How To Print Without Wire On A Printer

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What can be printed on a home printer

You can’t even imagine how many opportunities open up before you when you have a color printer in your house, and even a multifunction printer. With this device, you can easily convert electronic pictures, photos and text into printed form. The main thing here is to correctly set the parameters for printing. both for the object itself and for the printer as a whole. In addition to such elementary printouts, which even a beginner can handle, your device can implement several more incredible functions.

  • Fun activities for children, such as colored pictures with assignments or mazes. Of course, this takes a lot of ink, but you can tweak the settings and arrange black and white printing. This is especially suitable for those who know how to work in a graphics editor.
  • Monthly baby stickers. They are usually made in delicate shades, so they will not consume much colored paint. In doing so, you must select the right paper for your printer model to ensure the clarity and durability of the image.
  • Portraits and interesting toys for children. Typically, such templates can be found on sites dedicated to developing crafts. You can download and send for printing animals, insects and any items you need to get acquainted with the world around you.
  • Paper dolls with clothes for girls. Remember how we, parents, in childhood played with such dolls and independently built a house for them, dressed them? Now all these treasures can be found directly on the Internet and printed as templates.
  • Different ideas for crafts, again with children or for a competition. Print out and keep in front of you the instructions for doing Hand-Made.

Good to know!

If your printer has high-quality ink and is easy to refill, then you can print more serious things, starting from the restoration of old photos, ending with the implementation of printing on fabric.

Rules for setting up a printer to print from a desktop computer

To do a useful thing on an existing printer, it is important to connect the device correctly and set it up to perform its functions correctly. To do this, follow the instructions below.

There are several ways to connect the printer to a computer: using a USB cable, using a wireless connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or using a dial-up Internet connection. Today we will consider one of the most popular methods, which is customary to implement at home.

  • The first step is to start the PC and be sure to wait for the moment of its final boot (you can check this by responding to any operation, which should happen quickly enough after loading).
  • Then plug the power cord of the printer into an outlet, and the USB cable into the corresponding output of the computer system unit.
  • A notification about the search for a device will appear on the screen, and after the computer searches for the necessary drivers, you will receive a notification “The device is ready to use”.

If this message does NOT appear on the screen, then you will have to manually install the printer. To do this, insert the disc supplied with the printer into the drive, or download the driver for your device model from the Internet.

Many printing devices require additional software installation in addition to drivers.

Printers are responsible for the correct operation of the printer, as well as for high-quality printing, so pay special attention to this installation.

Next, a software installation wizard will appear in front of you, which will install the application in just a few steps with confirmation. Almost every printer model offers to print a test page at the end of the installation to make sure that the installation was done correctly.

How to print and print text on a computer with a printer installed

Almost every home computer has a text editor, a program designed to format text in various ways. This is often an office Word application, and of course, its version may vary from user to user. Let’s see the whole process from A to Z in our photo instructions.

Illustration Action Description
We type the necessary text in the Word editor in the usual mode and formats it so that it is in perfect condition: after printing invisibly correct errors on paper will NOT work. you will have to print a new version of the document.
Once again, we carefully check everything and go to the “File” tab.
In the list of this section, select the “Print” item, check that the printing device has connections, and then click the “Print” button, if no additional print settings need to be made.

Good to know!

Directly into a text file Word, you can make print settings for multiple copies, as well as print multiple INDIVIDUAL pages. This is done by an office application and the operation is not affected by the printer model.

What is print preview and what is it for

The built-in preview option, which is available in all text and image editors, is a very useful tool to help you see how the document will look in print. If you notice any mistake at this stage, you can correct it directly in electronic form.

Only the pages that are selected for printing are included in the preview.

The preview is a whole page or a list of them, which we can see in the “File” section before printing.

Ways to print text from a computer: solving problems in different ways

Printing text documents It’s possible not only with applications that allow you to format text. Our experts have selected several more ways that you can produce on a personal computer.

Quick access to printing via keyboard shortcut

But not everyone uses the keyboard shortcut when typing or editing text. We present you a more simplified version of calling a dialog box to redirect selected text to print.

Please note that when you print a text from the Internet, you are capturing on a sheet not only the necessary information, but also blocks with advertising.

