How to put mail on iPhone

Automatically set up mail on iPad

To synchronize an e-mail box in automatic mode on other devices, the scenario is different from the previous one.

If the e-mail is synchronized on the iPad, then at the next stage you will need to enter the phone number for this gadget. The phone must support 3G. You will also need a cellular data number. You can find it out by going to the “Settings” section of your mail service. The information will be in the “General” tab = “Details” = “Cellular data transmission system number”.

Then you need to choose a service provider. If the telecom provider is not indicated in the list, you will need to send a link to your email address, which is tied to a phone number.

After following the link, you will need to click the “Install” button. If the phone is protected by a code, you must enter it during installation.

After that, you need to enter the password for the e-mail box. Then the message “Confirmed” appears, and you can click “Finish”.

Additional mail settings

To use the e-mail box as comfortable as possible, after installation, you can continue to configure the program. Using the Drawer Behavior section, you can configure the correspondence of folders in a drawer on an iPhone to folders on a server. The section “Where to move unwanted messages” will allow you to create a move to the “Trash” or “Archive” folder. In order not to clog the email inbox with deleted messages, you can ensure their complete destruction after a selected period of time.

It is best for messages to be transmitted over a secure protocol. This will require enabling SSL. In addition to password authentication, you can also use NTLM, MD5 Challenge response, HTTP MD5 Digest.

Additionally, you can synchronize the server port, path prefix and encryption standard. After securing the last parameter, all messages will be sent encrypted, so the recipient must have a digital certificate.

How to set up mail on iPhone

The emergence of smart technology obliges owners to use all its capabilities to the maximum. The variety of all kinds of applications allows you to do not only without paper media (for example, a diary), but even exclude the possibility of using a browser. Setting up mail on iPhone. simple business, but requires care.

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Automatically set up mail on iPhone

Synchronization of mail for gmail, yahoo, outlook, aol, exchange mailboxes for an iPhone user. the procedure is easy, since they are all used by their own or friendly resources. A mail client is already built into the operating system of the phone, which will allow you not to use manual input of settings, but will automatically pull up all the necessary data.

Already when you open the settings, you can see that the above mailers are highlighted separately.

Setting up any mailbox on the iPhone, including setting up gmail on the iPhone, starts with Settings = Mail = Accounts. It is necessary to click “Add an account” and select the required mailbox At this stage, you will need a username, an email address, a password from it and a description of the mailbox.

After all the data has been entered, click “Next”, the mailbox will be connected automatically. Setting up Russian-language mail servers is done in a similar way.

How to delete an email account

To delete e-mail from the phone, you need to use the same algorithm as with the synchronization of the mailbox. That is, log in through “Settings” = “Mail” = “Accounts”. After selecting the entry you need to delete, you need to click on it. Going to the next window, click “Remove Account” = “Remove from iPhone“.

After the confirmation is received, the entry will be deleted from the phone, messages will stop arriving.

Presetting the mail service

Before proceeding to the direct setup and subsequent use of Rambler Mail on the iPhone, you must provide third-party programs, which in this case are mail clients, access to work with the service. This is done as follows:

  • After clicking on the link above, open the “Settings” of the mail service by clicking the left mouse button (LMB) on the corresponding button on the toolbar.

How To Set Up Mail On Your iPhone (IMAP & SMTP over SSL)

Next, go to the “Programs” tab by clicking LMB.

Under the field “Access to the mailbox using mail clients” click on the “On” button.,

enter the code from the picture in the pop-up window and click “Submit”.

Done, pre-configured Rambler Mail is done. At this stage, do not rush to close the page of the mail service (directly the section “Settings”. “Programs”), or just remember, or better write down the data presented in the following blocks:

  • Server:;
  • Encryption: SSL. Port: 995.

Now let’s go directly to setting up Rambler Mail on iPhone

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Setting up Mail Rambler on iPhone

Rambler application / mail in the App Store

If you do not want to play with the settings of your iPhone, in order to normally use Rambler mail on it, you can install a proprietary client application created by the developers of the service in question. This is done as follows:

Note: You still need to perform the preliminary configuration of the mail service described in the first part of this article. The application will not work without the appropriate permissions.

    Follow the link above and install the app on your phone. To do this, click “Download” and wait for the completion of the procedure, the progress of which can be tracked by the filling circular indicator.

Launch the Rambler Mail client directly from the Store by clicking “Open”, or tap on its shortcut that will appear on one of the main screens.

In the welcome window of the application, enter your username and password for your account and click “Login”. Next, enter the symbols from the picture in the appropriate field and click “Enter” again.

Allow the mail client to access notifications by tapping on the “Enable” button, or “Skip” this step. If you choose the first option, a pop-up window will appear asking you to click “Allow”. Among other things, to effectively protect and ensure the confidentiality of correspondence, you can set a PIN or Touch ID so that no one else can access your mail. Like the previous one, if you wish, you can also skip this step.

After completing with pre-configuration, you will have access to all the Rambler / mail features available from the branded application.

As you can see, using the Rambler Mail client application is a much simpler and more convenient option in its implementation, requiring much less time and effort, at least when compared with the first method we proposed above.

Standard Mail application

First of all, we will consider how to ensure the correct operation of Rambler Mail in a standard mail client available on every iPhone, regardless of the iOS version.

    Open the “Settings” of your mobile device by tapping on the corresponding icon on the main screen. Scroll down the list of available options a little and go to the “Passwords and Accounts” section if you have iOS 11 or higher, or, if the system version is lower than the specified one, select “Mail”.

Click “Add Account” (on iOS 10 and below. “Accounts” and only then “Add Account”).

There is no mail in the list of available Rambler / mail services, so here you need to tap on the “Other” link.

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Select “New account” (or “Add account” if you are using a device with iOS version 11 or lower).

  • Fill in the following fields, specifying the data from your Rambler email:
  • Username;
  • Mailbox address;
  • Password from him;
  • Description. the “name” under which this mailbox will be displayed in the Mail application on the iPhone. Alternatively, here you can duplicate the mailbox address or just the login, or simply indicate the name of the mail service.
  • After specifying the necessary information, go to “Next”.
    Instead of the default IMAP protocol, which for some unknown reason is no longer supported by the mail service in question, you need to switch to POP by tapping on the tab of the same name on the page that opens.

  • Next, you should specify the data that we “remembered” at the final stage of setting up Rambler / Mail in the browser, namely:
  • Incoming mail server address:
  • Outgoing mail server address:
  • After filling in both fields, click the “Save” button located in the upper right corner, which will become active,

    How to set up Mail Settings on iPhone 2020

  • Wait for the verification to complete, after which you will be automatically directed to the “Passwords and Accounts” section in the iPhone settings. Directly in the “Accounts” block, you can see the configured Rambler Mail.
    • In order to make sure that the procedure has been completed successfully and proceed to using the mail service, do the following:

    Launch the standard Mail app on your iPhone.

    Select the required mailbox, focusing on the name given to it in the instructions above.

    Make sure there are letters, the ability to send and receive them, as well as perform other functions typical for the mail client.

    Setting up Rambler Mail on iPhone is not an easy task, but with the right approach, even armed with our instructions, it can be solved in just a few minutes. And yet, it is much easier and more convenient to interact with this service and all its functions through a proprietary application, the installation of which we will describe below.

    In this short article, you learned how to set up Rambler / mail on the iPhone, using the standard features of a mobile device or a proprietary client application developed directly by the mail service. Which of the options to choose is up to you, we hope that this material was useful for you.

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