How to reboot Samsung phone with buttons

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What to do if your phone freezes on the splash screen when you turn it on

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There are situations when the device freezes without even turning on. This can happen when downloading the Android logo or the phone company (for example, Xiaomi has the Mi logo). There are two ways out: remove the battery or turn off the smartphone using the buttons.

In the first option, simply disconnect the battery, of course, if possible. In the second case, hold down the power key until the screen goes out. Usually this action takes 5-7 seconds. Then try starting the device again.

In principle, if the smartphone is frozen on the Android logo, then any of the above methods can be used to solve this problem. But there are situations when after holding down the power key, nothing happens. Then you can try to restart the gadget through the Recovery menu.

  • You can switch to recovery mode by simultaneously holding down the volume button up and on.
  • A list that is unusual for an ordinary user should appear on the screen. Here you need to select “wipe data. factory reset”. Who does not know, then navigation through the sections occurs using the volume keys, and the power button is responsible for the choice.

forced reboot (universal method)

There is a harsher method of restarting a smartphone, which is called forced. It should be noted that this is a universal way to return a smartphone to its normal state.

Unlike the previous instructions, where you had to select certain parameters, here you need to simultaneously hold down 3 buttons: volume, power and Home Key.

The last key will have to be clamped only on Samsung phones and tablets, in other cases this should not be done.

Recovery of work

To return the phone to working condition, it must be rolled back to factory settings and it is advisable to clear the usage information. To do this, go into Recovery Mode using the clamped power buttons and the volume down keys.

The system menu appears, controlled by the volume controls and the power key. We find the item “wipe data / factory reset” and “wipe cache”, alternately launch them using the power button. Stitch names may differ depending on the Android version. After the performed actions, the phone will restart with factory settings.

Reboot with a keyboard shortcut when the phone is turned off

Now let’s figure out how to restart Android with buttons. This method can be used in several cases:

  • you could not reboot the device with standard buttons;
  • after restarting using the menu, the problem persisted that bothered you;
  • the device does not respond to pressing the power button, you cannot enter the device menu;
  • the smartphone does not wake up from sleep mode or does not turn on.

Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10: How to Hard Reset With Hardware Keys

In the latter case, if the device does not start when you press the power button, it is best to put it on charging and carry out manipulations only when connected to the network. Although in some cases the device, having started receiving power, comes out of the frozen state.

Most often, manufacturers assign a physical key combination for reboot, which opens the Recovery Mode menu on the device. From there, you can simply reboot the device or roll it back to factory settings. Typically, the shutdown key is used in conjunction with:

  • volume up button;
  • pressing the center of the sound strength control key;
  • sound decrease button;
  • Home key (in models where it is displayed separately on the front panel).

Specify which of the options will open the Recovery menu. can be found in the instructions for your smartphone. But more often than not, users choose the combination manually, trying different combinations.

After you get into the menu, you need to use the volume and power keys to select the appropriate command:

  • wipe data / factory reset. to reset the settings with subsequent reboot;
  • reboot system now. for a simple reboot that does not delete the user’s personal data.

During the reboot of the device, you must not remove power from it. Therefore, do not remove the battery during the process, and if you are not sure about the level of its charge, connect the device to a power source.

Launching programs that do not match the characteristics of the smartphone

Like a computer, the phone can run games, office programs, and graphics editors. The products are supported by all devices, but problems may occur on budget and older models. Even if a demanding program can run, its functionality will be limited. The device will operate at maximum performance, which will cause it to heat up. The same situation will be when launching mobile Fortnite and PUBG Mobile.

How to restart Android if it freezes

The Android operating system is regularly updated and improved, which has a positive effect on the performance of smartphones. However, there are various glitches that lead to slow device operation and sometimes freezing. This problem can be solved by simply turning off and on the phone. But let’s figure out how to restart Android if it freezes in more detail.

What does a non-removable battery on a smartphone mean?

This means that the user cannot remove the battery without completely disassembling the mobile phone. And even the parsing process is time consuming and differs depending on the manufacturer. Such models are called “monolithic”, that is, integral.