To do this, go to any text application and then simultaneously press the CTRLP keys. A window with a preview and some print settings will appear in front of you, regardless of whether you found the text on the Internet or used the edited material in Microsoft Word.

We organize printing through the quick access panel

After finishing working with text in Word, it often becomes necessary to print text without additional settings. To carry out such an operation, follow our algorithm.

Illustration Action Description
Let’s find in our open file a checkbox at the top of the application, call the drop-down list, in which we select “Other commands”.
In the window that appears, select the “Quick Print” function, click the “Add” button, then confirm my actions by clicking on the “OK” button.

After these actions, a quick print icon will appear in the top panel. If you click on it, your document will automatically go to print without the possibility of previewing, therefore it is recommended to carefully check the document for errors before clicking the button.

How to print via the context menu

You can quickly print the finished text using the context menu. To call it, you need to find the required file for translation into paper form, then right-click on it.

Printing in any of the ways is only available when the printer is turned on: Make sure it is turned on in advance.

You will see the context menu of this document, in which you can click on the “Print” item. Activating the printer and printing the document will proceed in the same way as in the previous method. without the possibility of setting.

Special cases of printing: output to the printer of pictures and pages from the Internet

It is often allowed NOT to convert the information into a pure text format, but simply print it in the form in which you have it on your PC. Typically, such cases include the output to the printer of pages from the Internet or with the participation of Internet browsers. Consider several popular ways to print information.

How to print a document on a printer on both sides

To perform duplex printing on a printer, you can either use Word to set it up or take action using options in the printer itself. They are set differently for each device model. As an example, we recommend that you watch the introductory video that our experts have selected for you.

How to print pictures on a home printer: Step by step instructions

Pictures or photos are printed on the printer without special settings. To perform such an operation, do the following.

  • Open the selected image with two mouse clicks.
  • Then, in the opened viewer or graphic editor, click on the “Print” icon (usually located at the top of the window).
  • You have opened a window for setting printing photos and images.
  • Make the necessary changes in the wizard, set specific parameters.
  • If necessary, select a printer and click on the “Print” button again.

Good to know!

Printing photos must be done with the right choice of photo paper, because not only the correct settings, but also the quality of the media determines how bright and natural the picture will be.

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How to print a whole page from a website without editing

Outputting information to a printer without additional formatting is one of the simplest options. To print a page from the Web, you need to right-click directly on the selected information, then in the drop-down list select “Print”.

You can, of course, make it easier: call the print menu using the keyboard shortcut CTRLP.

For pages from the Internet, it is better to use ink sparingly, which means that it sets black and white printing in the settings.

A window with settings opens in front of you, which clearly displays the number of output pages, the printing device used and other parameters, which, if necessary, can be edited.

Good to know!

If you use the virtual printer settings in Google Chrome or Yandex, then the print output time is halved. However, you must understand that the settings will differ depending on the type of browser.

Why the printer won’t print: finding problems with the device

There was a need to urgently print a document from a computer, but the device does not give in and refuses to you, or does it display the information on paper incorrectly? Perhaps the device is out of paint, or it is completely disconnected from the stationary PC. Let’s see what the problem is.

  • If the device does NOT print after successful PC print settings and does NOT give any signals at all, it is most likely a misconfiguration. Check the reliability of all wired connections, check the software, We will replace the drivers or update them.
  • Lack of ink in cartridges. You can understand this if a message is displayed on the screen of the printer or computer from the printing programs, which clearly indicates a low level of ink cartridges. Refill or replace ink cartridges and test prints to keep excess ink on the Draft.
  • Printhead problem or dirty. If all sheets are printed with stripes or the text is NOT visible at all, and you clearly know that you have recently changed the ink in the device, this is usually the reason. You need to go to print options and clean the print head.

Solving problems using the example of the Epson Stylus TX210 / 219 printer

Let’s start with the simplest thing. checking drivers.

Illustration Action Description
We go to the Device Manager on your computer, find the “Printers” item, open the device that is displayed there.
In the window that opens, there should be an entry “The device is working normally”, if there are any problems with the software. If you see a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark, try updating your current driver.

Let’s go further. Let’s start cleaning the printheads. Here you need to use the software that is installed on the PC when the printer is connected.

Illustration Action Description
We go into our printer via a PC. Move to the “Printer Settings Wizard” and go to the “Service” tab. Here we press the “Cleaning printheads” button and follow the instructions in the software.

