.

    Printer software for Android

    Most smartphones from well-known manufacturers already have modules and print services from Android in their arsenal.

    For some, it is necessary to install printing programs on the printer for Android.

    They are branded and universal.

    Cloud printing

    If your printer has a Cloud Print Ready label, then you are very lucky. You can print from your smartphone after connecting to the Internet and registering on one of the cloud services, which are enough today. If there is such a function, then use your computer to add the printer to the Chrome settings and Sign up with Google.

    Cloud printing allows you to send to print any photos and documents from anywhere in the world Having access to e-mail

    Took a smartphone on Android OS, download one of the proposed applications:

    • A virtual printer is a Google development through which it is easy to send documents or photos to print, linking accounts and printing devices.
    • Cloud Print. which has the same functions as “Virtual Printer”, only it allows you to print a list of contacts, screenshots, sms, files from the social network.
    • Print Share. allows you to print files in MS Excel, PDF, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, in addition, a calendar, a list of calls and contacts, viewed web pages. The application itself is free, but its full functionality is available after paying for the key.
    • Dropbox is a virtual storage for which you first need to create an account on your computer, and then download the application, go to it on your phone and save the files you need. After that, you can see them on a PC and print from there.

    How to print photos from your phone on a printer? All ways!

    Modern smartphones allow you to send photos and documents directly to print from your phone

    Mobile phones are so firmly entrenched in our daily life that they have replaced cameras, computers, and many other technology. They help us solve business issues. send and receive suites, edit documents, and are also indispensable on vacation when you need to take a photo or. As a result, we store a large number of text and photo documents in a smartphone or tablet. After it is NOT surprising that from time to time there is a need to print them.

    When buying photo printers for home and even office use, we do not always pay attention to such important technical characteristics as the presence of a Wi-Fi connection and the ability to work with cloud services, but it would be worth it. But first things first.

    Printing via USB or Wi-Fi

    Owners of old printers and phones that have a USB Host output, as well as the necessary drivers or a special USB Connection Kit application, can try to set up printing on their own. Lucky for those who have HP devices, then you just need to download the ePrint program, which allows you to see all printers and MFPs produced by this brand, connected via USB.

    Wi-Fi connection. One of the fastest ways to send a file to print from your smartphone

    It is easier, of course, when the printing and mobile device supports Wi-Fi. In this case, it is worth activating Wi-Fi Direct in the parameters settings and sending the file for printing. the easiest and fastest way and it is possible only when you own a new generation printer. With others, you will have to get confused and connect directly to the router via WPS before printing. For this you need:

    • See if your router supports WPS connection;
    • Turn off filtering of MAC addresses and check that the network is encrypted;
    • Clarify the network name and password to it, in addition, look on the box from the router under the serial number for the eight-digit PIN code.
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    After we activate WPS, in the browser in the login field, enter, And in the password field. Admin. Also, don’t forget to specify the ENABLE parameter in the Security section. Do NOT touch the network search button on the router until the connection is established, in addition, remember that the devices must be turned off for a couple of minutes.

    Printout from gadgets on iOS

    If you have a photo printer with 10×15 photo paper, and you are holding an iPhone or iPad, then the above applications will not work for you, except for Dropbox, of course. For apple gadgets, there are a number of other programs that will help you print the desired picture, among them:

    • Apple airPrint. allows you to transfer photos from digital format to media with a few taps. Only this function should be supported by the printer, but there are not many of them and they are all from the latest developments.
    • Handy Print is a convenient, but paid service, which you need to install on your computer.
    • Printer Pro is an application that allows you to print through other programs. To do this, select “Open in. »And will be named Dropbox, for example.

    Apple recommends using AirPrint for printing photos and documents

    If you need to print any file from your phone, you can also use modern proprietary applications created directly by the printer manufacturers. These include Epson iPrint and HP ePrint Enterprise, which automatically connect wirelessly to compatible devices, allowing you to print even from e-mail.