The limitation on free battery removal appeared for several reasons:

  • Provides worldwide moisture protection. Manufacturers needed to minimize the presence of gaps or removable elements so that water would not seep through them. By the same principle, the device is protected from dust and other external factors.
  • Saving free space and reducing the thickness of the case are the trends of recent years. The creation of an external clamp with fastening obliged manufacturers to take into account certain ergonomic nuances. Because of this, in some cases, the case squeaked or squeaked when pressed.
  • Complicated battery replacement. By replacing the power supply, the user artificially extended the life of the smartphone. Thanks to this, some older models still perform well.
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How to restart “Samsung” (phone)

There are several ways. So, how to restart “Samsung” if it freezes:

  • Hold the lock / on / off button for 10-20 seconds. The phone will turn off and reboot, its further work should be stable.
  • If your phone‘s battery is pulled out, then you can remove the back panel and take out the battery, wait a couple of seconds and insert it back. It remains to collect and turn on the phone. But often you cannot do this, since both the battery and the phone itself will deteriorate.
  • If the back cover cannot be removed, then you must simultaneously hold down the lock / on / off and volume down buttons and hold for 5-7 seconds.

How to restart a Samsung tablet

Restarting your tablet will be more difficult than rebooting your phone. But you can try all the same methods as with a smartphone: holding down the buttons at the same time, pulling out the battery, if possible.

Hard Reset /Factory Reset All Samsung (Without Home Button)

If none of the above methods helps, you can wait until the tablet runs out of battery, it turns off by itself, and after charging, you can turn it on without problems, if there are no technical problems. If you do not want to wait or there is an assumption that the gadget is frozen due to problems with the processor, electronics, etc., then you can immediately contact the service center.

How to restart “Samsung”: methods and prevention of freezes

Almost every modern person of any gender and age has a smartphone or tablet with a touch screen and Internet access. Ease of use, communication anywhere in the world, a large number of functions in one palm-sized device make it irreplaceable. But active work, a long call or Internet session, the game can lead to overheating of the device, as well as to the system slowdown in response to user actions. In the common people. to hang. But the biggest problem is if the phone is frozen and does not respond to you at all. How to restart “Samsung Galaxy” or any other model? Read about it in the article.

Hard reboot, or Hard reset

If the phone freezes and glitches constantly, the question arises of how to restart “Samsung” so that its further work does not fail. In this situation, it can be helped by a hard reboot of the system. The smartphone will be restarted in such a way that the system is restored to the factory state, and all files, contacts, messages, etc. will be deleted. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the safety in advance and dumping them on a computer.

To perform a Hard reset, you need to perform the following sequence of steps:

  • Turn off the phone completely, while the battery must be charged.
  • Simultaneously press 3 buttons: lock / on / off, volume up and “home” (located on the front of the phone under the screen).
  • Release only after an inscription with the name of the phone appears.
  • A blue or black screen will appear. you are in the Recovery menu of the smartphone.
  • Here you consistently need to select the categories Wipe data / factory reset, then Yes. delete all user data, the last Reboot system now. Navigation through the menu is carried out with the volume down / up buttons, and the selection of the item is confirmed. by pressing the lock button. That’s it, the reboot process is complete.

Preventing phone freezes

To prevent the phone or tablet from freezing or doing it regularly, you need to make sure that the equipment does not overheat. For this, there are special applications that inform the user if the processor temperature exceeds the norm. The most famous utility that monitors the temperature of the processor and applications that overheat the device or take up too much RAM is Clean Master. Thanks to it, you can also control the amount of memory and clean up unnecessary (cache, unnecessary files, etc.). Or type “temperature control” into the Play Market search and select the desired application.

Supporting solutions

Things are much more serious when your favorite gadget does not fully respond to the power button. There is no one-size-fits-all recommendation for this. Representatives of manufacturers and service centers advise you to try one of the following ways to rescue a frozen phone:

  • Incoming call. you should ask someone to call the problematic smartphone. If the display shows an incoming call, then you need to quickly call the restart menu by holding down the power button.
  • If the power button does not work, then wait until the gadget is discharged. A complete power outage in this case will interrupt the processes that caused the failures. You can check if the problem is solved by charging the phone a little and turning it on.
  • Some smartphones are equipped with the Reset service button, which activates an instant restart immediately after pressing. It is present, in particular, on some models from Sony and HTC, and is located next to the USB-connector (not to be confused with the hole for the microphone) or in the place for installing the SIM-card slot. It should be pressed gently using a thin needle or toothpick.

If you manage to bring the device back to its senses, it is recommended to manually check the list of recently installed software and remove the questionable one. It is also worth running a regular antivirus and following the recommendations of the operating system. In case of constant freezes, you can try restoring to factory settings or contacting a service center.