Replacement of ink in case of insufficient ink for color or black and white printing is also done through the settings window.

Illustration Action Description
We go back to the settings window, where we press the button “Replace ink cartridges”.
A window opens in front of you, in which you must follow the instructions to open the compartment with the installed cartridges. After replacing them, be sure to click the “Finish” button to install the resource in its place.

In addition, the hardware part of the device can cause a problem with any printer model. It is not recommended to disassemble the device yourself if you are NOT a master in such a matter. Inside the printing technique there are many small parts that require delicate work, so it is better to entrust the matter to specialists.

Dear readers, leave your questions in the comments below the article. Our team is happy to receive feedback, so they will answer you as soon as possible and advise on any thematic issue.

How to print a photo of the desired size on a printer

Need to urgently print photos of a certain size for documents or a photo album, but absolutely no time to run to a photo studio? Your trusty printer and Home Photo Studio editor will help you out! In this article, you will learn how to print a photo of the desired size on a printer using THESE two tools.

Step. Install the program

First of all, download the Home Photo Studio program to your computer and install it. You can find the distribution kit on one of the pages of our site. http://homestudio.Su. All that remains to be done after that is to launch the installer, select the folder in which to place the application, create a shortcut on the desktop and wait for the installation process to finish. When everything is ready, start the editor. Click the “Open Photo” button and specify the path to the images that you want to display on paper.

Home Photo Studio start menu: Upload a photo for work

Step. Set up printing

The operating menu of the program appears on the screen. Immediately press on the control panel on the button with the image of the printer or go to the same menu through “File” “Print”.

Click the “Print” button

Select your printer from the drop-down list and fill in the number of copies you want to print. Specify paper size: A4, A5, A6, letter 10×15, etc. Do not forget to indicate the orientation of the page: it can be either horizontal or vertical. And, of course, don’t forget about the fields. In the columns of the same name, indicate the requirements for them by entering all the values ​​manually or by defining them using Special switches.

Customize the printing process: specify paper size, orientation and other parameters

Step. Photo printing

Now, how to print a photo of the desired size on a printer. There are three “circles” on each side of the image. Grabbed any of them, you can change the size of the picture: for this, you just need to drag the photo in the direction you need.

Resize the photo to the one you want

Please note: by default, the program will crop the image, based on the boundaries you specified. If necessary, then Disable this function: just check the box “Maintain aspect ratio of photos”, then the photo will not be cropped when changed. Everything is ready? Start printing by clicking on the button of the same name.

Step. Photo enhancement

“Home Photo Studio”. This is not only a program for quick printing of photos, but also a convenient editor, which will allow you to improve the quality of any picture.

In the “Image” tab, you will find a large number of tools to enhance your photography. This is the adjustment of brightness, contrast, saturation, and the correction of light and hue, and the elimination of defects. red eyes, too overexposed or darkened images and many other useful options.

In the “Image” tab you will find tools to enhance your photos

After basic photo enhancement, you can continue processing the image in the Effects menu. Hundreds of different effects are presented here, Which will be a worthy addition to any image, emphasize its mood and add “zest”.

The Effects tab contains over 100 styles for your photos

In the “Design” tab, you can choose an original frame for the photo, set up a three-dimensional stroke, process the edges with a mask, decorate a photo with a clipart, transform it into a postcard or even a calendar.

Any photo can be decorated with a spectacular frame

Excellent! Now you can print a photo of the desired size at home without the hassle and fuss. Also, the processed image can be saved on a computer: the program contains all popular graphic file formats, any of which you can choose to fix all the changes made.

Try a convenient and powerful photo editor in Russian that opens up unlimited possibilities for creativity!

How to print text to a printer from a computer

Computer technology allows you to perform various work in a short time, and the emergence of the Internet has significantly expanded the range of possibilities. Now the workflow does NOT take much time and effort. A computer is a complex technical device that combines many functions, however, additional equipment is required to carry out the work. All devices are divided into devices for input and output of information. In the process of work, it can be converted, formatted and stored on media.

In this article we will talk about an indispensable device for displaying data from a laptop into paper form. It’s about printers. This technique has become especially relevant in the context of a large volume of use of paper media.

How to print a document from a computer?