    Photo Features

    Photos taken with a phone can be of reasonably good quality and often look good and remain clear even when printed on large sheets.

    When choosing a photo that you want to transfer to paper, follow a few rules:

    • Zoom the photo on the phone as close as possible in order to make sure that there is no significant loss of quality (especially when you need a printout in a significant format. A3 or A4)
    • In principle, it only makes sense to print images that are obtained with a matrix resolution of less than 4 megapixels (3 megapixels in the event that we are talking about a very small format)
    • Be aware that, depending on the quality of the printer, there may be more or less loss of image quality when printing;
    • Especially the previous point concerns fairly dark images, for example, taken outdoors at night, since on paper such a picture may be hardly distinguishable;
    • When taking photos of general plans and landscapes, a slight loss of clarity is possible, which may NOT be noticed when viewed on a phone, but will be visible on paper.

    Do NOT expect to receive the exact same image as the one you see on your phone after printing.

    Much in this case depends on the quality of the printing device, the novelty of the cartridges, the printing method, etc.

    For example, many budget printers or improperly configured devices are capable of significant color distortion.

    How to print a photo from a smartphone: all Possible methods and methods. instructions

    The abundance of electronic storage media, such as memory cards and cloud storage of data on the Internet has led to the fact that the need to save any files and documents in physical, for example, printed, form, has almost disappeared.

    But there are other situations, for example, especially pleasant or the best photographs sometimes you want to print out in order to see them daily in the interior, etc.

    In this case, it may be necessary to print one or several photos from the phone.


    Strictly speaking, there are two ways to print images from the phone’s memory. self-printing on a laser color printer at home on your own, and printing in specialized photo shops on higher-quality equipment.

    It is advisable to choose the first method if you need to quickly get one or several images of a small format, the second. in the case when you need high-quality and clear printing on a fairly large format.

    The printing equipment that many have at home is often very budgetary, and the print quality on such printers, from a professional point of view, and not too high even when using high-quality paper and optimal device settings.

    After, if the house is NOT professional equipment installed, but you want to get a high quality photo, it is better to contact a photo studio.

    How to print a document and photo on a printer from a phone

    In the modern world, smartphones have successfully replaced digital cameras. It is enough to take a smartphone in your hands, make a couple of taps on it, and you will have at your disposal a photo of excellent quality, which will remain to be translated into paper format. This is where the problem may lie. What is the way to print the desired document or photo from your phone on any printer? And what tools are there for this? Let’s talk about this in our material.

    • How to print a photo from a phone on a printer Using the functionality of instant messengers
    • How to print documents from a smartphone using Google Print Cloud
    • How to Print to a Printer from Your Phone Using Google Print Cloud
    • A way to print the desired file from your phone using email
    • Dropbox cloud service for printing photos and documents from a smartphone
    • Conclusion

    How to Print to a Printer from Your Phone Using Google Print Cloud

    After successfully adding the printer to the application, you can easily print the desired photo or document using your mobile phone.

    To do this, you will need to do the following:

    • Navigate to the file that you want to print. It can be an email, image, text file, and so on;
    • Next, click the menu button in the form of three dots at the top right, and find an option for printing a document or exporting. If the file you want is not available, you may need to save the image or file to your gallery or device. And then through the file manager or the “Google Photo” application;
    • Click on “Print”

    Dropbox cloud service for printing photos and documents from a smartphone

    The second way to print a document from your phone is to use the cloud service “Dropbox”.

    You will need to do the following:

      Download the Dropbox app for your phone and PC;

    A way to print the desired file from your phone using email

    Printer manufacturers build features into their devices that allow them to have an email address. This allows you to send an email with a document or photo to the printer, and the printer will automatically print it. The setting of this parameter is manufacturer-specific. Therefore, if you have any problems with this option, we recommend that you refer to the instruction manual of your printer or contact its manufacturer.