How to restart your Samsung Galaxy A71 phone if it freezes

Until a few years ago, almost all Android smartphones were equipped with collapsible cases. In the event of system failures, device owners could perform a quick reboot by removing the battery for a couple of seconds. Today, it is impossible to solve such a cardinal problem. the design of the gadgets will not allow access to the battery. To figure out how to restart a Samsung Galaxy A71 phone if it freezes, it will turn out without much difficulty. the developers of the popular operating system have provided several ways.

  • errors in the work of the graphical shell or when updating the OS;
  • excessive filling of the internal memory of the device;
  • crashes when updating software or firmware;
  • sudden changes in ambient temperature;
  • mechanical damage.

In many situations, rebooting helps the smartphone to recover. If the freezes are permanent, then you will have to resort to more serious measures.

Reboot Samsung Galaxy A71 with buttons

Android provides an emergency forced reboot option, which is performed the same way on almost all existing smartphones. The option can be activated using the following hotkey combination:

  • Hold down the power (unlock) and volume up buttons.
  • After the display turns off and the phone vibrates. release.

If the option with the volume up button did not give a result, then you should reboot using a decrease. Of course, this approach is relevant if the mechanical keys are working properly.

Startup problems

The next method is relevant for such a problem. the smartphone freezes when turned on. This manifests itself in the form of a loading screen that does not disappear for too long. Usually, the device can be turned off by simply holding down the corresponding button. The situation can be resolved as follows:

  • Put the smartphone on charge in order to eliminate the problem of a sudden shutdown due to a dead battery.
  • Call the Recovery menu in the following way: on the turned off device, hold down the power and “volume up” buttons until vibration.
  • After a couple of seconds, the menu required to reboot will appear on the display. You must select the item “Reboot system now”. Within a couple of minutes, the smartphone should be fully loaded in normal mode.
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If the system has not experienced serious failures, then a reboot using Recovery will be quick and safe. However, you can also face a complete failure of the operating system. The problem can be resolved, but you will have to donate files located in the internal memory (everything that is saved on the MicroSD will remain in its place).

So, if the phone hangs on the splash screen when turned on, then restoring to factory settings will help to deal with the situation. This can be done following the instructions for accessing Recovery, noted above, however, in the menu, select the item “Wipe data / factory reset”. Since the Recovery may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, recovery may be hidden behind the “Wipe data” or “Advanced wipe” items. After a couple of minutes, the gadget will turn on and offer system settings, which users usually perform after purchase. If such drastic methods do not work, that the only way out is to visit a service center.

What else to try

If the problem persists by restarting, try the following operations.

How to set up automatic restart on Samsung smartphones

Restarting Android can improve the stability of applications and system programs. In the latest firmware, engineers have provided a mode to automatically reboot the device once a week.

To enable it, open Settings, General and Reset.

Check the box next to the option to automatically restart the gadget.

How to restart a Samsung Galaxy phone

Modern mobile operating systems are designed to last a long time without rebooting. A restart is required only at the time critical updates are installed. But sometimes smartphones and tablets on Android crash: the program freezes and does not respond to system requests, the gadget slows down and does not work as it should. In this case, it becomes necessary to restart your Samsung phone. One of the methods described below will help.

Remove the stuck program

Try to determine the reason that led to the freezing of the smartphone. It could be a specific application or a failed system update. Try to look for a solution on the Samsung J5 Prime smartphone user forum.

If the problems are related to a separate application, uninstall it through Settings, the Applications item.

How to Force Restart Android on Samsung

The method is suitable if you decide to reset dependent applications on your phone without waiting for the system to free up enough memory for them to work.

Hold down the power button and the speaker volume down key. If it freezes, you will have to wait 5-7 seconds holding the buttons down.

When the phone asks to restart or shut down, select Restart. The screen will turn off, then a message will appear stating that Android is starting to boot.

How to Restart Samsung Phone with Complete Shutdown

The method of restarting with a complete shutdown is used to eliminate software failures that cannot be eliminated by restarting using the technology described above. This approach is also applied when the device overheats too much.

Hold down the Power button and wait 5-7 seconds. In the case of a gadget that is frozen tight, you need to wait longer.

Do not turn on the phone immediately after turning it off. Wait at least 30 seconds. Experienced service center specialists recommend removing the battery from the gadget if it is removable.