First, let’s look at the standard way of connecting and setting up for printing a document from a computer database. In the following, when describing the methods of operation, this method will be taken as a basis. First, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Connect your computer and printer with wires to a power source. After that, we will Pair the devices with each other by any of the available connection methods.
  • Using a special installation disc, which comes with the purchased equipment, install software and drivers to ensure the workflow. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard in the dialog that opens when starting the disc.
  • Go to the menu and printer settings. Adjust all the desired values ​​as desired. Usually, all settings are set in standard mode, if you wish, you can change them in accordance with the requirements for printed files.

DO NOT perform the second steps during the connection and installation process, and do not turn off the computer to a full load. After that, you can start printing the documents stored in the computer database. This can be accomplished as follows:

  • Go to the folder with the necessary document, you can also upload files from a removable drive.
  • Open the file you want, go to Microsoft office to format.
  • After that, send the final version of the document to work by clicking the appropriate button.
  • Confirm your actions in the dialog box that opens with the print queue.
  • Wait for the complete printout of the file, then you can proceed to further actions.

Using this algorithm, you can print any document of the desired format. In the future, we will consider the capabilities of the printer when working with other files.

How to print over the network?

Modern equipment has access to the network, which makes it possible to use additional equipment capabilities. A network printer connects to a local group for quick communication with other users and consistent work. When printing pages from the network, you must use one of the following options:

  • When you go to a page on the site, select the print version, usually this button is on the page itself. This will open the file for printing.
  • If this button is available, you can try to take a screenshot of the screen, but in this case, advertising records will be saved along with useful information.
  • Another example is using the copy function. Copy all or part of the text. After that, transfer the data for formatting and setting the resulting display on paper.
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After selecting one of the options Connect the device to the power source, start printing the document. When working in a local group using network access, you need to check the system settings. From the menu item “devices and printers” select the equipment to which the file will be output for printing.

PDF. The process of printing files in PDF format is practically the same as in the classic way. You need to follow the above steps to connect the equipment, then go to the settings:

  • Click the appropriate button to send the file for printing.
  • Select work option: all pages, current or selected sheets.
  • After that, adjust the desired location and size parameters. Create the required number of copies.
  • Start the printer and wait for the result.

A photo. There should be no problems with printing photos either. If you want to print an image, make sure you have color ink or toner, depending on your printer model. After that, select the file you are interested in and send it to the print queue.

You can also carry out this action using a regular text editor. To do this, copy the picture, paste it into the editor field, change the size and position on the page. Then proceed to print. To get high quality photos, use special photo paper for this purpose.

How to print on both sides. Sometimes you need to print documents so that both sides of the paper sheet are involved. This is necessary when creating postcards or simply to save materials. Most modern models have a duplex printing function, but even if it is absent, this printing method can be carried out. To do this, use the Step by step instructions:

  • Go to the file you want to print. Click on the “print” button, usually located in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on the options and from the list provided, select the option for duplex printing (with a flip on the right or left edge of the sheet). Then correctly loads paper into the feed slot.
  • If this is not possible, set the page selection parameters to “1” to print the odd-numbered pages first. Then load the sheets into the blank side filling compartment. Enter the page value “2”, this will fill the second half of the pages. After that, we will analyze the finished document in the correct sequence.
  • If the document is small, a manual duplex print can be made. To do this, load one sheet of paper into the paper feed slot, then press the button. When one side is printed, turn the sheet over to fill in the other. So Let’s print the entire document.

How to print from your phone. Modern technology does NOT cease to amaze users. Nowadays, thanks to the use of advanced developments, it is possible to carry out almost any work in a short time. One of the main functions is printing documents or photos from the phone memory. There are several ways to do this:

  • The easiest way is to connect your phone with a USB data cable.
  • If the devices support the wi-fi function, you can use this option.
  • You can also download the necessary files from the cloud storage.

After entering the data into the PC memory, you can start editing documents. When the final look is ready, simply send the file to apply the display.

Working with a printer is difficult even for beginners. Read the instructions to familiarize yourself with the principle of operation and features of the operation of the equipment. It will also be useful to use some tips:

  • Once a month, conduct a complete inspection and diagnostics of the equipment in order to identify deficiencies and eliminate them if possible.
  • Learn new developments, collect information about the capabilities of technology to improve print quality indicators and increase productivity.
  • Periodically clean equipment from accumulated debris, dust, ink residues and crumpled paper.
  • Do not allow using the device with computers and removable media without antivirus.
  • Keep your software and drivers up to date.
  • To maintain the warranty, DO NOT repair or replace parts by yourself, contact the service center for assistance.