    Below we will look at how you can send files by email to a printer:

    • Open your email client and create a new letter;
    • Enter the e-mail address of the printer in the recipient field;

    If the specified method is not suitable, use an alternative method, which is as follows:

    • Find the file you want to print from your phone. You can do this by going to the Files app, Google Drive, or another app;
    • Open the required document;
    • Click the Share button (three dots with two lines). Alternatively, you may need to click on Send a Copy in Certain Applications, such as Google Docs;
    • Select the required email client and touch its icon;
    • Enter your printer’s email address in the recipient field;
    • Tap on the “Send” button.

    How to print documents from a smartphone using Google Print Cloud

    Google Cloud Printing is a popular technology that allows you to print files from any device, anywhere. It is one of the best printing methods for Android devices, and has won acclaim from many users. At the same time, a working printer must support cloud printing technology (most modern printers can do this).

    To use Google Cloud Print, you need to follow a few steps, which we describe below:

    How to print a photo from a phone on a printer Using the functionality of instant messengers

    A fairly quick way to print the desired photos on a printer from a phone is to use the capabilities of modern instant messengers. Such applications are installed by many users on both phones and PCs. For example, the popular Telegram messenger will help us to print a file from a smartphone to a printer.

    It will be necessary to launch Telegram and find the “Favorites” channel in it.

    Click on the paperclip button below. Select “Gallery” or “File” to add the desired files to the feed.

    All that remains is to open your Telegram on your PC, and print photos from “Favorites” on your printer.

    SIMilar operations can be carried out in Viber and other popular instant messengers with mobile and PC implementation.

    Above, we examined the ways to urgently print an important document and photo on a printer from the phone. It is quite SIMple and convenient to use the functionality of social messengers, which allow you to quickly transfer the necessary files from your smartphone to a PC and print them. The most functional is to use the method with “Google Print Cloud”, for which you will need to specially install the application we have considered on a mobile device.

    Printing from a phone to a printer using Wi-Fi

    Wi-Fi communication technology will help you print any document directly from your phone to a printer. The main thing is that the device supports a wireless connection.

    Printing from the phone via Wi-Fi itself will be possible only after synchronization with the printing device. How do you do it? Let’s figure it out:

    • Turn on Wi-Fi on the printer and smartphone.
    • On the phone, go to the section where all devices available for connection are displayed.
    • We find there our printer or MFP (the name will necessarily contain the model name. for example, HP m426 laserJet). We connect to it. You may need to enter a password.
    • We are waiting for the completion of the synchronization procedure. We open a special application or explorer. Trying to send a document to print.

    What is the advantage of this method? It does not require the use of any additional devices or cords. That is, you can do without a computer and laptop. No additional cables required.

    However, this option for printing from a smartphone sometimes turns out to be impossible. After all, devices are sometimes SIMply incompatible at the hardware level. In such cases, the phone does not see the printer. precisely, their systems cannot define each other. Often this problem occurs when a modern, recently purchased smartphone and an old MFP, which is more than 4-5 years old, are used.

    In addition, modern printers can be printed directly via Wi-Fi Direct. How to do it? The first step is to enable this feature on your device. Then from the phone go to the settings, select the Wi-Fi item. Next, click on the Wi-Fi Direct icon (in Android OS, located at the bottom middle). All that remains is to select a printer and confirm the synchronization. Then feel free to send any documents from your smartphone to print.

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    Several ways to print from phone to printer

    Today you can print any document on a printer from your phone, bypassing the lengthy and inconvenient process of uploading files to your computer. True, first you need to connect your smartphone to a printing device. This is not difficult to do. over, we will consider all the methods of printing from the phone, and also tell you what points you need to Pay attention first of all.