To do this, turn the phone upside down and open the back cover. What to do for this on smartphones Samsung Galaxy A5 and J5 Prime is shown in the figure.

Reboot Samsung S7 phone with factory reset

The Android operating system implements a simple factory reset that does not confirm user data: contacts, letters, music and photos, but eliminates software problems.

The method will work if you set some option that caused the programs to work abnormally.

In Settings, select General, section Reset.

Find Reset settings in it and confirm the operation.

After restarting the Android system, all options will be set to the factory default values ​​that are obviously not conflicting.

How to restart Samsung a50 with buttons if sensor is frozen

The Samsung a50 phone in most cases does not cause serious problems, it can only happen that it freezes due to an error or problem with a specific application.

Previously, we solved problems with freezing by pulling out the batteries, now such options do not roll. in Samsung Galaxy a50, pulling out the battery will not work.

Yes, you can’t remove the battery, but the old troubles, when the touch screen does not obey commands, remained. Fortunately, you can reboot without a sensor. using the buttons.

In such a situation, there is nothing but a forced restart. Depending on the “stage of failure”, you can urgently reboot in 3 ways.

The first way to force restart your Samsung a50 phone with buttons without a sensor

The first method is easier and at the same time, if the failure is strong, then sometimes there is a risk that it will not work to restart Samsung a50.

However, it should not be ignored. To do this, hold down and hold “Turn on” and the “Decrease sound” button (hold down together) until it goes out and starts to turn on from scratch.

This combination of buttons, provided by the manufacturer, and not invented by craftsmen enthusiasts, so do not worry.

Press boldly, nothing of your data will be lost, but if the system is frozen, it will surely come to its senses.

The second way to urgently restart your Samsung a50 phone. if it does not turn on

If your Samsung a50 does not turn on it can also be restarted. To do this, on off, as in the first method, we press on and make it quieter.

Then wait for the text menu in English. Next, use the sound buttons to select the line. reboot system now, which means to restart the system.

By selecting this line, we confirm our intentions with the enable button and just wait for the phone to reboot.

If, despite such steps, your smartphone still does not come into working condition, it still does not respond (does not turn on). does not respond to commands on the touch screen, then it is most likely not the software. then fix it yourself, without having the skills you have will not work.

You can only reflash yourself. in Samsung a50, unlike other manufacturers, reflashing is relatively easy.

Only if the problem in the device is physical, then the firmware will not bring results. It remains only to go to the service for diagnostics. Success.

How to restart Samsung phone if it freezes

Despite the fact that Samsung smartphones are considered one of the most reliable, they are not immune from various problems. One of these problems is freezing, in which the screen is “frozen”. And the gadget does not respond to pressing in any way. Our material will help you, in which we will tell you how to restart a Samsung mobile phone if it suddenly freezes.

What to do before restarting your Samsung phone

Before proceeding with the steps to reboot your device, we recommend leaving it in this state for a while. The fact is that your phone at this moment may be downloading and installing the appropriate system update, which is important for its further work. Therefore, do not rush to perform a forced reboot. Better to leave it as it is for at least a few hours. It is possible that after a while Samsung will automatically reboot itself and become available for further work.

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We also recommend checking the quality of your Internet and, if necessary, restarting your router. This will ensure that the poor quality of your Internet connection is not to blame for the dysfunction of your device.

Performing a forced smartphone reconnection

Since an incorrectly working application is a common cause of the problem, you will need to force restart Samsung to eliminate the dysfunction that has arisen.

The procedure if the phone is frozen is as follows:

    Connect your gadget to the charger and wait 10 minutes. In some cases, the reason for the phone freezing is due to battery drain, during which some applications may become unstable. Connect Samsung to charge for 10 minutes and leave in this position to eliminate the indicated factor;

If no changes are found on the screen, do the following on your Samsung:

  • Hold down the volume down button first and keep it pressed;
  • Even hold down the power button and do not wring it out;
  • Keep the buttons in this way for more than 10 seconds until the device reboots.

If your smartphone is frozen and does not respond, then go ahead.

Temporarily remove the battery if Samsung freezes

An effective tool to reboot your Samsung phone when it freezes is to remove the battery from the phone for a while. This method is not available for all Samsung gadgets. since a replaceable battery is not present in all devices.

The procedure itself looks like this:

  • Turn over your Samsung, which is frozen, with its back to you;
  • Insert your finger into the special cutout under the phone cover;
  • Pull the tab of the phone cover and remove it from the device;
  • Gently pull out the phone battery;

How to hardware reset the phone

If the methods listed by us did not help, then you will need to hard reset your smartphone.