How to print a photo from a phone to a printer

Some 10 years ago, it was possible to print photos or documents on a printer only through a computer, but progress does not stand still, and now you can print your favorite photo or transfer a document from a digital medium to a paper one directly from your mobile phone. It is not difficult to do this, choose the method that suits you best and go ahead.

Wi-fi printing

This method is one of the simplest, but you can use it if wi-fi is possible on the printer and phone, while both devices must be connected to the same network. If you have a modern phone and printer, then you do not need to install additional utilities, connect wires.

Before starting work, enable Wi-Fi in the printer settings. Smartphones running Android operating systems use Google Cloud Print technology. In order to transfer a photo from such a phone to a printer and print, you should:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Select the “System” tab;
  • Enter the “Printer” tab;
  • Select “Virtual Printer”, and add a printer in the settings.

You can pay 30-50% less for light, depending on what kind of electrical appliances you use.

If you have an iPhone, Apple AirPrint is used for printing. In this case, there is a need to add a printer, just select the desired photo, open “Print” in the same place, set the size and print quality, everything is like in a computer. Iphone printer will find automatically SIM-trade.Ru.

If you have THESE applications on your phone, you can install special programs from the printer manufacturers. And then you can not only print, but copy, Scan (if the printer supports these functions). Well, if the printer is an outdated model, then it will have to be connected to the network directly through a router, which must support the WPS protocol.

Cloud printing

Many modern printers have Cloud Print Ready, and if you are the owner of such a device, then you just need to save the required photos and documents in any cloud storage. Then you can print photos on a printer without using a computer from anywhere.
If your printer does not support the Cloud Print Ready function, you can install the “Virtual Printer” application on your phone, or its analogs Cloud Print, Print Share. After installing the program, add your printer to the Chrom browser settings and register with Google, and then you can use the cloud to print from your phone. Just remember to check your printer task history.

USB Printing

This printing method is suitable for owners of phones with a USB output, moreover, not all printers can work with this technology. To print, you will have to install special drivers and download an application that is suitable for a particular printer model. Most of these applications are paid, so as not to make the wrong choice, first install the trial version and try to print a few test pages. After installing drivers and programs, the phone detects the printer as a USB device, and you can print any documents.

Printing a test page without a PC

For printers With the printer turned off, press the “Letter” button, Do not release it, press the “on” button, Release it, while continuing to hold the “Letter” for 10 seconds.

For an all-in-one printer without a monitor: the same process, but instead of the “letter” the “Stop” button (triangle in circles)

For an all-in-one printer with a monitor: in the “Installation” tab. “Maintenance”. “DYUZ check”. “Start”. “Print”.

Printing a test page without a PC

Got a brand new printer? In any case, you will need to print test pages to check the print quality. Well, if the printer is connected to a computer, through which you can start this process. And if there is no such possibility? How to print a test page without a computer? Let’s figure it out.

So, the following tips will come in handy for many modern devices. First, load regular, white paper of the correct size into the input tray.

Test print page for inkjet printers It is printed as follows: Turn off the device with the button, press the “Letter” button, Do not release it, press the “ON” button, Release it, continue to hold the “Letter” for about 10 seconds.

For Canon printers: hold both buttons (in this case, the Resume button and the ON button) until the power indicator turns on. After that, while holding the ON button, Release and press the Resume button twice, Release both buttons. After that, the ready indicator will light up, which will signal the service mode. To print a test sheet. Press Resume once, Confirm the action with the ON button.

Printing a test sheet for Multifunction without display: similar process, only instead of the “Letter” button. Stop button (triangle in a circle)

Inkjet Test Page with Display Multifunction: Select the Settings tab, then. “Maintenance”. Menu “Check DYUZ”. Point “Start” and “Print”.

For printers With the printer off, press the “Letter” button, Do not release it, press the “on” button, Release it, while continuing to hold the “Letter” for 10 seconds.

For an all-in-one printer without a monitor: the same process, but instead of a “letter”, the “Stop” button (a triangle in circles)

For an all-in-one printer with a monitor: in the “Installation” tab. “Maintenance”. “DYUZ check”. “Start”. “Print”.