    Printing from a Smartphone via Google Cloud Print

    What’s the easiest way to print from a phone to a printer without a computer? The answer is obvious. use the Google Cloud Print service. However, this requires the following:

    If you have everything you need, then proceed to setting up:

    • To connect, you need a computer with Google Chrome installed. We launch the browser from it.
    • Press the button in the upper right corner in the form of 3 dots or dashes. Click on the item “Settings”.
    • Log in to the “Users” section. In this case, the account in the browser and on the smartphone must be the same.
    • Then scroll down the page and click “Additional”. Find the “Virtual Printer” section. Click on “Add”. Choosing the required printing device.
    • We launch the Cloud Print application installed earlier on the smartphone. We are waiting for the synchronization process with the account to be completed.
    • Now you can print your document, photo, image or picture. Open the desired file on your smartphone and use the “Menu” button to send it to print (or via “Share”). Most likely, you will also need to specify a virtual printer. In this case, for printing, it is necessary that the computer to which the printing device is connected also be turned on.

    We print from the phone via USB

    Not everyone has a cloud-ready or Wi-Fi-enabled printer or MFP. What should be done in this case? You can try connecting your phone and printing device directly via the cord. Usually a USB OTG cable (with an adapter) is used for this. The only condition that will allow printing to start is the presence of a USB-HOST output on the smartphone (with iOS or Android) and the printer.

    Of course, almost every modern phone is equipped with such a port. But MFPs or printers are available. Old and budget models DO NOT connect via USB due to the missing connector. Don’t forget about it.

    What else do you need besides the cord and the corresponding ports on both devices? You will need to install a special application on your phone that will allow you to send a particular document for printing. The most popular programs are:

    • Printershare;
    • HP ePrint;
    • Printhand, etc.

    At the same time, printing from a phone by connecting it via USB to a printer is extremely SIMple. We connect the cord to both devices, go into the program and select the printing device in the settings. As a rule, all files that are in the smartphone’s memory and can be sent to print will be available in the application menu.

    Using a wireless WPS connection

    This method is a little more complicated than the previous one. Therefore, we recommend it to more experienced users. Connection and output from the phone to print with this option occurs using a router. To do this, you need to follow several steps:

    • We sit down at the computer to which the router is connected.
    • Open your browser. We type in the address bar “” or “”. IP can be the second. it all depends on the specific model of the router.
    • Enter your username and password. Typically, the default is “admin”. But you may have come up with your own defensive combination earlier. Then you have to remember it and then enter.
    • We go to the settings menu. Here we are interested in the section on security. This is usually Protection Setup or Security.
    • In the WPS function / settings item, change the value “disabled” to “enabled”. By this we activate the option. When doing this, check if MAC address filtering is disabled.
    • We find the WPS button on the router body. We press it and hold it for a couple of seconds. Now we click on the WPS button located on the printing devices. And as quickly as possible. If you do this after 1-2 minutes, you will NOT be able to connect.
    • Let’s connect to the same network from a smartphone. Now you can send print jobs to a network printer from it.

    We use special gadgets

    By the way, it is impossible not to mention such a device as a printer for printing from a phone or tablet. This device is quite compact and does NOT take up much space. You can easily take it with you on a trip, business trip or just to visit.

    The mobile printer is equipped with a battery that provides several hours of battery life. The device connects to any modern smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, usb or bluetooth. Of course, such a device is not cheap. Sometimes even more expensive than popular MFPs of famous brands. But on the other hand, you can print any files from your phone to a mobile printer at any time, while away from home or office.

    Printing from Apple Phone

    “Apple” technology is among the leaders in the availability of wireless technologies. Therefore, it will NOT be difficult for its user to print a photo, text or even SMS-correspondence directly from an Apple phone. All you need is an iPhone with Wi-Fi and Internet connected, as well as a special application for IOS. This could be:

    • Apple airPrint,
    • Handy Print,
    • Printer Pro, etc.