When performing such a reset, your files in the phone memory will be lost, including the current progress in games downloaded from the Play Store. Therefore, it is worth taking such a step, realizing all further consequences.

If you have decided to reset your Samsung phone, then do the following:

  • Turn off your device (if possible);
  • Then simultaneously hold down the “Volume up”, “Home” and “Power” buttons;

If your Samsung has a “Bixby” button (under the volume buttons), then simultaneously hold down the “Volume Up”, “Power” and “Bixby” buttons.

If your phone does not have the Home and Bixby buttons, then press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons.

Further procedure if your phone is frozen:

    After the “Samsung Galaxy” message appears on the screen, release the “Power” button, hold the rest of the buttons (button) pressed for another ten to fifteen seconds until the “Recovery” message appears;

How to set up automatic reboot

Latest Samsung models may reboot on their own from time to time. This process will only happen when the screen is off and when the device is not in use, it usually happens at night. This function can be disabled in the device parameters.

  • Go to gadget settings.
  • Open the “Reset” tab, then click “Automatically restart Samsung“.
  • In the menu that opens, you can set specific days and exact time for restart. It should be noted that the device will be restarted only if the battery charge is above 30%, the SIM card lock is disabled, and the internal memory is not encrypted.

It should be understood that automatic restart increases the performance of the device only slightly, and it can happen at the most inopportune moment. when the phone is urgently needed.

Regular reboot of Samsung phone

What if my smartphone or tablet is OK and no forced power off is required? Follow these steps:

  • Hold the lock button for 1-2 seconds.
  • Click “Reboot Device”.
  • In the window that opens, confirm the selected action. After a few seconds, the gadget will turn off.

Now you know how to completely restart your Samsung device.

Reboot with factory reset

If you need to return the parameters to the default state, use the special Recovery menu. On most Samsung models, you can log in as follows:

  • Turn off your phone. To do this, hold down the power switch for a few seconds and select the “Turn off the phone” option.
  • The necessary information on entering the Recovery can be found on various forums, in the topic of your specific device. Universal option: hold down the power, volume down and Bixby buttons on the turned off gadget for 5-6 seconds. After the Android icon appears, release all switches.
  • You will be taken to the Recovery menu. Navigation through it is carried out using the volume buttons and activating the screen lock. Select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option if you want to perform a hard reset, as well as delete all data from the internal memory.
  • After completing the uninstallation process, select “Reboot System Now”. Samsung will restart.

Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Hard Reset With Hardware Keys

After a full factory reset, all personal files and installed applications will be deleted, and it will not be easy to restore them. Use Factory Reset with care.

With this method, data is erased only from the internal memory, the information on the SD card is saved.

How to Reboot Samsung Phone in Normal Mode

To restart the smartphone, simultaneously hold down the power key for 1-2 seconds. Then select the “Reboot device” option. After confirmation, the smartphone will be turned off and on again.

If the gadget is frozen and does not respond in any way to pressing the screen, for Galaxy models. hold the power switch and the volume down for 7-10 seconds.

Reboot any Samsung smartphone. detailed instructions

If the gadget starts to work slower, the virus scan did not detect anything, and the memory is clean. a simple restart of the smartphone can help. In addition, this action sometimes needs to be performed for other purposes, for example, when the device freezes. In this article, we will show you how to restart Samsung without any abstruse tricks.

Reboot methods

Depending on the specific situation and model, there are several main ways:

  • Restart using the system software.
  • Force device shutdown with hardware buttons or remove battery.

Restarting the system through the Recovery environment

To restart Android via Recovery, follow the instructions:

  • Turn off your smartphone using the procedure described above.
  • Enter the Recovery environment using the instructions in the previous method. If required, do a hard reset or clear cache.
  • Use the volume controls to select “Reboot System Now” and press the power button.

Restart via Recovery can be used only after performing certain actions in this menu, otherwise it is absolutely useless, since it takes 2 times more time than a regular restart.

If your Samsung phone freezes, you can try to reboot it to restore its functionality. If you need to clear the cache or Factory Reset, the Recovery menu will help. It is better for inexperienced users not to enter it, otherwise you can accidentally make an “unplanned” deletion of all your data. If the restart does not help, you should contact the official Samsung support center, the wizards will definitely help.