Printing a test page without a PC

Got a brand new printer? In any case, you will need to print test pages to check the print quality. Well, if the printer is connected to a computer, through which you can start this process. And if there is no such possibility? How to print a test page without a computer? Let’s figure it out.

print, wire, printer

So, the following tips will come in handy for many modern devices. First, load regular, white paper of the correct size into the input tray.

Test print page for inkjet printers It is printed as follows: Turn off the device with the button, press the “Letter” button, Do not release it, press the “ON” button, Release it, continue to hold the “Letter” for about 10 seconds.

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For Canon printers: hold both buttons (in this case, the Resume button and the ON button) until the power indicator turns on. After that, while holding the ON button, Release and press the Resume button twice, Release both buttons. After that, the ready indicator will light up, which will signal the service mode. To print a test sheet. Press Resume once, Confirm the action with the ON button.

Printing a test sheet for Multifunction without display: similar process, only instead of the “Letter” button. Stop button (triangle in a circle)

Inkjet Test Page with Display Multifunction: Select the Settings tab, then. “Maintenance”. Menu “Check DYUZ”. Point “Start” and “Print”.

Printing 3 × 4 photos on a printer

For almost all types of documents, where a personal photo should be PROVIDED, the standard size 3 × 4 is used. Most of them turn to special studios for help, where the process of making a photo and printing it takes place. However, with your own equipment, everything can be done at home. First you need to take a photo, and then you can start printing it. It is in the second act that we will talk further.

We print a photo 3 × 4 on a printer

I would like to note right away that the standard photo viewer in Windows, although it supports the print function, however, in the settings of the parameters has the size you are interested in, so you will have to turn to additional software for help. As for the preparation of the image, the graphic editor Adobe Photoshop is best suited for this. You will find detailed instructions on this topic in our other article at the following link, and we will proceed to the analysis of the three most affordable printing methods.

Before you start, please note that you need to connect and configure the printer. In addition, we advise you to take special paper for photographs. If you are going to use printing equipment for the first time, install the drivers. Check out the materials below to quickly and correctly complete this task.

Adobe Photoshop

Since we have already said above that you can prepare a photo in Photoshop, let’s immediately look at how printing is carried out in this program. You are required to do just a few simple steps:

  • Start Photoshop and choose Open from the File pop-up menu if the image has not yet been loaded.

A computer browse window will open. Here go to the required directory, select a photo and click on “Open”.

If there is no built-in color profile, you will see a notification window. Here mark the required item with a marker or leave everything unchanged, then click on “OK”.

After preparing the image, expand the pop-up menu “File” and click on “Print”.

From the list of printers, select the one on which you will print.

Detailed configuration of printer parameters is available to you. You should only access this menu if there is a need to set a custom configuration.

This also applies to additional tools, which in most cases are not necessary.

The last step is to click on the “Print” button.

Wait for the printer to output the photo. DO NOT pull out the letter paper until printing is complete. If the product prints in streaks, then one of the common problems has occurred. You will find detailed instructions on how to solve them in our other article at the link below.

Microsoft Office Word

Most users now have a text editor installed on their computer. The most common is Microsoft Word. Besides working with text, it also allows you to customize and print an image. The whole procedure looks like this:

    Start a text editor and immediately go to the “Insert” tab, where select “Picture”.

Find and select the photo in the browser, and then click on “Insert”.

Double click on the image to start editing it. In the Format tab Expand additional dimension options.

Uncheck “Maintain aspect ratio”.

Set the height and width in accordance with the required parameters 35 × 45 mm.

Now you can start printing. Expand “Menu” and select “Print“.

In the list of equipment, select the active.

If necessary, specify additional print settings through the printer configuration window.

To start the process, click on “OK”.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in setting up and printing a photo. This task is completed in just a few minutes. Most of the second text editors also allow you to carry out such manipulations on roughly the same principle. Get acquainted with the free analogues of Ward in the material at the link below.

Photo Printing Software

There is a wide variety of software on the Internet. Among all there is software, the functionality of which is focused specifically on printing images. Such solutions allow you to fine-tune all the parameters, set the exact dimensions and make preliminary editing of the photo. The controls are quite easy to understand, everything is intuitively clear. For the most popular representatives of this kind of software, check out the following link.