    The most popular program among users is Apple airPrint. over, it is natively built into the iOS. In order to use it to print a document on a printer by phone, you must:

    • Open some file. Let it be a photo from the gallery.
    • Click on the Share button. It may look different depending on the program. Usually resembles a square with an arrow, a circular arrow, or three dots.
    • Then the display will show the available options. We select “Print”. If there is such an icon in the form of a printer, then tap on “” to find the desired button.
    • In the next window, click on the “Select a printer” item. Specify device.
    • We put the required number of copies or mark the page numbers for printing.
    • Finally, press the “Print” button.

    Connect Google Cloud Print

    The easiest and most convenient way to print from an Android phone to a printer is to connect through the official Google Cloud Print service. To do this, several conditions must be met:

    Before printing from phone to printer, you will need to configure all devices. First of all, you need to connect the printer to the Google Cloud Print service. If the printing device supports Wi-Fi, it can be directly connected to the router. The connection aLGorithm must be specified in the instructions for the printer.

    Typically, the printer connects to a wireless network using the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) protocol. Most importantly, it will launch this service on the router itself:

    • Open your router settings
    • Select the Wireless Network tab
    • Click on the WPS section
    • Enable Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

    If your device does not support Wi-Fi, you can connect it to the Cloud Print service through your computer. To do this, you need a Google Chrome browser and a personal account.

    • Go to system preferences on your computer
    • Find the printers section
    • Add the printer to your computer
    • Open the Chrome browser Chrome
    • Enter chrome: // devices
    • Press Enter
    • Under Common Printers, click Add Printers.
    • In the “Registered Printers” section, select the desired device
    • Click Add Printer.

    Your printer is now connected to Cloud Print. It remains to run the system application on the smartphone. To do this, SIMply enter the settings and select the Print section. And then turn on the Virtual Printer feature. For example, on a Fly Cirrus 12 smartphone, this menu looks like this:

    Printing from phone to printer. How to send a print to a printer from a phone

    The aLGorithm for sending to print depends on what exactly you are going to print. However, only the first steps will differ, the final command for sending a document to the printer will be the same for everyone.

    If you need to print a text file typed in the official Google Docs app, do the following

    • Open the file
    • In the upper right corner, click on the dropdown menu
    • Select the section Access and Export
    • Click on Print
    • Specify Google Cloud Print
    • Click on the Print button.

    A SIMilar aLGorithm works if you need to print a web page in a browser. Here it is most convenient to use the Google Chrome settings:

    • Open the web page
    • Click on the dropdown menu
    • Select the Share command
    • Click on the Print icon
    • Choose a virtual printer
    • Click on the Print button.

    Thus, printing from the phone to the printer via Wi-Fi is carried out.

    08/01/2017 22:35:00

    A modern and powerful smartphone with a large screen allows you to easily create and edit Not only text documents, but even draw illustrations or logos in mobile graphic editors. In any case, at some point, the digital file must be printed.

    Usually, it takes some time, as users first connect the smartphone to the computer, copy the file there, and only then print the document. But is it possible to print directly from phone to printer? It turns out, yes. There are several convenient ways to do this, for example, connecting via a virtual printer or via Wi-Fi.

    In our article, we will consider all the methods of printing from a phone, and also tell you what conditions must be met in each case.

    Table of contents

    PrintShare App

    The most popular phone-to-printer software that synchronizes your print and mobile device in three modes:

    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • USB

    This application is downloaded from Google Play and has two versions: paid and free. The free version has very limited functionality, allowing you to print documents through Google Cloud Print, print test pages and up to 20 public pages.

    In this regard, the paid version for 299 rubles provides much more opportunities. In addition to the fact that it contains ads, the application supports printing via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth directly without a PC and has no restrictions on remote printing over the Internet. The application has a convenient and intuitive interface that even an inexperienced user can handle. It is enough to specify the file for printing and select the desired mode.

    Now you know how to set up printing from phone to printer. As you can see from our instructions, any available method should NOT be difficult. Whichever path you choose, the main thing is to make sure that all the devices involved meet certain requirements.

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