This concludes our today’s article. Above were presented three fairly simple methods of printing a 3 × 4 photo on a printer. As you can see, each method has a place and is suitable in different situations. We are with all of them, and only then choose the Most relevant one for ourselves and follow the instructions given.

Connecting the printer via Wi-Fi. Instruction

You bought a printer and gladly that wireless technologies have finally reached your small office, hurry to print the first photo or page of text that is called “over-the-air”, NOT tying yourself with the heavy burden of wires. But the trouble is: I never had to deal with wireless printer interfaces before. My heart sanks in anticipation of the first high-quality photo from the sea, and a dumb unanswered question pulsates in my head: how to connect a printer via Wi-Fi? The instructions from the printer manufacturer, on the one hand, tell everything in detail and in detail, but on the other hand, these explanations often DO NOT dispel the fog of ignorance. Especially if the instruction is printed in an unfamiliar language.

In fact, there is nothing complicated. We went through it ourselves. We will share with you. We apologize in advance to advanced users and professionals in system administration. This article is unlikely to be useful to you, because we will deliberately make it simplified for most users NOT to have regular close contact with digital technology.

Initial data. What should we have

  • Electricity (logical)
  • Wi-Fi router, popularly called a router (the same box, usually with an antenna, looking up or down, connected to an outlet and to the Internet using an Ethernet network cable)
  • A printing device that supports a Wi-Fi wireless connection (as a rule, the printer or packaging should have one of these icons:
  • A computer, laptop, or mobile device (smartphone, tablet) connected to a wireless network. This connection point is NOT required, but it is necessary to fully test printing on a printer without wires. Before connecting, we recommend that you install the necessary printing device drivers from the disk or downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website. If your smartphone and tablet support AirPrint, then you do NOT need to install drivers.

Connecting the Printer via Wi-Fi Using the SSID Password

Perhaps the easiest way to connect your typing assistant with a wireless Wi-Fi network. This is to authorize the device on the network by entering the SSID password. This is the password you usually enter the first time in order to connect your laptop, tablet or smartphone to your home or office network. Let’s consider the sequence of our actions using the example of connecting an Epson printer.

Please note: in order to connect the printer in this way, it must be equipped with an LCD display.

  • Go to the printer settings (icon with a key and a screwdriver)
  • Select the item “Wi-Fi Settings”
  • Go to the menu “Wi-Fi connection setup”
  • Go to the “Wireless Network Setup Wizard”
  • After that we select our network from the list of found ones. We hope you have NOT forgotten the name of your network? Forgot ?? Then look in your laptop or smartphone to which network they are connected, and then select the same name in the list on the printer screen.
  • After you have chosen your network. You will be prompted to enter the SSID password using the printer keys. If you have forgotten your password or it is too long. We recommend that you go to the second method of setting up your network. Without entering a password.
  • As soon as you entered the correct password. The Wi-Fi icon on the printer panel glows green. This does not mean that everything is lost. On the contrary. You can congratulate yourself: you figured out how to connect Epson via Wi-Fi with a password.
  • After establishing a connection and provided that your computer is connected to the same network and the necessary driver is installed on it, your PC and printer should “see” each other and you can print wirelessly at your pleasure.

Connecting the printer via Wi-Fi without entering the SSID password

  • If you have a printer without an LCD display, then on the panel you need to press the button marked Wi-Fi
  • The printer then starts scanning and attempts to connect to the wireless network. At this time, a message appears on the LCD displaying to press the WPS button on the router (router). On a printer without an LCD display, the indicator above Wi-Fi will simply blink.
  • Then we should find it on our router and press the WPS button (on some routers it is written as OSS). Pressing this button, we make it clear to the router that the printer, which is “knocking” on the network door. The device is not alien and we consent to this connection. WPS button. This is usually a small inconspicuous button on the back or side of the router case. For example, we gave a photo of the popular TP Link model.
  • If we pressed the correct button and the operation was successful. The printer will confirm this with a green light. If the Wi-Fi indicator is green and NOT flashing. Can print.

Video on setting up a Wi-Fi printer without an LCD display

Do you have any questions? Something does not work? Write to us in the comments under the article and we will be happy to advise you on how to connect a printer via Wi-Fi.